Hilarion: The Pathway of Truth, 1957,
dictated to G. I.

Beloved friends who have sought the pathway of truth for many ages, I come to congratulate you upon the constancy of your search. Upon this Earth truth has not been welcomed for many ages & the seekers after truth have always been in the minority. The great majority of people have always preferred to conform to some existing religion & have not been desirous of passing into more rigorous self-disciplines, self-denials & initiations required to find actual God-truths. For the most part in every age & every century individuals are born into some particular religious activity which their parents before them had confirmed & it is seldom they take more than one step upward in an embodiment from that religion into which they were born & in which they were raised. But then there are always the few century after century coming into embodiment again & again brave enough to spear thru hypocrisy, halftruths, dogmatism & rituals of human concepts, seeking to find the true way.

In this embodiment as well as in many previous ones you my listeners & readers have at least sought to find out just what truth is, thru truth of which Jesus the Christ has said, "Ye shall know the truth & the truth shall make you free." It is our honor, responsibility & obligation to the universe as representatives of the Brotherhood of Truth at Crete to give every God-assistance to lifestreams, not only unascended embodied lifestreams but those waiting at the gates of birth, when they really & honestly wish to know what truth is. As beloved Morya has said, the year 1957 may not be too comfortable for you from an outer standpoint. This is because when you invoke the flame of truth sincerely it will begin to act in your emotional, mental, etheric & physical bodies, dissolving human concepts exactly as one crumbles away mortar & plaster to find beautiful marble inside early monuments built in ancient times. So as the crumbling of many of your concepts takes place there is a temporary sensation of confusion & chaos which will be replaced by a firmer conviction of truth.

On Atlantis we were privileged to be among those who were priests & priestesses of the temple guarding the flame of truth. There beloved Pallas Athena was High Priestess & her great light was known to every person representing the White Order on the landed surface of Earth. Her power of magnetization of the green flame of truth covered not only the continent of Atlantis but permeated the atmosphere of the surface of Earth at that time. It was a magnificent thing to watch her as she turned her attention & the currents of her light to the source of all light & by her powers of invocation drew forth the green flame of Cosmic Christ truth. Then priests & priestesses who worked with her in that temple endeavored to duplicate the activity as she drew it forth & they too drew smaller rays of Cosmic Christ truth into the atmosphere of Earth. They practiced as we have told you before the projecting of virtue, color, feeling & pressure of truth into Earth's atmosphere.

During Atlantean & Lemurian civilization as well as those of earlier ages from time to time there came from other temples located on other continents various individuals making a visitation to the Temple of Truth. There were great patriots who wanted truth regarding the governments of their lands. There were great educators who wanted more truth, the light of truth in their consciousness regarding ways & means of providing proper directions for their peoples' education. There were great humanitarians desirous of learning the truth as how best to serve their fellowman. There were great architects & designers who were eager to carry back to their own country the perfection of designs from the Temple of Truth. There were men & women of science who wished to perfect glorious electronic mechanisms & to carry those back to their people as magnificent inventions. Then too there were great missionaries who particularly dedicated & devoted themselves to serving their fellowman spiritually. Also from every one of the continents there were priests who were powerfully active on the seventh ray. These visitors often visited the Temple of Truth where Pallas Athena gave forth her radiation. Then in proximity to her great light they would be illumined upon the seven channels of constructive expression & carry that illumination back to their people.

It is currently the endeavor of the beloved Maha Chohan to reestablish the same entire activity which will be the expression of the Golden Age of the Ascended Master St. Germain. For instance, those who desire & require protection would know there is a group dedicated to drawing & radiating that magnetic power. Those who desire grace & benediction would know that there is a focus of our blessed Maha Chohan. Those who would require healing would know where that focus is. The endeavor of Master Morya & the Maha Chohan to get this picture before the students into their minds & feelings has not yet taken hold sufficiently so that the impersonal attitude will supercede the personal attitude which acclaims any one virtue or activity more than another.

When we worked on Atlantis & on Lemuria there was no war between faith, love & healing. Each individual was consecrated to magnetizing, radiating & sustaining his own virtue, & the entire atmosphere of Earth as well as the inner bodies of people were benefited by each such temple. Of course we are yet in the beginning of this Golden Age & there is much of the personal self of individuals who have not yet come to the place of sublimation where ray & virtue are the important gift rather than personality drawing that ray or the group performing that service. When the Maha Chohan can find within some group the selflessness which is required I can tell you honestly that it will greatly hasten the expansion of the qualities which are so much required to permeate the mental, emotional, etheric & physical atmosphere of this planet.

A conductor is very important when dealing with an orchestra, & each musician playing upon his particular instrument, each one contributing to that music stops when the conductor signals to stop & does not go on blaring above the rest of the orchestra in order to make one individual heard above others. Just such unity of service & activity has been the desire & design of our beloved Maha Chohan for many ages & which he is endeavoring now to at least present to the mental consciousness of the embodied. So we who carry the flame of truth & watch the human ego find that there is so much desire to show off the power of radiation drawn that some of the virtue is lost.

You will have to be like the selfless ones in certain monasteries in seemless garments with hood drawn over head. That is an initiation of the Egyptian & early Grecian mysteries when one had no identity & no name. One was completely hooded from head to foot & his service was given in silence, he never spoke, & the radiation which passed from the body was a confirmation of what was generated, magnetized & sustained. It was a difficult series of initiations some of which you passed & some of which you failed.

We honor that great Temple of Truth the memory of which at the sinking of Atlantis was brought over to the present Grecian peninsula in the minds & hearts of priests & priestesses who had loved it & had retained the idea of that beautiful temple of Pallas Athena. when the temple of Truth was established originally in Greece it took many many centuries of embodiment & reembodiment on behalf of priests & priestesses devoted to its teaching before the actual magnificent temple itself was physically manifest. This was almost an exact duplicate in its beauty & perfection of the original Atlantean temple. You see once you have looked upon a thing it remains in your memory recorded in your etheric body, then you hold that idea in mind. Now if you had tenacity enough, energy enough, constancy enough & substance enough you could recreate that public building at any other place on the Earth's surface. That is what was done at Luxor, in Greece, in Shamballa & various other places where these temples were established. The patterns were brought in the minds & consciousness of those who had been present in the height of the great glory of those temples. Those individuals, remember, were under the law of the bands of forgetfulness which allowed the possibility of their losing the memory of those patterns when they passed on at the close of each embodiment. Thus they were born again in baby bodies & had to come to their majority retaining the idea thru an Earth life, a period of disembodiment & a period of birth & adjustment to a family & race. Then they endeavored to recreate that perfect pattern again. I challenge you, even you who have lived in one city for most of your life, could you recreate from a thought-picture one of those public buildings, especially if you were to pass from the body & come back again? I think not!

Those beings who created this Grecian Temple of Truth were of course under the radiation of Pallas Athena & they received the tremendous protection of her love & light. Centuries came & went & finnaly like the great palaces at Luxor the magnificence of the Temple of Truth began to fall into decay thru the decline of Grecian civilization. After that time there arose the order known as the Delphic Oracles. Most of them had belonged to Pallas Athena's court. These Delphic Oracles performed the same service as our speaker (G. Innocente), & any great God-being could use the body of such an oracle upon occasion in order to give instruction to a group who would gather together to receive that assistance. The original Delphic Oracles were carefully trained from early childhood. They were protected from all contact with the outside world & therefore from all pressure of personality of their own or others. They were a clear pipeline thru which divine beings could reach the few who were seeking truth upon this planet Earth. Then as you have been told the oracles no longer remained completely pure. Several of these who had performed service of black magic on Atlantis in prior embodiments sold themselves for profit to various governments. The messages which they gave to credulous people were previously written out for them by some unscrupulous individual who had bought the services of that oracle in order to further his cause.

So the light of the Delphic Oracles diminished & a great many of the people, completely disillusioned at that time, have not recovered from this disappointment even to this present day. They are those who are so very suspicious of anything in the way of a mystic phenomena or extrasensory perception of any kind. You see they had once come in hope & faith & had been deceived. It is to those people I have personally dedicated a great portion of my life hoping to bring them to a point where they desire to know the truth which will set them free. Presently in the etheric atmosphere over Crete we have a magnificent replica of the Temple of Truth. It looks something like the Parthenon, the ruins of which may be seen today, but very much larger. As you know Lord Gautama was absolutely relentless in his search for truth & his love of that virtue took him thru initiations the like of which few individuals could easily pass. When he found the ultimate he made that great renunciation of returning to the Earth to teach truth which he did for so many years.

Our temple is very large & there have been visitors to this temple for many many centuries since its advent in the etheric realm. Since we opened on the 15 January 1957 (to special classes) there have been coming many of the Hierarchy & we have had many councils, open house you might say. Beloved Pallas Athena, great Goddess of Truth, is there anything you would like to say to these people?