Sanat Kumara, dictated to Geraldine lnnocente, 2-28-1953

Beloved, beloved, beloved children of God,

I bow before the immortal flame of life within your hearts, for that flame has brought you here today. The currents are now reversed. Up to this time the outer self forced the flame of life to serve it in the satisfaction of the appetites & passions of the self. Now the flame is master & draws the outer self always to the place where the masters of wisdom require them in order to render the greatest possible service to the cause.

Within that flame is your divine pattern. Looking upon that flame I decided to give my service to your sweet Earth, knowing that one day that flame would become the Light of the World.

Once upon a time long long ago, as you say in your fairy tales, I was invited to a great council of the representatives of the suns of our galaxy. I was the only representative from the orb Venus. Ah, Venus, star of light my home, I can scarcely say thy name for the sweet nostalgia that fills my breast at thought of thee! At this council it was decided that the elemental substance which had been held in the matrix of the Earth be released & the Earth itself, as it contributed no harmony nor light to the universe, be dissolved into its native nothingness.

Returning to Venus, I thought deeply of the millions of lifestreams who would become planetary orphans if this decree were fulfilled. As moments of great import emphasize small things, I can remember yet as I walked out into our garden where the beloved of my heart, Venus, was sitting the contour of a cloud & how the sun kissed it in its passing thru the sky. I did not want to reveal to Venus my thoughts about volunteering to serve the Earth. I remember well the sound of the water rising from the heart of the fountain & then falling musically into the lily pool. I can tell you yet how many strands were woven into my sandals, as I counted them over & over trying to come to a decision.

Finally Venus who of course felt my every thought & feeling said, "Why do you not visit this Earth & see if you feel you can benefit it by making such a sacrifice?" Can I tell you the relief that flooded over me at her sweet release? For when one loves another more than life itself, great is the sacrifice in giving that one freedom to depart on cosmic service, knowing the centuries that such parting will entail.

& so I came to Earth &, looking upon the Flame of God containing the pattern of perfection for the lifestreams, I felt it worth all the love & patience & light required to hasten that day. I returned to Venus & told my beloved of my decision & then I took our concil made up of those who were the governing body of the state. Every one of them without exception volunteered to go before me to prepare the Earth for my coming. From this group 30 dear souls were chosen & their names are burned into my heart for all eternity. For 1000 long years they labored on the Earth to prepare Shamballa for our coming.

Meanwhile word gets around, even in interstellar space, & from other stars & planets & systems came envoys of light offering to assist us in our endeavor. Finally 9000 beings were chosen--3000 to take human embodiment, 3000 in the nature & devic kingdoms & 3000 angels.

Of the 3000 who were to be the guardian spirits of the Earth in human form, 1000 have already ascended into their freedom & the remaining 2000 are those who were chosen by Serapis Bey & given the grant by the cosmic law in January of last year. They received the special blessing of Lord Maitreay, but the 200,000 (further souls) given the grant in July are lifestreams belonging to this Earth. This accounts for the greater resistance in their inner bodies, & thru the lifestream of beloved Zora & the courtesy of our blessed hostess, Mary Myneta (of the Long Island, NY sanctuary), Lord Maitreya will enfold this additional 200,000 this evening in his cosmic flame of cosmic love which will enable them to respond more quickly in the immediate future.

Finally when the cosmic moment arrived & Shamballa was ready, I prepared to take my departure. The star which is my spiritual insignia rose above the orb Venus, & the people were acquainted with the fact that something unusual was about to occur. & so I took my leave of my beloved, my orb & my people to remain a voluntary exile for centuries of time. The tiny points of light in the hearts of the 30 waiting ones was a welcome sight as we turned our attention earthward, & here we have abided until this day.

& the flame within your hearts, sweet guardians of the Earth & its people, is my hope of freedom to return to my celestial home.