St. Germain: Ceremonial Worship 1953
Dictated to Geraldine Innocente

"...The director and the students may invoke the powers of the sacred fire, the masters and angelic beings thru the power of visualization, contemplation and directed thought and feeling. This may be done thru song, thru the spoken word and thru the performance of certain rituals, employing pure floral scents and certain musical compositions of a spiritual nature. The efficacy comes when the director and the group can combine all of these faculties and means of invocation toward this end.

The privilege and responsibility of the director is to unify the consciousness of the group thru directed visualizations, decrees, songs and active invocations of the powers of the sacred fire. The unity of the energies released by each individual of the group into the collective thoughtform for the ceremonial is the strength of the service of that group to the cause of the Brotherhood. This collective thought and feeling form determines the amount of spiritual energy that is drawn earthward and used to dissipate evil and set into motion new causes for world progress.

The ability of the director to obtain and hold the interest of the group, as well as the joyous willing cooperation of the individual unit, determines the efficacy of the service. Energies that are released thru a sense of duty or fear are practically useless in the masters' work. Joyous happy energy is the hope of heaven.

Ceremonial worship is the balanced use of all the faculties, powers and vehicles of the lifestream--harmoniously blended and utilized to draw, focus and direct energy to create new causes for good and dissolve those of an inharmonious nature.

Decree: My world is the world of freedom and the full unconditional release of all the mastery, faculties and powers of the light of my higher mental body.

The primal requirements for an efficacious service are: 1) the quieting of the inner and physical bodies of the participants thru carefully chosen musical compositions of a soothing and inspirational nature; 2) the purification of the bodies and auras of the students, the director and the atmosphere which is to form the focus into which the spiritual energies are to be drawn thru the invocation of the powers of the sacred fire in decrees; 3) the protection of the students and the location which are to be the chalice for the direction of those spiritual energies from the higher octaves. This protection is drawn forth by the use of the creative centers of each individual, focused and concentrated by the director's audible directions; 4) recognition of the God-power focused thru each participant, which is the authority by which energy is set into motion and directed toward ultimate good effects; 5) acceptance of the presence of, and access to, the ascended host of light, the angelic, devic, cherubic and seraphic hosts, as conscious co-workers to the activities of the group work.

When these requirements have been met the directing intelligence of the Godhead, either thru the God-Presence of the director or an ascended master or angelic guest, will utilize the ritual to the greatest possible extent according to the requirements of the hour."