Kuthumi: excerpt of Sept 1, 1953
dictation to G. lnnocente

Can you then feel the depth of gratitude within our hearts when thru those sweet outer minds you even acknowledge our Presence, when in the deep recesses of your heart you breathe a prayer for remembrance & when your feelings weighed down with the accumulation of the centuries ask for the fire & courage & constancy to follow the vision, incorporating the energies of the self, helping us to externalize the God-plan which is for the blessing of all life!

You do not know what a stir you have made in the heavens! You do not know how eagerly we respond to the call of your hearts & how we discuss in detail the particular service & gift we may bring to leave a lasting impetus within your own lethargic consciousness which will carry you forward with no uncertainty & enable us thru you to press our reality & our purpose & design into the minds & feelings of your fellowmen.

The great law is such that when the lifestream stands at the door of freedom & accepts befre the great Karmic Board the ascension, that one no longer has a way & means of reaching back into the consciousness of the race except thru the love bonds that, builded thru the centuries, stir now & again in the heart of an incarnate friend. On those frail bonds we depend for continuity of our service & our endeavors.

Do you know how carefully are chosen the chelas who are borne to the feet of any one of the masters who are privileged to give their word, their confidence, the consciousness & their life to a collective group of lifestreams? From the morning of the day when we are to be present, each & every one of those chelas is enfolded in a mantle of actual light substance drawn & sustained by a member of the angelic kingdom, & every one of the inner bodies is tuned up to its own highest potential in order that thru those bodies the entire race might be blessed, & then in joining all of these lifestreams together as the word & the radiation goes forth, it becomes a pressure surging thru the inner bodies of the entire race & a permanent blessing to each such one.