Saint Germain: Each Absorbs According to his Development, Sept 1953, dictated to Geraldine Innocente

Blessed be your souls within those dear bodies & the voluntary energies offered me that builded those ties that bind heart, soul, consciousness & spirit in bonds of oneness & love. You pledged to serve the cause of freedom & pledged thru the energies of the physical garments to bring into outer action the glorious vision of the ceremonial activities of the seventh ray. Yet having secured those bodies, the outer self of many forgot their vows. Can you imagine then my happiness, my gratitude for those who have remembered, for those of you sweet & constant spirits who have loved freedom more than your personal enjoyment, more than the following of pursuits & interests which might have incorporated your energy--you who have come year in & year out into the heart of these sancturaries & temples & have given to the best of your consciousness & ability your energies in song, in invocation, in decrees on behalf of mankind.

Dear to my heart are your spirits! Dear to my heart are the very elements that make up the sweet garments that clothe your soul round, & dear to my heart are those blessed consciousnesses into which we are gradually pouring light, understanding & comprehension, endeavoring in every way to enable you to understand the power within your heartbeat!

O beloved friends, accept my gratitude! Accept my hand thru the veil! Accept my arms warm about you in an embrace of brotherhood for your service to life, for your love of life, for your willingness to bend your knee before the power of the universe & ask to be shown the will of God! It is in this asking, this invocation, this upward reaching from your soul that we are granted the opportunity to return on the very beam of your own energy into your world & speak with you, thus making a true & living fact the credo of the Christian Church where the communion of the saints is affirmed part of the belief of each individual.

Beloved heart friends! The vision of tomorrow is incorporated into the energies which you give willingly today! How can I draw into a short space of time all that I would say to you? I AM like a father endeavoring to give the entire wisdom of a life lived to a son in the matter of a few moments. Yet somehow I must endeavor to touch the high points of the understanding within the ceremonial ray that you may take heart & move forward, knowing that there is a beautiful plan & design that shall be externalized because it is the will of the Eternal & it must be done!

We are at the beginning of a new age in which thru the courtesy & kindness of life I AM the Chohan & will assist you in the religious service which will be manifested in the worship of the next two thousand year period.

You have learned that this is the activity of the violet ray. You have learned that it is the activity where mankind, angels & elementals will again be drawn together in conscious cooperation & hand in hand walk together along the path of evolution where they will serve together, build together the kingdom of heaven on Earth & worship together in ceremonials which your blessed hearts cannot yet conceive possible of manifestation in this third-dimensional plane.

Beloved Lord Maitreya has suggested that I present to you the plan of evolution from the human kingdom, that the Maha Chohan gave to you the plan from the elemental kingdom, & Lord Michael the Archangel give to you the plan from the angelic consciousness, so that you may see that the three are one & that together they form a great harmonious whole.

Beloved ones, we are at the very beginning of this new era. Every great religion which has extended for approximately two thousand years passes thru seven stages. In the very beginning the divine will is sought & some individual with light & understanding brings the will of God to the few who are willing to hear. You are at that point today.

As there are so many different types of lifestreams among you, representing the guardian spirits not only from the planet Earth, from the other planets of our system & from the sun, but also from the elemental & angelic kingdoms, it is difficult for you to receive into your varied consciousnesses the divine plan as a whole. Each receives according to his own evolution, his own development, his own awareness & capacity to understand, & to him all the others seem perhaps bewildering, uncertain & confusing in their reception. Let me assure you that as we develop & bring to your conscious understanding the service of the angelic kingdom in drawing & pouring forth radiation, of the elemental kingdom in building form & sustaining it, & of the human kingdom becoming the bridge between the angelic & elemental kingdoms, you will understand that there is a place in this great & new activity for every lifestream & this knowledge will one day enlighten the entire mass of mankind.

I stood at the beginning of the Christian Dispensation & into my arms the beloved Master Jesus was placed, even before his mother received him. I stroked tenderly the soft down on that baby head. I looked into those large liquid eyes that had not yet focused upon the plane of consciousness & shadow into which he had come to function. I touched those petal-soft hands that one day would call the dead to life & thru which would flow the energies by which withered arms would be restored & the blind be made to see. I looked upon that infant form. I declare there did not seem at that hour to be much except faith to carry us forward in the hope of establishing a creed which would become the lifebreath of millions.

I walked the long way into Egypt with that infant & that beautiful girl bride. I made the first pair of sandals for those baby feet. I listened as my beautiful Mary spoke to her son about the importance & devotion that each man should feel toward the souls of other men. I learned of the tenderness of the Eternal in that simple life. Who would have thought then as we lived so simply, as I earned our meager bread as a carpenter that one day the Christian religion would be accepted by millions, great edifices would be builded & thousands of voices would join in song & adoration to that small child & his blessed mother, & yet it has been done!

I have seen many new ventures, beloved hearts. I crossed uncharted sea with nothing but faith in my heart & a vision in my mind, conscious only of my own soul's light. Many a night as I stood alone on the deck of our small vessel gazing out over the expanse of the starlit ocean I wondered if my faith were anchored in truth, and yet the miracle was born & lives! From sea to sea great cities stand, & America is a nation of merit upon our planet this day.

I see your hearts each one. I see the strengths & I see the weaknesses. I see the tenderness in each of your souls, not unlike the down on that baby's head. Yet I know, for now I see with freedom's sight, that tomorrow's world is being builded today thru the consciousness of individuals willing to sit at the feet of the masters & accept their word, their understanding, their promise--as much of the vision as their blessed minds can accept, as much of the truth as their feelings can absorb.

Beloved ones! Be of good cheer! How do you think I feel? For many centuries have I tried to establish a world brotherhood where every man will love his neighbor & where the good of all life will be the paramount feeling within the heartbeat, & even yet among the chosen that consciousness of separateness abides! O my beloved heart friends! You are building a foundation today just as surely as we, that innocent, humble family in Galilee, builded a foundation in, thru & around a few fishermen which has become the strength of a dispensation that has lasted for two thousand long years.

As we grow & develop you will see the exquisite music & ritual that will raise the souls of men & help them to connect for even an instant with that immortal fiery Presence which is their divine pattern! You will see come forth thru the hearts of the humble & the earnest the designs & plans that are complete in the etheric realm, awaiting the receptive consciousness of incarnate sons & daughters of men to be externalized!

As the Christian Dispensation closes you will see manifested the seventh subray within the sixth ray in which a magnificent ceremonial service will be developed thru the churches. The Christian churches have developed their ceremonial activities to their greatest height, & now we are in the first subray of the great seventh ray where all are asking for the will of God. Some say that will is to make a "joyful noise unto the Lord." Others say, "O no! It is to breathe rhythmically & harmoniously in the silence." Yet others say, "O no, it is to go forth & teach the word with the tongues of angels," & others say "No, it is embodied brotherhood." Others yet say, "Ah, I feel it is to be incarnate beauty." Many say that mathematical precision of the law is truth, the ingoing & outgoing force of love, & they describe it as the fifth ray man sees truth. We have also those blessed ones whose devotion is so great & they say, "Ah, no, the ceremonies must be completely devotional!" Do you see! & yet all are right, for all of the seven great rays now combine.

To those who will be patient, to those who will allow each lifestream the development of its own momentum gathered thru the centuries I will show what a combination of the seven types of perfected lifestreams working together can do, not only in worship but in individual God-mastery! What is religion in its final essence but a way to find the connection with God, & in that finding each man to become a God incarnate! It is not God nor the angels nor the masters of light & wisdom who require adoration or redemption, it is man who requires the connection with his God-Self & the intelligent direction of its consciousness in order to be free. Freedom means the ability to incorporate into the energies of one's own inner bodies whatever is necessary to become master of thought, of feeling & of all manifest form.

How I would love to take you individually or in groups, say for one month, & show you the powers of the sacred fire within your own hearts! I AM an alchemist you know! For many many centuries previous to my own ascension & freedom I worked on alchemy, on transmuting various elements thru the action first of the physical fire & then at the direction of my teacher thru the drawing of the sacred fire, & there my momentum within the use of the violet consuming flame was built which is the highest form of alchemy. It is simply changing the quality of energy thru the invocation of the qualified power of purification thru the use of the sacred fire which sets you free. O beloved ones, accept the power within the heartbeat to set you free!

If I could only in some manner convey into your feelings the power within one electron as it passes pure & perfect from the heart of your Presence into your physical heart & then out into your world! Yet that stream of electrons flows so rapidly from your Presence that there is no outer mechanical means that could catch a single atom or electron in its flight. That constant stream of light flowing your your heart & out into your world is for the most part not used because you do not know the power of healing, the power of supply, the power of light, the power of love that is within your own beating heart.

O beloved ones, contemplate in the silence of your room the power of God that is within you. As it flows allow it to transform your world! I shall endeavor to help you, for you are my representatives! You are the lifestreams that mankind can see! Your bodies, your worlds, your consciousnesses represent my teaching, my world & my very self! I AM dependent upon you to mirror that which you have received thru the years from me! It is not easy to remain behind the veil & to await the caprice of the outer self but I AM so desirous of showing in manifest form the perfection of light which I see within the pattern for each lifestream.

I plead with you in the name of all that is good and holy, arise in the mastery & dignity of your own Godhood! Wear the robes of freedom which I give you! Use the power of the sacred fire to clear your world of obstruction & linger no longer in these accumulations that are but the shadows of past misuse of energy! SAINT GERMAIN