Lord Maitreya: Restoring the Christ, June 1957,
dictated to G. I.

Thank you, beloved ones. I AM come today to once again remind you that I AM the Christ that beats your heart--I AM the Christ in every man come again (3x), & expanding thru the lifestreams of all ten billion souls belonging to this evolution the fullness of the divine plan for each & every one. No more shall there be a single avatar, no more shall there be a single Christus, but in this hour of the Second Coming the divine Holy Christ Self in every human heart is destined to take command of the outer form & thru it reveal the mastery of the God-plan.

O thou beloved Holy Christ Self beating the hearts of all mankind, I call to you today! Expand the virtue for which you were given individualization by the Father of Light! Expand the nature of the Father-Mother God given you before you took physical form! Expand & manifest now that part & pattern of the great divine plan for which you were allowed to come into embodiment by the Great Karmic Board! O thou beloved Holy Christ Self within the hearts of all mankind, you hear my voice thru feelings, minds & etheric substance & flesh of these blessed ones gathered together--I Summon You Now! Draw on the glory of your own Causal Bodies, magnetize the radiation that you have builded thru centuries that have been, let loose the floodgates of divinity for which the individualized I AM Presence has sustained you thru these eons of time! O thou beloved Holy Christ Self within all mankind, Now is thy hour, Now is thy day! Come forth & fulfill thyself for the blessing of all that is. To the human outer personality of every individual upon this planet I say in the name of Almighty God which I AM without limit, Peace, Be Still! No longer shall your destructive use of human freewill limit the expansion of the power of the Holy Christ Self within every beating heart even beyond the veil of death! Particularly to those who have thru the mercy of God been released from the Compound (place of great density) I speak, no longer shall destructive use of freewill be allowed you. I invoke the full release of the design & pattern of your Holy Christ Self this day that there shall be no more Armageddon & struggle.

To those standing at the gates of birth whose karma is not fully consummated I also speak, you who stand at the gates of birth who have been given an opportunity to enter into this planet at a time when St. Germain's magnificent Golden Age is being manifest, you who have been accepted while two others have been denied embodiment, I say, Peace, Be Still! I also give this fiat & decree in the name of the Presence of God which I AM that the Holy Christ Self within you as you come thru the gates of birth & go thru the process of maturity shall be allowed full action to manifest divinity! To all those who are studying in the ascension temples who have not yet made the ascension I speak also to you asking that the personality be stilled & the Holy Christ Self within you be allowed full expression.

Quickly now! The LORD cometh! Quickly now! I speak to all beings of the elements--water, fire, air & earth--all imprisoned angels, every living thing & all mankind, hear ye these my words--Quickly now! Arise in the name of the LORD, stand ye forth redeemed & transmuted by His love & fulfil the purpose for thy being! LORD MAITREYA