St. Germain: Cosmic Cycles

Great cosmic events also move in these gigantic cycles or circles, and the great Cycle governing the 14,000 year dispensation of the seven rays must also come to a close in the joining or welding of the First and Seventh Rays. This is why the great Chohan of the First Ray Master Morya and Myself as Chohan of the Seventh Ray with Our respective chelas are presently so closely allied in interest, purpose and endeavors.

This does not mean however that the other five chohans with their chelas are not also vitally interested in the glorious activities coming into being now which are characteristic of this ray, and the yet more magnificent ones that will be made manifest as we proceed into the full action of the new Day. As a matter of fact, one might call the dispensation of the Seventh Ray the Cosmic Harvest because it is really the gathering together or harvesting of the best endeavors of all the rays since the cosmic cycle's inception. it could also be likened to the final act of a great cosmic opera when all the efforts of the musicians and artista are presented in one glorious final symphony with all actors or participants onstage.

Every individual who has taken embodiment within this great cycle has an integral and active part in the activities of the Seventh Ray, and whether they are ascended or unascended will share in its ultimate glory. Under the auspices of this ray therefore an opportunity presents itself whereby every member of the race is invited at this time to put his or her shoulder to this great Cosmic Wheel and thus speed the day of its triumphant final endeavor.

During the coming 2000 year cycle the Earth will go thru a period of unprecedented activity along every channel of physical and spiritual endeavor, and every individual within its compass will be given an opportunity in the light of the new instruction to attain his mastery and thus harvest the fruits of his endeavors thru his many centuries of embodied service under one of the preceding rays. Every individual belonging to the planet regardless of the ray to which he belongs who did not attain his spiritual freedom up to this time will be given an opportunity to reincarnate during this Seventh Ray cycle and will be educated along spiritual lines, and thru his knowledge of the sacred fire will be able to consume the tares sown by the enemy, his lower self, and at the same time offer a bountiful harvest to his Lord.

It will be readily seen therefore that all of the seven chohans are vitally interested in the harvest of each individual under their care, and all great beings and powers of light who are connected in any way with the evolution of the planet are joining their forces under the auspices of the Great White Brotherhood--one grand endeavor to free the Earth and her people from the dark forces that have threatened to engulf her. We only await man's answer now to the call.

The close of this great cosmic ring will usher in a permanent golden age when the gods and angels and men will walk together in peace and harmony and the Earth will take her rightful place among the triumpant stars in God's firmament. Truly the time is not far off before the fulfillment of the prophecy "Eye hat not seen nor ear heard neither hath it enterted into the heart of man the things God hath prepared for them that love Him" will be made manifest before all men.

-The Seventh Ray, 1953.