Mother Mary: Teton Conference Address, 6-29-1954,
dictated to G. I.

In the initiations that I was privileged to pass thru before I was given the opportunity of accepting the role of mother of beloved Jesus I had to prove before the Karmic board, the great Lord Maitreya & the spiritual assembly that I was able to hold the concentrated image of the divine being no matter what the pressures of energy directed at me from within or without might be! For three long hours at inner levels I held that concept & every pressure even from Elohim was directed into my mental body attempting to divert my attention most subtly into other activities of life & light but causing me to relinquish that perfect image which it would be required of me to hold during the entire period when I carried the Master Jesus & during the long years after his birth waiting the hour of his trial & then his ultimate victory!

So I have been chosen to come to you tonight to ask you among other things to endeavor to develop a power of concentration upon one activity of the sacred fire, one exercise, one spiritual development, until you can carry it thru thought & feeling into form.

In my activities at inner levels I work with elementals & in our temples we teach them how to embody form. The elemental becomes the form of the flower & the form of the grass, the form of the blossom. His power of concentration devtermines how long that blossom or flower or manifestation will remain in the physical appearance world as a blessing to life. It is difficult for them at first to concentrate their sweet small energies, for they mirror first one form & then another, changing with every passing activity which their vision contemplates.

You, beloved ones, are in much the same condition emotionally & mentally. It is my desire thru my momentum & power of concentration to bring to you the pressure of my energy & whatever assistance my lifestream can offer to help you to draw the immaculate conception of your own Godhood in the same glorious design that was cut out of the universal light by Helios & Vesta, & to help you to hold that design, passing thru it the flame of your feeling until the hour when your flesh, obedient to that thought & feeling form held, manifests the perfection of the Christ-estate & you stand revealed the Master Presence. That, beloved children, is your supreme destiny!

Each of us in the ascended master octave is dedicated to some particular activity & service. You individually & collectively as you develop & mature will find yourselves specializing more & more & more, drawing the energies from primal life & qualifying them with a specific quality of radiation to bless life. You will become specialists in the radiation of healing, of purification, of illumination, of education, of precipitation & all the various activities which will benefit & bless the race.

In order for you to develop & mature these faculties & to draw forth that primal energy & pass the energy of your feeling world thru it, qualifying it with a specific God quality, you must have the quality & characteristic of spiritual concentration because the life essence in order to gather a momentum of any quality to be used as a specific blessing to the race must receive a rhythmic charge from the feeling world which is the qualifying agent of your lifestream.

Students upon the path who have passed beyond the metaphysical stage of development must come to a place where they recognize vibration itself & are not required to depend upon form for confirmation of the heart-acceptance of the Master Presence. This requires great balance, beloved ones, & it requires a great stillness in your heart, & it requires the silence of your lips & that you tell no man.