Maha Chohan: Working with Elementals, Sept 1953,
dictated to Geraldine Innocente

Beloved children, beloved friends, how well known you are to my heart! The very first breath breathed into your nostrils came from my own life. In this embodiment as your infant forms entered into this world of manifestation above each one of you stood a beautiful white dove visible to the inner sight of any who had developed their consciousness to the point where they might see the beauty that is all around the world of form.

Do you know what that dove signifies to me, to the builder of form that stood with your own Holy Christ Self, to your sponsor? It signifies the fact that it would be possible in the course of this Earth life for you to complete your cycle of evolution & pass from the wheel of birth, of death & pain, consciously into the glory of your ascension! What a magnificent thing!

When you look down the course of millions of years, millions of nice new bodies provided for you, millions of opportunities to use the pure & primal substance of life to weave for yourself garments of immortality--& finally thru your own individual endeavors century after century you come to the point of birth when the dove stands manifest that all who know may read, "This child may be among those whose names are written on the pages of the immortals within the compass of this Earth life." This is indeed a happy hour!

Ah, dear are you to my heart, your white souls, your innocent feelings, your desire to be comforted! You know, in many of the great religions the Holy Spirit is referred to as a mother, & I do in times when the call for comfort rises within your hearts feel much like a mother in my desire to give you comfort. Oh, not to give a sentimental release of energy which would do no good except for the passing moment but to provide a way & means by which your own consciousness might grasp the possibilities of controlling the energies of your own life thru your mind & your feelings until you become master of every electron alloted to your lifestream for the sole purpose of creating & expanding perfection--then I try to be a comfort to your life!

We are a comfort one to the other only when we enable the lifestream, friends, associates, aspirants, children to learn within themselves to be self-sufficient & to gain self-mastery, to cease to lean upon externals, even upon the perfected beings. They are merely the wayshowers, merely the guides upon the path, merely the teachers by which you each one may grasp the full significance that lies within your controlled thought & feeling & know the comfort of being able to stand alone in the dignity of your own Godhood, externalizing the electronic substance from the heart of God as you require it. That is the comfort which we desire to bring. That is the comfort I desire to give to you, my lovely, shining, blessed spirits of God.

When I see the dove manifest above the infant form at that moment in my office as Maha Chohan to this system I AM required to provide for each one a guru & a sponsor, a member of the ascended host or angelic host who will give the required assistance to the lifestream so that he or she may be enabled to take full advantage of every opportunity offered & whenever possible manifest the magnificent victory of the ascension. I gave you each one your guardian angel & assigned to you your master & I wrote your names in the Book of Life. I have watched you carefully all thru the infant days & the growing days, thru the days of groping, the days when you sought the pleasures of the world as well as the days when your heart began to respond to the pressure of the master, the angel & the Holy Christ Self. I rejoiced when you began again to walk upward on the mount of attainment toward the shining summit from whence one day you will hear the summons of your own God-Self, "Come home, my son--it is finished."

If I could give to you the feeling that will enter into the deepest recesses of your being when you hear that call, there would be nothing in the world of form that could hold you one instant from the dedication of the energies of your individual being to the weaving of those garments of immortality. You will serve, true, for in service do you weave the colors into those exquisite garments of immortality. In service you draw pure electronic light & bless it with your own feeling of God-love & that act becomes part of the raising activity of your lifestream.

Remember, children, in service do not neglect your own individual application, for it is your soul that must become white as snow. It is your feeling world that must become non-recordant to discord, & it is your mind which must be cleared of all human concepts, for you cannot take soiled garments into the realm of eternal perfection. When the clarion voice of your Presence speaks & you must rise, it is the application that you have made thru the energies of your own world that will determine the condition of your soul when you stand before the Lords of Karma.

The Karmic Board is a merciful activity of life, but those above whose heads have stood that dove of light, those who have been given the privilege of incarnation when the ascension was a possibility, are measured by a strict code. It is not lightly that the final earth body is builded into which the soul is placed at the time of incarnation. It is not lightly that the soul is judged at the close of the earth life when opportunity has been given & neglected!

Children, it has been a long journey! Ages & ages & ages have passed since you looked on the Father's face. Cycles of time have come & gone since the shining Presence of the angelic host walked with men, since the devas & elementals in tree, in flower, in shrub were visible & man knew angels & elementals as friends & fellow workers on the path of evolution when he was a bridge connecting the kingdom of the angels & the elemental kingdom in harmonious balance & love.

We have come to the point now when religion & everyday life will again combine the three evolutions which by the veil of maya have been separated for countless centuries & are so little cognizant one of the other. Then thru his own majestic higher self mankind, evolving upon the planet, will be the open-ended Maltese Cross of freedom, the perpendicular bar of which, reaching upward into the spiritual spheres, draws the power of the sacred fire thru his body into the Earth anchoring that sacred fire therein for the redemption of the planet & its people--the crossbar representing his outstretched arms joining the kingdoms of the angels & elementals to the human evolution in beautiful & harmonious cooperation.

I AM one thru whose body, thru whose temple comes the primal essence which represents all the energy used upon the planet Earth both by the nature kingdom as well as mankind thru the silver cord that passes thru their minds & bodies.

The opportunity has been assigned to me to present to you the part the elemental kingdom plays in your life & the part it will play in the worship of the future. What, you might say, has this to do with my own peace of mind, with my own home & affairs & my finances? Well, it has much to do! As you come to understand the overall universal purpose of life, you will also understand that in service you can render a balance for your misuse of energies in the past & so more quickly be free. So, you do have a personal interest in seeing the picture of the universal plan for the next two thousand years!

I shall try to show you how thru your own mind you are also a magnetic power that invokes, draws, molds & sustains elemental life, & in that you have the key to precipitation. It will be worth your while therefore to gather your senses, concentrate your energies for a moment & have patience as I endeavor to give to you that which Lord Maitreya has suggested will be a part of the pattern in the release we are presently bringing to the shepherds of the race.

You have not heard too much about the activities of the Silent Watcher, yet the Silent Watcher is the first being who is drawn into action after the Sun of a system decides to create a realm. Into the consciousness, into the mind & body of the Silent Watcher are projected by the Father-Mother God of the system the entire pattern for every planet. It is upon the ability of the Silent Watcher to hold that pattern, plan & blueprint completely unchanging that the final victorious manifestation depends. The cosmic Silent Watcher received into himself a complete picture of the seven planets of our system--the rivers, lakes, trees, mountain of each one, each designed according to the requirements of the evolution that was to inhabit it. From this cosmic Silent Watcher seven lesser Silent Watchers were sent forth who in turn embodied the design of just one planet. The Silent Watcher is something like an architect, except that he holds a living & breathing activity of love & light & not merely lines on a blueprinted page.

The Elohim are the builders of form. They have constant reference to the design held within the consciousness of the Silent Watcher of each planet, lowering into form & building around the rays which form the cradles for the planets the necessary elemental substance.

Over our Earth is a planetary Silent Watcher. The Elohim drew from his consciousness the exquisite perfection of our planet, fashioned it according to the size designated in the divine plan &, drawing the universal light from the heart of God by the magnetic pull of love, made this little planet to be the home of some 10 billion lifestreams.

The elemental kingdom works upward from the tiniest intelligence into the builders of form that create bodies for mankind. Next they graduate into builders of form, then into nature devas who create mountains & cities, & later on they become Elohim & finally may grow to be Silent Watchers of a planet, a system or a galaxy.

You will see that my service, working closely with that of the elemental kingdom, is to train builders of form. In temples in the third sphere where the beloved Venetian assists me we teach elemental life to look upon a design. We start with something very small like the petals of a flower, a blade of grass, a dewdrop or a snowflake. We or one of the builders of form who is a guardian in one of the temples make a design, externalize it in the atmosphere before him, & all the elementals in the class endeavor to embody a like form. They try to imitate that figure in shape, color & design.

Some of them are very grotesque at first, dear little beings, as they can hold the picture for scarcely a second at a time till they resume their ordinary shape; but they are in school & finally there comes a time when they can embody the form of, let us say, an apple blossom. The teacher in the temple then notifies the nature devas that there is a group of elemental beings ready to become the blossoms on an apple tree in someone's orchard. Simple. & yet think of the centuries of training & self-control on the part not only of the elementals themselves but of the teacher! Finally, you have a lovely white & pink spring.

The apple blossoms smell so sweet & the lovers of spring enjoy walking under the bowers of their beauty. The farmer has hope of a good crop in the autumn. The bees are happy as they make their honey & the elemental is happy because he has fulfilled his purpose. Then the short season completed, the blossom falls & the elemental returns home for commendation, for rest & reassignment. That is the work of the elementals! There are primarily mental beings.

Now, how does that relate to you? Human beings are a combination of the potential powers of both the elemental & the angel. First they have a mind body which is able to receive an idea. But they have the potential, & one day thru the magnetic power of the sacred fire, every man will draw the elemental life around a form, a beautiful idea which he might receive from the Presence whether it be a poem, a piece of music or some so-called practical manifestation which he thinks will make life happier in the world of form, & if he can do as well as the little elemental who makes the apple blossom he will be well on the way to precipitation!

In addition man possesses a feeling faculty. An idea made up of mind stuff must be filled with the feeling from the heart before it can take form. You may invoke the assistance of the angels here. St. Germain told you, "Thoughts become things when clothed in feeling." The evolution of the angels I shall leave to beloved Lord Michael & he will endeavor in his presentation to bring to you their part in the great scheme of creation.

Blessed ones, this endeavor is primarily to show you that the elemental kingdom must learn the control of energy thru thought to hold a constructive pattern & design so that you & other people among mankind may enjoy the perfection we design in the nature temples--an apple, a pear, a peach, a grape--think of the energy & thought that goes into the creation of that & the sustaining of it.

Now for instance in your worship of the future, in the worship even of the present, it is the elementals who build the beautiful forms. I AM interested particularly in the chalice, the raising of the cup when you individually meet your God. The elemental beings within the room create out of your upraised thought & prayers a chalice & they embody it with their own life. Sometimes this chalice is larger than the building. I have seen it in cities where blessed souls gather almost a thousand feet across at the lip, & that is created by the elementals who come & make the receptacle into which the spiritual force may be poured & focused.

They create the chalie, then your own energies piercing thru in your calls for love or peace or for healing open the floodgates, the masters of light bring the release & thru their own bodies fill the cups individually. Then come the great angelic host who dip into the large chalice of spiritual force made up of the combined energies of the assembled worshippers & masters & after each angel in the group is filled to the point of saturation, they carry that radiation & with it blanket your city. Do you see?

The three kingdoms working together as they did in Lemuria, on Atlantis, & as they do in God's kingdom shall do so again on Earth thru you & others like you, if we can fire you with enough enthusiasm for our design & plan to be willing to leave your separate selves & come into oneness in service!

One of the Zarathustras said, & it was repeated by Nietzsche in his works, that "man is a bridge & not a goal--a dangerous crossing, a dangerous looking backward & a dangerous looking downward." that is true. You are a bridge between the two kingdoms--the elemental which responds to your every thought making a flower or a serpent, & the angelic that responds to the happiness in your feelings, externalizing & amplifying every happy feeling you have & carrying it to the places where it is needed most.

You the human kingdom are that bridge. You are St. Germain's legion in action. I AM the life behind my son. I AM the fire of the Holy Spirit that thru the seventh ray will manifest upon this planet Earth such glory as has never been known before. This I promise you because you have come, because you have chosen to ponder my words & by your presence within this room & other rooms like this dedicated to God's love, you have chosen to be a comfort to life. I bless you exceedingly for this.

I stand by you, with you & shall with every cell & atom of my being endeavor to create that cosmic comfort & ever be that Presence upon whose bosom you may rest your weary head, feeling my arms about you, never giving censure or blame, giving you comfort always as well as strength & understanind, illumination & freedom, that is if you want me, for none of us may come unless we are invited. I hope that I have perhaps shown you something of the service of the elemental kingdom which has been so badly treated by mankind, because unless mankind will arise & give a blessing to the elemental kingdom they are going to pass thru some very unhappy experiences.

We hope to establish temples at various places on the planet Earth where foci of the sacred fire may be drawn to give certain benefits, certain blessings to the people. The leaders & lifestreams who have been chosen for this work are chosen because of the momentum in their Causal Bodies which can be forcefields thru which those powers of the sacred fire may be focused for the blessing of the elemental kingdom, the kingdom of man & the kingdom of the angels. You who have been drawn around these various blessed lifestreams have not been drawn by chance. You have been called by the Presence of God & ourselves, & your own sweet hearts & vibrant spirits are a part of those great forcefields thru which we may flash on an instant a blessing, a protection & a power of light.

I love you, blessed ones, for your fidelity thru the years. I love you for the enthusiasm which has made this new endeavor now worldwide, & I love you for your selfless service to God. Beloved friends, accept now the love of one who has given you your breath. One day when your journey is completed I shall stand by your side & accept your final breath, so never fear the change & transition which men call death for when your call comes to return the breath I shall be waiting to receive it & you shall pass thru in honor & dignity with the dove still above your head into the Halls of Karma, there to receive your wreath of victory. I thank you & I bless you. MAHA CHOHAN

song to Sanat Kumara (tune: Abide with Me)

Sanat Kumara, gracious Lord & King,/ Before thy throne our homage now we bring,/ Offerings & gifts of humble service true./ Reverence & gratitude to God for you.

Humbly we bow before thy glorious throne,/ Clothe us in love & make us all thine own./ Give us thy courage, strength & patience rare,/ Flood us with light, sustain us by thy power,/ Give us thy wisdom, guide us every hour,/ Seal us in peace in love's own God-control./ Let thy great wings of love our worlds enfold.

Thou art God's glory, majesty & grace,/ Thy patient care has held for Earth her place./ All thru the ages that have gone before/ Thy love has been for Earth the open door.

Lift thou our Earth from strain & stress today,/ Free all her life so earnestly we pray,/ Forces of nature, elementals too,/ Sanat Kumara, dear, all call to you.

Glory & honor unto thee belong,/ Let all men free you now in grateful song,/ Let all that lives upon this planet raise/ Heart, soul & spirit to thy name in praise.

Great Central Sun, thy gifts of love we call/ For our dear friend of light & Lord of all./ Bless his dear Venus, Goddess from the Sun,/ Bless their dear planet & all life thereon.///\\\///

To the Threefold Flame: Thru the power of the Unfed Flame that is alive within me I AM ONE with the consciousness, fully-gathered momentum of the sacred fire & the feelings of the Great Central Sun, the physical sun & every ascended master, angel deva, seraphim & cherubim in the universe, according to God's will in the name I AM, thank you. See to it, Mighty I AM in me, that I use your gifts of life, light, substance, intelligence & energy only in the service & expansion of thy mighty light, in the name of Christ Jesus, amen.

For the Freedom of Elemental Life: Beloved Presence of God I AM in me & in all mankind, o thou beloved immortal threefold flame of eternal truth within each heart, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, Beloved Maha Chohan, Beloved St. Germain, & all who have to do with the violet fire of transmutation, mercy & divine love: In the name of the Presence of God which I AM & by the power of the sacred fire vested in me I decree in the name of all mankind:

I AM the ascended masters' law of forgiveness & tranmuting glame of violet fire which from this instant & forever sweeps in gigantic cosmic oceans of freedom's love, healing, comfort & peace in, thru & around all the elemental kingdom serving or evolving in the Earth, on the Earth or in its atmosphere, freeing them at once from that which was never intended to be, that which never was created by love, restoring & sustaining them in the glorious perfection of their divine plan fulfilled. This shall be, & we accept it done right now with full power in Jesus Christ's name, amen.

For Chelas of St. Germain: Beloved Mighty Presence of God I AM in me & beloved Ascended Master Saint germain, in the name of the Presence of God which I AM & by the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me I decree:

Seal, Seal, Seal me & all under this radiation in beloved St. Germain's purple fiery heart & luminous Presence. Make me & all mankind feel, feel, feel this instant & forever all his limitless God-controlled enthusiasm for the light, his illumined obedience to that light, his devotion to that light, & his determination to stand by that light, serving it with all the power of his being for all eternity. Keep this eternally sustained, all-powerfully active & ever-expanding until this Earth & all evolving within, upon & around it are wholly ascended & free!

-decrees are from Bridge to Freedom Bulletins of the 1950s.