El Morya on Externalizing the Divine Pattern August 1953
dictated to G. Innocente

Beloved Chelas:

The divine pattern and plan when it is lowered into the etheric plane shows the completed and perfect picture or design which is to be enjoyed by all manifest life.

It then becomes the obligation and responsibility of the individual entrusted with the execution of that plan to devise such ways and means as he or she according to his own God intelligence might find efficacious for such perfect expression.

When unascended beings are chosen as conscious partners and co-workers in tying the energies of their own lifestreams into the execution of such a plan or design, the ultimate results are always problematical because thru the use of free will and the unpredictable nature of the outer selves it cannot be absolutely determined as to how under certain pressures and circumstances the individual chela with his tendencies, self-interests and weaknesses will react.

The master or sponsor is in a similar position to an inventor who is the recipient of a complete design which if externalized will bless the race, but this inventor is left to his own devices as to the joining and merging of certain mechanical agents which he endeavors to incorporate into a replica of his inspiration. And if any group is not productive of the results desired, he rearranges his component parts until he has a workable manifestation of the original idea.

The idea or design which it is Our endeavor now to incorporate into the world of form is the provision of a conscious bridge of intelligent consecutive energies. Over this bridge We may pour instruction, radiation, illumination and the requisite principles of application by which mankind in themselves may produce light, health, illumination and supply individually, and may collectively thru the natural aura and radiation of their own bodies produce the spiritual light required by the cosmic law to sustain the planet in its rightful place in this solar system.

Those who are chelas and conscious workers, those whose motives are to spread the light and render the greatest possible service, not to personalities, but to the unfoldment of the potential fire within the soul, must be one-pointed in this cooperative and individual desire to provide and sustain such a bridge, each according to his particular individual and collective talents.

When such a combination is found We shall endeavor to sustain it as a spiritual body thru which We may reach the race and do so quickly! The measure by which We judge is the ultimate good that is done thru the individual and collective consciousnesses to whom We bring the blessing of Our Presence. That collective consciousness is made up of the individual sons of all magnetized lifestreams who come to sit at the feet of the master, and all extraneous endeavors which do not contribute to promoting this good--which is Our only purpose--are wasted energies and of no benefit to Our cause. Your M