Archangel Uriel concludes address;
Archangel Michael: Teton Conference Address, 6-28-1954, excerpt,  dictated to G. I.

Uriel: Beloved Mary told you in one of her first addresses that it is her joy to help the souls to fashion the sacred heart. the very best elemental substance of the physical world is used for the heart because the heart is the chalice in which the immortal Threefold Flame abides. During the month of May the body elemental & soul join in the sixth sphere at this glorious Temple of the Sacred Heart of Mary. It is situated in the country (etherically). You see, isn't it magnificent, space does not exist! Now think for a moment in your own consciousness, dear hearts! Your consciousness can create in thought the sun & moon & stars. You can just keep on expanding & you can put in as many galaxies & universes as you want. In your consciousness you can surround your home with acres of ground. You can put mountain in it if you want & seashore. Well of course that is the freedom with which we function in the inner realms. If there is one thing above all else the people enjoy at inner levels it is this spaciousness of the inner spheres. The Sacred Heart Temple is in what you would call Elysian fields. As you approach it the fields are covered at this time with beautiful yellow flowers similar to your daisies with golden centers. Mary's temple itself is Grecian in style, open to the sky & very large with colonnades covered with pink roses. Coming from all directions thru these fields knee-deep in these beautiful yellow flowers are the 300,000,000 souls offered opportunity to incarnate this year. they are approaching the magnificent temple where they will receive the blessing & substance which will make up their hearts. It will take probably a week to do this but as it began today I would like to give it to you in just a digest.

Most of these souls are in their etheric bodies. You know the etheric body is a mirror, it is its nature. The etheric body mirrors all experience. The etheric body takes on the form & shape of the thoughts & feelings. When a man dies his etheric body looks just like his prostrate form. If the physical body is shrivelled up & worn out, the etheric looks like that. When they pass over to the other side the etheric body mirrors its surroundings & it begins to throw off the appearance of age. Every one in the inner realms has returned to about a 35-year age. In a few years the etheric body of the newly passed again assumes an appearance of youth. the etheric bodies come to this temple but the physical substance which will make up the next Earth body will cause the body elemental & etheric body to be misshapen again if such is the type of garment which the soul has earned. There is often a rebellion in the body elemental & there is rebellion when the lifestream is required to enter into a grotesque form or a misshapen form, do you see? It is our desire among your many other tasks, if you would, makes some calls that those who are destined by karma to take imbecilic bodies & forms that are very distorted might have that karma mitigated. Ask that they come into bodies with at least all their members in working order & with all that you are & all that you have call for mercy for them!

Beloved Mary is wearing soft blue with the blue veil over her head. It doesn't entirely cover her lovely golden hair. It is like a soft chiffon. She is standing toward the front of the temple door & blesses their souls with her hand outstretched but she doesn't touch them. They walk along & take seats at various places. this will continue on thru the day & thru the night. Please call to Kwan Yin for mercy for these blessed ones that each one will get the best body possible. Call for those who perhaps would lose their opportunity to secure a body; those who do so lose it suffer terribly. Imagine being passed by the Karmic Board, then losing opportunity to incarnate. It is a great trial! The individuals are picked out & given a chance. Two people have been denied incarnation so that they can come in & then just when the body is fashioned it is destroyed & that opportunity is lost. This is also cause for sadness & rebellion. Please make the call that they receive the best possible garments as incarnating lifestreams come in. If you will just visualize them & feel the violet flame passing thru them it will help.

Let me see now what you will do with your aura in the days just ahead. Make it something we can use & remember! remember! remember! Uriel is no farther from you than a call! Just the silent thought of god will bring me on the instant! I AM your friend! I AM your servant! I AM your companion in the light! Uriel, the Messenger of the Most High! I thank you!

Archangel Michael: The raising of the consciousness is a scientific matter, beloved hearts, which many earnest & sincere students do not yet understand. The consciousness you enjoy in the physical octave or at inner levels etherically cannot be too rapidly raised into vibratory actions of a very rapid & subtle nature, for the conscious mind & ego itself would merely blackout, so to speak, & there would be no awareness in those realms.

Therefore even in mercy when we meet a soul who passes thru the change called death we must carefully measure the amount of light that such an one can comprehend, enjoy, digest, assimilate & make his own. the particular heaven or octave of light to which we take such an one corresponds to the maximum awakened consciousness that the soul can maintain within such a sphere.

Therefore we have what you would call graduated heavens, the heavens of the orthodox world, the heavens of the metaphysical world, the heavens of the esoteric students, chelas, on upward thru the adepts until finally the consciousness achieves a capacity to retain self-awareness in the ascended master octave. such an one then is a candidate for the ascension.

It is exactly the same in the type of radiation, instruction & personal presence that we bring to you. We must carefully measure the light, capacity, spiritual digestion & power of assimilation within each of your own & not bring you beyond the point of awareness, for you would receive no benefit & perhaps in that assimilation you might find yourself possessed of more information than you were yet able to control, manage, direct & qualify harmoniously.

I took a vow to the sun of this system that I should remain until every lifestream, every spirit-spark called forth from that sun had found mastery & had returned in God-dignity into the realm of eternal light. This is my reason for being! I speak tonight from a heart that is filled with love for you. I speak on behalf of the angelic kingdom & my beloved brothers the great ascended host of light who represent the seven cosmic feelings of the nature of God.

Tonight I AM privileged to bring from the heart of the Ascension Temple all of the loved ones whom it was my great joy & honor to assist in removing from them the necessity for reembodiment on the earth plane. They have spent some time in each 24-hour period within these Ascension Temples which have been established in the seven spheres. As your loved ones belong to the seven spheres & as they had to be assisted in the sphere to which they belong, there are Ascension Temples in the entire seven spheres. We have asked the beloved angles of blue lightning to accompany these blessed ones as they come now into the lower atmosphere of Earth. They come over the bridge of light which has been established by the devas to stand before the Karmic Board. These blessed ones have been exposed to the violet flame & to that graded spiritual instruction which their consciousness could accept. The Karmic Board will look upon their record as They did such a short time ago.

It was no easy task, beloved ones, to provide all these varying consciousnesses with a spiritual teacher who could give the consciousnesses enough of the law to move them forward as they proceed toward truth. As you know some were very orthodox & very narrow-minded. The improvement in each one as I looked upon them prior to the forming of the procession is remarkable! The Karmic Board will look upon their light, & my petition shall go forth then that as many of the lifestreams as possible that pass from embodiment this year be freed from the necessity of rebirth & be entered into one of these temples & that grant be repreated yearly until no lifestream that goes out (of embodiment) will be forced to return.

It is very much easier for a student to achieve freedom in the lightness of the etheric garment, & it will allow the Earth to ascend in her sweetness & beauty if the weight of these individuals does not come back in a short time to again become part of her heritage.

-Seven Beloved Archangels Speak, Bridge to Freedom, copyright 1954, AMTF 1986 reprint, pp. 101-22.