St. Germain: dictated to G. lnnocente, 4-25-1953

I love you! I love you! I love you! I say this with a purpose today. From the heart of the great Sanat Kumara himself has come the word that I should bring to you the conviction that will enter deep into the heart of your feeling world that I love you. I always have & I always will.

O you have no concept of the fear & doubt & uncertainty that is builded into the energy of your inner bodies, not only thru your present & past experience but also thru the century after century when the fear of God was the whip in the hands of the priests & eternal damnation the measure by which a man's soul was either saved or drawn into oblivion if he did not abide by word & precept.

I come from a brotherhood who have learned the simple law, to neither give offense nor take offense. I remember long before I achieved the victory that my master told me, "You can give offense unconsciously, my son, until thru the use of the fire of purification you have taken from your inner bodies & your physical world certain tendencies, but you take offense consciously. It becomes your responsibility from this moment to guard your consciousness that you do not take it."

Would we not be a sorry sight, we who are the shepherds of mankind, the only hope for the redemption of the planet & its people, were we to take offense from the consciousness of those whom we have guarded for centuries! Let us measure with intelligence the words that purport to come from the lips of those who are the guardians of the race.

Many many centuries ago when first I brought the freedom flame to this Earth I dwelt with shepherds--rough, uncouth, unmannered men, men who ate raw meat with their hands & drank the wine of the pressed grape. & yet would they beat to a pulp the sheep or ram who strayed from the path & became caught by brambles or fell over the cliff? Oh no! These rough men brought it back to safety whenever possible, restored it to the flock & sustained it in every way possible according to the intelligence of their life.

Would it be possible for an Elohim who at the direction of the Sun of a system created a planet, who has with the help of the elements sustained physical bodies for an evolution for millions & millions of years, to decree annihilation & spiritual death to a handful of individuals who choose freedom's way? Could it be possible that the Lords of Karma, sitting dispassionate, impersonal upon their cosmic thrones who with such care examine every soul & give each life opportunity after opportunity to incarnate, lightening the burden of the karma so that the soul might not have too much to bear in any single life, should then take a handful of lifestreams & wipe out all of the good of this life, let alone that of the centuries that have been back hundreds of thousands of embodiments? For what purpose, then, the law of love? For what purpose, then, the Brotherhood dedicated to the raising & redemption of the race? Better far would it have been for Sanat Kumara to have remained on Venus & the dissolution of this small star taken place at that time.

I love you not for what you are & not for what you can do for me but because you are life, because you are part of the Father, because you are children destined to rise & walk in freedom's robes, because I know what you shall be, because I have looked upon the glory of your own individualized Presence! 70,000 years ago I spoke to each one of you within this room & as I looked into your eyes I told you tehn I would never let you go, & you have remembered this within your hearts else you would not have responded to my endeavor. You see, we are having reenacted my experience with the Great Divine Director when I was asked to go into the heart of the silence on the field of battle. Then however I did not have the freedom which I enjoy today, but you are having the opportunity which I experienced then.

Beloved hearts, so much question has risen within the minds of earnest men & women who sincerely want to sit at the feet of the masters as to who is qualified to carry their word. Measure well that word. A door will be opened & the opportunity of the ages comes, & the word passed thru, but then as the shadow of self grows so large that only a glimmer of our light may reach the hearts & life offers us another opportunity, we must take it, availing ourselves of every moment while that door is open.

Yes there are many doors to the kingdom & the masters stand at many gates. Where love & peace & hope & faith abide, there we are. Where fear & doubt & uncertainty & threat abide, you will find that the shadow of the self has closed to all but a glimmer of our light which in mercy yet we pour thru those earnest hearts who come.

As I speak to you today with a definite purpose, I repeat, I love you! No man, no messenger, no written word, nor subtle doubt from within your own nature nor from another shall ever take from you that confidence that I love you. & I shall not cease to you you until you stand in this octave free with me. Now, be at peace & move forward in the light!

All on Earth one day must measure the word of God by the light of their own hearts & the intelligence within the consciousness, & we shall endeavor ever to assist you to remember to fear for no man. Doubt & uncertainty arise from fear, & all of these qualities will melt when you can remain in the calm poise of your own God flame & say to all life, not in sentimental, emotional & spasmodic spurts, but constantly, silently or when necessary audiby--I love you, whether it is the individual with whom you serve, whether it is your service to life in the business world or at home, whether it is the inanimate objects by which your service is performed.

It is the most marvelous alchemy in the world & you can keep yourself free from so many of these tensions that build, for if you love your service, it will happily flow forth to accomplishment. Beloved friends, I love you each & every one and beloved Lotus too, I love you. & as you shall one day stand free, arms outstretched, hearts upraised, souls purified, you will know know I have spoken to you God's truth. SAINT GERMAIN