Saint Germain The Sacred Fire 1953 Geraldine Innocente

St. Germain on the Sacred Fire 1953
dictated to Geraldine Innocente

"The actual specific powers of the sacred fire are endowed by some intelligent God being. This means that some spiritual intelligence drew the fire of creation from the heart of God and qualified it to act in a certain specific manner. Dedication to such qualification thru the centuries has created momentums of the powers of the sacred fire to heal, to purify or transmute as the case may be. The intelligences who have endowed the sacred fire with specific God qualities, as well as the full gathered momentum of these qualities held in the consciousness of these beings are always at the command of the sacred fire which is the heartbeat of each individual when invoked by the directive intelligence of the lifestream, because it is all the same element acting.

Therefore, when a group of individuals gather together and in the name, power and authority of their own immortal flame of life command any activity of the sacred fire to come into their presence, it must obey. This is the power of invocation invested in the individual by the very nature of his own immortal fiery heart center.

As the nature of the Seventh Ray is to purify the substance and energy of life, and as the Chohan who is the authority for this ray has endowed it with the merciful transmuting power of love divine, you will see the use of the sacred consuming fiery flame of freedom's love is the privilege and opportunity of all life to benefit by its presence and activity in and thru the group work.

The magnetic power of the fire element within the heart cannot be denied by any intelligence or power of the sacred fire in any realm, human or divine. This is irrefutable law. We move forward then on the premise of certainty of accomplishment. The way and means by which this sacred fire may be drawn, focused, molded and directed will differ according to the individual development of the student as well as the natural ray to which the student belongs and the requirement of the current hour in local, national or world happenings.

In order to fully develop the invocative powers within himself, the individual must first recognize that within his own heart is a focalized ray of the presence and power of the Godhead, containing within itself the pattern of his own future greatness, even as the seed contains within itself the pattern of the future flower.

This focus within the heart is referred to as the immortal Threefold Flame of Life. In the unawakened man it is but a spark of divinity, but when the individual self-consciously places his feet upon the path, this small spark takes the form of the God Presence or Christ in miniature and begins to grow and expand in size--finally emerging from the airless cell in which it has abided and takes its rightful command of the physical as the Master Presence and power of Christ. This is the Second Birth referred so often in the spiritual teachings of the past.

The recognition and acceptance of this God Presence within the heart and the conviction within the feelings that thru that Presence and in the authority of its power he may invoke and draw from anywhere in the universe whatever power and powers may be required to render assistance in the environment in which he is presently functioning makes the individual a conscious priest or priestess of the sacred fire who is capable with increasing efficacy of invoking and directing its flaming presence for the upliftment of his fellowman and the greater freedom of life everywhere."