St Germain Brotherhood of Man, Healing & Visualization, Rhythm and Color 1953 G.I.

dictated to Geraldine Innocente in 1953
Saint Germain: Brotherhood of Man

There are not many lifestreams who can comprehend the task of stirring a desire for brotherhood in the hearts of the people, not to mention the far more difficult endeavor involved in the sacrifice of the outer self to the cause. Down thru the centuries since mankind fell from his natural estate of spiritual perfection one could almost count on the fingers of one hand the incarnate lifestreams who worked with intensity to turn the attention of mankind to its divine plan. then almost invariably these dedicated spirits graduated from the wheel of birth and death thru their own self-conscious endeavors, leaving the scene of earth's struggles to the remaining few who had seen their vision and endeavored to follow it.

All spiritual endeavors on the part of the shepherds of the race are only as efficacious as the feeling of love within them. The sole purpose for rules and regulations in any endeavor is to assist the groping lifestreams up the ladder of evolution, but so often it is found that the letter killeth where the spirit should give life.

The masters of wisdom always endeavor to inculcate the desire within the students of life to comply with certain laws, for then the progress is joyous and fruitful, and this is the true way to lead the sheep out of the cavernous shadows of human appearance into the light of God's awakening.

It is commendable to hold aloft a lighted taper that its comforting beams may illumine the dark and tortuous pathway that leads from the world of shadows into the light, but when the oil of the spirit is poured into a new lamp, wise are they who fill their individual lamps at its source lest the wick run dry in times of greatest need. Then with what shall We light the way for the lesser sons of men? Many an individual stands with an empty lamp in the hour when its light is needed most; he has not then the sustenance to guide those who look to him for the way.

It is truly worthy of a spirit guardian to choose to remain with his people, but even We of the ascended host who live in harmony's heart visit the Sun of our system to be replenished that We may better serve.

St. Germain: Healing Through Visualization

We come now to an opportunity for every chela of the masters to assist in the work of the new day, the fullness of which has not yet dawned upon their outer consciousness. We however are deeply aware of the future service each student may render in the cause of freedom to the earth, and thru the upraised consciousness of the aspiring one We shall endeavor to assist in everyway possible thru counsel, radiation and application on his behalf.

The following little episode taken from my memory book may be of help to someone struggling with bodily handicaps, for it must be remembered that We the Liberated Brothers also walked the earth in the more or less distant past and wrestled with the limitations of man's consciousness and personal karma even as mankind is doing today.

Once in a long ago embodiment my travels took me thru parts of Russia and Siberia where sanitation and hygiene were unknown commodities. One of my feet had become frostbitten and I had only a knotted rag to keep my flesh from the sharp frozen ground. One night as I lay groaning in a peasant's hut in close proximity to some pigs an odoriferous goat or two and some chattering people of little spiritual or intellectual comfort, the smoke from the flueless fireplace filling the room adding to the general chaos and discomfort, my foot and leg assumed larger and more important proportions in my consciousness with each throb of blood thru my veins.

I had been receiving certain instructions from a master whom I had visited in the flesh and who was able when necessity required to project his thought and directions toward me. Suddenly thru my unhappy thought there passed a ray which was like a commanding hand, silencing my human thinking. I realized He was trying to reach me and composed myself as best I could emotionally. Then the familiar relaxation in my feelings told me He was near. he did not speak but literally projected into my mind a picture of the most beautiful pair of feet I had ever seen either with the inner or outer vision. Underneath the feet there seemed to be what looked like twin suns one under each arch that poured up in rays thru them, the whole picture reminding me of the action of God moving across the face of the earth--in His Name.

I became so interested in this vision that the room, the external environment, everything, faded away. Afterwards I realized that He was impressing the perfection of those feet into my mind, my feelings and thru my visual sense into the substance of my physical body as well. Finally after what seemed hours of contemplation on just two feet, He spoke: "These are the feet which God endowed you with in the beginning--use them." With that his ray withdrew and the vision vanished, but I was able to recall it at twill and I began to superimpose those God-feet over the poor manifestations which I had humanly created until finally my physical feet began to express the perfection of that inner vision. In that embodiment I succeeded to a great extent in perfecting my feet until they represented what looked to me like a fair replica of those heavenly feet that I saw in my vision on that cold night in the peasant's hut. In later embodiments I was set to completing the task and, would you believe it, at the time of my ascension when my Presence was revealed to me in its fullness, the first thing I became aware of was the feet, and then the rest of the glorious Self!

According to cosmic law this is backward, but it shows the tremendous impression that visualization makes on the consciousness and in its turn that consciousness makes on the flesh.

It is more difficult for an individual to conjure up a vision of the perfection of the Presence than it is to have the master direct that perfect vision into the outer consciousness, but if you will call on Me or any other master We will help you to hold a perfect picture of the Presence in your mind, and no matter what part of the body needs assistance, if you will see with your mind's eye that particular portion of your physical body transmuted into the perfect body of the Christ Self, you will have the same results that I had with my frostbitten feet. The whole secret of healing lies in the visualization, substituting the perfection of your own Christ Self for the poor human manifestation. Try this both for yourself and others and let us rejoice together at the perfect result.

St. Germain: Rhythm and Color

The universe is builded in rhythm, precision and harmonious expansion and contraction. In decreeing, in singing, in breathing, in walking, perfect rhythm is the balanced activity of life, and when it is incorporated into the ritual of the Seventh Ray there will be no sense of exhaustion or depletion. When the energies of the lifestream are off-center endeavor becomes effort.

The different vibratory action of the various colors is a subject in itself. Suffice it to say that the colored spheres that surround the Presence and form the spiritual aura or causal body are representative of the natural color vibrations of the seven spheres.

Each lifestream on the planet has proceeded from one particular ray and his archetype or Presence dwells in the particular sphere to which he belongs. It must be understood however that this individualized Presence is not confined to any sphere but may visit any one of them at will.

The unascended lifestream will respond most favorably to the color which is representative of his particular ray. If he is in doubt as to the ray or sphere to which he belongs he may thru contemplation of his habits and tendencies and thru meditation on his own Presence arrive at the correct position his lifestream holds by right in God's kingdom. He will also find that he is almost irresistably drawn to a certain color which may be taken as an added confirmation of his ray and sphere.

As the outpouring from the Godhead emphasizes the color and ray of each successive sphere in the course of the seven days of the week, when the individual knows the ray to which he belongs he will usually find his vital forces more stimulated on the day when the color and radiation of his ray and sphere are honored by the cosmic light.

The vestments which are to be incorporated into the rituals of the future will be designed to emphasize these particular daily outpourings as well as any specific power or activity of the sacred fire which is being utilized for the benefit of the race thru a particular service in the temples and groups