Paul the Venetian: The Power of the Liberty Flame, Oct 3, 1953, dictated to G. Innocente

My beloved brothers of light, my gentle sisters, I bring to you the greetings of the third ray & my own personal greetings for your presence within this new endeavor. Do you know the distinguishing factor that has set you apart from every outer worshipping group in your city? There is not one soul here who has come to receive a personal separate blessing. You have all come to be illumined as to how you may better serve life.

This is a beautiful thing, for the metaphysical & occult & spiritual channels are cluttered with precious lifestreams who are impelled by the problems created by the misuse of their own energy to find temporary surcease from agony of one kind or another. However, in this whole group your shining, gentle, beautiful souls are one-pointedly dedicated to receiving the light for light's sake, & you have fulfilled the statement "Seek ye the kingdom of God & its right-use-ness & then all things shall be added unto you."

I commend you individually. I AM called by the sons & daughters of heaven in a jesting manner "my brother's keeper," for once long ago when the question was asked, I within myself answered in the affirmative & said with deep sincere feeling "Yes, I AM my brother's keeper." All thru the long ages I have remembered that inner vow made to no man but to the flame of God within my heart, & I have endeavored in my long service to the mankind of Earth to remember always that the heart motif within my brother deserved at least the silence of myself that I might understand, & hearing that heartbeat, respond in a manner to give freedom & assistance to the flame endeavoring to pour thru the soul & fulfill its divine plan. Have you heard the song of the Unfed Flame in the heart of your friends & associates, your family, your loved ones, your fellow-workers in this magnificent cause?

It is a beautiful thing to become still enough firt to hear your own heartbeat, to feel the power within that Unfed Flame, to know it as the most magnificent, majestic, transcendent, triumphant, victorious power in the universe. In fact the only power that can act or would act except for your dear misguided qualification.

Beloved ones, within your heartbeat is the flame by which even your physical body is coalesced & sustained. It is the power that keeps the very atoms that make up your physical body from flying back into the unformed & seeking refuge in the light & happiness of the Sun. It is the flame which gives intelligence to the consciousness by which you comprehend my words & by which all of your senses, sight & hearing & other senses function. It is the activity by which your physical body moves about & is enabled to remain erect, defying the gravity pull which by natural law would necessitate your lying prone on the ground. You have accepted those power of the Unfed Flame. I implore you tonight, contemplate the power of that liberty flame within you & allow it to show you the magnetic pull that is within its heart.

You know how difficult it is to dismember a human body because the very pull of the flame in the heart which is so strong & powerful, fulfilling its own divine decree & fiat, holds those atoms in form until your own glorious God-Self at the close of your Earth life says "It is finished." When those words are spoken then only does the flame release the elemental life & your spirit goes free at least from a garment of flesh. My children, it is lovely to listen to the story of the powers of the sacred fire, but we want you to be free. We want you individually, o sweet & precious brothers & sisters, to accept in feeling the power that is within your heartbeat.

Beloved Lord Maitreya suggested you place your hand upon your heart until you feel its beat & then ask your own Holy Christ Self to give you the conviction that the Master Jesus had & which is incorporated within the prayer which you have said life after life during this last nineteen hundred years since his advent upon Earth, "For Thine is the kingdom & the power & the glory forever."

You all have burdens of one kind or another, karmic bonds built of your own conscious or unconscious misuse of energy. I see them. I see thru the soiled garments of your flesh bodies, your etheric bodies, thru the whirling, swirling mass of your emotional worlds that you know are seldom still even while your physical bodies sleep. I ask you tonight in faith to place your burdens within the heart of this cosmic Unfed Flame that is the pattern for the evening's activities that has been drawn within this room thru our personal endeavors during the past twenty-four hours & which rises now almost seven hundred feet above this building.

If a flame no larger than a sixteenth of an inch in size can move a six-foot man about, what do you think a seven-hundred-foot flame can do energized by the power of the sacred fire surrounded by the beautiful angels of ceremonial & music & beauty? Do you know how tightly you hold onto your individual problems? Do you know how dear they have become to you? Do you realize that when you place your burdens on the Lord that the mind so quickly reverts to it again & seeks to pick them up? O let us change that! If you did there would be reason for the great World Teacher come from the heart of the universal to draw us all together & in council say, "Beloved Sons & Daughters of heaven, there are incarnate on Earth certain lifestreams who have by their own virtue & the magnetic pull of the flame in their hearts signified a desire to know what You individually are doing in this universe. Then they may consciously cooperate, & they in knowing may apply to the proper department for assistance in regulating the world conditions in which they find themselves."

Unless he had faith in your response there would be no purpose in master after master coming & talking with you & baring the little personal intimacies of life. They do this in order that you might see that each one is a being with feeling who has passed along the same road, who has felt the same pleasures & pains, who has known the same uncertainties & sureties--& in some way we can stir you to do as we have done.

Surely you understand that within your heart is a flame directed from your Holy Christ Self, & the builders of form at the time of conception witnessed that the magnetic power within that flame was strong enough to draw elemental light substance which made the flesh form in which you sit before me tonight. & the instant that flame is withdrawn your physical body begins its return to the universal. That is the power of the liberty flame.

In the beginning of time long before the recording of human history by the faulty consciousness of man the Goddess of Liberty herself brought the liberty flame to this Earth & right here on your present island of Manhattan was a great Temple of the Sun in which that flame was established. In those early ages there was no veil over your sight, no stoppage to your ears, no whirling sea of emotional energy about you, & it was easy to see the light bodies of those great beings--the Goddess of Liberty, Archangel Michael, the great Manus of the race--when the mankind of Earth came to the liberty temple & learned how to expand that flame triple in its activity--love, wisdom & power. Ages passed, cataclysms came & went.

The North American continent sank for a time beneath the sea, & the guardians of the liberty flame carried it safely across the ocean into France. There it has abided, & at the close of my last earth life when my own master & guru told me that I might have the joyous privilege of removing my consciousness & soul from the wheel of birth & death, I retired into the heart of the retreat which you honor now & from there I entered my freedom.

You see how dear that flame is to me. I rose upon it into my eternal perfection, & so one day will you each one & every man & woman & child who stands yet in the discarnate realm waiting the opportunity for incarnation. Sometimes you don't feel it an opportunity after you are here. It is so easy to look at the vision & the plan of perfection when you are free in the light garments that you wear between embodiments. It is easy then to see Saint Germain's New Age & the glorious kingdom of angels & elementals & human beings loving & worshipping together.

It is easy to desire & vow to be a part of that light which removes sickness & disease & death & disintegration & all other conditions of a like manifestation from the Earth. But once your soul is fettered by a physical body, once your own sweet Unfed Flame has magnetized & called about you the elemental substance which you qualified in your last Earth life & which must form your garment for the present, once you have encountered the difficulty of manipulating energy thru a garment of flesh oftimes the enthusiasm wanes.

Yet do you know that for each one of you who received the opportunity to take a body two were denied? Three people apply for every one incarnation. Why? Because thru this vale of tears, as the church has christened our sweet Earth, mankind must pass into his eternal victory & all desire the opportunity in the freedom of the inner bodies to make things right. When you pass from this Earth life, you see what you might have done, what might have been, & one of the greatest manifestations of hell is remorse, what might have been!

Many are the souls Lord Michael has met. Many are the souls that have stood before the Court of Karma who have said, "Give me just one day to go back & make things right." But when that silver cord is severed, when your Christ Self says "enough", when the Maha Chohan feels the investment of the energy from the Son (Sun) into your lifestream has been sufficient & that nothing more can be accomplished, there is no going back. It is always forward! & that angel who stands at the door of the Halls of Karma when the souls have had their individual judgment, that angel who stands with hands outstretches & says "Forward!", that blessed one is not always too well liked by the souls of men. Yet forward must the soul proceed into the schoolrooms assigned into the condition it has prepared in its Earth life, & then when the call comes from the Karmic Board again it may petition for a new opportunity to come back & make things right. & how is each one chosen? By possible service.

O my dear & blessed brothers & sisters, my desire to stimulate within you an interest in the work of Saint Germain is so intense because you vowed to serve him, & that is why the great Goddess of Liberty as Spokesman for the Karmic Council said, "This one shall return, & these must remain." Again, again & again. How do I know? Because I stood there too. Every Chohan & every master who represents a group of disciples stands by when his own chosen group comes before the Karmic Board & are given opportunity, & I tell you there is a prayer in our hearts then that opportunity may be woven thru the energies of the lifestream into work well done.

In France we have dedicated our lives to externalizing beauty. The complement of my lifestream will one day be the Goddess of Beauty. But do you know what is the most beautiful thing in heaven? A pure, clean, white soul, a shining heart, a faithful spirit before which all other manifestations of beauty are dimmed.

In Shamballa is the Unfed Flame. I hear the question within your consciousness--yes, in Shamballa abides the Unfed Flame which is the balance of the cohesive power for the planet, but in France abides the Unfed Flame by which mankind individually may liberate their own God faculties & powers, & into this retreat are invited those willing to abide by the disciplines required to learn how to direct the lightrays thru that Unfed Flame which is the mother activity of God.

The mother love is the cohesive power, the drawing together, the holding of the body, home, family, & the great Divine Mother is expressed thru our Lord Maha Chohan who in many religions is symbolized as the feminine activity. Our Lord Maha Chohan is cosmically speaking the guardian of your feeling world which is the feminine side of your life, & this Unfed Flame is the power scientifically of centripetal force, the drawing toether, the magnetizing activity. Do you see what that means to you in regard to precipitation? O, open yourselves to the power of your flame & draw around yourselves the angelic builders & those glorious elementals. Create out of the substance of your blessed minds beautiful forms & externalize them & place within the arms of your own mother--your own Unfed Flame--your burdens.

You remember as little children how comforting it was when the conditions of life became severe, when individuals seemingly were unkind, to rush into the arms of your mother! Later on in life you sought surcease & happiness in the arms of others, but you never found the selfless love that you found in the arms of your own physical mother. Take now this flame! Let it expand for you & let the plumes become arms of light, take your hard feelings there, your struggles, your confusions. You know, you have all sung that song, "Take it to the Lord in Prayer." Take it to your flame, but do not rush away before accomplishment gives you peace. O, remain in the arms of your own glorious flame until the cause of your distress is melted away.

I plead with you tonight! I am not among the most dynamic & forceful of the Brotherhood. I have dedicated my life to the encouragement of the talents that lie latent or active within the blessed lifestreams who endeavor to bring a little music, happiness, a little dancing, drama, prose & poetry to a sad world because that is beauty.

I have dedicated my life to drawing aside the veil sufficiently to let the chosen few see beauty in sculpture & art, but the secret action & desire of my life I AM disclosing only to you. It is dedicated to listening to the heartbeat of my brothers, hearing the music within the flame, hearing the hunger within the consciousness & loving that flame sufficiently to draw it forth thru the shroud of human creation & set it free.

Many the flame I have seen flickering within the altar of some despondent soul's heart, driven back into that airless cell by an unkind word or feeling. Sometimes after a setback of this kind the soul can make no further effort toward spiritual development for hundreds of years. My ear is against the bosom of mankind. My arms are around the good brothers & the sweet sisters. My life flame is flowing into their own. I pledged the Unfed Flame a vow once long ago that I would be your keeper. O, not in a sense of imprisonment, but in the sense of kindly service when you want me. None of us will ever intrude, but o how we do respond when invited!

Now you have drawn a magnificent flame within this room. Now have all contributed to it by your presence, your own flaming heart has made it grow as we have spoken. It has risen until it is well over a thousand feet in height, & within it stand angels of the Holy Comforter & Mercy, & may I ask your indulgence in raising your voices agin to pledge that Unfed Flame a vow aloud. Then at the close of it I will ask your beloved leader to release those angels who shall go north & south & east & west so that this class be not just localized but cover the planet.

Let us then cooperate & each according to his own energy, pledge that flame within his own heart--first to fidelity, accepting its power. Linger no longer in limitation, distress & depression, in the name of God when this flame lives within your hearts. Pledge the flame in your brothers' & sisters' hearts a vow also that you will listen to its voice, respond to its call, coax if forth & set life free everywhere.

I thank you for your indulgence. I thank you for the opportunity of entering this magnificent building & I thank you for your presence.