Saint Germain: The Importance of the Angelic Kingdom, May 1953, dictated to Geraldine lnnocente

Beloved hearts of very great light! Do you know why I have such confidence in your lifestreams? Because all thru the centuries since I first became vested with the privilege & honor of carrying the flame of freedom to this Earth, you have stood with me & by me & age after age have endured unto the end of the particular expression of freedom.

I long for the day & hour when I may part the curtain of maya & allow you to look upon the glorious colors of your own Causal Body & that rapidly-flowing stream of electronic light which you refer to as ayour lifestream, for once you could see the power, the momentum, the energy that is gathered there & that is released within your heartbeat, you would see that I have not idly chosen you to help me in my endeavors to bring freedom to all imprisoned life.

In the investment of my life energy toward the establishment of freedom for the mankind of Earth I have been greatly assisted by the tremendous love of certain lifestreams who with me chose embodiment after embodiment to dedicate the energies & talents of their individual selves to this cause.

Whoever & wherever I see a group of my friends getting together in harmonious simple association one with the other it is like looking over an album of favorite pictures, only my album goes back thru centuries of time, & my love & the sweet memories that enfold each one of you make it a great pleasure & joy to serve with you again & to anticipate our conscious reunion when you too have become that freedom flame in its fullness.

Little does a man realize when he engages in a service that is of impersonal benefit to life how lasting is the record that he makes & how every gesture, every thought & every feeling imprinted upon the pliable substance of electronic light will come to expression again in some future activity. Mercifully, however, we have chosen to remove a few impersonal imperfections carried over from past lives from some of you as these etheric records are liable to be stirred into action when we draw unascended chelas together once more in the endeavor thru the unification of consciousness to promote a cosmic cause.

Now I would like to bring to your remembrance the importance of the devic & cherubic hosts, as well as the power of the seraphic beings in the drawing of the spiritual currents for the establishment & sustenance of a universal endeavor.

The lower atmosphere of Earth is saturated as you are aware with effluvia made up of the destructively-qualified energy which is emanating from the uncontrolled thought & feeling centers of mankind. However, thru invocation, application & intelligent conscious use of the sacred fire in its cleansing & purifying activity, conditions particularly in the Western hemisphere have been greatly improved thru the past twenty-year period.

To lower the consciousness from the ascended master octave & hold its content undisturbed until it can be translated into the outer minds of unascended beings is no small task. To facilitate this service however the cherubic & seraphic hosts as well as some of the great angel devas volunteer at the commencement of every cosmic movement to creat an artificial matrix or cup & within their own bodies to hold the word or message as it is released from the heart of the officiating being, not only before it is lowered into the physical octave but after it is recorded thru the vital energies of the representative thru whom it is given expression in the world of form. There it is held like a miniature sun, constantly radiating, as the light from a chandelier illumines a room when the electric current is on.

When the Maha Chohan chose to provide a channel thru which the energies of the masters might continue in an unbroken stream to reach those lifestreams willing to accept our word & who could recognize thru the feelings the truth & reality within that word, a blessed cherubic being whom you have chosen to call Cherubim Lovelee offered to become the guardiant or silent watcher or bearer of the chalice thru which the material as it came forth would be held inviolate & be always protected until it was used by the Master Presence who wished to release it from time to time as the occasion presented itself.

If it were not for these angelic beings it would almost be impossible to hold a contact strong enough thru which a succession of consecutive thoughts & ideas could reach into the consciousness of mankind, & I would ask that the attention of the student body be turned toward those beautiful celestial beings who in kindliness, selflessness & great devotion have chosen to forego the pleasure & happiness of abiding within the realms of perfection to become conscious buffers, so to speak, within the substance of the psychic & astral realms that a lifeline might be sustained, hearts & consciousnesses enlightened, & thru the illumined understanding of some, mankind in general might be raised, illumined & set free.

I would like at this point to bring to your attention the fact that these addresses from the ascended masters are all carefully thought out & prepared beforehand to render a specific service not only for those who are privileged to be present in their physical bodies during their presentation but also thru our radiation. It is always our endeavor to raise the consciousness of the race thru the infiltration of their mental & feeling worlds with the spirit of truth.

Preceding every class or meeting the beloved cherubim or angels of form create a great canopy of blazing light around the building or property where the service is to be held & the Master Presence carefully examines the lifestream of everyone who is to be a part of the service so that the exact release which would best benefit each one present might flow forth.

It is therefore the part of wisdom when we are building toward a spiritual climax that great care & discrimination should be exercised in the invitation of lifestreams who are to partake of that spiritual banquet, because it makes it necessary for the presiding master to change the entire current of his address if those whom he has invited are joined by others not yet prepared to digest it.

In Lemuria, in Atlantis, in early Egypt & Greece & in fact in every civilization where the flame was acknowledged as the supreme power & where the masters of wisdom were acknowledged & consulted as the final authority for the progress of every avenue of service, chosen lifestreams always represented the heart center. These were the ones who drew the mighty spiritual currents, were prepared to meet God face to face & were trained to direct those currents to others below them on the ladder of evolution.

When we enter into the deeper action of the law, when we bring forth the explanation & understanding that is within that law & have prepared it in orderly sequence, it does not react to the benefit of anyone present if we are compelled to stepdown the radiation of the meeting due to someone's indiscretion in inviting unprepared lifestreams to these esoteric gatherings.

Furthermore, the tremendous requirement of the hour is such, beloved ones, that we wish to bring forth a certain understanding of the sacred fire which, if it can be incorporated into your consciousness, your beings & your worlds, will be a transforming activity & will prepare you to be a manifest example of our love. Then from your heart may go forth the word to bless the rest of life.

It is a very beautiful sight when you look at the Presence of a man & see his heart like a magnet drawing from the Son (Sun) the electronic stream of life which is his own lifestream--to see that energy taking on the form & pattern of his own electronic divine blueprint & then see this light substance pass down thru his lifestream & out into the world. Not only is the design different in each of these exquisite forms which represent the pattern of everyone's lifestream but so is the color & the sound, & when a group of people are gathered together to render harmonious service the angel devas who are the builders of form weave those designs & colors together & send them forth to render whatever service the requirement of the hour demands.

There is a very great feeling of gratitude in my heart when I see the wonderful development of your concentrated faculties & the purity of purpose within the lifestreams who have dedicated themselves to my cause. Many a man & woman has come out from a lifetime of endeavor without one constitutent or pupil. I have been in that unenviable position more than once myself, so I now consider myself a very fortunate individual & am filled with great hope by the fact that disillusionment has not caused bitterness in your feels but that like myself you have been willing to dust off your knees, stand erect & move forward in your appointed path in my name.

It has taken me a long time to plant the vision of freedom deep enough in the hearts & consciousness of men that we may begin to see actual manifestations of its existence within the course of the coming twenty-year cycle because I now see growing from the roots of love & faith within each of your hearts a beautiful flower, the presence & fragrance of which will be the redemption not only of the presently incarnate souls but of all those who are waiting for an opportunity to enter thru the gates of birth & achieve ther mastery.

My service took me today to the Halls of Karma where I had occasion to stand sponsor for a lifestream who had just passed from human incarnation & who had served me on the earth plane for some eighty odd years. After the service was over I was speaking to the goddess of Liberty & she told me an interesting thing which I pass on to you by way of a little celestial news. She said that for the first time since the Atlantean culture great numbers of souls are applying for reincarnation instead of waiting until they are summoned to appear before the Karmic Board prior to reembodiment.

Now you know that when you lay off the physical body your sight is intensified & you are able to see many things which mercifully are closed to the vision while you yet walk the way of Earth. And this is well for each of you carries a heavy load of karma & there would be no purpose in your seeing more than you do at present, but when the lifestream at this side of the veil feels the pull of return from the Karmic Board, he knows that his vacation over here is about over, & it is often a struggle within the heart to have to go back again into the chains of limitation in the flesh. Yet the Goddess of Liberty tells me that from every realm & sphere at this side of the veil petitions are coming in daily from souls who are seeking an opportunity to incarnate.

This sets up a great many problems at inner levels due to the weight of the karma of these souls, as well as that of the already incarnated lifestreams, which is the cause of the bent axis of our sweet Earth. Therefore, much as we would like to increase the number of incarnate souls, if we have not sufficient lifestreams trained in the use of the sacred fire of purification, & more & more souls were to be allowed incarnation giving them with their birth certificates their unredeemed karma, we would very soon have a more unbalanced planet on our hands than we already have.

This brings us back to the shepherds who are your sweet selves! You will see that we cannot expand too much the vision within our hearts until there are sufficient incarnated lifestreams interested enough in the transmuting power of the sacred fire whose application would allow us to increase the number of souls coming into embodiment.

I asked the Goddess of Liberty if she would feel it within the wisdom of the law to take the violet flame activity into the psychic & astral realms, establishing temples there thru which a service of purification might be rendered at inner levels right in the heart of the greatest consed evil. She welcomed the thought & idea but questioned how many volunteers would be willing to accept the task of serving in those temples.

From there I went to Lord Michael the Archangel who in his sacrifice to life spends the far greater part of his existence working in those realms, & I consulted with him on the same subject. he too felt that thru these violet flame temples we might render a great service to the souls in the psychic & astral realms. We thought perhaps if we could get some members of the student body to offer to render service in the violet flame temples in those realms at night after they have laid down their physical bodies to sleep, or if they were to volunteer to become active members of the legions who wield the sword of blue flame at night, we might at least do something to help those souls who are eager for incarnation to fulfill the conditions required for reembodiment.

Then you see the physical action of the law is another point to be considered. People have an idea that most of our time over here is spent in joyous abandonment, singing songs with the angels & flitting about from place to place, but there is actually a great deal of detail involved in the management of a star even one the size of our planet.

You have been told that the birth currents have been transferred from the Master Himalaya's retreat in the East into that of the God Meru in South America (the changing of the poles), which means that the birthrate will greatly increase in the Western hemisphere in the future because the pull of the magnetic power which has drawn the teeming millions of souls into India & China & other Asiatic countries in the past is now reversed & will begin shortly to draw the souls toward Western incarnation

As the Western vehicles are so much more vital & energetic than those of the East, we expect to have a greater amount of energy to handle in this increased Western population, the greater part of which we hope to draw todard Canada & South America in order to keep the heart of the United States free from any more individual karma than that which she already has to meet.

After my talk with Lord Michael I decided to come & visit with my students for a few moments just to give you my love & draw you close & help you to know that, here or there, it is always a joy to evolve some particular idea which one might think would benefit the race. It is always interesting to find that once you begin to take hold of an idea all the causes & all the ramifications of the original thought begin to fall into line & one may also find that all the energies of one's life may be involved in the fulfillment of it.

Oh there is so much that each of you could do. There should be no time for depression, no time for worry, no time for unhappiness because in the inner realm to which you have access there are so many ways & means of occupying yourselves that should not have to be pointed out to you but which would help so much in this great cosmic push in which we are all engaged in this hour.

How many times in the past have we sat of an evening side by side by a fire & discussed plans that seemed then as fantastic as our dream of spiritual freedom for the race does now? How many times have we discussed plans of a great empire across the uncharted seas, & later plans for a United States of Europe from whence would grow a great world brotherhood?

All of these plans will in time be made manifest thru those of you & others yet to come who have loved me & have chosen in my name to accept the responsibility of fulfilling them now that I have completed in a mesure my course.

Dear people! I AM so vitally interested in this race! I AM so vitally interested in your endeavor, I AM so vitally interested in bringing a consciousness of freedom into your hearts & feelings, & if I could only share with you my enthusiasm, I would feel that I had accomplished much toward preparing you as shepherds for the days, months, years ahead.

When the multitudes awaken you will understand what I mean when I say to you, prepare ye well for that day! Anchor yourselves in the power of your own individual Christ Selves & feel that you have full access to my council, my love & my heart's light at a moment's notice.

I AM so eager to assist you in every way I can. I want to share with you my plans, my hopes, my vision. I want to share my life with you & my feeling of the power within the flame in your own hearts. No one has yet even touched the feeling of the power of accomplishment that is within that flame, for once you have touched it your momentum will be such that it will be a contagion & everyone you contact will know its reality not as a long slow arduous process but as an instantaneous action of alchemy.

Speaking of alchemy, I never say the word that I do not think of the centuries I spent endeavoring thru the use of the physical flame to transmute base metals into gold, but from that I graduated into the more subtle action of changing the quality of unseen energy by the concentrative power of the sacred fire.

In the universities of europe during the early centuries the curriculum was not regulated as it is now. In those days anyone who had a talent for teaching & was interested in learning of any kind generally gravitated to those centers, occupying such quarters in the towns as their means would allow. There they offered their wares, whether it waws the study of the sciences or the mastering of a musical instrument, whatever the field might be. I was among those who in secret were investigating the subtle forces of nature, & for many many years while I pursued those studies I subsisted on a few crusts of bread, my students coming to me by night lest they be seen by their fellows & marked as belonging to a witchcraft order.

I have known what it was to walk down a village street & to have mothers shield their children with their great black aprons lest my shadow fall upon them & "contaminate them for life." Yet I persevered in my endeavors & so passed eventually from that embodiment seemingly to all appearances a dismal failure, the good people in that vicinity throwing back their shutters & opening wide their windows that day, thus expressing their relief that "the scourge" was gone.

You have not & will not in this life, thank God, experience any of these trials that bite so deeply into the soul, & I only refer to them to tell you that I can feel with you the subtle tests thru which you pass, but let me assure you that they have no real importance in the great scheme of things because when your heart is convinced that the power of God & the Presence of God make up your day-star, all these things will pass, & you will one day step over the threshold of freedom into that great sphere of light which is your eternal home. My main endeavor is to charge your feeling worlds with a consciousness of my reality as an individual so that you may feel you can draw up a chair at any time & we will sit & talk together when seeming conditions of distress cloud for a moment the light of your personal sun. Would you not do as much for a friend? Dear people, you are my hope, my only channels of express, as you have been thru the centuries, if you can accept this in your feelings. I challenge you to invite me & see if I do not respond in a tangible radiation that will be of practical assistance to you in your everyday life.

You see, dear friends, the masters have been thru orthodox thinking relegated to realms of clouds of glory. They have been represented as visionary, ephemeral beings who render service to the world thru radiation alone--& we do on occasion, but when you come to a point of union with a master, you put aside this visionary fellow & accept a practical friend. Now that is what I would be to you. Will you accept me? I trust you will! I also trust that we may often sit together & talk of seemingly unimportant things, of sentimental things. We may discuss the suns & stars in space but we will talk of homely things too, for that is the stuff of which friendship is made.

Oh how many of you recall the fragrance of the early violets of an English springtime, the children playing, the salt spray of the ocean on our faces as we looked longingly for land, & there was none. Oh, all the memories of which you & I are a part! The staunchness of hearts that believed, when in ourselves we wondered if we could be wrong! These are the heart-ties that bind. These are the friendships that endure long after the garments of flesh have been laid aside & the soul has passed into new experiences.

When we speak to you & stir these memories you may say within yourselves, "Oh yes, he is right, he is a friend! He is as close to us as we are to each other & as eager to assist us"--& so I AM! This is what I would like you to feel--I love you! I bless you! I thank you!