St. Germain on the Great White Brotherhood
dictated to G. Innocente
 "The activities of the Great White Brotherhood are so diversified in their scope that it takes hundreds of free God-beings to direct the various lines of force by which the progress of the race is ensured. At Shamballa you will see a steady stream of visitors passing to and from the throne of the King, all of whom are engaged in widening the borders of God's Kingdom.

It would be an utter impossibility for one ascended master to completely govern and execute the diversified activities of the mind and heart of God, then how much less could one unascended being attempt to so concentrate the good that is planned for the progress of our star thru the limited confines of a human consciousness. A moment's clear unprejudiced thought will show the sanity of such a statement and the impossibility of such a service on the part of any one individual.

If one unascended being could possibly provide the way and means of raising a planet and some ten billion souls to the Christ estate, do you not think that the Avatars who have lived and embodied all the Christ-power of the Godhead would have performed this service? Yet, Buddha has come and gone, and even Jesus, leaving room for other lifestreams to offer the energies and talents of their individual worlds to this evolutionary scheme.

In Our octave the Great White Brotherhood was formed by Sanat Kumara in order to raise the consciousness of some of the children of this planet to a point where they might become lords of the flame and then engage their life-energies in teaching other members of the race how to so emit their own self-generated light. It is the nature of God to allow his children the opportunity of becoming co-creators with Him. In fact, it is the very reason for which the worlds were formed and men and women sent forth to experiment with energy that they might have the joy of creation thru their own self-conscious endeavors.

When an individual, or group of individuals, refuses to allow other lifestreams an opportunity to unfold, develop and assist in the divine plan, such channels are not expressing the generosity of the Godhead or the Great White Brotherhood, which is constantly endeavoring to secure the enrollment and cooperation of the sons of men.