El Morya: Chelas--Probationary, Feb. 1953

Beloved chela:

Do you know what the word chela means from the inner standpoint? Hopeful aspirant! One becomes a chela when the life-flame within the heart can no longer be denied the opportunity to try to manifest the God plan thru the personality it wears. An accepted chela is one who has applied for more than ordinary assistance and instruction and who upon the spiritual scrutiny of the Guru is found capable of pursuing the more than ordinary disciplines required of the lifestream who chooses to loose the god-power thru the self and thus become master of energy and vibration in any sphere in which he chooses voluntarily to function.

The immortal flame of life within the heart of every individual is of course the master power over all substance, vibration and form but it does not act thru the individual until invited to do so. This is evident because although all men are animated by the same Presence very few utilize the powers of the Presence to energize and manifest God-perfection.

The heartflame of the aspirant signifies his desire to become a chela. He is among the group gathered by the Silent Watcher of His particular section of the earthplane, awaiting the inspection of the Brotherhood. From among this number about one-tenth are chosen as probationary chelas. The others are put in the keeping of guardian angels and special beings who will nourish and develop the spiritual desire in the heart to a point where it is not the emotion of a moment or the pressure resulting from a crisis in earthlife which when passed will no longer motivate the soul to continue the spiritual search. Of all the applicants for chelaship all the hearts that cry "Why?" when faced with the appearances of life, few really mean to pursue the search. however, even this momentary heart-cry places them among potential chelas of the future.

The tenth who are accepted as probationary chelas but are not accepted chelas then enter a probationary period extending from weeks to several incarnations before they are accepted by a particular Brother and enter into the association of Guru and pupil, which is a mystic parent-child relationship more dear than any earthly bond can be!

From then on every activity of the chela reflects upon the guru, and every heart desire of the guru becomes the heart desire of the chela that he might employ the talents and capacities of his lifestream to its fulfillment. Every accepted chela until he passes thru the glorious gates of eternal freedom is constantly passing thru varied experiences by which the Guru hopes to develop and mature the vehicles the lifestream uses until the chela becomes the master control of energy not only on the earthplane but in the more subtle inner planes as well.

The Guru looks over the inner bodies of the chela as carefully as the mother examines the clothing of her children to repair rents and to reinforce certain portions of those garments to give the most protection, comfort and beauty to the child. The particular service the individual is rendering also determines the part of the sevenfold instrument which will be subject to the hardest wear and the most severe strain by reason of exposure to discordant circumstances. It is often the very portion of the lifestream that will be needed most which is least developed, and the constant attention of the Guru and the constant focusing of energy upon this vehicles is for the sole purpose of developing and maturing it although it seems trying to the dear disciple. Better that the Guru weave the mystic armor over the Achilles heel than in the time of cosmic import it be left vulnerable to the thrust of evil!

Now, there is as wide a difference between honesty and indiscretion as there is between purity and licentiousness. It is commendable to withhold spiritual information when requested to do so, but in the wealth of material that awaits release to you and thru you in the many spiritual experiences which can be yours it is required that you not We develop the spiritual discernment which bids you speak and bids you withhold a portion of this spiritual heritage from profane eyes. This is your discipline.

There are experiences which may be spoonfed to a chosen few, and there are many beautiful and delightful experiences that can be shouted from the housetops. It is for you, My children, to make the necessary application which will be the permanent guard against indiscretions born of enthusiasm, love and zeal. It is a God-truth that you are always within the ray of the masters upon the platform and always within the compass of Our protection and guidance, but your inner bodies are the cups thru which We pour the essence of power and light, and if there is a weakness in any of these bodies some of that essence may escape and thus can not render its fullest service as it would when God-protected and God-released. It is the same discipline by which the small cherubic and angelic beings are entrused with God-light which pours out of their sweet bodies without direction or control and which as they mature is powerfully projected toward a given objective to render cosmic service.

The wealth of information in your hands is yours to use as your heart indicates. The confidences of the masters is also yours to use but upon your use of it will be determined how much of the inner mysteries We may be allowed by cosmic law to impart in the future and how many of the beautiful experiences, precipitations and manifestations may be allowed to your outer consciousness. It would not be wise for Us in ethusiasm and love to give into your keeping certain glorious experiences which you in honest zeal would give unto the indiscriminate masses thus causing you to suffer the returning karma which would be detrimental to your evolving spirit.

Remember the admonition of your master, "Be wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove," also the admonition of Gabriel to Mary, "Ponder these things in your heart." Your M