St. Germain on Cooperative Endeavor
dictated to G. Innocente

"Human consciousness is unpredictable--sometimes it strays off into paths of its own choosing thru free will, but after many tortuous windings it eventually finds itself back again on the straight and safe pathway that leads to life everlasting. the messenger of truth also takes many unnecessary windings, but from the cosmic fount has ever flowed the living waters by which the spiritual natures of mankind have been nourished, and if one door closes itself to the outpouring, the water of life must ever flow onward thru such another channel as life will provide. But flow onward it must, impelled by the love of God that seeks ever to reach and expand Himself thru his children, and impelled also by the magnetic pull of the souls of men whose desire for understanding cannot be denied.

Have you not seen a rivulet damned up by debris find for itself another course and make a new bed thru which to pour itself toward its goal? This is the nature of life--birth and death, ebb and flow, inhalation and exhalation--and no man can ever interfere with the natural flow of the rhythm of life.

The sun cannot limit its shining to one beam nor the love of God to one human consciousness. The souls of men are the concern of the masters of wisdom--all men, brown, white and yellow, in all countries--because from the flame in their hearts will come the illumination which will make this dark star a flaming sun of freedom.

Thru the expansion of their light the great Sanat Kumara will be able to return to his home on Venus after his centuries of exile on this planet where unknown and unrecognized He has made up the balance of light from his own heart which the cosmic law demands from any star or planet if it is to hold its place in the solar system. Our Earth has fallen far behind its quota since the Fall of man to the present day, and if it were not for the sacrifice of this great and mighty friend in continually making up our deficit in the generation of light, this planet would have been dissolved long ages ago.

Now however, since a certain number of mankind have responded to our call for the expansion of light, We have hope that thru our cooperative endeavors more and more of mankind will awaken to their responsibility in the release of more harmonious energy so that we may meet the quota of light demanded by cosmic law and our great benefactor will be released from his self-imposed task of carrying our rightful obligation.

Both Venus and the Earth are scheduled to pass thru very severe initiations in the not too distant future, and it is imperative that Sanat Kumara be with his planet as she passes thru this crucial experience. It is also obvious that He would not abandon the task that He voluntarily took on himself of standing with the Earth and her people until she could meet the cosmic law's demands herself.

You will not wonder then that the Sons of Heaven, being aware of this cosmic condition, are making extraordinary efforts thru their combined energies to arouse mankind from the lethargic sleep of the senses to a point where they will recognize the serious position in which this planet--which is really their home--occupies at this cosmic moment, and understanding this, will add their full share of endeavor to the task of expanding their light, which will not only release the beloved Sanat Kumara but will ensure the Earth her rightful place in our system by reason of her light, her cosmic song and her contribution to the music of the spheres.