Saint Germain: On board SS Florida, Miami to Cuba, Jan 1954,
dictated to G. I.

Good friends, it is many a long year since I felt the swell of the ocean beneath my feet as I paced the deck of a boat but the barque that I refer to was not as seaworthy as the one that carries your precious selves tonight, yet it seems but yesterday that I trod the uneven boards that comprised the deck, looking at a horizon that would not yield a shoreline. Long after the hands had reitred at night did I pace that deck with the taste of the salt-spray upon my lips as my eyes endeavored to fashion out of the clouds, out of the heaving billows, out of fancy a land that I was sure existed as I was sure that I had a hand of flesh & feet that balanced against the roll of the sea that I might stand erect. & yet the spirit within me sagged as the days rolled into weeks & the calculation I had made so carefully did not yield the goal toward which I had set my consciousness & into which I had woven the reluctant energies of men of vision who believing in my purpose chose to forgo the security & safety of the known European continent & against the almost superhuman ignorance of that day ventured forth upon my word.

It is not a pleasurable experience to engage the life interests & the bodily safety of men, & then in the darkness of the night upon a chartless sea question your own faith, knowing that not only your own but the well-being & salvation of others depended upon the accuracy of your perception. Can you believe that power that lies within a vision before it becomes an accepted fact? Do you know what it is to thrill to that vision before the substance of the appearance world has yielded proof of its reality?

All this has long since passed for me, but you again are weaving your life energies into a vision of a free people. You too are on the uncharted spiritual seas engaged on a high adventure with sails unfurled & vision set toward an unknown shore. You have felt the exhilaration that precedes a new journey, you have felt the despondency & uncertainty that is characteristic of the unascended consciousness & which clings so powerfully to form.

To you I bring the conviction of my own faith in my vision, for one day the horizon did yield land & one day a green island swam before my misted eyes. One day the sun reflected on the waving plams. One day the land birds flew over the salt-encrusted masts. One day my heart leapt to find my vision fact & at the same time my knees bent in gratitude to God for sustaining our course westward in the face of almost insurmountable odds. So shall it be in your experience & in that of others who have touched the fringe of a God-free people where disease, death, decay & dissolution are no longer the heritage of the human bodies of men. This vision seems as fantastic now as a globular world was to the peoples of the fifteenth century but nevertheless as surely a predictable fact in the future.

You believed me then, you within this room who sailed with me across those uncharted seas. You shared in my despair & you shared in my victory. You were within the secret circle who examined with me each night the length & course of our daily journey set down in the private log I carried & wherein I writ my knowledge of the sea we had traversed, although we kept another log for the sailors lest in fright at knowing how far we had come from my calculated goal they would refuse to continue on & on & on.

In the hold of the ship in a cabin much smaller than this we sat the night the compass "failed", not knowing that as we turned & sailed due west instead of north the Polar Star (this should read "magnetic north" not "Polar Star", the Messenger erred -typist) would affect the needle. In looking at it that night we felt that our last hope was gone & yet when we faced the men the next day we could not tell them that we were no longer northward bound lest they become more discouraged than they already were. Remember you that hour? I shall never forget it thru all eternity. Yet despite that small irreconciliable defect we did find land.

Beloved (referring to chela present), you were not among that group but in a monastery in the heart of Spain. I left my son with you. It was thru your intervention that I gained access to Isabella's throne, & tonight I give to you my hand in love & gratitude for that service for opening to me ear, heart & purse that enabled me to outfit my small number of ships & their crew. You (referring chela chela present) were among my friends. You saw San Salvador, you saw Cuba. You shared my personal agony & you shared with me the joy I felt at the hot sand beneath our feet, the paradise of the good steady earth after the toll of the sea, the restful green of grass & shrub after the grey billowy waters of the wide Atlantic. Truly this night brings memories to my heart & brings warm remembrance to you, my friends!

When we enter the consciousness of a group of people who have shared a cooperative endeavor it stirs for us the great book of memory, & we can unfold from the history of our lives much of pleasure & in so doing bring to you the specific radiation of that flame & ray which is ours to give. This I do for you tonight!

Strange how the creaking of the boards & the roll of the ship bring me back to that sense of oneness in a shared danger, in a shared companionship, & it gives me a sense of security in knowing that my work is in the hands of those who have shared & cooperated with my vision for centuries in the safe compass of the heart's love, who proved their friendship in the world of form while yet it was filled with the errors that are the heritage of the human consciousness. It makes me happy that thru that misted consciousness in which you still function you are kind enough to perceive & give me an opportunity to share with you an essential truth.

When lifestreams believe in & have faith in the vision of another they form a mighty pillar of sustained energy to hold the consciousness that bears the vision high, & that feeling of trusted & trustful friends was the victory of Jesus & Morya & Kuthumi & myself & everyone of us who finally stepped over the threshold into freedom. Life & love do not forget, & we who live beyond the veil do not forget fidelity & constancy. SAINT GERMAIN