Gautama Buddha: Doctrine of the Middle Way, 4-18-1957,
dictated to G. Innocente

Beloved & blessed ones, I AM come to bring you peace, peace of mind, of soul & of body, that peace which is strong enough to sustain you & be a channel thru which the cosmic peace from higher realms may flow at will to change the quality of energy in yourself & those around you who are not yet within themselves the fullness of that peace!

To draw from the heart of the universal First Cause enough of that God-qualified energy to sustain mind peace & feeling peace no matter what the conditions in which the lifestream finds itself, is to have builded a momentum upon which others may draw in times of crisis as well as in times of meditation.

There are two paths for the true Buddhist to take, the one is the path towards the ultimate reaching thru the world of form thru transcendency of all human nature until the individual becomes one with that source I AM, & choosing to so remain, adding the consciousness of his awareness to the effulgence of that source, & thus does nirvana spread & expand in its glory as each such one is caught up & becomes a part of the light of that realm. Then there is the other path where having tasted the magnificence of unity with the source of All-Good, having become united in consciousness & being with that good one chooses of freewill to descend into a world of form & endeavor to radiate forth that consciousness of the Causal Body of the Creator & form an anchorage of divinity's Presence for unascended beings!

Those of you in unascended bodies today have the great opportunity of being such an anchorage of God-control at your point in the universe knowing full well that in the motions of energy that which you magnetize & generate & radiate must reach to the periphery of this world of form & touch every living thing from the smallest electron to the greatest Solar Lord, returning on the current of your own energy into your own world. Choose you then to be a sun of right use of life adding to the peace that his world requires or choose you to be a generator of further distresses that not only react upon your fellowman & nature kingdom but in truth of the law of the circle react upon your own souls as well.

I was one who chose the path of return to this Earth having known the joy of the Formless having expanded in consciousness into the Presence of the eternal God, having witnessed on my ascent & descent the magnificence of the inner kingdoms where many beings serve in transcendently beautiful forms. I chose to create thru my own life energy & aura that to which any disciple might have access &, touching its periphery be raised into that consciousness which I had experienced & which I did sustain during all those years of my ministry. You can do the same! That aura is required among unascended men, women & children as a radiating power to raise them out of distress into peace. That aura is radiation more than spoken word.

In the East, beloved ones, as perhaps you know very very little instruction is given thru the spoken word. Disciples are trained thruout the entire course of their lives to live within the aura of their master & by proximity to his greater understanding & illumination their own God-flames expand, their understanding increases & the natural expansion from within out takes place, though sometimes Guru & disciple do not exchange one word orally during the entire course of an embodiment.

There are various & sundry schools of thought in which individuals have been trained in the practice of silence of tongue but have neglected discipline of clamorous thoughts & feelings. The discipline therefore is incomplete. It is the capacity to so silence mind, to so quiet feelings, to so relax flesh form that full connection between God-self & the Christ that beats your heart is established. Then that Christ expanding its directions thru brain gives illumination to outer self as well as radiation of light to the world around you. All the silence in the world does not accomplish the victory when it is but silence of tongue any more than all words of the world do not accomplish victory when they are but words of the flesh garment!

Again we come to the doctrine of the Middle Way, the combination of the wise, powerful, constructive us of the Word when required & the restraint from use of those words when required, the holding of silence when necessity for peace or healing or protection is evident to the advanced chela, or the speaking of the Word of power into the atmosphere for control of human consciousness & minds & elemental life. As you have seen sun & moon reflected upon waters, you know how an agitated sea makes but a distorted reflection of those stellar bodies. That is exactly the same truth insofar as your lower bodies are concerned. Where there is inner agitation, whether it is emotional, mental, etheric or physical, you have a vibratory action that is foreign to the divine radiation that seeks to pour thru you. In other words as beloved Jesus said, you are not porous to the Spirit of God.

When you have a controlled feeling world, a mind that can concentrate & be still, an etheric body that does not carry the memory of ages that have been in which all types of distresses manifested, & a physical body that is alert & clean & functioning harmoniously then does that light of which I speak flow freely into your hearts & expand thru you to give the fullness of that cosmic radiation which is the hem of your spiritual garment.

Beloved ones, you who are on the Earth's surface today have you any conception how much the garment of the spirit is needed, whether you refer to it as the garment of Buddha or the garment of Christ? Can you with your limited consciousness conceive the requirement of virtue in this lower atmosphere which is attainable by any individual thru touching the hem of that spiritual garment which you weave out of your own life thru discipline, contemplation, control & application? There will come a day when you will remember me, when hands will reach toward your garment, & in the name of the One God who created both of us, you & I, I ask that that virtue may be ready, established & more powerful far than the turbulent energy of those who will seek assistance from you.

When it was told to me that my own Causal Body was prepared to take upon myself the responsibility of enfolding this entire planet & all her evolutions in sufficient peace & mastery so that Sanat Kumara could return to his star, I felt the responsibility which the accepting of such an office would mean. Remember, beloved ones, the Lord of the World becomes the guardian, protector & illuminating Presence of every electron belonging to the planet for which he has been ordained to serve. An individual who comes to the place where he is considered by cosmic law as ready to assume the Office of Lord of the World has full access to the status of all souls in that planetary system, all etheric substance around it, & the mental & emotional radiation from its peoples embodied & disembodied, from its elemental life, from its nature kingdom, the animal kingdom as well.

I can tell you that many who are offered the position of Lord of a World do not choose to accept it when they look upon the inner vibratory action of evolution they are offered the joy of redeeming. But as my path has been that of renunciation & as I began the world teaching thru returning to Earth & giving the simple doctrine of the Middle Way, when I had achieved a Causal Body equal to that of Lord Sanat Kumara, it was within my very nature to renounce nirvana again & take upon my shoulders the responsibility for this planet's sustenance in the solar system which previously had been sustained thru the love of the great Sanat Kumara.

An individual does not easily make such a decision, beloved ones, especially when a planet has been allowed to degenerate to the point that Earth has, yet regeneration begins from within out, from the very heart of your Earth to its periphery, from the very seed of divinity within your souls to its periphery by which the light of the world increases hourly.

We are grateful in the extreme for the return of the great Sanat Kumara who has agin renounced his freedom on Venus to become a part of the balancing process during this particular period when the very Earth itself as well as its peoples are passing thru certain chemical as well as physical & inner changes. Beloved ones, how can I speak to human minds of the type of service & endeavor which I have followed thru so many ages? It is like talking to small children. Yet for the privilege & honor of establishing the radiation on this Holy Thursday of the Christ Presence I have come & thru you each according to your individual consciousness shall I pass the radiation of my flame & my virtue until your souls transcend personal nature & truly ascend into the divine. then that divinity expanding thru you like flashing blazing light creates that Causal Body around your fleshform which is the divine & immortal protection which life requires at this moment & shall require until all life is set free.

As some of you may have witnessed the activity pouring thru my body you can see that it carries the seven rays in a horizontal radiation circling outward & outward starting from the heart of this humble room until it does envelop the Earth. That radiation starting from my own heart grows larger & larger & continues to swing around the Earth in a clocklike manner rendering a service which only those who are ascended & God-free can truly know. As you tune into that please feel the gifts of the seven rays passing thru your own inner vehicles & your chakra centers & your own physical form & see if you can hold your own conscious balance within that outpouring.

Now when the radiation from ascended masters or cosmic beings is very rapid the chela often falls asleep or blacks out because the brain consciousness cannot rise to the vibration of the ascended being or master. There is that constant & eternal problem of how high a vibration can be achieved among magnetzing chelas without passing beyond that point where consciousness can no longer stand the power of those vibrations. For that reason even here this morning you can feel that sensation & to counteract it just draw within your own heart that stabilizing anchoring Presence of God-peace, that infinite peace that cannot even be disturbed by the rending of the human veil & the astonishment of senses at seeing the magnificence of members of the celestial hierarchy, for that too has often times in an earnest one thrown him off balance because it also causes him to witness human imperfection on a large scale.

So, to hold that infinite Middle Way of balance no matter what the senses report or eyes shall witness or ears shall hear, whatever revelation shall have come, to hold that balance & retain conscious control of your own vehicles is the mastery which I did teach & do yet teach to those who choose to come within the compass of my aura. To hold that peace no matter what the distress of elements, to hold that peace no matter what chaos of outer world, that is the application of the aspirant & chela following the Buddhistic way.


I spoke of detachment from form for exactly this reason--form in itself is very beautiful. The form of great Archangels, Seraphim & Cherubim is very beautiful. Form in this physical world may be beautiful but the difficulty with the soul of the chela is that it attaches itself to form & that form often becomes more dear to the chela than another form who may require assistance just as much. When form becomes for you something of beauty that you can enjoy impersonally & you are free of attachment to any one particular form, then you have gained a great victory. But in my case as in that of beloved Jesus & other teachers, many centuries went by & many of these simple homely truths that we spoke of were embellished upon by eager scholars who created into many rituals & formats much of the essence of simple truths we presented, which thus was lost.

The only thing that I can tell you, beloved ones, is what masters who have come before me have taught & will teach, that is, the Control of Your Own Energy which creates a magnetic field & makes you porous to the Spirit of God which beats your heart. That Spirit of God moves forward or in in & around you establishing peace or healing or protection wheresoever you may require it, & it is the same activity that was manifested thru the body & person of Jesus as well as thru the body & person of myself & many other good & faithful individuals who have lived before us & since. Now as you proceed into your worship & cognizance of the Spirit of Almighty God, take with you the blessings of one who found the Middle Way, the safe way, in God's most holy name! GAUTAMA