Saint Germain on Homes and Retreats
dictated to G. Innocente

It is the privilege of the individual who is sufficiently advanced along the path of evolution to warrant his ascension to maintain a home in any of the planets in which he has served life, and he may return to this home at will in the performance of his duties.

Many of the liberated host still hold such a focal point on the planet Earth to which they very often return for one reason or another. This is generally a habitation that they have loved during their bodily existence, and while it may be occupied presently by other earthly tenants, it does not prevent the master from holding the etheric record of the place in his consciousness as it appeared in his day, and his coming and going do not in the least disturb the current occupants--rather does this circumstance make of it a focus of light and radiation in the location in which it is placed.

Some masters sustain several homes in this way. Besides my home in Transylvania I also maintain one in the etheric city over the Sahara Desert, from whence came the pattern for goodly living that was established on the earth thousands of centuries ago when we all knew great perfection, peace, plenty and happiness and most important of all had a conscious intelligent unbroken connection with our own God-self