AA Jophiel March 21, 1954 Geraldine Innocente

Jophiel: (dictated to Geraldine Innocente, 3-21-1954)

Sons and daughters of the Most High Living God, I come this morning from the heart of that mighty Sun behind the sun of which you sang so beautifully this morning. Thru centuries of My being I bring to you the personal gratitude and message of the Sun divinity who bows before your light in gratitude for the worded expression of love. Magnificent indeed before the Solar Lords of Our Kingdom the galaxies that rise like glorious crowns one upon the other into eternal light to hear rising from a shadow planet a paean of praise to that great Father of all the suns belonging to this system!

Magnificent indeed, beloved fire spirits that wear so gracefully and lightly the garments of flesh, is the raising of your voices, the blending of your heartflames, the sweet pink essence rising from your feeling worlds! Do you realize that on its upward course toward its goal a hymn of praise to the Central Sun must pass thru every superior system, and gathering there the energies of the beings in that system sensitive to praise and adoration, it goes forth with added impetus until it reaches the Throne of the eternal Father. It is amplified by all the suns and planets that are above that system to which you have dedicated your life! One spark may start a forest fire, one drop of water may start a spring floodtide as it melts at the top of the great glaciers! Magnificent are those who set the primal impulses into motion, and the rhythm thus begun--expanding and expanding in wave after wave--knows no periphery to blessings and love, for there is no periphery to the universal!

You beloved ones more than once not only in this short but fruitful embodiment but thru the ages have joined the sparks within your hearts together and from those sparks created a flame which has pierced thru the shroud of Earth into interstellar space! In this life alone your names are written in the books of eternal Life for service!

From the Sun behind the sun, from the Parents of our system, and from Parents of every galaxy I bring to you light! light! light! into your souls, into your spirits, into your consciousnesses. You shall know what illumination's flame can mean when you have used the limited consciousness so well in service! Do you know what it is for Godfree beings looking thru the veil of your limitations to see you using in that limitation every cell and atom of your beings in service? Well We know that if in limitation you serve, what shall be your service in your full freedom. How many men and women say "When I have attained I shall serve my Lord"? The measure of a man or woman is in what he does in the eternal now! There is not a living breathing soul within this room who is not weaving out of the eternal now immortality for a planet, immortality for the souls upon it, God-freedom for every elemental imprisoned in destructive thought and feeling forms, resurrection for Virgo and for Aries (Hierarchs of earth and air elements), and initiations into superior systems for Helios and Vesta Themselves.

Can you aspire to greater service? No! Your living breathing lives have proved you and that is why I AM here! It is why others of Us have chosen to proceed to the Throne of the Eternal, asking for permission and opportunity to use Our energies, investing them in your lives!

Now I shall ask you to be comfortable, to be seated, to be receptive and to be happy! Smilingly I overheard the comments preceding My coming and it was thought that I would be gentle and mild. I shall endeavor so to be for the remainder of our service to please all concerned, but it is difficult to compass round the energies of the archangels in what the human consciousness considers love!

Today is an anniversary, beloved hearts! It was on this day that Lord Michael and the entire evolution began their progress on the planet Earth! The great Sun of our system, beloved Helios and Vesta, chose the opening of the spring equinox for the incarnation of the first group of lifestreams in order that the Earth might offer its greatest beauty, its greatest perfection, its greatest harmony and its greatest fertility to the souls who so bravely chose to experience upon this planet the lessons to become masters of energy.

900 years passed before the first soul took embodiment, 900 years before the Heavens opened! The path of living flame formed--directed from the Sun to the Earth--and Lord Michael, the Manu, many of you the guardian spirits, and the mankind of Earth began that majestic descent. Beloved Amaryllis Goddess of Spring came Earthward! Thru the rhythm of Her Own heartbeat drawing on the sweeping cosmic interstellar tide She created a springtime thru the power of the resurrection flame, the power of the great nature currents. 900 springs came and went before the mankind of Earth were invited!

I remember well that day! Some of you too remember within your immortal hearts! I remember the Presence of that great Goddess Amaryllis, beloved Virgo, beloved Neptune, beloved Aries as They stood to welcome the descending glory of that mighty procession, beloved Helios and Vesta standing at the upper end of the ray, the beloved beings representative of the elementals and the directors of those great kingdoms standing with the spirit of spring, the first sight to be looked upon by both the guardian powers and the incoming souls.

So it is not idly that you honor spring today. It is not idly that that beautiful spring melody, the requisite words to spring and the beautiful talent of your lovely sister are combined to send up their song of the Goddess of Spring. It is not idly that Lord Michael and Myself chose this day to use this mighty forcefield you have created by your own life-energy to resurrect again a remembrance and a consciousness of the purpose of incarnation--the purpose for which this beautiful shining radiant planet was given to mankind--to bring again to its same God-estate the kingdoms of nature, of mankind--the despoiled body of earth, water and air--and to give the angelic kingdom its rightful place as co-workers with mankind.

You know, all of the great things have been done all thru the ages and on all the planets by the few! We cannot countenance the consciousness that measures success in numbers, for it is never the masses but the few that form the hope for the fulfillment of a vision or design of merit. Only two beings in the heart of the Sun create a planetary system! Seven Elohim create the planets! There are only seven Archangels thru whose consciousness, bodies and worlds flow all the energy for the seven mighty rays to nourish the spiritual natures of the man, elemental and angelic kingdoms. Seven Chohans govern, control, guide, counsel and evolve ten billion lifestreams upon the planet Earth.

Do you see then that you the students chosen as the heart of the endeavor, as the hope of the world, as the magnetic forcefield to draw Myself and Others into the atmosphere of Earth that We may share Our consciousness with you and then you as you choose form the pulsebeat to send it forth to the people--you are in numbers far more than We the Archangels, Chohans of the rays, Elohim of creation or Beings from the Sun!

You are the heart of a magnificent expression, one which you do not fully realize, one which the human mind cannot conceive in its fullness! There must be recreated, established and sustained a rhythm thru which the ascended host of light may pour the nourishment, energies, actual worded instruction and plans into this psychic and astral (emotional) realm where the ten billion souls belonging to this evolution must abide from time to time. It is the way by which they may be fed, their souls awakened, their spirits stirred, their lifestreams purified and their consciousnesses encouraged to a point where they can emit light!

The energies you have given over these past 18 or 20 years represent your life--that means every electron that has passed thru your precious sincere bodies as you walked the streets toward your sanctuary, as you cleaned it, as you decorated it, as you sustained it in the business world thru the investment of your monies--thru these energies, beloved hearts, you have made for Us a magnetic center into which We come with assurance! We come with a feeling of welcome! We come with a realization that Our words will not be locked away in those ever increasing tomes of knowledge but will be vitalized, energized and directed thru your magnificent application, classwork and thru your other contributory energies in literature until it covers this Earth!

Beloved ones, in the name of the heavenly host I represent I give you gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! for this service! We are giving Light but We cannot give it lightly. We give this light to set the planet free! We give this light to finish once and for all the sorrow, degradation, disease, shadows that yet engulf and desire to really smother the spiritual natures of the entire race!

You know, it has been said "One with God is a majority" and that is an eternal truth. One man's vision brought the Santa Maria across the Atlantic! One man's vision established a free America! One man's light transfigured a body and ascended it in the presence of 500 people! One intelligence God-directed has more than once saved this planet from dissolution! In hundreds of years there was sometimes only one lifestream incarnate who held the connection between the human and the divine! Just preceding the coming of Sanat Kumara four lifestreams were all that remained whom the Karmic Law saw reason to believe could be sustained! Four individuals out of ten billion and yet it was enough!

When one man, one woman desires the sustenance of a planet, while two strong feet are planted upon this earth with a heart anchored into God's heart, the planet must survive because one in the authority of the I AM is the Presence of Almighty God at whatever point or place this focused flame abides!

Victims of circumstance?--nonsense! You are masters thru the flame of eternal Light, joined together in a conscious living-bond as you have been thru the years! Magnificent the energies you have drawn, the conditions you have dispelled, the protection you have given to St. Germain's endeavor from the beginning which enabled Our previous representative to sustain it to this present day! Little does the outer self know that the heart-calls of others, sincere, sometimes sustains the endeavor which ego claims for self!

Beloved ones, I come to stimulate within you a realization that the Earth's bended axis is yet held within the arms of love and that that great blazing light thru which you sustain the rhythmic outpourings in classwork is one of the main reasons why She has been sustained to this present hour!

My endeavor, My service to life is in the teaching of the consciousness enabling it to discover within itself that which is the power of light. At the beginning of individualization upon the planet Earth the archangels were asked to represent the seven rays. So for the planet Earth I was the first World Teacher, having been succeeded in My time by these great and mighty friends beloved Gautama Buddha, beloved Lord Maitreya, Our beloved Jesus and Others.

In your groups among those who have arisen on the vital energies of your life into the ascension there are over eleven who have joined the Brothers of the Golden Robe. All of them have joined Me here this morning so you are well represented among those legions whose energies are devoted to teaching the human consciousness the power that is within light.

In the great second realm and sphere (of eternal being) all the beings representing the three evolutions (nature, man and angel--thus a threefold flame) are given the education required for them to become masters of energy and in turn capable of carrying the instruction to those who desire it and wish to evolve upon the ladder of evolution to its ultimate perfection.

In the first realm which is the realm of ideation there are generated all the beautiful ideas from the heart of God which are infinite and which never have been grasped in their fullness because there are not enough intelligences who can possibly accept all the ideas from the universal First Cause and externalize them. The generating center of the mind and heart of God and the divine thoughts and ideas that are proceeding constantly from His great consciousness are such that even if every being on Earth and all of those in the angelic and elemental kingdoms grasped an idea every second and externalized it perfectly you would not even then have touched the treasurehouse of the unclaimed! So you have marvelous opportunity to magnetize divine ideas, and within each such idea is the way and means of fulfilling it. It is the cosmic seed of the Father thrown out into universal space and your consciousness is the magnet, the individual field into which that idea may be sown by your freewill, be nourished, developed and externalized.

The mankind of Earth for the most part thru the use of the magnetic power of their consciousness draw into themselves the ideas from the lower atmosphere, from the astral and psychic realm as well as the suggestions of other human beings--suggestions thru the written word, radio, moving picture, and the more degraded suggestions from the psychic and astral realms. Then thru thought and feeling they nourish, energize and externalize them in form. So it is encouraging to know that mankind has not lost the power and capactiy to externalize the ideas of the Earth, and in that capacity when they are trained and instructed they can externalize the ideas of the Father!

I do not wish to become too technical because I always sense the capacity, receptivity and consciousness with which I deal. You must excuse Me because for the most part I work completely at the causal level in the second sphere; even Lord Maitreya Himself descends very seldom below that realm of action. Beloved Kuthumi and many others are working in the lower realms, but those of Us who have worked cosmically for countless aeons of time do not often contact unascended mankind as individuals. Thus I shall try to be as simple as possible in this explanation.

Ideas are constantly emanating from the mind of Helios and Vesta, from the mind and heart of all those who dwell in the electronic belt around the Sun. They are the divine desires that fill the universe. As they pass into the second sphere there are exquisite angels, exquisite cosmic beings, exquisite devas and elementals of high development who open their consciousness to grasp these ideas and draw them into themselves.

The idea then is designed into workable form. It may be an idea for a planet that is designed by some great being into a beautiful sphere with mountains, seas and so forth. It may be an idea for a home, and that home then is designed by a being as he himself chooses thru initiative. It may be just an idea for a musical composition and that in turn is externalized by some being.

In the second sphere ideas become crystallized, they take on form. Now, in your own world it is much the same. You receive perhaps an abstract idea. I would like to make a journey, you say, then your mind which would represent the second sphere will say, very well, we will take the abstract and fashion it. We will design a trip to Bermuda, to England, to some specific place. You might receive an idea for a new home. Then your mind would take that idea and perhaps it would say, I would like a home of eight rooms with an acre of ground, I would like a home of certain design. It is in the second sphere that the abstract impulses and ideas are crystallized into workable forms. Do you see?

"Desire" which in itself signifies its origin "de sire" meaning "of the father" then takes on form. When you look upon your plan for your gift, your home, you draw it down into the second sphere. If it pleases you your feelings rush into it, you energize the form and the pressure of your feeling gives it life and brings it into manifestation. Do you see?

That is Our service in the second realm. In this realm are accepted those exquisite ideas; many of them are lowered into the third realm, energized by the feelings of those mighty beings who dwell therein and then they are carried into the various channels in the lower realms which can best externalize them. The third realm forms the branching of the divine ideas that have been born in the first realm and molded into form and energized in the second realm. In the third realm then these are sifted into the scientific channels, into the musical channels, into the government channels, into devotional, religious or ceremonial channels.

The great Venetian and the beloved Maha Chohan render the service of channeling the separate ideas and thoughts energized by feeling to whichever one of the seven chohans can find an incarnate pupil who will receive and externalize them. It is a magnificent thing to see the orderly system by which creation takes place. We will go back to the idea of your home. When the Chohan receives a perfect design for a home or a palace He in turn looks for an architect or some lifestream who is sensitive enough to externalize that beauty. Then He sends a beam of his attention and the actual picture of it into the consciousness of the architect or the individual who desires to have a home of perfection. It is externalized by the individual if the person perseveres in the idea, or it remains in the ethers and floats about hoping somebody else will pick it up. If not picked up it will disintegrate after a time and return to the universal. Many an individual is living in a home today which was designed at inner levels for another. You see, dear hearts, the whole atmosphere and etheric realm which is so close to your earth is filled with these ideas and these exquisite perfect schemes which have been perfected in the first, secon and third realms and then directed down into the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spheres. They however cannot burst thru into the physical appearance world because there are no open doors in consciousness to receive them. Mankind is so busy connecting its consciousness with everything in the outer that it never gets still enough to connect consciousness with the realm above waiting to complete itself in the physical appearance world. The Master St. Germain said a short time ago in council "There is no need to suffer limitation because the seventh sphere is literally bursting with perfection and yet there are so few physically embodied lifestreams who will open themselves sufficiently to let them thru." Now there is an opportunity to be an open door to those exquisite and perfect ideas that have come from Above, because they have not attained completion in themselves until they have physical manifestation.

If they again return to the universal from the etheric realm, they have not completed the fullness of their individualization. They are waiting acceptance by the receptive consciousness of mankind. If the senses can be taken away from limitation, taken away from appearances, taken away from lack and placed upon the fullness that is within this sphere just above you (of higher frequency vibration), precipitation would be mastered.

Beloved ones, it is so magnificent. I work you see so much in this second sphere. I see the beauty in these great temples. O that you might see the glory of the topaz Temples of Light. Those great mighty domes are shining with the light of the beings who are within them as well as the radiation of the flame which is within the jewels themselves! O that you might see them and bring back that memory! Within them are completed compositions of such magnificence and beauty which are given to the Venetian and which He in turn endeavors to give to composers on Earth that would really transform this star in a day!

O the magnificence in industry and commerce! The magnificence in architecture, the magnificence in painting and art, the magnificence in education, but all of this must be channeled thru some receptive consciousness because God needs a body. That seems harsh in a way and yet it is a magnificent gift, for God so loved the world that He chose to allow the people of the Earth themselves to have the joy of contributing to the creation and the sustaining of the Golden Age and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

You know yourselves that what is given you outside of yourself is in no way as satisfactory as that in which your own energies have been blended and which has received the stimulation which comes from the combination of your own thought and feeling. Then you rejoice indeed. Then you know the happiness it is to be a creator, whether it be a simple song, whether it is in the cultivation of a small farm plot or whether it is in the design of a beautiful picture. That is the reason for your being--to become a conscious creator, to draw life's energy, to mold it according to your own God design, to take some of these designs which are the ideas of the Father, plant them within your consciousness and bring them to fruition.

O blessed ones, o blessed ones! There is so much at hand! Didn't your Master Jesus say "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand," and it is! All around you within this room in which I stand this morning, literally presses the perfection from St. Germain's sphere--yours to accept! Open the doors of your consciousness, nourish those thoughts and feelings, those exquisite ideas and bring them into form, for truly "one with God is a majority."

You are blessed beyond all peoples for your faith, your love, your loyalty, your fidelity and your constancy! O how I love you! I have heard much of you from the members of My Brotherhood. I have heard much of your merit, but in coming I find it exceeds their glowing expressions. O the soul-light of man is precious. The spark is eternal. We have dedicated the millions of years of experience that We have known to developing life. It is Our reason for being. The nourishing and unfolding of your heartflames is a joy of Our every breath. Dear to Us you are beyond all words to record! Blessed you are for you walk in the name of the Lord. You live to externalize His Law and you have manifested thru the flaming light that rises to all realms that people on the planet can and do love the light and can emit light with enough pressure so that it pierces thru into interstellar space into the heart of the great First Cause!

In the blessings of the Sun behind the sun, in the blessings of the physical sun, in the blessings of the spirit of spring and My Own humble Self I leave you now enfolded in love, in light and in promise!