Mother Mary, dictated to G. lnnocente, Easter 4-5-1953

O beloved sons & daughters of God!

I bow this morning before the light of your great hearts! How I would love to take you each one within the embrace of my own arms in gratitude for your presence in this universe & your fidelity to the light!

O I know you well, children of my bosom, for it is my particular service to draw every lifestream who is to incarnate within a given year into the Temple of the Sacred Heart & there with the soul pass on all the elemental substance which is to fashion the garment of incarnation. Together the soul & I go over that substance to choose the best cells, the best elements to make the heart ito which the immortal flame of the Presence must live thruout the course of that incarnation, & you & I fashioned the heart, the sacred heart which is the Tabernacle of the Most High Living God which I acknowledge this morning.

O blessed ones, you who have been chosen as the heart of freedom, could you but remember with me that ceremony in which each of your lifestreams was as carefully chosen as we choose the tiny elements that make up the physical heart, with the beloved Brother Francis (Francis Bacon was an illustrious embodiment of St. Germain), to whom I AM eternally indebted for his kindness, his patience & his love in that life so long ago when I did so need some remembrance of the peace of the Father's Kingdom.

In the heart of the Temple of the Sacred Heart we chose you each one as the new heart of freedom. The selective process has gone on for many years, & one by one the lifestreams thru the tests that are provided by life did not prove worthy to become part of the glorious spiritual tabernacle. It is required of the law that there be 33 cells to make such a heart thru which a cosmic dispensation which is to endure for many thousands of years may be anchored.

Well blessed are you each one who have responded to the magnetic pull of love & who form the chalice into which the great St. Germain has placed the fire of freedom. Around that strong heart will grow yet a spiritual body which will be composed of those lesser sons & daughters of men, until every incarnate lifestream & all those who wait the privilege of birth will be a conscious part of it.

It may be interesting perhaps to your consciousness to know that long before we come to speak with you a conference is held whereby the lifestream who can render the greatest service is chosen, so that not only the worded expression but also the radiation & feeling of that Master Presence might best benefit the light within your hears, & because you have been faithful. & because the action of the sacred heart is my own, & because other lifestreams are present, it was suggested that I bring to you today the love of heaven & the love of the angelic host & the devic beings & the feeling of mastery that is within that love.

From the time that I entered the temple & was prepared for the great privilege that was to be mine in guarding the incoming lifestream of Jesus, my consciousness was awakened to the fullness of his mission & I was prepared for the sacrifice & the discipline that would be required thru those years. Well do I remember the coming of beloved Gabriel & well do I remember the coming of the beloved Jesus & the long trip into Egypt & those early years when I took him each day to the temple when he was not yet five & placed him in the hands of the priest & saw my small son enter into those great vaulted chambers in the dignity of manhood.

Well do I remember his great love of life & how he would bring a broken or a bruised flower or a bird with a broken wing that he might thru love endeavor to restore it. The beloved Lord Maitreya suggested that we begin the action of the Resurrection Flame in his early childhood thru the small flower & grasses & the gentle creatures that have no words, & together we in the garden would draw that flame & see the petals restored & the perfume come again to the flower & the bird again fly, & gently without endeavor of effort came the knowledge & the power of the Father thru that blessed boy.

Well do I remember when first his consciousness opened, I could see it in his eyes, & when he brought the remembrance of Lord Maitreya into that small self & absorbing it manifested the dignity & mastery which to this day represent the figure of the Christ.

O dear children of God, you who desire that the veil from the past into the future might be drawn from your consciousness, let me tell you it is not an easy thing to see the future stretched before you & to know what the years must bring & to remain in enough peace & harmony that you are a comfort to life! Abide in the wisdom of your Presence & enjoy the happiness of each day. Never did I see Jesus leave my home but I wondered within myself would he return, & although we had volunteered for that service it is not an easy thing to see one you love so much passing thru initiations which thank God are not required of the lifestreams of the Earth again.

But we remember too the glory of that first Easter, the happiness in the hearts of those blessed souls who had believed in him & yet were shaken to the very roots & foundations of their faith at his apparent death. We remember with joy & gratitude the assistance of the beloved Maha Chohan who thru the breath of life restored animation to that form & the joy of sweet association until Ascension Day when again we were called upon to bid him adieu but not good-bye.

If the accomplishment has brought to the race of men any small glory of the power of life over death & the power of love over selfishness, we are amply rewarded in that service, & it is our endeavor now thru those who choose to send their attention toward us to give to you that same feeling of confidence in the power of life. Will you accept that, beloved hearts, & will you accept the love from within my own heart & will you accept me as your mother, for I fashioned your heart with my own hands & dear it is to me beyond telling as is the beautiful flame of God that burns brightly within.

May you be blessed as you go forward in your endeavors in an ever-increasing comprehension of the love of God & the love of his messengers for all life, & as that love becomes a part of your inner nature, you become our hearts incarnate & thru you we may bless & redeem the world!

I thank you. I love you. I bless you, for if it were not for your faith, your confidence & your presence here this morning, I should not have had the opportunity to enter into the feeling worlds of mankind & bring to them thru the inner action of the law the love of a mother for her people. It is you who are the open door thru which those of us who dwell beyond the veil may reach the consciousness of all peoples everywhere.

You are our hope. You are our promise. It is a marvelous thing to find so many lifestreams willing to accept the power & the radiation from our realm & to use that radiation now as an outpouring of love to the race.

There were only twelve disciples that my son with his power drew from the masses willing to learn the law & become masters of love. There were multitudes who came for comfort, the temporary healing & for peace, but everyone of you within this room have chosen to come forth from the masses not for what you can receive but for what you can give! May God the Father & God the Son & God the Holy Spirit bless you & keep you & sustain you in the light until that day when you lay aside the garment of flesh &, entering into the realms where I shall await you, say "O mother, I AM grateful now that I have endured." I shall place my arms around you & say, "Child, o child of my bosom, welcome home!"

I shall not cease the outpouring of my love until every child of Earth is redeemed & this dark star becomes a blazing planet of light.

I bless you this morning for unity & for the cooperation of the lifestreams who have been a part of this service that the greatest good might be done for the greatest number, for so we shall proceed to great accomplishment. The blessing of the Temple of the Resurrection be upon you &, beloved hearts, come to me as a child would to his mother when there is that which seeks to disturb & I too will give you rest. MARY