El Morya: Benefits from Contemplation of the Master, July 1953

Beloved friends:

"Hearken to the natural spiritual promptings of your heart and follow its loving counsel. You will seldom be led astray when your consciousness is odically cleansed of preconceived opinions and you open yourself to the God-will as a child, knowing that wheresoever it leads is truly the path of righteousness." These words of Our Lord Maha Chohan were given to a chela with the warning that advice of this kind is seldom given except where the chela is developed beyond the capacity of self-delusion and the pride of spiritual achievement, which results usually in following the directions of the feelings clothed in the artful garments of divine promptings which leaves others helpless to advise.

As you train yourself thru personal and individual application to receive Our vibration, you can definitely sense the particular master of the Brotherhood who will from time to time radiate thru your endeavors. A 15 minute meditation upon any one of Us whom you might choose, incorporating Our name, Our picture, Our words into your application will bring a deep feeling distinct and separate from that which is the ordinary height of vibration of your world, and then as you experiment with the different vibrations you will begin to distinguish the subtle but very evident qualities of each such an one. Your obedient servant, M