El Morya Divine Plan, Divine Pattern, Guru & Chela 1953 G.I.

dictated to Geraldine Innocente 1953
El Morya: Divine Plan, 1, Jan 1953

Beloved Chela:

I thank you for your deep interest in Our endeavors and for permitting Me this opportunity to again incorporate the voluntary energies of unascended beings into an activity which may represent the will and design of the blessed Lord of the World!

The cosmic law allows only so much of the God plan to manifest in any evolution as can be drawn thru the consciousness of some members of that evolving body. To gain the attention, interest, comprehension and loyalty of unascended beings is the first step. Here We are required to secure the acquiescence of the Karmic Board before We can employ any extraordinary means to connect Our consciousness with the chelas. The more spectacular and concrete a manifestation is required to even catch the passing interest of mankind the less is the Board likely to grant the request of the master because the tremendous expenditures of energy involved in such an endeavor rarely are balanced by the good accomplished.

When a chela can be found who will respond wholeheartedly without requiring that We literally do handsprings upon the theater of his choosing there is a possibility of securing a single opportunity to reach thru the veil in a tentative offer of friendship and cooperative service.

Those who participate in this new endeavor will make of it what they will because it is only as strong and as efficacious as the energies of each individual represented will allow it to be. If the knights of Arthur's court had been as interested in sustaining the court as in pursing their individual quests, it would still be the governing body of a world empire today. Every organization must have a heart-center from when the love, courage, understanding, faith and light of God may proceed to all the individual units. In these meetings We pour the vital forces which are the lifeblood of the entire endeavor thru those privileged to attend. This is the inner service performed.

Self-government belongs to the strong in spirit! I believe that such spiritual government can endure! Let us see! Blessings and love, M

Divine Plan, 2 , April 1953

Beloved Ones:

It is a sad fact proven thru centuries of unhappy records written with the lifeblood of earnest men and women that so often the sweet essence of the spirit is lost in the process of organization, and many a movement born in love dies, lost in the very instrument which was created to serve it.

This new endeavor is designed in My vision like the sun itself and each student is to be a channel thru which the qualities and nature of the Sun shall pour out to the people. The selection of the lifestreams has been carefully made so that the potential service that each might render can be developed and intensified at each successive meeting. The radiation of the masters is the power that develops these God natures, and all the combined light and love of the students becomes a cup from which every timid soul and thirsty heart may drink for sustenance, hope and enlightenment.

Around the physical sun are twelve great realms which have been represented to mankind as the signs of the zodiac. They are the natural God qualities of the perfecting Being, and each one of the intelligences who has taken the responsibility for holding that particular focus of God nature has predominantly built into his own lifestream that quality. This made Him in the first place suitable for this service.

As the Earth and the planets swing around the Sun they are bathed for each thirty day period in the particular radiation which represents the quality of the month. And gradually thru that specific radiation and proximity to that facet of God nature, they grow in that quality themselves. Your M

Guru and Chela, April 1953

Beloved Chela:

These are busy days for those of Us dedicated to the rapid evolution of a reluctant race! All the energies which We are qualified to draw from the Central Sun are assuredly utilized in the development of understanding thru the consciousness first of the chelas and then, We hope, of all mankind!

The relationship between Guru and an accepted chela is a very close one because the Guru accepts the consciousness of the chela into his own sphere of influence so that He may be aware of the activities, thoughts and feelings of the chela at will. In other words the chela lives in the house of his Lord, dining at his table and partaking of the hospitality of his household!

Is it then strange that the plans and thoughts of the chela are known to the Guru who is not averse to accepting those plans and ideas to further a cause? Ofttimes the chela picks up the partially formulated plans of the Guru thru such association as well. The give and take in the inner realms is so beautiful and free from the separateness that is bound to exist in the world of form.

It is an impossibility--when working on the shifting substance of maya where the freewill of the individual may and constantly does change the patterns and designs by which We endeavor to forward the cause of world progress--to avoid the necessity of readjusting circumstances to the best interest of all concerned. I would like always to feel free to utilize the products of your consciousness as I hope you feel free to accept, interpret and utilize the humble products of mine! Your M

Lowering the Divine Pattern, June 1953

Beloved Chelas:

May I thank you on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood for your sincere interest and your kind endeavors to understand the purpose of Our cause and for your individual and collective energies invested in the weaving of its pattern into the substance of the physical world, each of you looking upon the blueprint thru the avenue of your own consciousness and the development of your perceptions and capacity to understand brotherhood as We do!

To establish the divine perfection of God's own ideas in the swiftly running currents of the lower atmosphere of Earth is like endeavoring to work a fine petitpoint pattern underwater--even while you are catching the design, the needle and thread are swept away in the current.

The consciousness of the chelas forms the measure of Our success in these endeavors. When the chela chooses to develop that unmoved consciousness and build out of the substance of the sacred fire the protection which will withstand the subtle and ever-flowing tides of human creation, then it is much easier to lower the pattern into the conscious mind. When the plan is given to the chelas it becomes their responsibility to hold it free and clear from the intrusion of their own disintegrating force as well as that from the outside world. This is the gift of the immaculate conception, but few there be who can hold it immaculate until the electronic substance of the physical world can be coalesced about the etheric pattern and a practicable workable form be made manifest!

To this end great beings offer to ensoul a project, and these devas thru the essence of their own light bodies keep the thoughtform from complete dissolution owing to the inharmonies of the many selves. In time the many become still enough to look upon the Form without seeing their own image superimposed upon it so that its true purpose and design is blurred and out of proportion. If this is done, the cause, design and religious instrument lowered by the masters is finally caught by the conscious minds of the students fired with the enthusiasm of their selfless feeling of furthering God's plan who would bring it to fulfillment!

It is far easier for one chela to receive a divine concept and bring it to fruition than it is for many. But in the case of ideas which will require the conscious cooperative endeavor of hundreds of lifestreams, the discomfort to each one of including several minds and thoughts and feelings in the work must ensue if the body to be born is to be efficacious to the cause.

We now come to a place of rest in action. For the past months We have come to explain the potential service of such an endeavor and each of you has grasped that idea according to your development and nature. For each the original immaculate conception has taken on certain form, color, purpose and design.

Now We would like you to enter into the heart of your own Presence and endeavor to find within your consciousness the full perfection of that design, and Our future service along this line will be determined by your clarity of perception.

Into the secret place of the Most High I point you! Therein is perfect peace! Within the heart is the freedom you desire, the wisdom that shall guide you without fail, and the strength to accomplish that which is the directive of the Most High thru your own heartbeat!

Yours in loving gratitude for accepting My thoughtform and for giving so generously of your time and energy to sustaining it thru the year which has been. It is not without merit. Your obedient servant, M