Mighty Victory Late 1930's Guy Ballard


Mighty Victory: dictated to Guy Ballard, late 1930s

May I remind you that there is only one victory in all of eternity, in all of infinity, in all of creation, & that is the perfection produced by the cosmic love from our octave. Victory is the eternal perfection of life's divine plan fulfilled in ever-expanding love, beauty & radiation to all the universe around you.

There must come something to draw mankind's attention away from their misery & the hate & destruction that has sought to engulf them; therefore the great cosmic magnet of my victory is a flame of love so irresistible that it compels victory! The one who will accept that & call forth that flame of victory to surge thru the physical form & surge into the conditions of the outer world will become a great magnet that lifts mankind so much more rapidly than the cosmic law would permit at any other time. Mankind is taking their initiation in love....mankind can draw forth enough love uninterrupted from their own beloved mighty I AM Presence to accomplish that which fulfills the divine plan & holds protection at the same time.

Let me tell you one of the secrets of victory is our joyous confidence which just rests within your knowledge of the I AM & the ascended masters' determination to assist you. Keep acknowledging our cosmic flame of cosmic victory in & around your physical body day after day, once an hour or more often if you can! Just hold your arms up to your Presence & say: Charge again, intensify & expand your cosmic flame of cosmic victory around me & see that I feel naught but your ascended master victory! Then just turn your attention to your blessed I AM Presence & say, Thank you!

It comes around you first of all like a mantle of flame, an atmosphere of flame about you. It expands to a certain radiance & then begins to intensify in its activity directly around the body. Then there comes the condensation of our substance which is like an armor, like a golden armor harder than steel to human creation but soft & flexible & harmonious to the one who wears it! This has a powerful healing effect as well as an insulation & a power of accomplishment to produce victory in whatever channel you are active so long as it be constructive.

Wear my armor & try me out! I have told you I would never leave you until you are free! Won't you make the atmosphere about you the blazing cosmic flame of my cosmic victory & just expand, expand & expand it? Wherever there seems to be imperfection just say: O mighty I AM Presence & Mighty Victory, plant your cosmic flame of cosmic victory there & wipe out all else! To have victory you must acknowledge it. To get rid of your human you must turn your back upon it & command it to be no more!

Out of the fullness of thy heart, thy great glorious mighty I AM Presence, we accept tonight for these children of Earth the fullness of thy cosmic outpouring into every heart here. O thou glorifying, expanding, electrifying Presence of all life energy within each one, radiate thru these children of my heart until everywhere they move they are a glorified being in action--with such speed & activity of light that they never lack for any good thing! Let the glory of Thyself go forth, o great Presence of all life, for Thou art that power & mighty intelligence in action, & this great cosmic victory goes forth performing its perfect service & it cannot be interrupted by any human thing. Anchor into the consciousness of these blessed ones all that You want them to have to absolutely sweep everything of imperfection out of their worlds. & that great light that beats their heart--let them enter more fully into thy glory! We rejoice in all heart-love at this great accomplishment, in all heart-fullness in the glory of this mighty activity building its momentum; we rejoice & thank the great host of ascended masters for their assistance & great courage to help these hearts to go forward to their eternal victory! In thy name & by thy power we forever abide!

Mighty Victory: dictated to Guy Ballard, SF, California, 2-6-1938

I was given the name of Victory by the ascended masters who have made the ascension from your Earth because all that I attempted to do has been victorious, for a tremendously long period!

The greatest meance to the American people today is dope. Decree for the dissolving & consuming of all dope, its cause & effect, (record & memory) in America, call for its annihilation & to the forces of nature to no longer allow to be produced that from which it is made!

To bring in perfection perhaps several hundred years in advance is why this tremendous effort is being made by the powers of light, the ascended masters, cosmic beings, legions of light & the great cosmic light itself! Once you understand how great is this power you will use it. Of course the Messengers & we have tried to convey that point to you for the one-pointed focus of your vision--your physical sight, your attention & your power of qualification--act with infinite power to produce any given result which is constructive.

Let no man or woman be so proud in the human octave as to hesitate to use the enduring terms of "beloved" or "precious" to their friends or associates. Remember, beloved ones, in those words is the feeling of kindliness which mankind needs today--o so much more than you can imagine, & every ounce of energy you put forth filled with love & kindliness is lifting mankind to where they can be the victory of light! May your memory of me & my words to you always contain the feeling of victory in your life, in your activity, in all that you desire! Even unto your ascension still may the word "Victory" shine out before you & beckon you on to the final goal, your ascension! I thank you.

Victory: Kansas City, Missouri, 2-27-38

Not that there is the slightest thing to fear, not at all, but because you become a greater focus of light & more noticeable, then you must have the greater protection. If you draw that Tube of Light about you or call the I AM Presence to draw it, you cannot fail to have the protection which is necessary. You are not the frail beings that you think you are! This great energy which you are calling forth in purifying & charging your feeling world, the large percent of it yet needs to stay there! Then as you gain this, when something wants to come forth or an achievement before you needs this energy you can say, "Now go & do your perfect work," & just as straight as you point your finger to an object will go that energy in full volume to accomplish whatever is needed! Try not to battle anything in the future, but rather in the great calm serenity of your I AM Presence call it forth into action to govern all things, & let this light which I charge forth into your feeling world & activity today do its perfect work for you. Therefore according to your acceptance be my assistance unto you! I love you! I thank you! I bless you forever in the power of the infinite light & its expansion--of your own mighty I AM Presence--forever sustained, all powerfully active in you & your world! I thank you.

Victory, Detroit, 4-30-38

In your feeling is both sight & hearing; don't ever forget that! Because in the first expansion of your light, as that intensifies the day will come when from right directly above you you will hear the audible spoken Word! You who have read Ouspenski's work will understand that man's joy when in his search he like many others began to hear all kinds of voices around him which were probably large entities! He knew that something was not right & he kept on calling. Then all of a sudden above him this one powerful masterful voice spoke, & from that moment on the other voices around him became silent! Be sure the voice or words you hear are constructive! Be sure, then go ahead! This is important! Remember, as St. Germain has requested you from the beginning, your first loyalty is to your own Life!

Won't you be patient & go on with your great application until the great cosmic light releases its final mighty impulse into the Earth, when the curtain between the invisible & visible is no more? When enough of human creation has been dissolved then the remainder of the curtain of flesh--otherwise "limitations"--will dissolve & disappear, & you will walk & talk with us as you do with each other!

Therefore I say to you in this quiet atmosphere today, keep your attention away from people who oppose the light in any form whatsoever, or who are antagonistic if they disagree about something, because if you allow your attention to be on a destructive quality which seems to be acting in someone else, if your attention holds fast enough on that you will compel that quality to act within yourself, for what your attention is upon you become, where your attention is there you are.

Remember, there is not one thing unusual in the magnificence of life even to the ascension! All of it is practical! It only requires complete harmony in your feelings. Stop of course all human qualification, then everything is natural, & as you begin to find you can hold that harmony, your joy is boundless! Now notice when your beloved Messenger in Los Angeles turned upon his human self & told it that it no longer had any power, look what happened, how quick he became free, & he maintained it! Therefore, beloved ones, the only thing which ever touches him yet is if he thinks someone is in danger of failure. Then he is not able always to shut out that sadness. Even then that is only momentarily acting, for he arises in the power of light & charges forth its mighty victory of light to that individual who he knows is in danger. Won't you do that in everything which confronts your life in the future & see how quickly such peace, rest & happiness will fill your world with success, because you cannot have success without harmony maintained in your feeling world! Beloved ones, your love is so great, please do not blame anyone else ever again for anything whatever! Just please don't do it, & see how quickly your blessed world will come into divine order, & then you will see all the proof your hearts require that your freedom is at hand.

Mark you, I shall find some means of reaching our young people in tangible form! I shall find some means of reaching them in great numbers so their attention goes to their I AM Presence of life & is held there firmly!

Victory, Denver, 6-19-38

(St. Germain: Beloved students & friends of Denver, since Mighty Victory holds the quality of victory & is able to convey it into your feeling world for your activity, I have asked him to give the dictation--for this is your need today!)

I say you have no idea, friends of the mountains, what is in those magnificent Rockies today. If you love the mountains, if you love your financial freedom, pour out your love & blessings to the I AM Presence of life & to all nature! Then see what nature will do for you! Did you understand fully what the radiance from the Royal Teton & from the Cave of Symbols means to you, you would understand how great was your privilege & what power you could call forth for yourselves & your city to bring about & release that great perfecting activity!

Observe the Messengers in this lifetime. They have achieved more victory in four years than they did in all the other years together. Don't you see what it means in knowing the I AM Presence is there by giving it your attention & in calling its mighty intelligent energy into action? Every year will more than double the speed of achievement which you had in the beginning! That is the power of momentum gained. I want so much to convey to you today that in all mankind's search for "the fountain of youth" they had it all the time right here in the Presence above them!

You can say: "Mighty I AM Presence, take command of this mind, body & world of action! Charge forth your divine order & divine justice into it! Hold it steady for constant action." Remember, what is it which is sending forth these decrees? O do you think it is just you physically? It could not be! It is your Life which is acting, & when you are speaking in the name of the Mighty I AM Presence don't you see its power & authority are issuing these I AM decrees for yourself or others? Call at least twice a day--it only takes you a few minutes--call earnest & sincerely for Mighty Astrea to send her legions to take away & into the octave of light any & every entity who attempts to reach into your world or come about you! Then you will keep your world wholly free! Do not be afraid of those things, they have no power unless they can throw fear over you.

Don't be afraid to repel destructive forces! Don't be afraid of calling for any destructive thing to be destroyed, blasted & annihilated! Do that to destructive forces! If you don't you won't be here long, I assure you!

Arise! Awake, o children of the light, & enter into the fullness of its glory, its perfection, its dominion, & have it manifest in & thru your physical bodies! Then raise the purified structure into the glories of light, the mighty I AM, & be free in the power of its light & dominion forever! I thank you.

Victory, Seattle, 9-15-38

Oh, there is no thing in all the world so wonderful as to feel the glory, the victory of life! My victory is the victory of life! Tonight as I have charged into your feeling world that mighty quality of my own, making you a part of myself, then you will want to do everything within your power, I AM sure, to keep harmonized & call with firm determination to your I AM Presence to have its perfection manifest in your world. As you do that, remember at every call there is always a current of light & energy drawn forth from my world to bless, sustain & give you my assistance to your victory in the light, to your victory over human limitations, human qualities, transforming them into the victory of the light!

Observe here, beloved ones! This ray of light (pointing to Chart of the I AM Presence) before it touches your head has all the power in the universe! Now because of your lack of acknowledgment & acceptance of sufficient harmony to allow it to flow, you have come to believe that the life acting thru your body is limited--because of your power of qualification--but it is not! I want you to feel how natural we are, how natural life is, & how natural is even the higher attainment of life! It is a perfectly natural normal thing! There is not one signle thing about it which is not. Don't let yourself feel because an ascended being is present that there is something abnormal about it!

Beloved ones, let me tell you something important tonight! There is not one of you in this room, in the acknowledgment of your I AM Presence, who could not walk within the radiation of a raging mob & by absolute fearlessness call the power of Life forth which would silence everyone of them on the spot! You must feel the power of Life! You must feel its dominion to govern every condition in the outer world, in your homes & in your activity. Human creation does not have any power before the power & Presence of Light & Life, which are really one & the same. Therefore, remember, beloved ones, when you are calling this great I AM Presence into action in your world, you are calling the balanced activity & power of Life--love, wisdom & power--which is the mighty focus of God the mighty I AM Presence at your point in the universe, & there is no power to resist It, to override It so long as you keep calling It forth. Your world is the action of It! As you stand silent, calm & firm in your call to the Presence & its mighty current surges thru your body & out into your world of action, it is the commanding Presence of Life! You must feel that, beloved ones! I tell you, beloved ones, when you are silent & refuse to discuss the great Law with those who wish to criticize It, & then stand in great calm firmness, they will be compelled to leave you alone! How can Life fail?

Never cease your call, beloved ones, for ascended master friends to be raised up everywhere to bless you! You do have the greatest friends in the world in the ascended masters, legions of light & the cosmic beings. America is the only place on Earth where there is a hope for freedom to be established so it may be spread to the rest of the Earth! You do not realize, beloved ones, what it means to live in a land & country which has been drenched with human blood! You cannot realize what that means & we shan't attempt to have you, but just remember your America has had the least of it of any nation of Earth & for a long period! The whole world is awakening with a speed & power which delights us very much, & there will come a fearlessness which ere long will not tolerate a dictator on the face of this Earth! (applause)

Do you not see, beloved ones, how mankind has been hypnotized by the vicious devilish fiendishness of those dominating individuals among mankind! How do they do it? O, dear ones, all that viciousness is not in the form of such individuals or in that which they have accumulated--don't you see, it cannot be--but it is in the force focused upon them (of planetary discord) which makes them all a hypnotic power to carry mankind--millions--into the vortex of their vicious devilish destruction! That time must pass, beloved ones, with the speed of lightning until mankind will no longer tolerate such a thing!

Remember, the Divine Director is a mighty authority, & when he sees the time has arrived to release into the feeling world of the I AM students or individuals this power which makes them invincible against human suggestions, against entities & against black magicians, then he has started to render a service to the Earth which will find its dominion with the power of lightning! that is what is being done, beloved ones, to all the I AM students whom he sees are sincere--he is releasing that power of liquid light into their feeling world. I know the Western world sometimes thinks that sounds like silly nonsense to speak of black magicians. Well let me tell you there are thousands & thousands in America today who have been prevented from attaining success & happiness because of those vicious creatures who failed on the pathway of life & are determined that mankind shall not go free! That condition exists! Those creatures have been cunning enough to seldom show themselves or let anything be felt except their tragic influence, but today they are losing their power & they know that their day is finished! (applause)

When I AM speaking about the communists I mean those people who are vicious in the extreme! Those agitators who come among you, dear people, care no more for you than the rats in a cellar! Remember that! They are using the opportunity to leach off every source of supply from unsuspecting mankind & to feather their own nests & fill their pockets with money which they send to europe to put forth further destruction. Humanity & the people of America shall not be preyed upon by these vultures in human form, & they shall not deprive these innocent people in this country. Be of good courage! O my dear people, in your cities, in all large cities of America there are spies today who would cut your throat as quick as to look at you. All of those agitators are filled with fear, & they run their bluff of dominion over people who fear them! Therefore, beloved ones, understand that your power, your call to the I AM light is stronger than a regiment of individuals who want to do wrong! Will you please bear that in mind?

It is the fanaticism of mankind which looks to "channels" for freedom--instead they should be using the light of the I AM! Otherwise they are making a grave mistake! Could you see, could you believe how many many activities start with a firm magnificent intent to bless mankind & then have been used for destructive purposes, you would be amazed! Dear ones, this mighty instruction of the I AM has been no idle imagination of anyone! This is a great reality which is going forth in the final effort to save mankind! I for one believe firmly that mankind are going to give the response which will make the victory forever complete! Now whatever step is gained in your call to the I AM Presence, every particle of freedom & victory over limitation, is permanently sustained! You cannot go back in whatever is achieved in your call to the Presence. & it is natural (because good is held secure in one's Causal Body)!

Say: "Mighty I AM Presence, charge into my feeling world the full power of your feeling so when I issue the decree that all human creation has no power, It charges into my world instantly & reaches out with such power that so far as my own activities are concerned there is not one thing in human creation which has power to touch my world or that I feel it." You would soon have such a momentum going that everything which touched your world would have to come into harmony with it! You can so charge your world with the power of the Mighty I AM Presence that its great harmony flows out & compels obedience wherever it moves. If you want to give your attention to things, you must expect to handle them because you invite them to come into your world & act! You can govern all such things & can look upon a thing without accepting it, but you have got to be consciously aware of it. That is why mankind have believed God would act for them independently! Well, God does not do it! You are given freewill & you are the decreer of how the currents of energy & your life are going to act in your world! Unless you understand that & control it, you won't have your freedom! You must be strong enough, dear people, to shut off the thing which has been disturbing you!

Beloved students, never let your human selves or anybody else ever try to put a discouraging idea into you! Stand unyielding to financial problems & conditions & say to every limiting thing: "Get out! You have no power! You cannot scare me anymore! You have no power in my world! My Mighty I AM Presence is my treasurehouse & governs everything in my outer world to bring its release of supply into my use! There is no other power & I accept nothing else!"

Dear ones, you have to win your victory thru your own mighty application! You then have a joy & strength, a power & dominion which you would not trade for anything in the world, & don't forget it! Every one of you can have & go forth from this night my Victory--your power & victory in the light! I thank you.

Victory, Chicago, Oct 4, 1938

Do you realize that it is as impossible for you to direct your attention to myself or some of the others of the ascended host & not receive back our direct current as it would be for the Sun to stop its action or the Earth to stop its action? It is Life, my dear ones! It is Life & that is all the Messengers have ever talked about! We are Life, the same Life which is flowing into & thru you! We have gained our freedom by the same identical application which you have before you! You will remember, beloved ones, in reading Unveiled Mysteries, it was myself (the Tall Master) who came forth & issued that mighty edict for the Earth! Do you think we as perfect beings would overstep any bounds or would try to exploit ourselves before humanity? Oh no! People may think well or ill of us because it is quite the same to us so far as we are concerned, but it is vastly different to you! If you think discordant thoughts & feelings--discordant feelings toward anything--to the degree that you allow that to act within your feeling world are you depriving yourselves of your freedom! There is no getting away from this. Constructive qualities, feelings & determination bring the infinite power of light in, thru & out into your world to harmonize & let the full power of Life flow forth to produce its great perfection for you.

Is it not strange, is it not almost pitiful that you have not believed this when beating your hearts all these centuries has been this great I AM Presence & power of Life which knows no opposite (being all balance & wholeness); only because you did not understand have you so far forgotten our connection, our reality, that you have believed in everything in the world but your I AM Presence of Life! Oh dear ones, I plead with you, do not ever do that once again! Stand in your I AM Presence of Life knowing its power is flowing forth thru your bodies. Therefore I say to you, beloved ones, all Life is yours awaiting its opportunity!

Rejoice with me that many of you here tonight have called forth with such earnestness, that you have charged your feeling world with a power of light you would not believe possible even from me! Isn't it joyful to look into each other's hearts & see what is really there? Oh no, oh no, there is nothing psychic or spiritualistic about that! It is just the Law of Life, dear ones, in its perfect action! Life is the most beautiful perfect thing in the world, & It is the producer of all perfection & beauty which has ever been.

So much is being gathered by your calls to the I AM Presence & just a little more effort at self-control & harmony held in your feeling would release the great outpouring of this called forth! Arise & feel this as I say: arise in the power of your Life, your Mighty I AM Presence! I say, Mighty I AM Presence, take Your dominion in the feeling world of these beloved ones! Charge it with Your great victory & power! I charge it with my victory, its eternally sustained power, its courage, its strength, its confidence, its power of action in the human octave to bring into action now the glory & victory of Life which has waited so long to find its expression thru these human forms to be the outpicturing of Life now & forever sustained. Accept that, beloved ones, as your great action of Life, feeling the full power of all It means to you!

While you are standing I utilize this opportunity to pass these mighty currents thru your bodies & ask you to feel the sweeping out of all discord. Just accept the fullness of your outpouring of Life sweeping out of your physical bodies & out of your feeling world, erasing cause, effect, record & memory of everything which has ever caused disturbance within your physical bodies. If you can accept that in its fullness, anything which has ever disturbed you will be swept out of your bodies whether it be irritation, disturbance, ill health, lack of strength or whatever it may be! Now is your opportunity to have it swept out of your feeling. & call its action to be forever sustained that its power of action may always find perfect expression in & thru you & out like a mighty river into your world of action to silence all discord & harmonize all as you move forward the victory & power of your own Mighty I AM Presence.

Beloved ones, the preliminary work in this mighty activity has been completed, & now we are going into definite action!

Oh, mankind have accused nature of alot of things for which it was not responsible! Mankind do impose upon nature their own discord just the same as they clothe their own power of light which comes into & thru their physical bodies. The cosmic light has said, "Mankind, you shall not ignore Me any longer!" The cosmic light is saying that, & thank God, the Mighty I AM Presence & the cosmic light are willing to take that stand!

Did you ever hear anything about any release of the cosmic light until St. Germain brought this forth? Did you ever hear anything about it? No, I AM sure no one else ever did! Then, there is always a reason! Let us find it! It is because you, beloved people of America--children of light--are making these mighty I AM decrees! Remember, the mighty Goddess of Liberty & the Goddess of Light are largely responsible for this mighty release of the cosmic light!

Oh, we are not talking about the cosmic light the outer scientists refer to, which is the permanent streams of energy to the Earth. We are talking about the mighty cosmic light, the self-luminous substance which is released from the Great Central Sun to the orbs of this system & to the Earth. We are determined that the other orbs shall not say "that dark star"--for they have justly said it in the past because so little light expanded from the Earth.

Your great love in your call for the Messengers is the most glorious beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in a city where so much discord has been thru the centuries! You don't know it perhaps but long ago a city was here on this same spot which mankind does not know existed! Why do you suppose St. Germain chose Chicago as the first release of this mighty intelligence?

You know in times past so much thought was given to the Christ & the service of Christ, but who was willing to become Christ in order to render that service? Who was willing to give the obedience to Life? When this good brother was clean enough, pure enough, honest enough to be chosen by the great powers of light to carry this light & help & bless all, then you must know how great are his own light & strength & obedience! That is why I mention this tonight, because this should stand as the greatest encouragement to you for your victory of anything on this Earth, because these two Messengers stand a living proof of having won the victory in the face of all this condition (such hatred & viciousness)! This is why, beloved ones, I want you to see, feel & understand you must make the same application; that is what brings you victory! How did they succeed? Because they refused to accept any falsehood, gossip, any destructive condition into their worlds. Don't you see there is no opportunity to let down?

You know the staff are such busy people they have not noticed the great change which has been taking place! They are getting handsomer & younger each day! (applause) I commend them!

You find mankind in a quiet attitude of listening to a radio broadcast in perfect stillness & quiet. They are in a position for the release of that which has gone forth (via decrees) to enter into action in their feeling world, & when they hear these words, the light takes full action within them. After all, there is only one service which can be given & that is the service to Life. It is magnificent & wonderful beyond words!

The Messengers have constantly turned everyone back to the Mighty I AM Presence, refusing to give advice, leaving everyone free to accept or reject. Then mankind more quickly come into the understanding that their call to Life their Mighty I AM Presence is the most important thing in their existence, & the quicker, the stronger, the more powerful (in steadfast & joyous serenity) they turn to It, the quicker are they free in the full power of their own application! that is what makes your victory! I thank you.

Mighty Victory, 10-16-38, Chicago, dictated to Guy Ballard

Come into my heart! Come into the victory which I have known thruout the centuries because I have forgotten there was anything in the world but the Victory of the Light! Come with me into the garden of my heart!

That is a very large garden & many of you have been within our garden although you do not as yet retain the memory of it. Therefore, what is there? Victory, Life, the most powerful action & presence of divine love. My victory is Light, the conscious use of that mighty power of Light, the greatest in the universe! Many have not known this but my great great teacher the mighty Sanat Kumara for four & a half million years has watched over your earth. Therefore you have been fortunate to receive the love of your sister planet which has been your great Godmother, Venus. Her light has always poured its radiance to the Earth consciously projected by ascended beings there. Had it not been for that your Earth would have vanished long long ago.

This great Presence, Sanat Kumara, is soon to leave your Earth, & I mean by that within a hundred years. Therefore I ask you tonight, beloved students, be kind enough to convey this everywhere! While you have the opportunity pour your love & adoration to the greatest benefactor of the Earth ever known or who ever will be known!

Do you realize what it means to adore the light? When you adore your Mighty I AM Presence you have entered thru the doorway into the great great light! I want you to know that your great & mighty love released to the light & to the Messengers tonight enabled us to finish the dissolving of this one--in & over your city--of three of the greatest most vicious vortices of destruction in your america, so there are but two left! Rejoice with me! (applause) Now then I encourage you, beloved students of Chicago & vicinity because you will go forward with much greater speed, power & ease than you have had, very much greater, for we are placing a guard over you here. That is the first time a city has had a special guard! (applause) According to your sincere acceptance of that will you be released from many many things. We have seen so many kindly loving people suddenly become very irritated & disturbed. They could not tell why but it just was there. That is because in an unguarded moment they had opened themselves to the mass accumulation, that is why!

Now what do I mean by this special guard which is placed about you & your city here? It is to keep shut out any of that destructive activity which has been acting here so long. So much depends upon your controlling your feeling! There is not one in this room but these two beloved Messengers who has yet come to know a slight experience of what real happiness means, for only will you know that after you have held your feeling world in perfect oise & harmony over a certain length of time. Then you will be in that perfect harmony of feeling to know what real happiness is, then no condition of the outer world will disturb you or irritate you, then will my happiness begin to find action & expression in you.

You who want health, my dear ones, turn with the intensity of love & power to that mighty Presence of Life & refuse to accept any other appearance in your bodies or your world. Stand with the power of that infinite Light! Let its mighty currents charge thru your bodies like a mighty river sweeping out everything but the perfection of Life which flows in, cleansing & purifying! Beloved ones, the privilege is yours! Since you know wavering is not the thing to do, then guard your feelings with self-mastery & self-control! When your attention is upon the I AM Presence & power of Life you forget your bodies & you forget time, & that is what the human mind needs to do.

In many of the teachings of mankind mysticism has been instilled into their consciousness until they are constantly looking for something mysterious which they have to slip around the corner to find. They look behind the curtain to see if it is there. Don't do that, look here to the greatest power & intelligence in the universe, your own Mighty I AM Presence.

When the Messengers are compelled sometimes to correct mistakes, don't have resentment or self-pity! I tell you, self-pity is one of the most deadly activities acting within mankind. Watch that it never acts within you! This beloved Messenger up until he was 23 years old had it so tremendously--& see him today! Never say to an individual, "I do not think you are ready for this light." Outwardly you don't know! Beloved ones, I have taken so-called drunkards who were wallowing in the alleys of your cities & have stood beside them & by the projection of a lightray from my heart & my hand have dissolved & consumed within ten minutes the seething vortex of accumulation which had placed those human forms in that condition. (applause) You can call your I AM Presence to project one of those lightrays which is self-luminous intelligent substance to a person, place or condition & hold it there sustained, & the result is as certain as you breathe a breath from one moment to another. Feel that! & please contemplate it until you gain the full conscious victory of it in your feeling! With the Messengers thousands of calls have been answered instantly in the past six months.

That Presence does not have to wait! (applause) The only waiting which is required is for you to determine that you will establish complete harmony within your feelings. Remember, your call is imperative. Therefore, you sitting here tonight are the Victory of Light! (applause, audience rises) Because you are the Victory of Light, I so decree it by the power of your own Life into action now & forever sustained! (applause) Will you accept it with the same firmness & power of determination with which I give it to you? (applause) Please be seated.

Do you realize how you have given St. Germain the substance & power for which he has waited 400 years to accomplish certain things in Europe? (applause) Mankind has talked of brotherly love thruout the centuries; that is the manifestation of it. (applause) If you saw the Wall of Light by these mighty calls of 600,000 people, you would rejoice as never before in your entire experience of all embodiments! (applause) Now please understand, beloved students, this power of Light which you call forth as the answer from your Presence is the substance of Light! Then don't you see how powerful & all-penetrating it is? & that is how also if you only really understood it you could cleanse & purify your bodies in 24 hours!

Waiting to come forth are these magnificent ships which gather their power from the atmosphere & they are not weighted down with loads of gas & fuel. I say, standing in the atmosphere of this room are electric currents so much more powerful than the dynamos in your powerstations are able to generate that there is no comparison. These currents are in the atmosphere of this room & everywhere! I say to mankind, you cannot much longer withhold these mighty discoveries which are all ready to come into service, into action. Mankind because they have accumulated great wealth try to hold the control of outer conditions because of that wealth & prevent the bringing in of greater perfection to mankind. Soon the cosmic light will say to individuals, "Now you can no longer do this," & they will be compelled to submit! There was a great reason for individuals' accumulation of wealth. That time is past or largely passing. Therefore the even distribution will begin to take place thru very natural means & those who have thought to corner the wealth of the world will just be mistaken in their judgment & plans.

Gold held within & for a selfish purpose will one day release itself! (applause) You do not know it, but gold is intelligent! It is the one substance which cannot be changed. You can put it into a solution, you can vaporize it! Yet when you return it to its solid state it is the same! (applause) It is the power of the Great Central Sun placed within the Earth to hold balance in connection with the Great Central Sun for the blessing of mankind. It is a condensed sun ray from the Great Central Sun. That is why it cannot be changed.

I clothe you with the substance from the garden of my heart--self-luminous intelligent substance, & I have woven that garment about you tonight! Will you do me the honor of wearing it in memory of this night so you may feel my victory & be reminded of it often, so if anything confronts you you will not quail before it but in the memory of my victory you will stand dauntless & say to that appearance world: "No longer have you power! My victory is here in full dominion! Be thou gone hence forever!" Is that not wonderful to contemplate? As you sweep your hand before you know that the mighty legions move before you to make perfect your way. I thank you, beloved ones of the Light. (applause)

Mighty Victory, NYC, 12-4-38

Beloved students & friends, truly the cosmic hour is here & nearer & nearer are all of you drawing to God the Mighty I AM Presence! You have the opportunity now in answer to the great release of the cosmic light to enter this cosmic hour into the fullness of its majesty, presence & power, to release into the human octave limitless assistance which all mankind need. Make no mistake about it, fellow students & friends, the hour is here when mankind must give this assistance!

Your friends of Light are in a position to keep you definitely informed upon every condition which exists in your America so not one action of deceit or treachery may go on in your government that you do not know it. (applause) May your selective intelligence, may your discriminating intelligence be so quickened tonight that you are alert so that it will always be on guard to stand before you & in your call to the Mighty I AM Presence of Light render you a service which no one can touch. Although you are here for the first time if you will accept it I will give you plenty of proof in the months to come that my charge was real in your feeling world. (applause)

You beloved ones who are here cannot even imagine the persistency, the power of determination with which these two humble Messengers have pounded away all walls of human doubts & fears! You have no idea. People now must choose. The Messengers out of love & kindness have gone forth rendering this almighty service to mankind, now let the people awaken & invite them to come! (applause)

Do you think that we do not see & know your heart's cry for supply, for harmony, for happiness, for the ability to achieve success--some of which you have held from childhood? Think of the joy of the incoming friends who have not come to know us yet. We invite you to meet us. (applause) I do not think you quite get that! (Mrs. Ballard: "We accept it!") Thank you very much. We invite you to meet us. (applause, audience rising, "We accept it!" in unison) Victory! When the day comes that you understand all your response just now has meant, your joy will be boundless. My dear ones, you don't know what you have done!

Mankind has not understood that we are beings of happiness & kindness & of great reality, & one day when you do accept my invitation you will then see that Life does not struggle! I so charge that into the world of mankind that one day at a great banquet table St. Germain shall sit at one end & I shall sit at the other! (applause) Please rest in peace. You who have read Unveiled Mysteries & The Magic Presence have seen where more than 200 people sat at the banquet which the Presence of Life provided. You are closer than you dream, beloved students, to where you will see many of these natural things. In the great understanding of the Laws of Life as you go from one step to another it all becomes just as real, natural & tangible as your achievement here in passing from kindergarten to the university & then on to the completion of what you desire to accomplish. Why not bring that perfection here into the human octave where it is needed? Since men are the decreers of their worlds, if you decree perfection why not have it?

I say to you, beloved friends, I do not wonder that you love these beloved Messengers as you do. You never had anyone in all the centuries in which you have lived & the undreds & thousands of various embodiments which you have lived, you never had such friends in any embodiment who are willing to battle for you & hold the balance of life until you in your call to life could sustain it. (applause) Beloved ones, adore Life! Give your attention to your Presence of Life the Mighty I AM as never before in great calm mastery & adoration so the fullness of all that it wants to give you will flow like a mighty river. We call eternal blessing upon all those who have assisted in the radio, for you have no idea, beloved ones, what the class broadcasts have done for your city.

O please won't you remember to not ever say I can't, I am broke, I am a failure, I am sick, I am unhappy, I am helpless, I am a victim of circumstances. Oh my dear people, what makes a discordant circumstance? Your denial of the I AM powers of Life! Beloved ones, I plead with you, be careful of your feeling world! I ask everyone of you in the days to come to watch your feeling & watch your conditions & see if you will not come back to me within six months & tell me of my victory acting in you. (applause)

Mighty powers of Light! Enfold these beloved people of Earth, these beloved students of the Light & clothe them this hour in your crystal armor & hold it about them until their ascension! Clothe them tonight in the glory of Thy Presence, Thy mighty radiance which this crystal armor holds within the compass of action within the human octave & let it do its perfect work for the people of America, for your beloved America, that each may render the maximum service in the call to Life for themselves & that which America needs today!

Remember this Cup of Light which America is & how much depends upon that Cup being filled to overflowing with Light so it can spread to the rest of the world. Remember, children of the Light, you have a mighty service to render! As more of your beloved Americans & those of other nations are drawn into this great light of the Mighty I AM Presence then will all become easier & easier for you in your service to the Light. Then there will come one great family of harmonious happy action which will release the powers of Light! So tonight carry with you, my beloved ones, my victory! Wear my garment of crystal armor so you may walk in the world but not be of it. Then you will be untouched by its human discord! Then in that harmony of Life you may call forth the perfection of Life with such speed & power that no one will question the Presence & power of Life in its victory over human conditions! I thank you.

Mighty Victory, Los Angeles, 12-19-38

I have limitless power to charge my power of victory into your feeling world & I AM going to specialize it now & henceforth for your financial freedom. (applause) Since there has been a deliberate intent upon the part of vicious individuals to interfere with you, then I shall take a hand myself, & we shall see whether they have the power or whether I do! (applause) Will you close your eyes & silently accept the power of victory, that quality of ascended master light-substance which I shall charge into your feeling world for constant action, for dominion for you in your application & your acceptance of the Presence & power of Life. Thank you so much, will you be seated. Will you be kind enough to make yourselves as comfortable as possible & please no matter what I may say remain perfectly at rest & quiet, & for this service I wish to render tonight please keep your seats!

You must have more powerful action, oh not to the outer appearance but from within the feeling world--which is a great calm power acting just as if you were entering into the full power of the great silence. You will remember that in the trinity of action which is the presence of love, wisdom & power in your physical body, there is the vision, attention & feeling--the power of qualification. Then you will see at all times in the harmony of Life the combination or trinity of action is released--which is the power of the Mighty I AM Presence--at all times drawn forth at your call. Therefore I say to you tonight as you become firmer & more joyful in your application, you will find greater & greater manifestation coming of that for which you ask, but, beloved ones, do not become too serious.

Do you not see, beloved ones, you have not understood. You have accepted the appearance world as powerful & you have given power to the appearance world which has none except what you give it so far as your world is concerned. Do you not see that? Let me bring before you again tonight the reason why things seem to limit you. If you pour your life energy by the power of your attention into the appearance world which limits you, is there anyone to blame but yourself? You don't have to do that. You can take your attention off that appearance of limitation & put it back with the Mighty I AM Presence where it belongs. Then the attention cannot observe limitations in the appearance world which have no power there.

My dear ones, we mean business! Please mean it as earnestly as we do for your freedom. Not only that, we are furnishing the energy, substance & qualification into your feeling world which will place you there unless you reverse it. Within your hand is the scepter of power to mold your bodies at will into whatever you would have them be, but because of the long accumulated suggestion of mankind people allow a little pain or disturbance of human creation to be their master. Isn't it a shame? Isn't it ridiculous? Be not discouraged!

Remember, flowing into your heart is the perfection of Life & it only requires the stopping completely of your power of misqualification to let that perfection of Life bring its perfection into every atom of your body & hold it in its expanding activity. Then let it flow out into your world like a great river of light, harmonizing everything & causing everyone who touches your world to love you & want to bless you. If you have irritation & disturbance in your feeling world it is a repelling force! It is not a matter of persons, places or conditions, it is a matter of the quality of energy acting. Therefore if you want to be a mighty magnet for all good of every description, you must pour out divine love & blessings continually.

Therefore I say to you, be of supreme courage! Go forward, beloved children of the Light, in the victory & power of the Light which is yours from this hour henceforth! Let no human suggestion deprive you of that almighty acceptance in your individual world. Do not discuss it with other human beings but stand in the glory of the happiness, courage & full power of our conviction which has been brought to you tonight. Silently call forth the unyielding power of Light to take its dominion in your life, body & action, produce its perfection, hold dominion there & release from your Treasurehouse the limitless supply of money & all else required, anything you require in the service of the Light! Remember, beloved ones, the Presence of Life does not limit you! Oh my dear ones, how firm you must be against human suggestions. Human suggestions will remain as long as mankind remain in imperfection. Do you not see that?

As I myself AM charged into your world, be careful what you do, for remember from tonight you are a part of Me, so be careful! You would not do anything after tonight that I would not do because you are a part of Me.

Oh my dear ones, joy is the great motor of life, & when you make your application let that great happiness release with great firm realization that your application could not fail because it is the power of Life, the power of Light acting at your call flooding & controlling you completely.

Here in the city are groups of people--I could point them out & give you their names--who are holding sessions twice a day to throw a force of disturbance into this coming class. The foolish creatures! Oh that they might realize what that energy could do if turned to draw forth perfection to themselves! I repeat to you again: there are no longer left feeders of destructive energy which were the black magicians in your America. When the destructively qualified energy in the atmosphere of Earth is completely consumed, we have only the discarnate entities to clear from the Earth. One day mankind can live in a charmed world of beauty & perfection. Then will the desire world of individuals cease to act with discordant suggestions, discordant feelings! Then in the great peace which will rest upon mankind will they find that Peace which passeth understanding.

 "Well, why don't the cosmic beings act independently?" Because it is not their business! You have got yourselves into these conditions & you have got to get yourselves out! That is why this magnificent Understanding was brought forth, so mankind might feel the necessity of giving the calls to Life to be released from the conditions into which they have drawn themselves. Don't forget this, beloved ones: there never will come a time in the unascended state when mankind does not need to make this call for greater perfection. Human beings never in eternity would free themselves without the call to Life & the great beings of Light because they have not the strength & courage! The energy of mankind has been wasted to the extent that they have not the courage of their own volition. Only today by the assistance of the ascended host has that been given. I say to you tonight, I AM your friend! I thank you.

Mighty Victory, Los Angeles, 1-12-39

When your attention is upon a discordant quality, whether it is in an individual, a condition, your government, your city or whatever it is, if you allow your minds & feelings to revolve on that point you will charge that quality into your own feeling world & it has to outpicture as sure as you were born (unless one applies the violet transmuting flame to it to consume it). Remember, just pour the mighty power of lightrays into conditions needing correction, but do not be discordant & do not feel angry, critical or condemnatory to individuals who may be lending themselves to wrong activity! Your feeling must go forth in order to do this & don't you see, if it goes forth with a kindly feeling it releases the full power of the Light in its purity & perfection to go forth with its almighty power to render the service.

As you allow Me to charge my power & full feeling of victory into your application, & as that goes forth & widens its activity into your complete achievement, you will find much greater & quicker results, & that is what we want you to have. No one is condemned for making a mistake, but he would be condemned if he did not try to correct it & get out of it--I mean he would condemn himself (thereby).

Just get that strength & determination in your feelings & let Me anchor it there! I urge you again tonight, my dear ones, please do not keep up your decrees too long. If you begin to feel tired or exhausted, just stop & take up your decrees again later. You see, it is not in the matter of repetition in the decrees but the power of energy you put into them. I quite understand that these things comea bout with a great intense desire to release more power & energy for the great ones to use to accomplish these things.

Well, since you all ran away from Home so long ago, now isn't it encouraging when we see you coming Home! (applause) The glorious thing about it is you don't have to worry about transportation. (applause) Oh that glorious glorious call, beloved ones: "Mighty I AM Presence, give that to the beloved ones as a glad free gift of Love." It is a wonderful thing! Do you not see when you serve the Light you must know it is only a short way until your very service to that Light compels the Light to turn & begin to serve you? Oh my dear ones, don't think you are forgotten or passed by for a single moment by the Presence of Life.

I want tonight to impress upon you so much that as the vanguard of the Light you must be the example to the rest of the world. Let us just be perfectly still. Just let that great perfecting radiance flow thru your bodies & your feeling worlds & remember that under you is the violet consuming flame into which all imperfection is drawn. (silence) It is lovely, so beautiful! Now then, feel the replacing of that by the ascended masters' substance of Light charged thru your Higher Mental Body into your physical body, into your feeling world & activity to hold its mighty dominion there for the power of your application, for the power of your courage & strength & for the power of your Treasurehouse of money supply you require--& always ten times more on hand than you require for immediate use. (silence) Splendid! Thank you with all my heart. I think perhaps you have come to notice that when we or the Messengers call your attention to that great stillness, it is the signal for the almighty action of the inner power, & it is so far-reaching.

Just silently make that call: Mighty I AM Presence, charge me with your perfect health & sustain it! (3x) Then as you use that daily you will absolutely prevent thru suggestion or contact in the feeling world any condition beginning to act in your world in the future which would cause you disturbance. That is why, beloved ones, as you stand guard over simple activities they become majestically all-powerful in their action. That is why these things are built & built in your world.

I thank you & love you & bless you forever, & I bring to you the greetings, love & blessings of the great host of Light who are ministering to this I AM Activity! There are those in the audience tonight who have wished to do a definitely powerful work & the great host have focused their mighty mighty power to bless you! In your full acceptance of their outpouring will you see its outpicturing. Remember, Victory is your friend! (applause)

Mighty Victory, 3-20-39, Denver

Today in your reawakening into that great perfection of Life let not a day pass that you do not return sincere gratitude to Life! These bodies are just the garment you are wearing & you have often cast them aside & built new ones. Now you are approaching the time when the Presence of Life which has provided the eternal body of Light for you says, "Return, my children, & enter into the kingdom eternal! Enter into the body of the eternal Light & wander no more in the maze of human creation & limitation." You are returning, beloved ones, into that eternal freedom once again, this time never to recede, never to forget--& what a goal!

Say to your vision: "behold only the perfection of Life!" You are in a position to command your feeling to accept nothing but the perfection of the Mighty I AM Presence in action. You are in a position to say to your power of attention, "stay here where perfection of Life is" until you have drawn t in its fullness into these forms & set them free. then you are acting in the magnificent commanding harmony & splendor of Life & you will have it manifest here!

We have the records, of course, of all who in each century won the victory of Life, the victory over self, & it is amazing how small was the number. Now today the victory in numbers will be so stupendous in comparison even with the past century. Do you see all that this means? It is the step-up of every condition of the energy of Earth & its atmosphere, of mankind & all conditions, & thru that step-up & intensification there will come the purification, release & dissolving of all humanly discordant substance in the Earth.

I thank you, I love you & I bless you, beloved children of the Light? May the fullness of the great ones endeavoring to assist you by releasing into your feeling world their qualities help you to gain in one or two years what might mean a lifetime of tremendous effort otherwise. Take advantage of it, my dear ones. Ladies & gentlmen, take advantage of this magnificent opportunity which is offered you but don't think of it idly! You could go forward in such a short time into the victory until suddenly you would behold your I AM Presence in its magnificent splendor. Its radiance thru the Higher Mental Body would enfold you! Then your struggles would be over! Mankind is nearing this state! Therefore, take advantage of it & have the eternal blessing, happiness & limitless supply which Life is holding for you, to release at any moment into your world when it finds sufficient harmony there. I thank you & bless you forever.

Mighty Victory, NYC, 5-7-39

I say to you, the power of Light is your freedom & only when you know its source can you draw it forth. when you have gained the understanding, when you have gained the application then sometime you must be made to stand upon your own feet & in your call to the I AM Presence draw It forth!

Beloved ones, the people are listening & are hearing this great truth! You will find if you will stand your groups on their feet, if you wish to expand this transcription work or whatever else you wish to do, & give your decrees for it, the powers of the Presence will provide. Know this & be certain! Do you think when you realize all the money that is wasted upon your Earth your call to Life will not set into action the power & authority of Life to render this service as the savior of mankind? Everyone in America will one day want to bless his or her fellowman by expanding this Light, & do not forget it, my dear people! Do not be impatient, beloved I AM students of the Light. You are gaining a momentum & power & one day you will be so greatly surprised when you see begin to move into action the answers to your calls with a speed & power which would today seem incredible to you.

Intellectual knowledge is of short duration but the wisdom of Life is eternal. The wisdom of Life is the savior of mankind, & every man has got to be his own savior by calling to the I AM Presence of Life & undoing all the mistakes he has made! to have them dissolved & consumed is the only way he can be saved from his own creation. The word "soul" is not synonymous with God, as many have so interpreted it! Soul is the creation of man (his solar energies), oft discordant! God is the I AM your Mighty Presence of Life. How do you suppose, ladies & gentlemen, that in Egypt & those ancient places such distortion came about in the gods which were created? Because some of their priests had once seen this I AM Presence of Life, God Individualized, then because of their lack of obedience had lost the vision of It! They returned into their own human creation & when they were no longer able to find that I AM Presence or see It, they turned & created their own gods to deceive mankind--which they did! That was the downfall of Egypt & everyone else who attempts it! So I say to You, beloved students, never pretend to be what You are not! Never swear your loyalty to the Light & the Messengers until You are sure of Yourself because if You do one day You have got to fulfill it & You may have to fulfill it under the most tragic circumstances!

Do not deny that I AM the being I say I AM & do not say it is the Messenger making up these words! I came here to bless your Earth & I shall do it! Sanat Kumara who four & a half million years ago came from Venus is the Guardian of your people & their Savior! why do you suppose all this is coming about? By his decree! I AM the leader of the second group which has come from Venus to assist the Earth. I charge you, don't one of you go forth from this room & say that is not true! If you do I will follow you up & prove it to you! I mean that! This doubt, unbelief & falsehood of mankind, I tell you, shall cease! Beloved ones, remember, it is the only way mankind can have their freedom. Mankind have got to be honest with each other, honest with Life & stop their "everlasting" doubt, criticism & condemnation of that which they do not understand! We are really the Guardians of mankind, so I warn you from this day henceforth do not let anybody go forth & say that I AM not what I say I AM! This thing is going down in mankind! It has got to do it for them to be spared!

So do not be ashamed to come to the classes of the Messengers. One day you would seek thruout the Earth to get there! & you who are so loyal & wonderful, remember your love, your gratitude become the almighty guarding presence of your beloved Messengers who give their all & ask nothing for themselves. Therefore we rejoice to see the shell of New York broken! This I AM Activity will expand & all falsehood in New York concerning this mighty Light shall cease to be! Remember the opportunity which is before you! This Law of Life is before you! I once invited the beloved students into my garden. Do you think that means just a place of beautiful shrubbery? Oh no, that means a place of the jewels of perfection in the attainment of Life, which you may observe while your bodies sleep! So you may come to Me & see for yourselves & if you so decree it retain the memory on your return. Then tell Me on your return whether I AM real or not! I offer you the opportunity!

The world is returning, beloved ones, to the glory of God & in that glory has found its scepter, the Words "I AM". Now wonder individuals now & then sought the world over for the explanation of those two Words, but when they did attain the explanation they were no longer of the world & mankind soon saw them no more! Notice your beloved Messengers came to know the power of those Words & chose to remain here & assist you. Do you not think it is time for them to no longer battle with mankind to carry to them the truth? mnation of that which they do not understand! We are really the Guardians of mankind, so I warn you from this day henceforth do not let anybody go forth & say that I AM not what I say I AM! This thing is going down in mankind! It has got to do it for them to be spared!

So do not be ashamed to come to the classes of the Messengers. One day you would seek thruout the Earth to get there! & you who are so loyal & wonderful, remember your love, your gratitude become the almighty guarding presence of your beloved Messengers who give their all & ask nothing for themselves. Therefore we rejoice to see the shell of New York broken! This I AM Activity will expand & all falsehood in New York concerning this mighty Light shall cease to be! Remember the opportunity which is before you! This Law of Life is before you! I once invited the beloved students into my garden. Do you think that means just a place of beautiful shrubbery? Oh no, that means a place of the jewels of perfection in the attainment of Life, which you may observe while your bodies sleep! So you may come to Me & see for yourselves & if you so decree it retain the memory on your return. Then tell Me on your return whether I AM real or not! I offer you the opportunity!

The world is returning, beloved ones, to the glory of God & in that glory has found its scepter, the Words "I AM". Now wonder individuals now & then sought the world over for the explanation of those two Words, but when they did attain the explanation they were no longer of the world & mankind soon saw them no more! Notice your beloved Messengers came to know the power of those Words & chose to remain here & assist you. Do you not think it is time for them to no longer battle with mankind to carry to them the truth? Do you not think it is time that is finished? I think so & if you will observe, you will see with Me that is quite right!

In the happiness of Life is the great power & victory! In the great joy, ecstasy & enthusiasm of your acceptance of Life there comes the great outpouring! If you question my reality you cannot have my substance because I won't let you have it! You know it is mine! In all the money which you use in the future would you ask the wisdom of Life to direct its use? But after tonight you will have to do what the wisdom of your Life wants you to do, I assure you! Do you think that is coercion? Oh no, but it is just making you acquainted with your Life, giving your Life the authority. Isn't that quite right? Isn't that divine order & divine justice to give your Life the authority in & thru & over these bodies?

"How are we to keep our attention where it belongs?" Shall I tell you the very simple secret of it? Every time your attention starts to wander off on to something undesirable, begin to pour out divine love & blessing to everything, & you will see how quickly it stops its action, how quick your attention returns where it belongs because that is the power of your I AM Presence. Sackcloth & ashes, that is what the things of the outer world are without wisdom directing. I thank you.

Victory: Oakland, CA, 8-16-1939

I greet you in the name of Life, in the power of Light & in the authority of my Victory!

"Well, what could we mortals do for a great perfect being?" Your great love & gratitude pouring forth to us for an achievement, for your blessing, must bring a result. Therefore it is an intensification of the natural light which the student body express. No matter how humble your position you can make the call to the Presence of Life quite as well as anyone else, & your Higher Mental Body & your Mighty I AM Presence are just as perfect & powerful as anyone else's. Oh for the day that humanity as individuals realize that!

Go right on with your mighty I AM decrees & calls & one day your every heart's desire must be fulfilled! Life wants it to be! May I make clear tonight what happens with a goodly number? Every time you call to your Presence the Mighty I AM a greater power of light & energy surges into your body & feeling world. Then if you continue to let human feelings & desires charge into that greater energy which you bring forth you create conditions for yourself which are 10, 20, 50 times more difficult to handle. Dear ones, when your beloved St. Germain so lovingly asks something of you & you refuse to give obedience or rebel against it, it is dangerous in the extreme. One day if continued it would throw you out of the Light entirely.

If you would be interested I do not mind explaining to you. while the Messenger has around him his own Tube of Light, yet my Tube of Light always supersedes his during the time I AM talking to you! Now then, if he has been having irritable disturbed feelings before I did this he would be subject to the power which I wield in my Tube of Light & its intensification. Therefore do you not see that unless his feeling world was at perfect peace & he held the harmony, I would not dare drop my Tube of Light about him while I AM talking to you because I would intensify any quality too much?

We are the ones giving this I AM Knowledge, this great wisdom, & everyone should be interested in it since it is the Law of everyone's Life! It is the same Law by which we attained our freedom.

Mankind cannot have something for nothing! Every human being in America must earn what comes to each one. My dear ones, this I AM Light, this I AM call which sets into operation the activities of love, wisdom, power & light directed by the Higher Mental Body of every person in America is the only remedy in the world which can come & be permanent! If blessed mankind today only understood this every person in America would rush to understand & apply this great Law of the I AM! Then their mighty freedom would come so quickly because the more who join in this great call to Light the more powerful is the momentum for America as well as you individually!

Do you know how the dictators, not the nations of the world, get a nation into war? They drive them to a given point where everything fierce within them begins to assert itself & then they turn on the war.

My dear people, please o please o please understand what irritation does in your feeling world, no matter on Earth what is the cause! It opens you broadside to all destructive forces! Dear ones, how wonderful it is to assert--notice, dear people--to assert Self-control which is God-control & dominion over all things touching your worlds & how easily, readily & quickly each one may do this by calling to the Higher Mental Body to govern all. Please accept all that I have been permitted to do for the blessing & assistance which has come. Thank you so much.