El Morya: Chelas--Accepted, May 1953

Beloved chela:

A workable knowledge of the spiritual ladder of evolution up which laboriously climbs the fettered soul is good! The word chela which We have infiltrated into the vocabulary of the students is similar to "disciple". For the many hundreds who signify a passing interest in spiritual lore or who have an intellectual appetite which is whetted by anything new and different there are comparatively few whose lives not their lips single them out as possible probationary chelas.

The guardian presences whose service to life is to watch the expanding light within the hearts of men easily discern those whose energies have been devoted to an earnest determined search for truth and freedom, and these are students, aspirants and possible chelas--if some master chooses to accept the responsibility of tying the energy of their imperfect worlds into His shining aura.

If a master accepts an individual as a probationary chela, that one immediately must enter into the discipline promptly provided to press out the latent vice and strengthen the latent virtue. The master ofttimes allows one of His accepted chelas to render this service for Him, as the conservation of Our energies allows Us to have more irons in the fire, cosmically speaking! Just as in your present octave the more trustworthy pupils you can safely entrust with details, the more energies you have to render other service of which they are not yet capable.

The probationary period of chelaship cannot be measured in months or years, for it depends upon the amount of karma the chela has accumulated and upon the amount of discipline he is willing to accept. Some drop out under pressure of this testing period, others endure it slowly thru many embodiments, others choose to condense it and no matter what the pain of mind or feelings complete the task with alacrity.

During this probationary period and even after the individual is an accepted chela the master feels free to use such an one according to the particular talents and developments of the lifestream to further the particular cause in which He is engaged. When the individual passes certain tests and within himself acknowledges the master as his Guru, he becomes an accepted chela, and then goes on thru initiations of a subtle nature into adeptship and finally full mastery.

As I have mentioned, the bond between the accepted chela and the master is closer than between parent and child. They are truly one in consciousness. At this time the master may offer suggestions as to how the chela may not only hasten his own evolution and control of energy but also help the master in His service. This He sometimes does directly when the accepted chela has developed his own powers and consciousness to the point where the master may reach him directly or if the master can secure the offices and assistance of another chela developed along this particular line, He can ask such a chela to convey His message or directions to the one He desires to assist Him in His service.

When the accepted chelas has not developed the powers to contact the master directly, the acceptance of the responsibility of conveying the master's Word to such an one lies wholly within the freewill consciousness of another chela with the developed consciousness and capacity to act in such a manner.

The magnetism of the chela who has developed to the point where the masters can and do reach him and thru him mankind is very delicate, sensitive and impressionable, otherwise the high vibrations of Our octave could not register thru the sight or the hearing or any of the doors of the senses. In the East where the natural vibrations of the world are spiritual it is not difficult to find such individuals, but in the West such natures are exceedingly rare.

The chela who offers his own energies to the masters in order to forward a world cause voluntarily sacrifices those energies not only to the master but to those whom the master chooses to forward His plan, and at any time without loss of merit such a chela is at liberty to withdraw from such a voluntary service. Such an one is the lifeline between the master and valuable accepted lifestreams who have a great cause to serve but have forfeited spiritual perceptions thru the centuries of life experience.

It would be an impossibility for Me to sit down and utilize the amount of spiritual energy that would be entailed in either precipitating every letter and word of a document to a chela--except on rare occasions--and without this wonderful dispensation I have received all these eager souls could not be reached if I had to use such means, or more difficult still, learn to wield that typerecording machine! Always yours -M