El Morya: Universal Service of the Masters, Sept. 1952

Beloved chela:

I have stood in more dingy lecture-rooms in large cities, by the side of more sweet-minded men and women hopefully presenting a phase of truth to a handful of pitiful seekers during the last 50 years than I could count in the measure of an hour's time. Ah! yes I have been in many places, many hearts and by many dear shepherds' sides, even on the pulpits of many an orthodox church to the unconscious benefit of a presiding minister or priest who would probably exorcise My Person in horror if he knew of My Presence. I AM well acquainted with exorcism!

Is it not pathetic that the one source from whence all blessings flow must be in the cup of the worshipper's choosing else he dash the cup from the Visitant's Hand and villify the Visitant? That is one reason We wear the gossamer veils of invisibility that separate Us from the physical sight of those We love. The principle of life is that when an individual dedicates himself to becoming a teacher of the law--when his motive is to spread the light and not to make a living--We immediately enfold such an one in Our protection and guidance. We would like such sincere hearts to have an opportunity to unfold in a place of beauty, and someday this shall be. I AM your friend of light forever and My Presence shall never be dissolved by the immature fanaticism of the "faithful". Yours to command -M