Pallas Athena, 1957,
dictated to G. I.

Yes, son! I would like to say that I have honored the presence of truth ever since I stood in the aura of beloved Vesta & was vested with the obligation & responsibility of sustaining truth for the people of Earth whenever & wherever they should ask for & require it. I AM grateful beyond limit that not only here but all over the known world cries for truth are arising from the hearts of people. They are no longer content to be deceived & this desire for truth from within their hearts is the open door which we use to pour that truth back to them & give every God-assistance possible.

There will be born here on Earth in the course of this year two lifestreams. They belonged to that Delphic band during its decline, so will you please be so kind as to make calls that the cause & core of that weakness be removed from them & that those individuals when they reach their majority may reattain the dignity of the Delphic priesthood which we once knew & saw manifest upon this Earth.

I give to you the flame of truth which is the flame in my heart. Test every experience against that flame of truth which is within my heart & yours. Speak my name, call my Presence & you shall have that flame & all the assistance which I can give! & now my beloved Maha Chohan, will you speak to these people?

Maha Chohan: Just tell the dear ladies & gentlemen that they have done considerably well in establishing forcefields in the atmosphere of Earth while yet there are so many riptides of human creation. Tell them that the pictures & patterns of things to come flash thru the mind's eye long before they are manifest in form. Neither stress nor strain, tension nor worry can accomplish that which service given in love can do. May I say that I think our son our beloved Hilarion thru his great interest in promoting the flame of truth has sometimes unconsciously created a feeling of tension in bodies that are strung all too tightly at present & in souls that have endured much. So to these beloved chelas I say, peace & comfort! You have come far! You have done well! I love you!