El Morya Spiritual Poles and Momentums 1952/1953 G.I.

El Morya: Momentums of Good and Evil Dec 1952
Changing the Spiritual Poles of the Earth July 1953
dictated to Geraldine Innocente

Beloved Chela:

May the Holy Spirit that has overshadowed your soul, impressing the subtle centers from when the God flame shall arise in full mastery, bless you this day. The pressure of human creation upon the various destructive momentums which the lifestream has gathered thru the centuries causes those invisible tendencies to flare from time to time. They recede again, lying dormant and ofttimes deceiving the outer self into a false security, only to be called to life when the great riptides carry a stimulus thru the atmosphere and those tides find outlet in sympathetic vibrations, pulsating weakly thru the inner bodies of the aspirants as well as the masses!

The pulsating momentums of good also lie within the folds of the etheric garment, the mental and emotional bodies, as well as in the actual atomic consciousness of the flesh. At certain cycles when the great cosmic outpouring of the beings of light reach into the atmosphere of Earth, those inner currents stir, reach up, respond and wax strong. And the soul rises on the strength of its own gathered momentums closer to the feet of its Lord!

As the great spirit of the Maha Chohan intensified Our endeavors those who have felt his Presence thru the centuries and have a momentum of remembrance of that spiritual radiation are awakening to that memory. The inner centers which are receptive to that divine feeling begin to vibrate thru the individual and again duplicate that feeling, magnifying the power of the Lord!

With what extreme patience and loving solicitude has each one of you been chosen who might be for Us an open door thru which the life-energies, gifts, talents and offerings of mankind may be woven into a universal ceremonial activity and adoration unto God. Thru the developed weaving of those energies into a pattern, a ladder of living light, a bridge of immortal flame over which bridge the ten billion lifestreams belonging to this evolution may return Home!

In the ceremonial worship which is to be developed over the next ten thousand years music will play a glorious part. The chants of thousands of trained voices rising from places of worship will emphasize the ritual as performed by the priests and priestesses of the flame! The melodies that soothe the feeling, that quiet the confusions in the mind, that repolarize the atomic consciousness to the point of receptivity of God's perfect health and beauty thru these forms--all these await the development of the musical composition of the new day. Blessings and love, M


Good Chela:

As the year 1952 draws to its close My heart is filled with a sense of deep gratitude and thanksgiving that the sons and daughters of Earth have accepted Our friendship, love, association and counsel, for without it We should show but a poor report to the Lords of Karma for Our endeavors thru the twelve months that have passed.

I have been in Darjeeling almost constantly since leaving shamballa, for My office encompasses the responsibility for the progress of the ordinary evolutions of Asia, her governments and her peoples. With the focusing of the power from the Sun thru Titicaca the population of Asia will gradually decrease and the birthrate in the western hemisphere will increase, because more and more souls who are about to incarnate and who are seeking light will be drawn into the spiritual atmosphere that is being builded and externalized thru the cosmic ray at Titicaca. This means that the impetus to embody in India and the Far East will cease to be the motivation of the searching souls who seek embodiment and will greatly relieve the task of those of Us who are endeavoring to bring Heaven's perfection to Earth in these nations. However the spiritual, governmental and educational leaders of the East are still My concern, and before We go the the Teton for the grand accounting (at the new year) I like to have Our continental books in order and a fair comprehension of Our potential contribution to the cause of world progress and evolution.

The hope that fills the hearts of the Brotherhood as We prepare to enter the year 1953 will be a stimulus to all spiritually seeking hearts everywhere, for it is radiated out from Us like the light of the physical sun and becomes the atmosphere around Us wherever We for a moment abide. Our hope lies in the eagerness with which mankind are accepting Our reality and the deep heartfelt desire to cooperate with the forward movement of the race. Once the human veil can be sufficiently parted that the students may bring back the memory of their participation in these councils, NOTHING will hold them back from their freedom in the light. M