El Morya: The Bridge Builders--I, II (January 1953, August 1953)
dictated to G. Innocente

Beloved Chela,

In response to your many calls and to the sincere love of your heart I take this opportunity to assure you that I shall gratefully accept your invitation to be among your guests.

When any focus is offered to the Great White Brotherhood you can be assured it is utilized to the greatest possible extent at all times, even though the outer consciousness of the chela may not be always aware of the activity in which We are engaged.

The full understanding of the cosmic law regarding consciousness would do so much to illumine the blessed ones and make clear the mercy accorded Us when We were allowed to create a bridge between the outer consciousness of those choosing to avail themselves of its service and Our octave. The natural order is that each man must rise on his own consciousness into association with Us. Sometimes a lifestream offers to perform this service for others and over the narrow span of one silver cord flows the wealth of heaven into the many vessels waiting earnestly to receive it. How long such a dispensation may run is never revealed, for the harvest grown from the seeds thus sown is the measure of the impersonal cosmic law. Thus We endeavor to transmit the most important material in the time afforded Us, just as the wise commander of the army uses his lifeline for the necessities to keep the men alive and well.

Each man so blessed as to receive the friendship and love of the masters must grow from the seeds planted in his own consciousness and whenever possible We increase that planting wherever We see a possible harvest. Yours in service, M

Beloved Chela:

How grateful We are that you have chosen to blend the energies of your own Causal Bodies and lifestreams with the pressures of God light which We are focusing and directing from these humble centers thruout the mental and feeling consciousness of mankind at this time.

Wherever opportunity affords itself the Beholders of mankind's soul-light endeavor to create spiritual centers made up of the energies of available lifestreams, and thru them infiltrate the consciousness of individuals with a little more of the essence of truth, the love of liberty and the heart-desire for God liberation. It is a low and tedious process at best, but because of Our present dispensation We are able to proceed more rapidly owing to the combined energies of those who have come willing to sit at the feet of the master.

The raised attention of each individual carries his own life energies upward into the octave above that in which his outer consciousness generally functions. We on Our side of the veil direct Our consciousness downward and thru the medium of the attention of the minds of the students We literally tie Our own lifestreams into their worlds. Thus is a bridge of intelligent energy created--each prayer, aspiration, decree, song and thought of the students being another span allowing Us in turn to direct a corresponding ray downward.

At the beginning of such a cooperative endeavor the bridge is as gossamer as a spider's web and until the energies are directed by the leader in that upward arc We are forced to hold back the outpouring of Our energies which can be released only in response to and in proportion to the demand of the energies of the students. Therefore We can never be assured of exactly how much of Our light, healing, illumination, peace, comprehension and love will be released in any given meeting because the voluntary energies of the students form the conductors of these gifts from Our hearts. Can you not see how grateful We are for the presence of conscious chelas in any such group who understand the inner action of the law and not only throw the full strength of their own energies upward in constant, alert, controlled energy-waves but also thru direction project heavenward the more reluctant energies of those less trained in the spiritual significance of each class?

The blessed ones who come to hear the Word desire understanding and the gifts that will make the individual life more happy and at peace. The chela must understand that in return for the outpouring of the blessing from the masters the inner bridge is formed from the energies of the group and becomes the conductor over which the powers of the higher spheres flood forth thruout the entire atmosphere of the city, state and nation. If We are so fortunate as to have efficient cooperation, the blessing may be planetary as well as local.

Even as the musical instrument must be tuned and prepared to convey the perfection of tone, so must the chela prepare and tune up his individual aura prior to offering it as a conductor to give the best possible results to the cooperative group at any given time.

Then as the energies of the group are directed upward and as the healing currents are drawn downward, a tremendous surge of purifying energies does flow forth to adjust conditions in the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies of the students; the charge of energy is then released and carried by the angles of healing and mercy into the rest of the world.

I cannot emphasize too much what the drawing, focusing and directing of the energy-waves from a class which has been vivified by an ascended master presence can do for the entire world and its inner atmosphere. I would that I could draw the veil of maya aside and allow you to see its inner action, for I know it would spur you forward with great spiritual enthusiasm in your endeavors. Now you must rely on the sincerity within My words.

Some of the ethereal temples have never been externalized on the physical planes at all, others have been drawn forth thru the cooperative endeavors of incarnate lifestreams and then thru cataclysmic action or the natural dissolution of form in the decadence of civilizations they were wiped out and remain only in their etheric perfection.

One by one these temples were destroyed but the devas of love and light have sustained their etheric counterparts and they are still used as chalices thru which the sacred fire from the higher octaves is focused in the hope that mankind will again tune in to their vibratory action and draw individual rays of their energies into the physical atmosphere of Earth once again. Lovingly and gently yours, M