Helena Ivanovna Roerich

Helena Roerich (February 12, 1879 - October 5, 1955) was born in Russia as the daughter of a prominent architect. She was very sensitive and frequently ailing. During illnesses, two very tall men would appear to her with help, but when the grownups objected to her accounts of them, she learned to keep her thoughts to herself. Her mother's sister, princess Putyatine, had an estate at Bologoye where little Helena spent her summers. All the domestic animals rushed to welcome her in the mornings when she would go out to feed them.

When she met Nicholas Roerich, she found much in common with him and after accompanying him to many exhibitions and concerts, they fell in love and were married on October 28, 1901. Nicholas, one of the finest painters of his day, with an unparalleled command of color, was also very spiritually advanced. They had a happy family life together with their two sons, George and Svyatoslav.
In 1915, Nicholas became ill with pneumonia and they left their home in Petersburg for a better climate to Karelia. In 1918 they went to England and in 1920 came to New York for Nicholas' first exhibition in the United States. By this time Helena was already in contact with Master Morya and soon thereafter the first Agni Yoga book: Leaves of Morya's Garden was written.
During their eventful life, they went to India where they organized their central Asiatic expedition through India, China, Tibet, Mongolia and other countries. Both her husband Nicholas and son George wrote books about their adventures. Besides the thirteen published Agni Yoga books, she wrote numerous letters to disciples and aspirants all over the world. Some of these letters are published in her Letters of Helena Roerich, volumes I & II. She also wrote On Eastern Crossroads and Foundations of Buddhism, using different pseudonyms for each one.
She translated Helena Blavatsky's book The Secret Doctrine into Russian.
She was also one of the founders of the Agni Yoga Society in New York.