Jesus Christ: On the Ruby Temple, excerpt, May 1953,
dictated to G. lnnocente

I would like to describe the Ruby Temple to your outer consciousness. The Ruby Temple is such a glorious roseate hue. It was builded by the great builders of form together with the Elohim to whom you refer as Cassiopea to hold within it the momentum of the aspirations, prayers & hopes of mankind. Here thru divine alchemy the petitions of the masses become the answers to their prayers, the energy rising for instance in that prayer at the end of the Catholic mass, "Hail! Holy Queen, Mother of Peace & Hope, to thee we cry, to thee we offer up our sighs, petitions & tears." From these services the angels gather the rose clouds of hope & aspiration & draw them upward because there is not enough pressure from the hearts of the people to carry such prayers out of their own atmosphere.

In the Ruby Temple my own blessed Mother & many many beautiful dedicated beings, some whose outer selves are not yet ascended, join together in transmuting that energy & directing it into the rose flame of hope, happiness, healing & peace. Nada too serves here so often. The fragrance of the flame is like that of lovely roses, & you can imagine its size & concentrated power when you realize that since the first member of the human race incarnated it has been in existence.

The temple is large by human standards, it is colossal. It looks like a great roseate pearl with its domed central hall wherein the flame altar is located. As you enter the doors the entire interior is suffused with a delicate rose light. The altar is separated from the great cathedral by a soft golden mesh curtain thru which the rose flame is easily distinguishable, but it seems to mute the intensity of its power. If one approaches close to the altar, you can see my Mother & the great ascended beings together with the seven I AM Presences engaged in receiving the upreaching prayers from angels who are constantly sweeping thru the temple, carrying that soft roseate ephemeral substance. Then at rhythmic intervals they direct the rays eastward when the temple shines like a rose sun & the rays pour from its dome until the atmosphere of the sixth sphere looks like the dawn of a particularly lovely day. Now it is our hope that you will rise into this temple & remain as an outpouring of happiness to all who seek peace.