Archangel Uriel, May 16, 1954,
dictated to G. I.

I AM the spirit of ministration! I AM the spirit of peace! I AM the spirit of grace! I AM the servant of the One God & I stand before you each one this day as your servant also! Wherever the name of God is invoked silently or audibly there I AM on the instant with the fullness of the love, blessings & benediction, healing, faith & power of the Almighty. According to the capacity to receive is the blessing given.

I Uriel come into the atmosphere of this Earth at the invitation of Earth's people. I stand in your midst bringing with me the fullness of the love of God. I say to your consciousness, to your minds & to your bodies, In the name of the One Mighty God, Peace be unto you! Peace be unto your striving consciousness, your restless minds, your weary bodies, the peace of God that does surpass the understanding of the outer mind. Let it enter now into every cell & fiber of your being & you relax in the knowledge that you are immersed in the Presence of the Almighty! You live, move & truly have your being within the living, breathing, intelligent body of the Universal God & no matter how far you may stray in thought you can never leave the safety of His bosom. It but requires of you the awakening to your presence within that safe, secure, loving heart!

Ah, children of light, children of God, part of the spirits of the eternal! Even now this instant are you within the heart of that Father!

Of all the angels that people the inner atmospheres around your planet Earth the greatest legions are of Lord Michael our Prince & of myself. We are the servants of God & it is our great opportunity & joy in the universal scheme to minister unto the sons & daughters of God who have woven out of thought & feeling certain painful experiences & who in their extremity sooner or later invoke the superior power for assistance to extricate themselves.

We are those legions who answer the calls & prayers from the least of men. In graded order the angels of ministration stretch from the heart of the Central Sun itself down thru the astral & psychic realm even making a canopy of muted light around the "compound" (frequency of unusual density). Thru the avenue of the Silent Watchers we are alerted the moment the flame in the heart stirs & the silent "God help us" arises from within the consciousness. At that time according to the requirement is one or more members of our legions sent to bring grace & assistance to the lifestreams requiring succor.

The angels of ministration are the messengers of the Most High. They are those who embody the mystic quality of grace. The complement to my lifestream is known at inner levels as Aurora, Lady Full of Grace in the angelic kingdom, as beloved Mary is representative of grace to the human kingdom at the present time.

The assistance that is rendered to the mankind of Earth by the angelic host is very little understood. There is a cosmic law which is inexorable & unchanging which requires that the call must come from the octave in which the need is felt. If this were not a self-evident truth, long since those of us who live in love & mercy would have lifted into light mankind & all shadowed creation, but thru self-conscious free will the lifestream & consciousness within itself must apply for assistance! Then on the return beam of that very energy comes the radiation, Presence & power of the cosmic beings, the ascended masters, the angelic host, the mighty devas, according to the requirement of the hour.

The great brooding Presences that take up their abode over large cities similar to the one in which you are presently living are constantly watching for those beams, those flickers of light which pass out of the soul & which signify an S.O.S. to the heavenly hosts for assistance! These beings then measuring the need make the call to one of the directing members of the angelic host in our sphere. That director gives the mission to an angel who is developed sufficiently to hold within his feeling world the particular quality of radiation which is the answer to the prayer. That quality of radiation stimulates the flame within the heart & the soul of the supplicant & as the two meet the supplicant himself is able to magnetize the answer. The answer comes according to his acceptance!

The beloved angelic host who work with us start with the little tiny Cherubim & angels who embody the qualities of faith, happiness, hope & all of the virtues & who are able to retain sometimes for no longer than an hour the specific radiation of a quality which may be required on Earth. Needless to say, their first endeavors to give assistance to the planet Earth are brief ones. They hasten back into the safety of the director from whose arms & aura they have been sent forth to empty their little vial of faith or confidence into the silver cord & lifestream of some despondent or despairing one. Recording the victory of such a mission the small being becomes more confident, more eager to learn & more desirous of maintaining the self-control required to sustain a greater portion of a virtue or quality in his next mission.

It is thus by actual experience that the angelic host grow & develop & learn the joy that is within service. They are allowed to witness the change in consciousness of the mortal whom they bless with their benediction. The happiness, the joy that shines within the eyes of these infants is indeed beautiful to behold when they see a stooped form straighten & a hopeless consciousness again filled with faith. They come back into the temples charged with enthusiasm & a burning desire to return Earthward again & again, until none of mankind or the imprisoned elemental kingdom shall require assistance outside of the flame that beats their own hearts!

These are the small beings. You who are endeavoring to hold for the portion of a day at least some virtue in your consciousness to give to others thru congagion can understand in a measure the joy of the angels when in your association you are able to convey a little courage, a little faith, a little confidence to one of your associates whom you meet in the course of daily living. Then with renew vigor you return again to the source of faith & confidence within your heart, applying there for the capacity to radiate a larger sphere of influence of that quality around you, within your aura & to hold it against contamination from the mass mind for a longer period of time. It is a lovely way to experiment with your energy, perhaps taking some one quality each day that you feel might benefit the mankind in your environment, in your home life or in your business association. Then setting the spiritual thermostat of your consciousness & feeling world to that virtue, tuning in to the cosmic beings who represent the momentum of it, direct & sustain that specific virtue thru your aura & sphere of influence despite the conditions, appearances & shadows from the appearance world that you might face. TRY IT! At first your energy may change quality at any appearance that is less than the perfection you have contemplated.

Then, learning by experience you will begin to so anchor yourself upon maintaining an aura, a forcefield around you charged with a virtue that you will no longer be affected by the heterogeneous energy that you contact which is emanating from the masses. It is a marvelous service & it is the training that the angelic host receive at inner levels. This is a training into which you can enter until your forcefield becomes so much your servant that you can qualify it with healing, you can qualify it with purity or any other virtue & be assured that it will not change as you are assured that when you place your dress or suit upon your body it will remain the same garment until you return home at night. Certainly the energy of God around you can be as obedient as that which is fashioned into the covering for your flesh!


It is the homely & practical things that build mastery into the lifestream & make individuals conscious conductors. When there are among the mankind of Earth & the embodied angelic host & the embodied elemental kingdom those who can control their own auras, we shall have created channels thru which to flash cosmic protection & cosmic light upon an instant to give assistance to an entire city, an entire nation & an entire planet! I would like to speak to you about created & natural channels for a moment.

The book of Genesis & all of the succeeding Biblical lore is being written again! Do you understand that? It is being written now not by unascended beings but by God-free beings! It is a Bible made up of the energies of the Archangels, Cosmic Beings & Ascended Masters that will stand for the rest of the civilizations being brought forth on this planet Earth.

Cosmically speaking, there are natural channels which are feeders of spiritual vitality. At Titicaca & in the Himalayan Mountains those two great rays focused there are cosmic feeders of spiritual currents which sustain the light & pulsebeat of the Earth. At seven points on the Earth's surface there are focuses, tunnels, channels, funnels of light thru which the spiritual radiation is poured down from higher octaves & then radiated out thru the atmosphere of Earth. These funnels or channels provide the lifeline thru which the spiritual radiation flows which sustains the soul life of mankind. without an open door from the higher octaves into the astral & psychic realms the spiritual selves of men could not have survived thru the dark ages.

The drawing down of spiritual vitality & the radiating of that vitality out into the astral & psychic realms is part of the activity of the sixth ray. This dissolves & consumes much of the creation that is there.

Then there are created channels. There are other rays that are drawn & tied into the Earth by voluntary lifestreams who choose to take that ray into their very bodies. They pass thru the veil of birth &, living upon the Earth itself, magnetize that ray & tie it into Earth's atmosphere, leaving it on Earth after they depart. This was done by beloved St. Germain with the freedom flame. It was done by beloved Apollonius of Tyana as he drew mighty healing currents which would be used by him in his next life as Master Jesus. It was done by Lord Buddha who, incarnating, continued to contemplate the nature of God & magnetize that nature in the locations where his physical body had its pilgrimage. He did this to such an extent that even when he left his physical body that pulsating rhythm of the ray which he brought to the Earth continued to remain & radiate forth as a nourishment for the people. In India today the inner sight of the developed may see that beam of light like a sun thru the natural atmosphere of the environment where he lived. This is the concentrate of the magnetized ray that Buddha drew & left after him as a spiritual stimulus to the entire Buddhistic religion.

The Master Jesus did the same. He drew with beloved Mary & the disciples & others that ray for the nourishment of the Christian Dispensation into the Earth. In the Holy Land that ray is a pulsating living thing & its action is as if you stepped from a dark room into a searchlight radiating forth in every direction.

When a being contemplates a virtue in the heart of God & desires to bring that quality into the lower atmosphere of Earth, he volunteers to tie that quality into his own life. It becomes part of his heartbeat. Then there is only one way to draw that into the consciousness & atmosphere of Earth. That is to take embodiment & direct that quality forth into the atmosphere in a rhythmic pulsation thru the heartbeat. Each incarnation requires absolute dedication to sustaining the rhythm of the recognition of that quality over & over & over again constantly & without cessation for many many centuries. When it is so anchored, the being who has taken the responsibility for drawing that ray forth cannot leave that ray until volunteers agree to take upon themselves the responsibility of feeding it rhythmically & keeping it alive.

It requires that at least once in every 24-hour period such volunteers individually give recognition to that flame. Otherwise do you know what happens? Those rays when they are no longer magnetized begin to ascend back into their natural sphere because it is the nature of all light to ascend. It requires the Presence of at least one unascended being willing so to guard, love & sustain the flame in this sphere until all life is free.

Now the spiritual vitality that flows into the planet Earth & into the consciousness of the people flows primarily thru congregations. Where numbers of people are gathered together under a leader or a director to worship God, they draw down a benediction, a grace, a spiritual nourishment that expands the soul light of the spiritual self. There are & have been great orthodox speakers & leaders who are tremendous magnets for this spiritual vitality. Wherever they go there is what is called a spiritual revival, which means that such an individual thru his own enthusiasm & magnetic power invokes a more than ordinary release of spiritual benediction. Every lifestream is spiritually stimulated who joins with that worship. Many of them you know, Billy Sunday was one, Aimee McPherson was another, & there are others.

People who come into metaphysical understanding sometimes feel very superior & they pass thru a time when they laugh at the orthodox concepts. Then they come to a greater spiritual maturity & realize that the service of the orthodox is essential in its way. In your individual lives I cannot emphasize too strongly the fact that personal application provides spiritual vitality & nourishment. The rhythm of your personal application & the rhythm of your cooperative endeavors in groups draws into your spirit the nourishment that makes it strong. It makes you a greater magnetic power to draw good from the universe, makes you a greater radiating center & makes you grow in spiritual stature. No individual should feel religious worship is duty. It is a magnificent opportunity to expose the starved & shrivelled soul to the nourishment of those vital currents that flow from God Himself & from the angels of ministration at congregational services.

Why did Jesus say, "When two or more are gathered together in my name"? Why did he not say, "When one says his prayers"? Because the merging of the consciousnesses, the flame & the intensifying of the magnetic field thru the power of each lifestream warrants the expenditure of a great deal more energy than the endeavors of one individual alone. However, a certain amount of spiritual vitality does flow the moment you think of God.

There is so much for me to say, there is so much for me to cover. Your consciousness is your cup, my children. When your cup is full, there is no more that will fit within it! Gradually from within out we are endeavoring to increase the size of your cup, to open the mouth of it & to enable you to receive greater powers & understanding without a sense of pressure or mental exhaustion. Until that time we have to abide in a certain patience where there is so much to do, so much to give & so little comparative capacity to receive. I want to speak to you on one more subject before I enter into my service as the Messenger of this day--& that is faith healings.

The angels of ministration work with the great devas in all hospitals, in all asylums, in all penal institutions & all places where there are sick of mind & body. This same spiritual grace & vitality of which I spoke is poured forth from the sixth sphere & is given to those angels of ministration. Whenever possible where acceptance & faith are present the currents are poured into the lifestream & healings do occur.

Now at inner levels before the Karmic Board & before your own Holy Christ Self you have applied to become masters of the power & powers of the sacred fire, masters of thought, feeling & circumstance. You have therefore foresworn faith healings until you have developed the capacity within your own consciousness to recreate perfection at will! This is a very important & subtle point! You have asked in regard to healing & in regard to finance that you might become master, conscious master, of the power of precipitation & conscious master over your bodies, minds & worlds. In this way the scientific understanding of the law which you would receive would make you able to assist hundreds & thousands by like change of consciousness which would bring a change of effect in the world of form. You are endeavoring nightly while out of body & daily in your own thinking & feeling selves to learn the key by which the combinations of energy & application will result in the perfect manifestation. You do not wish to have manifestations handed to you by an external, lest the inner cause again be set up & you find yourself again in chains. Do you see?


As beloved St. Germain said, "Freedom comes when you are master of circumstances consciously & can regulate any set of circumstances by the flame within your heart!" There is no other permanent freedom! Think on this! Do not be discouraged. In the schoolroom of life it would be easier to have an individual who had passed successfully thru your course work your problems for you. Many many men & women do, but the wise man learns the principle himself lest the man on whom he relies to solve his problems should not be there when his great opportunity comes. You are in training to become masters. There is a scientific application by which you can have the fullness of every good & perfect thing! We have brought to you these flames. The use of them has brought to us the cosmic mastery of our realms & that use will bring that mastery to you too.

Now, you can foreswear your vow before the law at any moment. You can accept help which lesser men have received. Are you then any richer in your own consciousness except for a temporary surcease of discomfort?

The men & women who have been miraculously healed down thru the ages, miraculously thru the intercession of beloved Jesus & Mary & angels, have created again, again & again similar conditions. Beloved ones, the law has decided that it is time that these inner causes be studied & examined. It is time that mankind come to a mature understanding that he has full freedom when is own energy obeying his own directions, in cooperation with the magnetized power of cosmic feelings & cosmic beings, surges forth & does for him that which is the requirement of the moment. Then if you were the only man left in america you would then be as completely composed & free as if you were surrounded by thousands of friends. It is to you who stand on an island of separateness & yet at one with all that is, it is to you that we shall look when the masses run hither & thither in fear & uncertainty having not the wherewithal to clothe the bodies or feed themselves during times of world changes. Is it not better to receive that training & become the master of that energy now while there is time? O yes, it truly is! We are in great days. Magnificent activities are taking place at inner levels.

I want you to think of your consciousness for a moment. How truly there is no space! Your consciousness is like a lovely mirror, a cosmic mirror we will say, & we have used it quite freely recently. We have been able to flash pictures upon it & each of you enjoyed those pictures as much as if your physical body were present at inner levels where the activities were taking place. That is a great development, more than you know, because we have done it gradually & we have led you along like children. You enjoyed the pageant of spring. You enjoyed the opening of the Blue Lotus Retreat. Your lovely consciousnesses just relax & record the beauty taking place at inner levels. For a moment you are free! For a moment you are living with us in those inner levels! That is good! That is what we have tried to do because by flashing into your consciousness the activities taking place at inner levels--your consciousness being receptive & alert--then your energies are able to cooperate with current endeavors of the God-free & much more service is rendered!

There are several activities taking place that would be interesting. Both the Eastern & Western hemispheres are being blest exceedingly. The Wesak Festival is in progress in Asia. The Eastern hemisphere will receive the blessings of the Buddha & the Christian world will receive the blessings of the angels of ministration, the Cosmic Christ & Master Jesus. Over every church in Europe as well as here in the west there is a grail & into that cup the ministering deva has drawn the prayers, hopes, aspirations, songs, masses & general services ever since that church was built. Each one of these churches has a tremendous stockpile of spiritual vitality. Those in Europe at Rheims & some of those old cathedrals have gathered a tremendous momentum of reverence.

The Lord Buddha is already in the Wesak valley &, this will amuse you, the East is so spiritually proud of the fact that it thinks nothing of form. For many months the pilgrims from all over China, Malaya & Asia Minor as well as Asia proper have been following their hearts, praying & hoping to find the valley chosen for the Wesak Festival. You see, each year a different location is chosen & there no outer invitation goes forth! There is no written word even between the masters & their conscious chelas as to where that place of visitation will be. It is a complete test of following your own soul light. Some people have walked on this pilgrimage for forty years & have never yet found that valley. some find it every year! The nomads from Thibet & China, even from Siberia, have travelled with their tents on their backs. they have been heading toward India, toward the Wesak valley. Those who have found their way there have set up their tents on the hillside & made their fires. It is a beautiful month in northern India. They have a very early mountain laurel & some very early rhododendron. It is a month of very great beauty.

The Wesak valley chosen this year has a waterfall at one end. They have placed the altar with lotus flowers & floral decorations in front of it. the Buddha is already present having come from Peking & he is walking among the pilgrims, yet none of them have recognized him & all are waiting for the luminous Presence which comes tomorrow at 5 o'clock (EDT for New York). There you are! Isn't it the truth? You have a gift in your midst & you look afar off! buddha has been walking among those pilgrims, drinking from those earthen pans, sharing the tsampa with the lamas who have spent a whole embodiment praying to him--& no one yet has found him! Yet they are all washing today, it is the day of ablution, they are washing their tents, they are washing their clothes & they are washing themselves for tomorrow! There you are! There is the world of form!

It makes me smile at Asia! I wonder what Buddha will do tomorrow. Knowing him he will probably just disappear because he would not even disappoint them by letting them know that they have been rather foolish! O let's not look afar off!

I smile often at people who are so tired & desiring to go to heaven for a rest! What I AM describing to you is what we do all the time! This is but a little digest of our activities of an hour. I see the outer mind saying "It does not seem possible, it seems like a fantasy!" Yet, how do you know what has been going on in heaven for the last six million years? Nobody told you! It seems like fantasy to the outer self. When we part the veil we tell you what is here & the outer mind says "It couldn't be! All these things couldn't happen!" O dear God! The human self is so strange! Be assured those blessed souls who want to get out of work had better not plan to come here!

Now while the Wesak valley is filled with all the people of the East & all the angels of ceremonial belonging to St. Germain's legions are taking office in the West, in the sixth sphere the activity of the sacred heart takes place. In the other six spheres there are also activities going on just as magnificent & that is just our sun! Our sun is just one of the seven! The seven suns are all engaged in activities that would stagger the human mind but no one has ever told mankind about them. Thus when you part the veil for a moment it seems fantastic. That is the activity of life's constant service. I shall tell you what is going on in the Temple of the Sacred Heart before we close.

There are some 300,000,000 lifestreams who have passed by the Karmic board, all of whom have vowed to serve the light according to their capacity. Now you must remember that that makes a great difference in what they will do because the capacity, consciousness & momentum of some of these is very small, so don't expect 300,000,000 firebrands! If they all serve according to their own light we will be very fortunate, but many inner vows are never kept. However, they bind the lifestream & sometime, somewhere those vows must be fulfilled!

Of these 300,000,000 about one of every three will lose his body before he receives it. This is a sad but true fact! You have your stillborns, your abortions, your miscarriages. You have the many embodied lifestreams who will rebel furiously at being caused to fulfill the service for which they engage their senses, & so out of 300,000,000 not all will incarnate.