The Great Divine Director 1930's Guy Ballard

A Transylvanian Master - Master Rakoczy - The Great Divine Director

Not far from the oak the acorn falls. "I AM the majestic Presence, I AM the conquering power, I AM thy mighty energy, thy consuming flame each hour. I AM the power that makes all things clear.

"I bring greetings to you all from the heart of the creative fire. The creative fire that I AM is the flame of God, his master Presence anchored in the heart of everyone of God's children. While is some it is but a spark, yet with the right touch that spark can be fanned into a creative fire and consuming flame." -Saint Germain at the Ballard home in Chicago on 10-13-1932.

St. Germain's master, the Great Divine Director, Los Angeles, 1-10-1937:

I tell you, We are entering into a greater activity than you have ever known and that is why I call your attention to these certain expressions which We shall use in the future, to give you a greater conviction and quicken into action the qualities which We have anchored within your feeling world to produce harmony and perfection for you. That light will ere long be strong enough in its own radiance as it goes forth to repel every discordant thing which attempts to touch your world. Will you please accept it as a powerful activity from tonight, acting within your world, your body, your mental activity?

I give my gratitude to you--the light having expanded thru you--for being able to accept and apply this Knowledge which We are as anxious for you to have as you could possibly be to have it. Is that not a good combination? I should say a perfect combination. You are entering, or have entered, into definite law and it acts, precious ones, according to your feeling to your associates! It is no one's fault but yours if you do not hold your associates about you, for only as mankind pours forth ascended master love and kindliness do people love to be in the individual's atmosphere. Therefore, precious ones, will you arouse yourselves into the fullest acknowledgment of your I AM Presence?

Dear ones, all of you have been chosen not only by your Mighty I AM Presence but by the host of ascended masters to be the vanguard of this great perfection which is coming swiftly into the world of manifestation of mankind. Notice I say swiftly. You will one day come to know what it has meant in the provision having been made--this good Messenger being enabled to receive our dictations in this manner. It means wonderful things to you. The use of the violet consuming flame to set you free from your human creation is the only means in the world by which it can be done (since mercy, forgiveness and transmutation are required), and the need of charging your mind and body with the perfection of the Presence is imperative. The Messengers have been compelled to prove this truth in their own lives and they do it every day.

You know you cannot accomplish anything with a half wishy-washy way of doing it! Don't be afraid of getting too familiar with your Presence, don't feel you have to bow and scrape before it. Just with the fullness of joy acknowledge and say "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, here I am, a projection of Thyself! Glorify Thyself in me in the projection of thy wondrous perfection and mighty directing intelligence! Cause this body to glow with thy perfect health and strength. Cause this mind and body to glow with the fullness of thy health and energy, with thy light substance called forth from the Love Star which cannot be requalified by human feeling. Charge me, my mind, body and world with the fullness of thy light substance and cause the intelligence which Thou art, o Mighty I AM Presence, to sweep into action in my world and produce thy perfection and hold thy dominion there."

Be strong, be firm and practical in the application of these great laws, that is what you should be! We are your Elder Brothers and Sisters who have attained just a little ahead of you--just harmonize yourselves and hold that harmony until We can help you win your victory.

We call the great light substance forth tonight to enfold each one of you as your individual requirements may indicate, to hold that light substance active about you, supplying the courage, happiness, strength and releasing the supply of all required for your happiness and comfort, all that is necessary for your service to the light!

I say again to you, precious ones, I thank you for making the call and giving the decrees! Please continue it and you can and shall have your own home of light in which you may meet! Don't let your human have anything to say after your decreeing. It is a universal law, no one's opinion! I say to you tonight, if you will stand with Us, We will stand with you! That is a fair contract! Accept the full glory of your beloved Mighty I AM Presence now, amplified by the great host of ascended masters and the law which They apply to your assistance! Go forth with a happy heart, with a courage and confidence born of your Mighty I AM Presence. Then leave the rest, as you issue your decree, with the wisdom of your Presence to be fulfilled, to be glorified in the time in which it sees fit to produce the manifestation, and you will have in your world that which will make your happiness complete! I thank you.

GDD, Dallas, Texas, 3-2-37:
Will you be so kind as to accept those qualities which I have anchored within your feeling world for constant use? One of those qualities is the ability for greater self-control and mastery of your feeling world. To do this will mean freedom to you! Beginning in San Francisco (see next dictation) the great outpouring of the cosmic light has made it possible for certain things to be done for mankind.

There is only one way, beloved ones, by which you can gain the mastery of yourself, your world and substance. That is by constantly trying, until you have called your Mighty I AM Presence into action with sufficient power, to still your human thought and compel it to be obedient to the law of your Presence which is harmony. Thus your Presence enables your call to be answered with a sufficient volume of energy governed by its intelligence to produce that which you require.

So tonight you have entered into a new world, the world of your Mighty I AM Presence. The great wise beings are those who know every struggle, every sorrow, everything anyone of you experiences. One day We shall tell you the full meaning of the word America. Those who have willingly chosen to serve the shadow will one day know the power of the Goddess of Liberty's radiation which even now is saturating the Earth!

Precious ones, beloved of the light, never again let a single thought or feeling enter your world but praise of your Mighty I AM Presence which gives you life. In eternal gratitude to life speak it before the world! Life alone pours to you its eternal everlasting perfection! All form in the universe is composed of the one substance, the universal substance of electronic light which of itself is wholly perfect. The truth of life is easy and sure, easy of achievement with the great assistance which is being given. How little you know how many times in 24 hours you who have been drawn under this mighty radiation of St. Germain are given protection and assistance.

I ask you, precious children of the light, to stand guard over your world and if anything or any person attempts to belittle St. Germain's activity, take your cue at once and be absent! If you care to do this, then the pathway is open! The privilege is yours, the power is yours, the authority is yours! I invite you to step thru! In the eternal love of your Mighty I AM Presence and my mantle of love, We enfold you unto your freedom and ascension! In the fullness of your mastery and self-control may it be quickly achieved. I thank you.

GDD, San Francisco, 2-13-37:

A little less powerful service is being rendered for you than there was to the children--Rex, Bob, Nada & Pearl--and this good brother who came to Me in India. To the degree that you can accept this help and keep your feeling world harmonized will you see the outpicturing of those qualities more quickly, not only in producing perfect health in your body and more quickly solving the problems before you, but in quickly rising into that state of consciousness where you no longer consider problems. In calling your beloved Mighty I AM Presence into action you not only solve the apparent ones but it keeps you above all problems. That is your victory, that is the achievement for which you have come into embodiment. You may accomplish your victory today thru the use of the violet consuming flame by calling your Mighty I AM Presence into action to pass it from your feet up, a dazzling radiance like a blowtorch consuming everything discordant which you have drawn about you thru the centuries. Those who refuse will go on and spend many embodiments before they have this opportunity again. There is only one thing in all this world of man which will not allow anyone on the face of this earth to accept the Mighty I AM Presence and that is the accumulated stubbornness of the human mind and feeling, the outer activity of it!

Truly the Messengers in their kindliness, love and humbleness have carried this message with almost the strength and courage of an ascended being! Stand solely by your Mighty I AM Presence. Adjust yourselves, harmonize yourselves and unite in a great activity! Be blessed with the great blessing which will be released!

Out of the glory of the great cosmic light We call its mighty intelligence to descend into the Earth, take command of America, the people and its government, sweep into every activity, into all official places, so all may feel and quickly enter into that great loving harmony of God--where all is filled with only the light of God, the great cosmic light!

First quicken the desire in the heart which is surging in the hearts of all mankind today. Then quickly release the great Knowledge of this Mighty I AM Presence in its great current of energy which quickens the light within their hearts at its touch! Flow, o Mighty I AM Presence, into the heart, mind and body of all mankind and assert Thyself! Take thy command! Go forth in thy mighty conquering Presence and fill the Earth with thy mighty glory! Such is our decree for you, o beloved ones, and all mankind! My love enfolds you always into your freedom and ascension.

GDD, New York City, 4-21-37:

Children of the light of the one great Father, the Mighty I AM Presence! How fortunate you are after long long centuries of your pilgrimage upon Earth in various embodiments similar to this, always reaching out thru the heart. As you come to know that your Presence is above you, then giving it your attention it brings into your outer world of activity the power of your Presence, whose anchorage in the octave of man is in your physical heart. Will you be kind enough, precious ones, to hold that thought tonight while I AM dictating to you and feel it earnestly because it is my desire to do a definite work while these words are being voiced to you.

Saint Germain, after working for so many centuries for mankind, determined to try to awaken people again. In our discussions We had to decide what was the most powerful means by which this assistance could be given mankind. I said to Him: I AM willing to try with You and make a final effort to release the light within enough of mankind so the people may have the blessings which it holds for them! I tell you, never in the history of the Earth has there been such tremendous release of light and energy to bless mankind as is coming forth at this time. We are not compelling mankind to accept and use this, but We can and do give it forth with greater and greater release of power and energy as the students' attention to their Mighty I AM Presence prepares them for it.

While the Messengers are here with you We shall endeavor to make this absolutely clear in every detail; all those who want to may have the clearness, understanding and power released within them of the application which will set them free during this class. We have no desire to intrude anything on anyone, but precious ones, there must be tremendous power in this light being released thru these beloved Messengers when there is such furious opposition to them as there is today! They have never asked anything of anyone except to love his or her own Mighty I AM Presence and harmonize himself or herself! They have never given forth anything but love, kindness and harmony! Dear hearts, it is the great cosmic light which these unfortunate individuals are facing, not the Ballards!

After the Messengers returned from Honolulu last summer their work so far as their requirements in this activity were concerned was finished. St. Germain came to them in his tangible body and said "Now you are free! If you wish to do so, you do not have to go on and battle farther in this." And they said "Our joy is to serve. If we can be of further service, then we are ready to continue on until enough of mankind understand their own Mighty I AM Presence to hold the balance for mankind and set the rest of them free." This Understanding will set mankind free as nothing else will do! We never coerce because mankind must come in by its own free will. If harmony is maintained, how do you know how soon the Messengers may come again! You will notice, precious ones, whenever the Messengers have been able to reach cities twice a year, harmony and marvelous activity have been maintained. Let us all join like one mighty wall of light, all students in New York, in one great loving harmonious accord, for the mighty imperative need for the protection of America.

Beloved ones, you cannot imagine and I shall not attempt to voice to you what stands before you to be conquered in the protection of America. If mankind will not listen, then experience must be the teacher and you know experience is a terrific teacher, is it not? The choice is with mankind today! The Great Cyclic Law will not wait! It is sweeping into action! Now remember, We are speaking heart to heart tonight. We insist if you will stand with Us you shall not fail, not one! We want you to be free but We cannot do this for you!

Won't you accept my humble efforts here thruout New York and never let a moment's discord touch you or your world again? Pour out love and blessings to all mankind--o, no matter what their mistakes have been! Who shall judge what mistake is greater than another? Won't you take that attitude and just let the power of the Presence pour forth its mighty activities of the ascended masters' divine love? Call them into action without limit! The Presence does not limit you, don't you see that? Remember, beloved ones, and I say this will all earnestness, you now become the guardians of the light in New York!

This light is true! The Instruction which beloved St. Germain has brought forth is true! The experiences of this good brother are true! And there is not a single discrepancy in those (two) books, not one! But no one can see the truth whose feeling world is filled with viciousness and unkindness! Love, the ascended masters' divine love, is the open door to the fullness of this truth! Each one must call forth the ascended masters' love from the Presence to take command of his or her mind and body and hold its dominion!

So tonight my joy is boundless, o beloved ones, for having the privilege of rendering this service to you. The most tangible things on the face of this earth or anywhere else today are those rays of light going forth from my heart into yours! Make no mistake! And I AM not a disembodied spirit, make no mistake about that either! Beloved St. Germain, Jesus and Kuthumi were trained by Myself in this identical Understanding of the Mighty I AM Presence which beloved St. Germain has given to you, even to the exact wording and the application.

Remember, beloved ones, in your attention to your Presence you are automatically releasing tremendously greater energy than you did before you knew you had an I AM Presence. That is why We plead with you, precious precious hearts, to hold firm in your feeling because as this greater energy comes forth thru you and into your world, if you continue to charge it with discord, don't you see it becomes tremendously more destructive? Don't care what the other person is doing. Your part is to harmonize, beautify and perfect your own world in your call to the Presence, and let every other one take care of his own world, except to call the Mighty I AM Presence to bless all mankind--and that is the greatest thing you can do!

Unless sufficient harmony can be established in New York this time, We cannot come again. Until We meet in our octave where We dwell, remember, as you go forth from this room tonight you are a part of Myself! Don't make any mistake about that! My ray of light has gone forth and anchored in each one of your hearts! Will you accept that and keep yourself reminded of it? Therefore, when I say to you the great power of my love is anchored within your heart, I mean it literally, physically, as well as divinely!

On the 7th of July (1937) will come a mighty flow and impulse of that great cosmic light into the Earth! Only by enough calls from the sincere students of the I AM in America can the last episode of Washington's Vision be prevented. In that episode you will notice the great being states "that a dark angel in the center of the Atlantic" was the one who seemed to be the instigator of that activity which acted in what followed. In the place or position of that being a pillar of light was placed last Sunday morning in the center of the Atlantic, which will remain and do its perfect work! Ask your Presence to silence your human forever, to hold it bound and in obedience to the great law of life! Let the power of your Presence flood your world to alone act in your world, keeping it free from human qualifications of any kind.

I call that light then to take its command, to hold its dominion and to produce its perfection in you and your world! Then will be your opportunity to explain to those drawn to your light the Knowledge of the Presence and the Chart of the Presence which gives them an eye-picture and is a powerful means of their quickly entering into the full consciousness of their Presence and the perfection which it will bring forth thru them. It is not a matter of can it or will it do so, but it does do so! The light of your being, the light of the Mighty I AM Presence is compelled to go forth as you understand and harmonize your feeling enough and stop the misqualification of that mighty pure perfect energy which stands ever ready and waiting to flood you and your world with its glory and freedom from all limitation! Then you arise into your ascension!

GDD, New York City, 5-4-1937:

Can you with Me comprehend for a few moments the light from which you came? Out of that great fire-breath of God came you individualization. Contemplate with Me this mighty reality and no longer feel yourselves separate from that great light which gives you life! That is your life, your intelligence and power! We who know so well the great freedom which comes alone from the light, We who have it, because We have it We know you can too! Will you not enter into our open door thru which beloved St. Germain has invited you to come and no longer dwell upon the fragments of human creations? Can you bear it, o beloved children, to face the truth and know the fragments of life which you are ordinarily using are but the farthest outer covering of the light which is your perfection--into which you may enter if you will in the acknowledgment of your Presence which is all-wise, all-powerful and whose light fills the Earth?

It seems to Me all, everyone in your city, should be willing to accept our assistance and cooperate with it to the fullness of all it means to you. Great, great is your privilege in giving this assistance to America and the world! Glorify yourselves as you feel the transcendent privilege which is yours! Mankind just lost the way and now is finding it again in our home of eternal perfection, the Mighty I AM.

The love of the entire ascended host, the great cosmic beings, the divinities of the mountains and the angelic host pour forth to you now and will continue to do so for your strength, encouragement and your victory! Feel and accept its fullness! I glorify you in my love and light! My strength and courage are your scepter! Stand forth! Stand forth! My victory is yours! Claim it, feel it and then find its full expression in your life and world! While the Messengers' physical forms are absent from your city never forget for a day the glory of your victory now! Then when they return let the fullness of it find expression in holding your city in the glory of that light which knows no shadow and never fails in action! You are that light, the guardians of that light! Claim its fullness and abide therein! Your victory is certain because I AM the victory of every child of Earth! In fondest love We enfold you, o beloved children of the light.

GDD, Philadelphia, 5-23-37:

I say to you tonight, every one of you has the power to release yourself at once if you will! I say to you, assert your dominion! No longer need mankind remain in chains of their own forging! Only as the people refuse to accept, apply and continue to apply until the results are there may they be deprived of freedom. You are beings of light! Do not allow yourselves to linger longer in the world of human creations!

On your beloved Venus, whose assistance has so long come to the Earth, They know what peace and harmony mean. They live in the glory of its infinite expression naturally. So you of Earth shall come to know--notice--your dominion in the acceptance of your Mighty I AM Presence. I say to you, one day the Goddess of Liberty shall stand in the midst of mankind visible to all! Thus the Earth will know what harmony means. I say to you now: be firm! be firm! be firm!

Become serene! I say to you, doubts and fears no longer have power to hold or bind you. You are given the opportunity in this class to stand firm with your Presence and no longer experience your lesser creations. In this 10 days sufficient has been dissolved in the world of everyone of you to let you go free in the full power of your application and freedom from today on. Do not yield longer to the appearance world as having power. You must be determined for you freedom! You must be determined in saying to all human appearances: you have no power! Think, o beloved ones, there have been those among the children of Earth who were strong enough to stand against the impact of human destructive creation and carry forth a light in the world though some of mankind hate them. It is only the ignorance of mankind which hates them thru the lack of understanding.

Do you not see in any kindness of feeling, any goodwill to all, in calling consciously the love of your Presence to bless all, you are then acting on the side of infinite power, but to become irritated means you are acting on the side of human creation which has no power?

O that you might feel when I speak these words that they are law to you in your world to the degree that you can accept it! I AM speaking these words tonight and calling the cosmic law to act in your world and the world of every I AM student in America and throughout the world, even through the mental and feeling world of those who are not here. In the infinite power of light I clothe you! In the infinite power of divine love I direct you! In the infinite power of my strength I sustain you! In the infinite power of my courage I charge you and your feeling world with such serenity, courage and infinite patience that things which once disturbed you now you may laugh at and say "begone!" Will you enter into my infinite love? Try to accept this which I offer! It is real, mighty, infinite! May all blessed students who through falsehood and gossip, to which some people have listened and turned aside from this great stream of life, again enter it and undo any mistakes which they have made. I thank you.

GDD, Detroit, 6-7-37:

I congratulate you, o beloved students of Detroit and elsewhere that you have been so privileged as to be interested and feel the great reality which it (St. Germain's program) is. It has been my privilege to render you a service which will last thruout the centuries. Will you kindly accept it so the fullness of its ever-increasing expanding activity may take place within you and your world? Your world should be very important to you, very essential, for it must become a world of light or of darkness.

I have called the angels of the sword of blue flame to sweep thru your city, as in New York, every eight hours to not only cleanse and purify the atmosphere generated by man's unfortunate feeling, but to seize and bind all entities who are fostering inharmony in any way among mankind. Enter in by the command of your feeling world! Cause it to be still! Maintain harmony, and the light of your Presence at your call will flood your mind, being and world, and you will know what it means to worship God in reality. Let no one longer say "I can't." When the individual says "I can't" it means I do not want to. Whether you know it or not, if your success has been great it is because there was enough stillness within your feeling world and enough silent recognition of God which enabled the power of the Presence to release its energy into your world of activity.

Do you know, beloved ones, why great industries have been formed thru one individual? Why the great law enabled it to be done? Because there could not be brought together five people who would harmonize long enough to allow a great achievement for permanent constructive accomplishment. Remember, the advance of life has nothing to do with individual personality! I say to all the beloved I AM students thruout America and the world: you who have had the courage to stand fearless in the acknowledgment of your Presence, to issue these decrees and give forth your life to the assistance of America and the world--will one day reap the reward which will be eternal.

Why do I wish to establish a center here and in New York? Why do We wish to establish a certain definite center of activity at certain points in the United States? Because a great pillar of light can be drawn which will pour out its radiance and will one day become the Unfed Flame! That flame will pour its radiance for hundreds of miles and enable mankind to enter into the glory and freedom which is each one's birthright, although so many have wholly forgotten that birthright! All other means have been tried and everything has failed because mankind did not know the Mighty I AM Presence which is the only sustaining power there is.

My heart enfolds you, my light clothes you, my energy will sustain you, and the intelligence of your Mighty I AM Presence called into action will direct you unerringly in the perfect service which you should render. Call it into action and if assistance be required, then We stand ready to give that assistance. No longer give way to limitations, beloved ones! Enter now the gates of freedom and close them behind you--your world of limitations--so you may not look back upon that world of your own creation which has held you bound so long. I thank you.

GDD, private Chicago dictation, 6-19-37:

If everyone would only follow those inner promptings, you would be able to hold to the light, but individuals allow their attention to outer things that make them waiver, wonder, question or doubt, when they are actually having these inner promptings all the time, some days not having them quite so strong as others. Now mark you, dear ones, please notice this! Everywhere that quality of the ascended masters' divine love is released, it becomes a cohesive quality and activity which keeps drawing more and more to itself! You have noticed the moment some discord comes in how the dissolving disintegrating process starts and people withdraw.

You think you love each other, but how can you know what love really is until you really know the love which has infinite patience with the mistakes of mankind? Remember, the victory of life is not complicated! It is so simple, most of its great qualities, being simple they are believed to be untrue. How much more quickly will the full active power of your Presence come if you refuse to accept or listen to destructive qualities of any kind. Please be reminded again tonight, there is no battle in the achievement of the Presence. You call its light forth thru your mind and body into your feeling world--the light knows no resistance nor interference! You shall hold your peace and the Presence will fight your battles. Therefore, "Mighty I AM Presence, You take command of this body now and bring it into your perfect symmetry"; then be at peace and rest about it. Say to every appearance in the outer world "You have no power! Mighty I AM Presence, You are the only presence, power and intelligence acting here. Take command, hold your dominion and produce your perfection."

The world is full of human opinions which are of no importance, but your attention to the Presence from which all perfection comes is of very great importance! May each of you ere long drink from the crystal cup. Will you give Me your assistance just for a few moments and serenely think of the qualities which you desire most quickly made manifest in your experience? Then send that desire to your Presence to have it established, sustained and all-powerfully active henceforth in your feeling world for constant use, forever sustained. (Silence)

I clothe you each one, o precious children of the light, in my mantle of light and love! In it are these qualities which you need for use. Just wear that mantle always for Me and let it do its perfect work for you! Why do you suppose St. Germain was known in Europe as "the man with the indigo cape"? Do you know that color is the exact color of the cosmic screen in the Royal Teton, and it was used for a certain purpose? Until you have a greater sense of freedom, you must feel the Presence dynamically active! May it have its full dominion now and forever sustained! I thank you.

GDD, Los Angeles, 7-11-37:

Once people understand and realize that thru the power of harmony within their beings they can cooperate with the great law to their eternal gratitude and blessing, then they will understand how great is their privilege in living in the present embodiment today. Today behold your reality! Behold the God Presence which gives you life. Only as you call to your Presence and eventually make the ascension can you be free from the wheel of birth and rebirth and the limitations of Earth. Today the law is given! The application is given! The scepter of power is placed within your hands--in the acknowledgment of your Presence! Will you accept it in a great calm gratitude? Feel it a sacred obligation and understanding! My work is always with the one goal, the ascension! It is your feeling world that must be governed to gain the victory! Don't ever say you have no time to adore your Presence! Remember, you have entered the race for Life, for without your victory you will remain in the shadows of human discord and destruction.

All energy which is released in your achievement must be a steady outpouring, not intermittent! You can do it! It is for you! Look not to the right nor left! Now this is a service being rendered, will you accept it as a sacred blessing to you? America is the cup of light to the Earth. We must first render this service and assistance to America, then this light expands and the rest of the world may be free!

Think of it, beloved ones! In the Far East there was the great Shamballa where the great masters from Venus, lords of the flame from Venus, came and established the City of White. It remained there for centuries upon an island They created for it, where They poured forth their radiance to mankind.

The Messengers have given their all, going forth dauntless and fearless before the destructive activity of mankind untouched by it, carrying this truth without rest or thought of it! It only means your determination to have Self-control and you will have it. We make few requests, but when We do it means everything in your lifestream! Remember this! Will you not join Me in my determination to help you to be free? To help you to self-mastery in every requirement which will give you your freedom? I ask you, I invite you to let Us help you! Can We do more? I think not! I AM the courage, I AM the strength, I AM the light within you which gives you the courage and mastery of your human self. I AM the full power of obedience within you to every requirement which makes for your freedom!

Do not ever say I am sick, I am broke, I am limited. Don't do it because then you qualify the power you are calling forth to produce that very quality and experience for you. If there is pain in the body say to that pain: "Be silent! Mighty I AM Presence, sweep out cause and effect of this." Then feel it do it, and you will be commanders of your bodies in no time! You have the assistance, now use it! In the infinite light of the Mighty I AM Presence, the great host of ascended masters and the great cosmic beings, We enfold you all in the fullness of their infinite light, its power, its activity, its love, its blessing! May our enfolding light cause you to feel only love and blessings pouring out from you forever!

GDD, San Francisco, 8-1-37:

Beloved children of the light, you have been taught much. This service being rendered to you which I began yesterday has not been tried for the children of Earth for more than two hundred thousand years. It is the first time in the history of the Earth that a cosmic being has really come in person to render the children of Earth such a service. Now We can more definitely plan our activity for the outward progress and the expansion of your light. Just have the kindly loving feeling of acceptance of all I AM doing for you. That is all I require to do the work.

Now the law of the light is, We may not use a destructive force, but We can do other things! We can use the constructive powers to govern the forces of darkness or destructive qualities and this We are preparing to do! Notice but for your St. Germain having brought you as students thus far, this would not have been possible. As He brought Bob, Rex, Nada, Pearl and those with them to the point where that service could be rendered, so has He brought you today, in less than three years, to this point. Individually please do not miss one day, and especially at night, saying to all human creation "In the name of my beloved Mighty I AM Presence and the power of the ascended masters I say to all human creation: you have no power! Mighty I AM Presence and great cosmic light: project thy mighty light rays in and thru the Earth, establishing thy currents thruout the Earth and cause all destructive qualities and activities there to cease to exist!" Then We will do the rest. Just as yet, remember, beloved ones, you are the vanguard of the light! Thru the transcriptions and the radio work which We are opening you will find the open doorway to the expansion of the light and the reaching of people which is necessary. It is imperative that the people have these books for constant use because the intellect does not retain enough from just hearing the Instruction! Don't let your intellect keep reaching out for various things, and guard the human self so it does not run away and feel wiser than We. How many of you can tell Me tonight, if you had or were required to render just two hours of service a day, would you actually give the remainder of the working eight hours to study and application for your freedom? I leave that to you!

Now then remember you are entering a new kingdom, the kingdom of light which is its own supply to the children of Earth! This is not idle talk! We have no time for such things--you are in this charged sacred chamber of light very much as if you were in the Cave of Light in India, only this building is not charged for centuries with the light where only perfection exists, as it is there. Pour out our ascended master divine love! Raise the loved one who has made mistakes into the arms of your Presence and forget all else! You will know such happiness! Can you actually believe my words when I say to you, there are 375 people in this room who could, if they would determine it and stand by it, make their ascension in this embodiment? That is true! I AM endeavoring in many ways to hold your consciousness into our mighty reality, which takes from you all doubts, all fears and the human sense of limitation. They do not belong there! They are not yours! It is all just an accretion. There are 50 people in this room who could say to any destructive force--STOP! and it would be compelled to stop! Remember, the light of your Presence which gives you life can assert the activity of the sword of blue flame! Let our light do its perfect work in and thru you and out into your world!

Remind yourselves no longer shall your attention be focused upon limiting destructive or disturbing things, or your life be fed into them to add to the world's unhappiness.

GDD, Seattle, 8-11-37:

Out of the glory of the light which is within your hearts I shall endeavor tonight to call forth into action in your world something of the powers of the light of which you have not yet become aware. You yet in the limited state are the unreality, because only in unreality does imperfection exist! O for that time which once existed before in America when everything came forth from the octave above, precipitated into the use of mankind, clothing, food and everything which was required. Does it seem far off today? Not nearly so far as you might think! As you are listening to these words, I AM charging into your feeling world our conviction.

It is because of the density of the vibratory action in the structure of your brain and body that people do not record the finer vibrations which would reveal to you these things ahead of you that you would so often like to know. By becoming still and calling to the Presence is the practical manner of governing your world, and that is what attainment means! It is what being still in the outer means. Sufficient obedience to the law of your life brings about the freedom and attunement of your brain structure wherein you can receive from your higher mental body the clear definite direction! Don't jump at any conclusion! Don't accept someone's communication claiming to be St. Germain; be sure it's him. Dear ones tonight, don't accept those things unless some very definite powerful proof has been given, because the sinister force which is discordant human creation, tries to hold its reign over mankind.

Now you will begin ascending into these planets in frequency above the Earth. Venus is your next one above the Earth on the upward trend.

There is not one student of the I AM who has been in this Understanding one year and is really in earnest who has not stepped up a receptivity of vibratory action of his or her brain--more than 50% in one year! It is absolutely true! The various habits of mankind which have made the brain structure dense must be discontinued. They are alcoholic beverages, narcotics and smoke. Another activity is the waste of sex energy which draws from the brain the illumining power which would cause it to vibrate more rapidly. Then, the density comes from meat and too much starch in the system.

Tonight in this most delightful hour may you feel the full release of all that is yours. I say to you, do not longer accept any limitation! The power of your Mighty I AM Presence take command of you and your world! Hold the person so calm and serene, joyful and filled with the great loving harmony and blessing that its energy flows forth just like a mighty river, performing its purifying service! Keep it flowing forth with its mighty directing intelligence which makes no mistakes. Mighty I AM Presence, tonight assert your dominion in every one! Glorify Yourself in your expression thru mankind without limit! To those in this room tonight for whom a special service can be rendered, see it is rendered in this hour! By the mighty directing intelligence, pour forth mighty intelligent direction and show them the way of life which the Presence is! Our love enfolds you always unto your freedom and ascension. Try to feel all of this great reality of freedom. Live in it! Be it! Then see how quickly it will come into the full power of expression forever sustained! I thank you.

GDD, Seattle, 8-15-37:

Since the twenty-first of July when the recent great release of the cosmic light struck the Earth I have been able to dissolve and consume another one-third of your own human creation for you! That means two-thirds of the human creation of all sincere students of the I AM thruout America and the world, accumulated thru centuries, has been dissolved and consumed for you! Beloved St. Germain told you your own human creation was ten times more pressure upon you than the atmospheric pressure of Earth. Why do I call your attention to this? Because of the power of your attention which gives you the realization, for I know you believe I tell you the truth. Let Me assure you, beloved ones, your attention is so powerful! Remind yourselves every morning when you awake--now what my attention is on I become! Where my attention is there I am! Your power of qualification (feeling), your attention and your physical eyesight-vision have a triple activity which if governed constructively will fill your world quickly with perfection of every description! So don't be foolish, dear ones! Do not let any excitement or fit of anger cause you to say unkind things, sometimes complete falsehoods! Because anger knows no discrimination! It cares about nothing except to destroy! We see! We have to see all of such unhappiness acting within mankind! It is like one impulse after another forming a momentum! It is why under the old order the students who went to the Retreat were held in absolute silence for from three to five years! They never were allowed to speak a word! That taught one obedience (to the higher self)! The light is before you! Use it, dear ones, and have the blessing and freedom which it brings. So today I have taken the opportunity to prompt you again not to do the things which bring destruction into your world. I thank you very much!

GDD, New Bedford, Mass., 9-18-37:

Beloved students of America! You thru discord have closed the door by giving power to the appearance world, which has not one ounce of power as far as you and your world are concerned except what is given it. Remember, you have three faculties within your being each one of which is all-powerful! Your attention, your visualization and your power of qualification! That which is invisible to you is the thing which plays the greatest havoc in your world and it is your power of qualification, because everything which comes into your world must come THRU YOU into your world of activity.

Remember, dear hearts, that stream of light and energy is not just a principle, but it holds within it the intelligence, power and action which everyone is using and requires in order to have action. It has been the mistake of all mankind to claim power unto the intellect of itself. Try to follow Me just a few moments in feeling what the power and release of our divine love means in your world! In every language used during every civilization from the beginning of mankind's appearance on Earth the words (concept) I AM are there. There are no two words in the vocabulary of man's experience which release the power those two words do. It is the power which sets the people free! Why? Because it is their own life! The seventh ray under which St. Germain is acting compels him to be the one to bring forth the freedom of mankind! America, being the crystal cup which is the freedom of the Earth, is compelled to be the focal point of that freedom to the world. It is the cosmic law which has made America, the Cup, to release the light of the future!

In India hundreds and thousands sit down in a posture and release themselves from the body and go out into samadhi, that exquisite realm, but what good is it doing? The need today is to bring perfection into man's octave where mankind has created the discord and produce perfection here! If you believe what I say you can be free in no time! If you will not believe it, then you will have to go on in your limitations! One day, beloved ones, you will realize We do not talk to hear Ourselves. I AM a cosmic being who knows no limitation! One day not so far distant, beloved ones, you will begin to see the power of the infinite light manifested upon Earth once again as it did 800,000 years ago! Speak to the I AM Presence, represented in the Chart of the Presence, which beats your heart! Continue with kindliness and earnest desire to have and know the truth and tell Me in six months if you do not have the proof within yourself of what that Presence is to you.

I said to St. Germain, "Do you think you can find some strong enough in the outer world of mankind to stand against what will be forced and focused at them if they undertake to spread this light?" He said "I think I can." Then, beloved Nada, and Lanto who is in charge of the Retreat at the Royal Teton were the only ones who stood with beloved St. Germain in his feeling it could be done! St. Germain knew because He had looked into the lifestream of the Messengers who were once his children and saw that with their obedience it could be done. Every individual can do this who will! It is how Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, the Messengers, have been enabled to carry this activity forward, because they move within that tube of light. Twice a day they use the violet consuming flame to keep every discordant thing dissolved which has ever been accumulated thru their activities and embodiments. We are wholly unconcerned who believes or who does not! We present the law of mankind! All may use it if they will! That means--now hold tight to your chairs, dear hearts--all destructive habits must cease from your life! It means the sex activity must cease which is not for procreation of your kind! It means tobacco must go in all its forms! It means all intoxicants must go in all their forms! It means all dope must cease from the Earth forever! It means that everyone who listens to agitation of any kind, whether it be communism or whether it be the unions, is depriving that one of freedom! Their destruction drives in--in civilization after civilization--and stirs mankind up to where it has no governing intelligence, and the destruction becomes so great in the world that people destroy themselves, and those who do not destroy themselves are destroyed by each other! Dear people, if you saw all actually taking place today you would not care to look the second time.

Dear people, unless enough of mankind make this call to the Presence that same thing will sweep your America! In a previous time America was the cup of light for the world--it has come again into a cycle where it must be the cup of light now, or the world will not survive! Dear ones, the proof is before anyone of mankind who cares to look! There is only one power, one Presence in the universe which is the solution of these things, whether it be for the individual or the nation. In the recognition of your own individualized God Presence the mighty I AM which you can call into action, a power is released a thousand times greater than anything which can be released in thinking of God as an omnipresence! In the use of destructive powers today in fifteen minutes the largest city in America could be destroyed! You are facing a mighty crisis! We are free! We are in no danger but you are! Then, will you join Us in all the powers of your being to make that call to your own God Presence the mighty I AM to release such power into the Earth that none of these things dare enter your world of America?

Will each of you with Us go down in the records of Earth as one who loved his fellow man enough to call to his own God Presence so powerfully it would release those powers which protected them and set them free? As it goes on, one day you shall know the truth of every word that the Messengers have spoken to you in behalf of America and her freedom, and the glory of God which shall again reign upon Earth! The light of God never fails in anything! You are that light which beats your heart! I thank you!

GDD, Miami, 11-21-37:

You have thought to gather from without the things, the happiness and the conditions which you thought were necessary for your success and for all that your heart desires, but all have found it futile, have found it a great mistake. We, like the rest of mankind, would have remained in our limitation if it had not been those who were greater than we at that time called our attention to and assisted us to hold our attention upon the source of our life. As long as you depend upon something outside of this Presence which gives you life, then you will remain in your limitations.

What is the use of pleading and calling to the Presence if you are going to allow your feeling to criticize and condemn at the slightest provocation? What is the use? The imperative demand of your life is continued harmony in your feeling. You dear people who have been in this activity for three years and won't do that, don't blame somebody else. Blame yourself! Look at yourself and see what is wrong. Just get that and hold it forever! There is no use kidding yourselves. O, do not blame persons, places and conditions for the thing which is within yourself! You cannot be free, dear ones, as long as those qualities of discord act in your world!

But if individuals will not follow the simple explanations We give, then We cannot help them. There is no question about that! We know the law! We live it! We are the law! We know how to tell you what to do and how to do it! O look yourself straight in the face! You don't always feel quite sure of yourself, do you? That is because you have allowed your attention to be divided between the outer world and with your I AM Presence. We don't want you to go on and on not having the results you should have! We want you to have them now! Say: beloved Mighty I AM Presence, see that I never make another mistake! See that your mighty directing intelligence takes command of my mind, body and feeling and directs me unerringly in the perfect thing I should do to have the greatest release from your mighty Presence." Your beloved Mighty I AM Presence cannot fail you!

Therefore as you understand it and as you make your call and realize why it is not just a principle of life-energy and action, you will know why that light cannot be resisted. It is because the light is self-conscious intelligence, self-luminous intelligent substance. In this great release of light, power and energy, only when you are ascended will you come to know how great has been the blessing of this night and this day. Sometimes We long to release within you the all-seeing-eye which makes no mistakes, so you might see what is going on in your so-called invisible world. Turn your attention for a few moments to your own great God Presence and let its powers flow in, thru and about you and have the glory which it is! (Silence)

Great Presence of Life, charge into the feeling world of each one the full glory of your courage, strength and confidence in each one's call to the Presence so there is released instantly the full glory of its power to govern, to control the feeling world of each one, and to hold its dominion in perfect harmony thru each one until the fullness of its power finds its complete dominion in the activity of the outer life.

Cause each one to feel that his or her lifestream is the action of God the Mighty I AM Presence in personal form, which can be intensified until its glory fills the entire body releasing the light which is within every cell. Cause each one to feel the continuous outpouring of its great light and freedom which sets all free and quickly. We call this and charge it to become eternally sustained and active within each one, produce its dominion and take command of the feeling world, hold it so harmonious in feeling, thought and speech that no longer does irritation of any kind find a restingplace within the personal form! We decree this to be the victory for each one! May our call tonight remain in the consciousness of each one for his or her freedom so it may each day intensify in its action to produce those results.

In the full glory and power of your Mighty I AM Presence, the love and blessings of the ascended masters, the legions of light and the great cosmic beings, I enfold you tonight, beloved ones, in our ever-expanding intensified activity of your own God Presence the mighty I AM to flood your world with everything you require in the service of the light--money, food, clothes, conveyance, anything which is required. Mighty I AM Presence, take command of these minds and bodies! Hold them so harmonious that the release from thy great treasure-house comes forth in all required to give them the happiness and freedom which comes alone from Thee! Make this a permanently sustained mighty activity within the life and world of each one! I thank you.

GDD, Los Angeles, 12-22-37:

Let us for the time being listen with the heart tonight! Before we continue, please try to feel your heart and my heart are one, for in reality that is true. During the great Himalaya's dictation when the Messengers were here before, from that hour there were established thru the atmosphere of Earth air currents to carry the words or qualities which the ascended masters convey during these dictations. They are carried forth from the classes wherever they are held. This has never been experienced on Earth before, and it had to be done to give the protection which America and her beloved people need today.

We must get you to feel more powerfully the reality which is your life acting. We are the power of life acting, We are the power and presence of light acting, and this We want you to feel with such great earnestness. All of the teachings of mankind have made the action of the great law of life to the human sense something mystical! It is not! Even the ascension is as practical as your mathematics because it is the action of your life, directed by the great individualized God Presence, your mighty I AM. I want to congratulate our beloved Mr. and Mrs. Sindelar on the magazine (Voice of the I AM) for standing against destructive forces which have rarely been felt upon this Earth. All the vicious human opinions on Earth, dear people, don't matter!

We must be firm! Don't let anyone come into the Shrine Auditorium class and not feel a power, a joy, an exhiliration, a healing presence unparalleled on the face of this Earth! Don't let anyone come into the Auditorium and get faint or disturbed! Such things are going to cease! Take your stand and don't do this! Then you will receive the fullness of the healing power. Do you know, alertness is a most magnificient thing.

We think the time has come when the beloved students everywhere must feel and make manifest this dominion in their lives. There always comes a time in the life and expansion of the light of every individual where after a certain amount of prompting each one is left--as you often term it--upon his own to sink or swim. Does that sound cruel? No!

It is magnificent beyond all expression to find at last the response from beloved individuals who have so long forgotten their source. Never in 400 centuries has such a response been given by mankind. Now let us all give gratitude. Won't you let Us give you our strength, our courage, our serenity and poise within your own feeling which enable this mighty release to go forth continually?

What you are today is what matters, for what you are today you make for tomorrow. Stop forever the bringing of the past into the condition of tomorrow thru the power of your feeling. O, draw a powerful line behind you and do not ever look back! If something undesirable occurs in your life, just say "Thank God it was not worse! Thank God I had the blessing!" And if you have made mistakes, don't, I plead with you, condemn yourself. Call on the law of forgiveness and forget the thing forever! Then say: "Mighty I AM Presence, take command of me and see that I don't make it occur again today or in the future." It is the simple things that make for the building of your foundation which cannot be interrupted or interfered with, and all you use with which to do it are those three faculties. Think of it! The simplicity and power of your attention, your vision and your power of qualification. They are the molding power of your whole life. Control them! Call your Presence to control them because they are the power of the universe.

Therefore, in the glory of your Presence you see--you must see with Me--your victory now! Beloved ones, in the fullness of my great love and the love of the ascended host of light I call forth the fullness of its infinite enfolding Presence. And may this radiance released tonight fill you and your world with such joy, courage, strength, happiness and dominion that never again from this hour will anything but perfection touch or fill your world. I thank you.

Great Divine Director, San Francisco, 2-6-38:

The human creation has been completely dissolved and consumed for 375 people who have been in this class. We could scarcely have hoped for such an achievement. Beloved ones, it is the light, the energy of your Presence which goes forth before you and accomplishes what you desire. When you realize harmony is the imperative thing in your feeling, so this energy may flow forth and go out in its full power, its purity, its perfection. Precious ones, I urge you never to argue the question of this Understanding with anyone--your family or anyone else! Leave all free to come to this Understanding and into it whenever they are ready. If you pull them in by urging, they are very apt to begin to try to pick flaws. If people come in of their own volition, they come because the light within them has drawn them and it will be the rarest thing for them to ever turn aside for any length of time.

As the Messengers have told you, this light, this Understanding which St. Germain has brought to you is clear! It is all-powerful! It is mighty to set mankind free, and I say to you as one in authority, you will not have any knowledge, any application, any information, any instruction come forth which will even touch it in the next two or three hundred years. If you really understand and know that your privilege today is the greatest privilege of all your pilgrimages upon Earth, you will realize the great mercy of the great law of life which provided a means of doing it. This law of life is unerring! It makes no mistakes! We live in accord with it and are obeying it! You will pardon Me if I use this expression, but the stubborn human being who will not yield and respond to the impulse from its own higher mental body must sometimes be given assistance in order to let that impulse thru. The great mercy of Life has said: "Now my children, I will give you one more opportunity. I have brought forth from my secret chamber of Life the fullness of the Understanding of Life." Does it sound like We urged Ourselves upon you? I trust not, but this is the law of life!

Perhaps it is asking a little too much, but if you would spend five minutes at night just before going to sleep and direct your undivided attention to Me, I might be able to do some very joyful things for you or to assist you to do them. The only thing is the perfecting of your own self and your world, and when you do it you will find all around you changing too.

I know of no one thing which gives you a clearer definite idea of what one individual in the presence of others with the proper understanding can do thru his or her radiance than "The Servant in the House". That play (by Charles R. Kennedy, 1908 debut) illustrates to mankind how one with a great calm outpouring of this radiance can harmonize, bless and bring into perfection everyone within his or her environment, if that one be strong enough to stand untouched by the surrounding discord. ("It remains for the butler Manson's quiet charity and sense to bring the family closer together and teach them the true meaning of their religion." -Oxford Companion to American Theater)

The great volume of your love which has gone forth from this room will remain an eternal memory in this city. So many times vicious individuals have come to this Messenger and usually he stands perfectly quiet until his radiance has an opportunity to enfold them, then their viciousness is gone. So it is with everyone of you. Do not speak of your experiences or your achievement to anyone else. Hold your heart the secret sanctuary, the secret chamber of all the glory of your Presence and let it fill your world.

I thank you and bless you, beloved ones, with the fullness of my love and clothe you in the consciousness which is mine, that feeling which is mine, to endeavor to give you the assistance of self-control in its fullness. Then you may enjoy the fullness of the perfection of life as it flows forth into perfect manifestation in your outer world and releases its activity and experience. I thank you.

GDD, Oakland, 8-21-38:

Come with Me into our great octave of light, and while these words are voiced to you allow Me to assist you thru the power of your comprehension to realize mankind is entering the gateway of freedom. It does not matter how much you want a thing brought into physical manifestation, if you do not comply with the law of life which produces it, still you do not have it! I say to you, beloved ones, when you understand all which acts thru you is the power of life, then you see and know you are the director. You must be the director of your energy, your life. We want you to feel all one.

Won't you feel a harmonious cooperation in all you call forth? When you understand what the Goddess of Peace has done, you will know it is a transcendent service. It could not have been done if the war entity of the world had not been consumed. Those destructive individuals are using the great cunning of the black magicians who are prompting them, urging these destructive forces on and on and on. They find their urging of little avail, for since the consuming of the war entity there is no power there to feed and sustain them!

The Messengers receive instantaneous answers constantly to their calls today, but they did not four years ago, but they stuck to it until the answer came. When you start to make your call stand by it until the answer comes. Your Presence must have your lifestream turned to it in order to reach you. Try to feel with Me now in your attention to your great Presence, this mighty strteam of light and energy which is beating your heart, animating your body. It would assert its full power if you did not interfere with it by discord in your feeling.

There is no one in the universe to judge you but whom? Your higher mental body; it knows the perfection of the Presence and your imperfection. Therefore it is the judge of you and your life! yet it never does for a single instant criticize or condemn you. The greatest need in the world today is the application of life. More and more subtle cunning has become the remainder of human destructive creation, which We call the sinister force! Orders are being established, several of them in America and the world, where they say to you when you enter the doors "You must take an oath never to mention one thing which goes on in here." When somebody says that, you had better turn and go the other direction. They are concentrating on America just now. Remember, because you will be approached. If you do not care to listen to Us and then you experience unhappiness, remember We tried to help you! We don't say what you shall do! If you do not want something undesirable in your home, do not invite it!

When you understand how to govern and guard the feeling of kindliness and harmony which goes forth, you make it a blessing to others. This is very vital! We want to forestall all of these (discordant) things. If in your endeavor to pour forth divine love, it becomes qualified as human desire, then you have wasted your time and energy and must start all over again. There is love, wisdom and power in the triangle of life. If you try to use one point of the triangle of life without balancing with the other two, you are going to have distress. Freedom is the greatest consideration for the rights and blessings of others, and I want you to feel that tonight. Feel our freedom which is the divine order of life acting within your feeling world, the most beautiful thing.

When nature has provided everything in lavish abundance for all mankind's requirements, what has happened when some of mankind do not have abundance? Because they have been reaching out more and more to human beings, persons, places and conditions, expecting to receive from there. Turn to your beloved Mighty I AM Presence and I AM now speaking directly concerning your money supply! You cannot get away from yourself! Never cut off your span of life, thinking to be free. There is not one in America who needs to be limited, if he or she would understand this law of life which beloved St. Germain has brought forth to you, and apply it. It is so practical, the most practical thing in all life! Charge forth the outpouring of the ascended masters' divine love in your call to your Presence to bless your frineds, associates and mankind. Be alert, be determined, and the first thing that confronts you which would have hiterto frightened you, say "O no, you frightened me once, but you will never frighten me again for you have no power!" When these two Messengers became aware of this, what joy filled their beings.

Just for a few moments will you still yourselves? Don't cross your feet or hands. I speak directly to the Mighty I AM Presence of each one. I command the higher mental body of each one to release and pour forth the mighty current of the Unfed Flame thru and under the feet of each one. Hold in its mighty action the violet consuming flame so all impurity may be washed out of the human body, out of the feeling world and into the mighty violet consuming flame to free these beloved ones tonight! Render this service so powerfully, higher mental body of each one, that they may feel it now and awaken in the morning glorified by the power of the light which beats their hearts. With its mighty courage, strength and power flowing thru may each be a world of such happiness, courage, strength--the full power and feeling of their dominion over all conditions. Then nothing longer obstructs the way in their feeling world to this mighty Presence of light as it flows forth to perform its service for them. Then as you remain harmonious, accepting this, qualify it eternally sustained in action for you so it may render this perfect service.

When you retire tonight, going to your peaceful wondrous rest which you shall have, call your Presence of life & your higher mental body to release its mighty current of energy while your body sleeps. Charge it with the perfection of life! Qualify it to dissolve and consume every discordant thing which has ever been there. Then as you awaken in the morning remind yourself with the joy of all life that your great blessing is joy! We thank You, mighty Presence of Life, for answering this command, for holding it sustained forever until each hour, each day greater harmony, greater perfection manifest within the body, mental and feeling world of each one, charged with the glory of all happiness which is the perfection of life, now and forever sustained. I thank you.

GDD, Cleveland, 3-6-38:

When you make the call to your Mighty I AM Presence and the ascended masters, the legions of light and the cosmic beings, you are releasing substance from within your feeling world and your physical body. This substance is the requirement which We need in order to release and then amplify it with the great purity and perfection of the substance of life to bring about the changes which are being made. it does not mean, then, only your individual freedom but the accumulation of mankind of the centuries must be dissolved and consumed completely for whatever is to be done in the future. Without this consuming, mankind is constantly interfered with, interrupted at the most vital moments. America is the last spot on Earth where our perfection can come forth. It is vital for all the students to realize this because it will enable them to release the power for the portection of America. As you become more acquainted with the Presence, know that to still yourself is the means of letting its power come forth.

Beloved ones, in order to do the work which We desire it is imperative to have no one move about in the room, for it constantly changes the current of energy and the blessing with which to help you. Our ascended master octave is wholly perfect. To help give you the idea, We would place the legion of light next (up in frequency). Then would come the cosmic beings, if you wish to look at this activity as steps. Without the assistance of the ascended masters, beloved ones, I tell you frankly there would not be 3% of the people today who would have the strength to stand up against their own creations and that of the mass of mankind to free themselves!

As your own attention is held upon the goal, your power of light from your Presence is feeding into it. The more intensified your feeling and determination, the greater is the release of the power to produce perfection in the achievement you desire. This is the power of concentration and the only means by which it can be sustained. So do not depend upon the stability of your outer world which is governed largely yet in your commercial activity by the whims of mankind. There are perhaps 12 individuals in the world today who have millions at their command whose fear is the greatest you ever witnessed! It seems incredible but it is true and that is what has brought this tremendous pressure upon mankind, from the financial standpoint and in the industrial world! They are trying to concentrate and gather all within their control! I ask you to watch it! That is why beloved St. Germain has brought forth this I AM Activity and why We are making this tremendous effort to assist mankind.

In this preparation today for the coming class there is no one thing in which We rejoice so greatly as the opportunity to visit the groups and for those present to bring a certain attunment for the greater blessing released in the class work. Therefore remember in your group work and in your decree work you are rendering a service indescribably and unparalleled in the history of the Earth. I said mankind might one day be surprised at another transformation which would take place in Russia. I still maintain it! The destructive element in that great country is fast losing its power. Should our experiment succeed, you will see a transformation in Europe which will be the greatest miracle you ever witnessed!

All mankind is to some degree responsible for the great discord, but those who have utilized the destructive force to get the governing power over mankind, to compel the people to be subservient, will find themselves meeting their own creation. When they are compelled to look upon it, they will see their own destruction. The power of the violet consuming flame dissolves and consumes your own individual creation so you may not look upon it. Today in order to relieve mankind from the mistakes of the past beloved St. Germain brought forth this Understanding and the Eye Picture (Chart of Presence conceived by Arthur Brooks of New York) before you of your own God Presence, which compels love, wisdom and power to act in perfect balance at your call to the I AM Presence. As you understand this you will see how self-evident it is and with that will come an ease, rest and confidence in your feeling which never was there before. This is what your feeling needs. If you and mankind will understand these laws and utilize them, there is not a thing acting in this world which can harm or deprive you! Allow Me to cite to you the Messengers; my dear people, they are the greatest living example of this law in the world. Therefore, all who are strong enough to resist discord and gossip from those who do not understand will go forward, on and on and on.

Things which bothered and disturbed you before will never do it after today, if you will keep yourself reminded of this. O I want you to know so much how really free you are. From the heart of Russia must arise a mighty sincere honest individual whom the people will at once see is their friend, and then would come the solution of the same problem in every country of the world. Treachery and deceit in high places has brought the distrust of the mass of mankind and they do not know upon whom they can depend, but as the cosmic light increases its intensification in the Earth, We are trying to so adjust it that there will be raised up in those countries individuals of power which will call forth the power of light to sustain them in their honesty, honor, integrity and blessing to their fellowman. It is the only hope!

Remember, the beginning of this (current) destructive element was in Russia in connection with the three individuals in New York who started this frightful destruction to mankind and the Earth.

I call into action today the mighty love, wisdom and power of your Mighty I AM Presence to take command of your mind, body, your feeling and your world of activity, produce its perfection and hold its dominion and bring to everyone his or her complete financial release from all limitations. Take out of each one's feeling world every feeling which has accepted financial limitation because of the appearance world! Set all free, great Presence of Life, and give them such courage and strength, joy and enthusiasm in their application that the results become so instantaneous that all doubts and fears vanish from their world forever. In the power of our great light, Goddess of Liberty, Victory and Queen of Light! In thy trinity of action clothe these beloved ones in thy garments of light which hold thy radiance in constant action about them, fills and charges their worlds with thy dynamic action of courage strength and victory of the light! I thank you.

GDD, Detroit, 4-24-38:

We firmly believe with your cooperation that 90% of the destructive intent which it was thought would be released upon mankind may be avoided. What will be released not only for your blessed selves here and the people of Detroit--who may not even be interested--yet its far reaching activity will pour out into the world. That is the reason why this has become a 12 day class. There is a governing power and intelligence, precious people, which once you comprehend it makes you stand firm.

It is impossible for anything to reach or enter your world without your attention upon it. Lock and seal the door of your attention so not once again does your attention ever go back to what has been, whether good, bad or indifferent! Erase it, shut the door! Then as you turn and face your I AM Presence know henceforth only its intelligence, presence and power with all its glory and harmony are acting in and thru your body and feeling world. Then you will rejoice so much at the changed conditions. I AM the Presence of all life ready to forgive your mistakes at your call on the law of forgiveness! Do you know, everyone of blessed mankind is so good at heart, but because destructive conditions have beset the people sometimes, it has made them feel almost fiendish. You are the discriminating intelligence of your world who should say how your energy shall act thru you and your world, but mankind has not understood that. Therefore how were people to govern it?

Let Us take you by the hand and help you to Understanding and Application with dynamic power and energy. Then see how quickly your world will be first stilled. Then as this pure wondrous energy flows forth and out into your world you will find those who hated you will turn and love you, those who oppose you will want to serve you in the glory of life because your outpouring of life has touched their world, refined it and made it responsive to the power of life which is light. Life is acting everywhere! Don't ever again blame any person, place or condition for anything which exists in your world! Then to think there are individuals in America so depraved as to condemn, criticize and put forth the vicious fiendish false statement that the Messengers are trying to replace beloved Jesus with St. Germain, trying to ridicule the dictations of these great beings of light! You watch! The end of their rope is at hand. They have failed, as all destructive forces must fail! If you allow yourselves to be affected by such false things, you will pay the penalty, and you will continue in your limitations. I speak with authority! Therefore stand in the light of your I AM Presence, beloved ones, and have your freedom! Remember, when you call your Presence to form the tube of light about you and set the violet consuming flame into action and continue it, it is done! The Presence always answers!

This power of light anchored within your heart is the power of life, the power of the universe, the greatest intelligence which exists. Its mighty energy released in the body will dissolve and consume, cause and effect, not only in the body but in the feeling world of the individual, every condition which disturbs you or causes pain or distress. Try to feel the authority of the Presence which is all-powerful to charge your world with itself and do it now! Then so quickly feel the freedom which is yours, the health and joy!

By the powers of light I command that to take place in the feeling world of mankind everywhere and hold its dominion, so individuals may awaken and be the glorified beings which the light that beats their hearts entitles them to be! If people do not love themselves enough, then I love them enough to give an added assistance which will awaken them into the full power, authority and glory of their own beings, their life, their mighty I AM! They can call its intensified power into action so it may purify, cleanse and set their worlds into order to give them the happiness which comes alone in perfect health and the acknowledgement of life which is without limit! Therefore today great is your privilege!

Persons who criticize, condemn, judge or release any of those qualities are criticizing and condemning themselves because they are life. Don't you see you are a part of that great perfection? You cannot be deprived of it if you will give it attention. Then realize this imperative demand of life, not the demand of someone, but the imperative demand of life so you no longer requalify its great pure energy as it is flowing into your body and out into your world. It is the most practical law in the universe! It cannot fail and never did! Your application, if you are honest, sincere and determined, cannot fail! You are the one in your world who must take the initiative. Then, whatever assistance can be given is well and good, but remember, no one can take your place in your world. When you call to your Presence for your money supply or any supply you require for use, your Presence is your treasure-house actually, practically and literally! You will be caused to harmonize yourself and do whatever you are required to do to cooperate with the activity of life which produces that result for you. There is not one person on this earth who own anything (separate from life itself)! Life is always omnipresent and acting! Be firm about it and o how quickly you will find your calls being answered with great speed and power! It is magnificent!

Henry Ford was the strength and courage to the other industries of the world in his stand against the destructive forces, which tried at one time to wipe him out of existence, because he knows God, the Presence of all life! His only support, his only protection, his only achievement has been in his power of conscious attention to the light. No matter what the criticism of him may have been, be careful you do not accept it! By calling your Presence into action you will be alert to detect the conditions which are about to touch your world which would affect, limit or harm you. 75% of you who are in this room have enabled Me to dissolve and consume 75% of your own human creation! My gratitude-joy is very great! Accept it please! O will you feel how real all this is? I AM none the less real though you do not see Me. Because my vibratory action raises my body of light beyond your physical sight is no reason why I AM not real!

We congratulate all the students who are able to release such a mighty power of the ascended masters' divine love and blessings, for it is the secret of all things! The refusal to accept or to listen to human gossip is the open door to solve your problems. O, beloved ones, how wonderful it is that mankind can have the opportunity to come home and live within the happiness, the glory and the perfection which life has always held for all individuals, but which mankind had forgotten. The love and blessings of the great host of ascended masters, the legions of light and the cosmic beings flood your beings and worlds and enfold you in the eternal perfection. We love and bless you!

GDD, Denver, 6-19-38:

During this class the greatest work has gone on of any class of the Messengers. We congratulate you on your harmonized feeling, on your love and outpouring which makes this possible, for outside of the direct attention to the great Presence of life, your harmony is the most important thing. If you but knew it, it is the key to all things. So tonight according to your acceptance may you have this great blessing enfold you. Beloved children of the light, in the service which We are rendering to the Earth it is an eternally sustained activity always! There is no thing, no action which We start that We do not sustain until its full achievement.

You must understand this definitely and fully and know tonight that you are master of your own selves and your world thru your attention to your Mighty I AM Presence which brings its intelligence and power into action. It is my pleasure to draw forth and hold you in the radiance of the Cave of Light in India for this hour so you may absorb, receive and be blessed eternally by its action, which comes alone from the power of light. This light of which We speak is far more important than your lights here. The lack of inner light is darkness of the darkest kind, and if you were to discern those whom We refer to as earthbound who have lived depraved lives upon this earth and cannot leave it, you would realize something of what the lack of inner light means! Some people, discouraged by their attempts to overcome the obstacles of human life, cut off their lives by suicide, and then they meet the full force of all the discord against which this body was a shield. You are a world of your own creation and there is nothing can change it but yourself! Your call to the Presence of light is the only power which can dissolve and consume your creations. There cannot anything enter your world unless there is something to attract it or correspond to it.

When I see silly ignorant mankind grinning and smirking at the great wall of light, one day they shall see how they have missed their opportunity. They are quite free to accept or reject, but one day when the hearts of the people are wracked in agony they will wish they had taken the opportunity offered and, with the assistance of the mighty radiation which is being released to mankind, had attained their victory and freedom quickly. The gathered momentum of the activity of men's minds is the governing power of a nation. You are just beginning to learn. Believe it, dear ones, when mankind is willing to turn first to the Presence of all life, the mighty I AM, and then to the ascended masters, individuals will come to understand and know once and for all time the truth of life. Only a being who has set himself or herself free by the power of that one's application and the understanding of life is in a position to convey the truth to mankind. This is why the work your beloved St. Germain has brought forth to you is producing such tremendous results today.

If you want your freedom, you have to give freedom to everyone else you know. Unless you do you will remain bound yourself, for it is the law of life. Therefore profit by the wisdom which We give. From our standpoint, beloved ones, and I speak only for your encouragement, if you cannot see the example of the Messengers, then there is not a great deal of hope! They have stood against the greatest fierceness ever projected at two human beings, yet they remain untouched because they must be the example of the law to mankind. As students you are expected to become the same example to your fellowman. Let us anchor the law of your own life so strong tonight within your feeling world for constant action that you never forget it.

Say not to your fellowman: "Do thus and so." Say to your fellowman: "The blessings of the eternal light of God rest upon you. Go forth the victory of life!" Then you will have fulfilled your obligation to your fellowman, but every word, every feeling of criticism you pass to each other, you are setting yourself into greater bondage. Don't forget it! In the comfort of your own city I have brought to you that for which mankind has searched for centuries. Many of you appreciate it greatly, therefore to you be the freedom of life!

If a thousand people were in distress about you and you stood alone with your own God Presence the mighty I AM, your world would be filled with happiness, supply and free from the surrounding conditions no matter what they were! I can and I have started into action in your world the same great light, the same mighty activity rendered for Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl in India (see last chapter of The Magic Presence) but somewhat less strongly, which according to your great love, kindness and acceptance will go on and on and on in its action of the freeing, purifying, cleansing power within you and your world. Then one day not so long hence you will begin to see the result of that purification and of the outpouring of the light of God the mighty I AM! May its full power of action take command of your mind and body, your world of action, and produce its perfection and hold its dominion there. I call to the higher mental body of each one to stand guard and see you are wholly receptive to the power of your Presence and that you earnestly make the call which will enable its great powers of life to surge forth and give you the blessings which everybody in embodiment craves to have, even the scoffers, even the doubters!

Beloved ones, in pleading with you to enter into the full activity of life and give the cooperation and obedience which are necessary for the greater release, will you not give that obedience joyfully and willingly? I know all of you sincere students of the I AM will gladly. Stand unyielding in the great Presence of your life! In commending you into the hands of the mighty activity of that great Presence tonight and in speaking to your higher mental body I say: bless these children in the human form with such obedience, such joy and happiness in their feeling world, such harmony maintained that quickly the power of light will bring into their experience the evidence which satisfies anyone, even the most skeptical, of the power of light to set them free and give them their freedom which is their due! I thank you.

GDD, Seattle, 9-25-38:

Beloved people of America, in your mathematical work in school you have a way and means by which you work out and solve the problems. Life has always proved the exact means--and when I say exact I mean just that-- by which mankind may solve its own problems. What you call problems after all are just opportunities in life by which individuals strengthen their spiritual powers, their spiritual muscles as it were, and release into their world of action the power of life in greater intensity. You must remove the feeling in you that something outside of you has more power than the light which is within you. With great firmness stand by the power of your life, to which you have not hitherto given very much consideration.

Beloved people of America and beloved I AM students, you have nothing in the future to fear, not one thing! In this Understanding of the law of life you become a master and controller of the energy which flows at your command. If you are uncertain in any way, call the power of your Mighty I AM Presence which is your individualized Presence of God, the Presence of life, into action to instruct you, to stand by and see that you do the right thing, if there seems to be a lack of understanding in the outer consciousness! You are not taking chances, you are not dealing with indefinite results, but you are the director of the energy to produce the certain result you require! To the degree individuals understand how to call forth the greater power and action of life will they become a greater part in the expansion of that one great life. In fact, the Explanation of Life was so simple the mass of mankind has not believed it.

Therefore, if you want to be free first you must keep obedient to life, which is harmony. That is the outpouring of divine love thru the individual. This prepares the way for the great intelligence of life to bring about conditions to produce the perfection the individual requires! Therefore, if you want to understand this, try it out! You have a great privilege in pouring forth your blessings to nature, who has had the discord of mankind poured upon her great beauty and perfection. It is time now mankind awakened to its responsibility and poured out love and blessings upon nature. Therefore, cooperate with life! All intelligence even in nature, all activity is governed by a great intelligence, but mankind's disobedience to life has caused people to believe this was not true! I say to you as one in authority for the Earth, there is no such thing as chance!

Today you stand in the fullness of the Presence of Life! Why do I say that to you who do not understand yet this great law? Because by the power of the cosmic light which is acting in the feeling world of mankind you are standing now this moment in the gateway of freedom. May you understand and feel the great cosmic love which reaches out its arms and enfolds you in the glory of the perfection life wants you to manifest. To the degree you are willing to accept those enfolding arms of light, that outpouring of divine love into your hearts, will you be able to understand there is far more on Earth than that of which you have thus far dreamed. Mankind is awakening to the power of light which is within the individual. Today the people are going to have the opportunity to prove how much of it is there! This proving will find that God really is there and that Christ the action of God is really there! The power which is in your hearts, people of America, is the light, God, so one organ of your body is divine! Please accept it and allow divinity to expand itself into the fullness of all life has! Then you too will see as I do that god is the dominion of Earth and all which it contains. You can prove this! I ask you to feel it today! Remember, beloved ones, there is nothing hidden from the light. Therefore, do not try ever to deceive each other, or worst of all try to deceive yourselves.

In 20 minutes the vibratory action of your bodies has been lifted 20% more than it was 20 minutes ago. This you do not understand outwardly, but to Us it is very tangible. I ask you to qualify all that is done to be eternally sustained within you, because We are here for definite action, definite results in your life.

All mankind thru long centuries have been bringing things from without in, and as you know, largely the things they did not want. Now in reversing the process you are bringing the perfection of life from within, instead of human conditions from outside. Do not for one moment give power any longer to outside things, persons, places or conditions! My dear ones, you must make your application until you are ascended beings, make no mistake about that! Not only that, but you must hold your protection by your conscious command for the light to stand guard and repel or dissolve and consume everything of human qualities or discordant nature which attempts to touch your world or find action within it. Now, if I AM willing to give you my assistance, will you not take hold with Me and do your part? Don't expect Me to carry all. Therefore, in all the fullness of your heart, your great heart's love, feel yourselves one with Us.

As the Messengers explained, when you make your decree stand unyielding until its fulfillment. Wherever you are, wherever I AM, my rays of light shall go forth to you, and if you want to be sure whether my rays of light and energy are powerful, ask Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl! Remember to accept my hand and be the power, the intelligence of light acting in your world! I thank you.

GDD, Los Angeles, 1-8-39:

Beloved children of the light! It is our desire to hasten, to intensify the expansion of your light as rapidly as possible, owing to the requirements of this time. Therefore, if there are any in this room who do not wish Me to do so, just send Me your thought and I shall pass you by. Remember, We never perform a service of this kind for anyone unless your own lifestream is calling to Us, because it is the authority for you! Never in the outer world has anything been as magnificent as this class for all who have been privileged to be present. Be kind enough to accept all I offer even though you might be here for the first time. Later you will see and understand why it has been done.

The need of mankind today is so great, every possible effort life can permit is being made, and I know many of you have sufficient release of light to understand the import of my words and that which I shall do for you. I AM sure you will not fail to give the obedience to life which enables this mighty work to go on in its blessing, its perfecting activity, for the release of your America from going thru the destruction which would destroy its people. We will reach 2 million more people this year! It would be almost incredible if I were to state to you mathematically the power with which this I AM instruction does reach mankind. I mean by that the power of the momentum which you have gained within this class especially. If something is out of order, then the entire activity is held in abeyance until it is put into order so the whole may go forth in balanced activity.

Some of you were with Me at the time so long ago when I went forward and you chose to give your attention to the things of the world. Now once again We meet, to go forward together! The greatest, mightiest of all the power of understanding is this one point! Think, thru so many hundreds of centuries you have played with the things of the outer world! In my choice to go forward in the perfection which was ours then, I have gone on into this great glorious dominion and authority over life! It makes it possible for Me to now give you our assistance today. Thousands among the students, who would otherwise pass thru the change called death within five years, will ascend into their eternal freedom. I say to all of you who come to the point where you would pass thru the change, say to your people and give the firm command--that your bodies or the shell which remains visible of your body remain on ice for 3 days, then be cremated, and that no one touch those bodies for embalming.

At least the entire preparation in America must be brought to a place of control so that which is required may follow! This must come! For the first time in the history of your Earth the inner secret service which has always been in existence is taking its dominion in the Earth. The treachery and deceit in the official places in your government, in the conditions of the capitols of your states and various places will be revealed! The people will know what is going on! I assure you, the political game in America and the whole world for that matter has been a treacherous thing, bringing upon mankind great privation. I do congratulate you, Mr. Sindelar, on the strength you have had to carry on the magazine (Voice of the I AM) in the face of all opposition. Beloved Jesus said "It shall be the most sought after periodical in the world" and so it shall be! Do you realize in the combined service of getting the books and this magazine before the world just what that means for its victory?

You see, when mankind does not know the necessity of self-control, then automatically the lifestream will do certain things for you, but when you come into the conscious knowledge and application of life, you must give obedience and make the application which olds the balance of these conditions. The responsibility is yours. Therefore I ask you for your own progress to please watch these simple things in your life activity so you do keep your attention flowing to constructive things! A few of you have been disturbed as you thought by entities. Some of that condition is within yourselves, and most of it is projected at you by human beings, not entities! Call to Myself and Victory, or as well to Beloved Astrea, in any such disturbance. The idea of people who take it upon themselves humanly to interfere with your progress or the expansion of your light is too ridiculous for consideration and should not be tolerated for a second! Do not give them any quarter; We are going to stop this thing! Don't be afraid to do it! Don't feel you have to continue to be harassed and heckled by these insane creatures because that is all they are. Individuals who have discarnates hovering about them often outpicture the feeling of the discarnates because the memory of that feeling charges its quality into and thru the feeling world of the one still in physical embodiment and that person begins to outpicture the same thing. Will you for just a few moments accept our outpouring now? (Two minute silence) My dear ones, it is positively remarkable how you are able to still yourselves. While I have been rendering this service, the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Peace and the Goddess of Purity, whose combined outpouring makes a certain concentration of power which later We will explain to you, are enthroned above you pouring out their radiance! Will you on retiring each night remember this afternoon and call for its continued action?

I want you to fully appreciate the almighty confidence St. Germain has in you, and you have not caused him to regret one single effort! Stand firm, determined and unyieding in your call to light and to life. Let its mighty expansion go on within you, being more and more fearless and dauntless, knowing mankind has no power to limit you, no power to impose discord or pain or distress upon you! You are responsible for suggestions which you offer! Call the light into action to give you assistance whatever is needed. I want you to feel your mastery!

If you observed the action of the Presence with the All-Seeing-Eye as I do, you would see the light flash and blaze out around this body as definitely as a flame itself. I thank you and I AM eternally grateful for this opportunity to serve you today. May it remain a happy glorious memory within you always until that day when you stand in our octave of light and I shake your hand and welcome you home. Your home is there, not here. I know that definitely! Therefore, you have just been on a peculiar vacation. Now you are coming home today to render your real great service. I thank you.

GDD, Chicago, 4-16-39:

Beloved ones of the light, for such you are or you would not be here. Therefore I claim you everyone into the light tonight! I have drawn the radiance from the Cave of Light in India where the Children referred to in the Magic Presence received their freedom! Will you be kind enough to accept its interblending power with your lifestream to harmonize, to intensify and to bring the most rapid fruition of the powers of light to act within your human form? My province for more than 200,000 years has been governing and assisting in perfecting the outer manifestation of the lifestreams of individuals. Do you not understand the tireless efforts and the energy which are being released to bless mankind and set the Earth free once again? Is the mankind of Earth wiser than I who for 2 million years have been the authority for this Earth? You can scarcely believe, beloved children of light, that such a stupendous change can take place, and yet you shall see it! What would you be today but for your great Goddess of Liberty, pray tell Me! By these mighty calls to save the civilization of America there is coming a great great release and relief! How fortunate it is, beloved ones, that you are privileged to become St. Germain's great family of light. He has not been disappointed in you!

May the light which is now intensifying henceforth hold everyone strong within the light of his or her I AM Presence so each one's patience may continue until he or she observes the victory! 50 individuals within 5 years who have stood within a few days to a few weeks of their victory of life have turned aside and returned into their unhappiness. If you would observe them, you would prevent yourselves making the same mistake! Can it be possible mankind will not see before the people stands the open door into the octaves of light--the jewelled door of achievement, of eternal victory? Beloved ones, the opportunity of eternity is here! You alone must choose and value all the promptings We give. Remember, there are two of you, the human and the divine. Life waits in its infinite patience for mankind to willingly give the obedience required for freedom!

Mankind shall arise in the call to the Presence of life for its dominion here! Do you quite understand, your beloved America is like a good mother holding you in her loving embrace? O beloved ones, you who live in the great cities have forgotten the agricultural world! Remember it again please! Remember, without it you are lost! So, protect your supply of every kind! Will you in the lack of your call to life let great achievement be delayed for another 50 years? Natural electrical air currents will carry planes at a speed far beyond what you have today. People must call for all human selfishness to be wiped out, for that is what is withholding these things from mankind, because of the fear of loss of great wealth in cumbersome machinery!

Do you realize this day the entire I AM student body of America and the world is focused upon this room? The students are receiving our radiance! Beloved ones who have the light thus far, you should be determined in your calls to life for your fellowman until the point is reached wherein the great light itself holds individuals within a certain grasp as it were, until they can be sustained in the achievement! Only so far can such powerful assistance be given! Then you must take hold and finish! So, utilize the opportunity in the radiance which is being given now and go forward like a rocket which you can do in this great achievement! I congratulate you, I thank you, I bless you for your interest, for your determination to have the freedom of life! Go on, my beloved children, and We will give you every assistance which is possible to be given. Remember, blessed ones of Chicago, We shall be watching you! You must have harmony. There must be love to one another, your willingness to put human qualities aside and join as one great point of light for the blessing of mankind in America!

May the powers of your light lift you quickly into its final, its eternal freedom, its perfect health and the glory of the light be in full command of everyone to produce its harmony and perfection everywhere for you forever! I thank you.

Great Divine Director, Washington D. C., Nov. 13, 1938,
dictated to Guy Ballard:

Beloved students of the light, in all that you are today in comparison to four years ago and all you will become in the next two years, I ask you to watch the fulfillment of your calls earnestly and sincerely. We do not consider for a single moment what your outer expression may be, but We watch how your inner light is sending forth its color pictures which are the truth of the action of your life. One day you too will read the thought and feeling of mankind by its vibratory action, its color radiation, for that is the great silent language thruout the universe.

There might be some of you in this room who have seen the destructive forces operate in official places here in your capital. This force or substance is gathered by those who know how and drawn around individuals to make them do destructive things. it is projected and envelops the individual whom they want to pull down. I have seen here in your city magnificent persons struggling as within the coils of a great serpent against that force projected at them in their efforts to release themselves from it. Rarely do they succeed unless We see and give assistance which We ofttimes do. This good Messenger in his early years as a channel for healing often released individuals.

I congratulate the staff about the Messengers for the victory, self-control and mastery all are gaining! Remember what St. Germain has said to you: "The only distance between you and Us is your thought and feeling." That should not be very much, should it? If you can laugh at an appearance which suddenly comes before you and which is seemingly terrifying, you have drawn its fangs right then. Whether a discarnate or black magician, if they cannot produce fear in you they leave you alone! They might watch for an opportunity to strike, but when you are firm enough and fearless enough, they will look for other fields!

In past ages when people sought Us from the farthest corners of the Earth for this great light and wisdom, about 55% of those individuals succeeded in giving the obedience which life required.

Any report in the future which comes concerning your nation, concerning your political situation, concerning you industrial activities upon which all of your physical life depends--if it be limiting or discordent--you must be ready instantly and firmly to say to that appearance "You have no power!" As the great body of students say that and feel it deeply, you will hold in abeyance everything negative until the powers of light can dissolve it! Now let us join hands in the glory of this greater service into which We are entering, for from this day We enter into a tremendously greater service than any thus far. Therefore as you observe the changes which will take place in all avenues of life, remember the All-Seeing-Eye of God which you call into action is the revealing power of all destructive forces which would attempt to destroy you and your beloved America. As you call it into action and then abide in the wisdom of the Presence to bring forth its full revealing power, not one thing of human creation can interfere with or prevent it. Make your decrees snappy and forceful! Then go on about your business; when you return again, make dynamic forceful application! Five minutes of that is more valuable than twenty-five when you are not releasing the dynamic energy! The control of your attention means everything to you! What a pit it is that individuals do not want to understand these great simple laws which would bring such freedom to them.

After all, coming back to the fundamental, the principle underlying all disturbance, all destructive qualities sent forth, is but disobedience and destruction of life. The old statement made so long ago: "Stand in the light and draw to yourself your own" is one of the greatest statements, one of the greatest truths. I thank you with all my heart for your kindly attention and for receiving what I have been able to give you today, anchored within your feeling world--remember Myself anchored within your feeling world in the liquid light. One day when We are able to show you the light rays projecting from Ourselves, We will show you how We govern the light as a consuming activity or as a creative activity: I long for it!

Keep yourselves reminded, it is My golden substance in your world which I release to give you help. Therefore in the fullness of the light which beats your heart and gives you action, I charge you with invincible power to take command of your mind and body to give you its perfect self-control, its perfect harmony, its invincible protection, its mighty directing intelligence, and to hold you so steady in the harmony of itself that its directing intelligence flows like a river sweeping everything, all suggestions, before it and you move in the pathway of light, feeling the power of its achievement in everything required in the service you wish to give.

Stand in the fullness of your Presence, God the mighty I AM, in The Light of God That Never Fails! and draw to yourself your own! I thank you.