El Morya The First Ray February 1953 Geraldine Innocente

El Morya on The First Ray February 1953
dictated to G.I.

"Beloved Chela:

The First Ray has a unique position in the great evolutionary plan of creation because it is the initial impulse by which the ideas born of the heart and mind of God are given life.

The human or outer consciousness does not like change even for the better because it entails the stirring of the individual energies. Thus those who are the heralds of new movements, new ideas, startling deviations from age-old policies, concepts and methods are not popular with the masses and are even strongly resisted by the so-called bold pioneers of the race!

Thus, the members of the First Ray are fashioned in the purest fire from God's own heart, and the crucible in which they are tempered is fed by the heart-flames of the greatest beings who stand around the Sun itself, so that in the hands of the Master when they are driven like the spear into the resisting sea of matter they may remain strong, true and one-pointed and not be shattered into useless bits before the resistance of the recalcitrant substance which must be redeemed.

The spearhead must be sharp, one-pointed and strong, directed always at the goal toward which the Master drives it. It must be selfless lest it determine to use its strength for its own will and the thrust miss its cosmic mark. It must be pared for the resistance of the object which it must pierce to achieve its mark and yet be unconcerned in that resistance.

The shaft of that spear consists of the entire momentum of the lifestream, for the chela is only as valuable as his entire heritage of energy which behind the spearhead drives it to its goal. After the fashioning of the spearhead the Master spends much time upon the preparation of the shaft, going over each electron in its long surface, purifying, strengthening, preparing it for his service.

Thiss is the process in which I presently engage! I thank you for your cooperation and loving desire to assist Me. I appreciate both your love and your trust! I shall prove Myself worthy of both, if you will bear with Me until I AM able to fashion out of the substance of this shifting maya a clearly defined outline of God's will. It is one thing to duplicate the thoughtform of the Father out of the obedient substance of the inner levels and breathe into it the life of your own being, knowing it will remain as designed, but quite another to create daily a thoughtform for a new activity, breathe into it your life and then leave it to the questionable guardianship of chelas who proceed to tear it to pieces in the course of a single day. Here I AM learning the noble art of patience with a capital p!

Yet there must come the day when the children of earth welcome the divine plan, reverence it and combine its individual energies to sustain it in its pure perfection as it comes forth from the heart of the Father of Life! Blessings and love! -M"