Invocation for discrimination

Beloved Presence of God I AM in me, beloved immortal flame of eternal truth within my heart, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Kuthumi & Brothers of the Golden Robe:

Sweep, sweep, sweep your mighty golden ray thru the brain structure & the inner & outer bodies of us & all mankind. Dissolve & consume--cause, effect, record & memory--forever all human concepts, feelings & opinions, all human prejudices & dislikes, all destructive etheric records of mankind's disobedience to God, their resentments & rebellion against the fulfillment of His divine plan, all habits of thought & feeling that are not the fulfillment of that divine plan & all psychic substance in, thru & around or driven against us.

Replace it by your full-gathered momentum of divine wisdom to direct & guide us unerringly in the way of truth & the ascended master discrimination, discretion & diplomacy in outer physical action to command & compel the complete fulfillment of God's great divine plan here & now!

We accept this done right now with full power in Jesus' name!


Kuthumi: My Cloak Is a Golden Mantle, dictated to Geraldine lnnocente

My cloak is a golden mantle, soft as eiderdown & shimmering with iridescent light. It is a magic, mystic, merciful activity that wraps itself around an individual, a problem, a home or a nation & gives protection & security in the place of exposure & punishment.

Accordingly, as you choose to dedicate yourself to my humble service shall I spread for you the cloak of the silence & show you the manner in which you may use that cloak for yourself or others.

When I give this cloak of the silence to my friends, with it goes a series of instructions to ensure its full purpose & I tell them that the continuance of its use carries certain obligations with it. My service to life as you are aware is the expansion of the second or wisdom ray. This means the full manifestation of the Christ Self within the heart which brings spiritual illumination. It is the exemplification of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity whose manifestation is the divine destiny for every man.

To serve we must radiate light, and before we can radiate light it is necessary that we first light our lamp. This ignition is accomplished thru the acknowledgment of the Unfed Flame in the heart which is the light of the world. Then we must allow the Holy One to radiate thru us by both precept & example, igniting other lamps as we pass thru the world by both radiation & contagion. Thus you will be my self incarnate.

I ask my chelas to cover all imperfection that they see, know about or contact with the golden glimmering cloak of the silence. Wrap its shimmering folds around all such mistakes & by its magic properties it will make them right. When you start your day place its soft & peaceful folds around your shoulders & enter into the adoration of God clothed in the golden cloak of the great great silence. When you serve others & do good, let the soft cloak of the silence enfold your service that it may grow without outer acknowledgment. When you reach the place on the path where you achieve full illumination & understanding wear the cloak of the silence & your achievement will shine thru it without the necessity of words.

All growth, all evolution, all mercy, all healing takes place under the cloak of the silence. If you can feel that cloak as a living tangible substance, you will be able to see its mystic folds flash thru the air to render the particular service of the moment.

As my gift for the new year I give to each one of you who will acept it the full use & authority to use my cosmic cloak of the silence. I thank you & I bless you.

Invocation to The Flame of Life
Offering Individual Service: Beloved Presence of God I AM in me, beloved immortal threefold flame of eternal truth within my heart & beloved Saint Germain:

While my body sleeps this night let all the constructive energy of my entire lifestream including that in my Causal Body be used to render whatever service is needed in the violet flame temples established in the psychic & astral realms to draw the full-gathered cosmic momentum of the violet purifying flame of divine love & compassion thru every discarnate lifestream there.

Let all the souls who dwell in those realms be drawn into those purifying temples of mercy & compassion & there have the accumulated destructively qualified energies of their lifestreams purified & transmuted so that when they are summoned for reembodiment by the Lords of Karma they bring into incarnation only a heritage of perfection & carry in their lifestreams no miscreations that would add to their own or the world's distress. We thank you & accept this done now with full power according to God's will in Jesus' name. So be it.

For Incoming Enlightened Souls: Beloved immortal Presence of God I AM in me, beloved Holy Christ Selves within the hearts of these lifestream for which we call, beloved ascended masters Jesus & Mary:

I make the call to life that these blessed illumined lifestreams be taken into one of the purification temples of mercy at inner levels & there bathed in the sacred love of the sacred fire of the violet flame until every vestige of human creation--cause, effect, record & memory--is washed from their lifestreams forever.

Beloved Jesus & Mary, enfold these precious souls now & forever in your ascended master consciousness. Let them embody in the full conscious use of their own eternal divine memory & make them immune to the passions, appetites, human tendencies & karma of family, race & nation.

Beloved angels of mercy & compassion, establish a spiritual canopy of your own light & love around the homes & families thru which these souls are to embody. Create & sustain a pure, harmonious, spiritual & opulent atmosphere around them. Raise up those parents & guardians who can be trusted with the care & protection of those precious lifestreams during their young years.

We thank thee that this is done according to God's will in Jesus' name, amen.

For Incoming Children & Youth: Beloved Presence of God I AM in me, beloved Holy Christ Selves of every soul about to incarnate at this time, beloved Lords of Karma & beloved ascended masters Jesus & Mary:

We invoke thy cosmic assistance in behalf of every soul afforded an opportunity of taking a physical body now & in the near future. We ask that they may be taken to the cosmic temples of mercy & purification established at inner levels where they may be cleansed & purified of all human creation in, thru & around them that would limit their expression for good when they come into physical embodiment. Cut them free forever from all unhappy karmic links with family, individual, race & nation so that they may incarnate free from human tendencies of any kind.

Cleanse & purify the parents, guardians & teachers of these incoming children as well as those of the youth alreadly in embodiment. Awaken these individuals to the responsibility they owe to life in being selected as guardians & protectors of these precious souls. charge all mankind with wisdom & discrimination & illumine the consciousness of the race. Place at least one guardian angel spirit in every home.

We thank thee it is done according to God's will in Jesus' name, amen.

To the Immortal Threefold Flame: In the name of the beloved Mighty I AM That I AM, beloved El Morya, Kuthumi, Djwal Kul & Paul the Venetian, beloved immortal threefold flame of eternal truth within my heart--my beloved Unfed Flame, that blessed mother expression of my own divinity--I just adore you. Come now into outer action in answer to my call, arise, arise, arise! Take complete, immediate & eternal command of the energies of my entire being & world. Purify & illumine them & compel the perfect balance of love, wisdom & power to rule me & my world always in undisputed & undenied authority of love's perfection over everything in my being & world & all I contact forever. Charge, charge, charge into my entire being & world, particularly my emotional body, your ascended master feeling of the desire & ability to throw the full weight of my feelings at all times upon the reality & reliability of the Unfed Flame in my own heart, knowing it is the creator of my outer form & consciousness & that I live by its power alone.

I accept this done right now with full power, according to God's will in Jesus' name, amen.