Sanat Kumara January 1, 1954 Geraldine Innocente

The Resurrection Temple, 1-1-1954, G. lnnocente

Beloved Sanat Kumara in honor of blessed Mary, mother of Jesus, who has been named co-sponsor with Master El Morya for the year 1954, has designated the Resurrection Temple as the first retreat to be honored by the Great White Brotherhood in the year 1954.

The Resurrection Temple is located in the etheric realm over the Holy Land. It is an exquisite circular temple of blazing white substance that is self-luminous & radiates the tones & melodies to be found within the "Ave Maria." The central flame room holds within it the concentrated focus of the Resurrection Flame guarded & sustained by Archangel Gabriel, whose cosmic service is to bring to life again the remembrance of the God-image in which every man was originally created & which it is each soul's destiny to outpicture & manifest thru the flesh form.

Together with beloved Gabriel, the Ascended Masters Jesus & Mary have taken the responsibility of drawing forth the sacred fire from the heart of God to sustain & expand that activity of the resurrection thruout the planet Earth, tying it into the souls of those who aspire to redemption & wish to return to their firstborn purity & perfection of design. The beloved Maha Chohan from this temple directs the Resurrection Flame thru the forces of nature to produce the beauty & opulence of the seasons of promise & of harvest.

The sincere student should ask that he be taken to the Resurrection Temple each night while his body sleeps & there look upon & observe his own Holy Christ Self in action. If the students could have this proximity to their own God-image for 30 consecutive nights, much of its nature would be impressed upon their etheric consciousness & drawn back into their waking consciousness & into their flesh forms as well. It is the kind office of Gabriel Archangel of Resurrection to flash the flame & ray of his own cosmic heart thru the consciousness & feelings of all who sincerely desire to know the glory they had with God before the world was. He performed this service for beloved Mother Mary when he brought to her the word that Jesus was to be born thru her physical form. If the students will ask beloved Gabriel to help them to realize & accept their own Holy Christ Self & to become that Christ Self in action, they will have the added assistance of his cosmic pressure & blazing consciousness which does resurrect the divine memory of the God-design in which all were made, & from which many strayed in the centuries of pursuing happiness in sense pleasures.

Immaculate conception from God's own blazing heart,/ We now accept thy glory--oh from us never part!/ In thee we're free from shadows that lead mankind astray--/We accept thy perfection in love's most perfect way.

-Supplement to Jan. 1954 Bridge to Freedom Journal