Saint Germain: Teton Conference Address, July 3, 1954,
dictated to G. I.

You have heard how beloved Lord Maitreya designs the world religion & builds it around the activity of the ray which is to be the predominant influence in each two-thousand year cycle. You have heard from the Master Jesus how he, beloved Mary, myself & the disciples all chose to cooperate in bringing to Earth the Christian Dispensation. In exactly the same manner did I draw you around me & with Lord Maitreya we looked upon the divine plan for the ceremonial ray. In exactly the same manner did I choose those of you with the greatest powers in your Causal Bodies to have the strength to build the foundation.

Some of you were chosen for that strength & spiritual vitality, some for your wisdom, some for your artistic temperament & delicacy of perception, some for your purity, some for your consecration of energy & some for your natural reverence & devotion, but all for your love of freedom! We did not choose all of one type. We have chosen some of the seven types in order that we could train you first & then let you go out & reach the type of mankind which your natural vibratory action, your development & your consciousness would appeal to & to whom the people would be naturally drawn. it is not the desire of freedom, it is not the desire of my own lifestream to have you all manifest the exact same type of magnetization of currents & direction of energies into the world of form. If it were so six types of people would be completely repelled by the activity which must reach & incorporate the energies of all.

We sat long at the conference table & we chose carefully the types of individuals who would, drawing & developing & maturing the energies of their own lifestreams, appeal to the masses along the seven different rays. Some of you are great natural conductors of peace, natural conductors of healing, natural conductors of supply, natural conductors of mercy, but all of you need the vital fire of the heartbeat, the blood, the spiritual radiation invoked & drawn thru the heart to nourish your particular endeavor. Then your local organism continues to function according to its own pattern!

Beloved friends, it is my endeavor to give you all that I AM, all that I have, to constantly bring before your minds & your consciousness the vision of world brotherhood! O that I might show you the world of tomorrow that you might see for an instant the great temples, thousands of lifestreams in temples of science alone where no word is spoken, where the entire adoration is concentrated thru the flame, where the entire atmosphere of a city is covered with that violet fire which passes thru the mental & feeling worlds of people who have taken a vow of silence & never speak!

There will be temples of healing where consecrated lifestreams never leave those temples, & in rhythmic pulsation ascend upon the altars every hour & continue to draw that healing flame in melody the like of which your ears have never heard. From all over the planet those diseased, those out of balance of mind or body will come to those temples. As they walk up those steps the shadows will fall away, the body will be refreshed & renewed & the mind brought into balance. The lifestreams so blessed will never know the priests in the temple who have drawn that flame of healing.

There will be temples of supply where dedicated priests & priestesses drawing forth the power of precipitation consecrate the supply required for all the other temples & dedicate themselves to nothing but drawing forth the precipitated power of supply, sustaining the healing temples & the temples of music, illumination & silence, no one knowing from when that supply flows!

In temples of protection the rhythmic power of the Archangels will be released in such overwhelming pressure that every destructive shadow, every destructive thought & feeling generated by mankind is shattered & consumed, where the energies of those who can stand that power protect the planet from cataclysmic action & free mankind from distress!

In temples where the nature devas are invoked the people of Earth may send their attention & their call. The flame from those temples will flow back & govern tidal waves, earthquakes, cataclysmic action of every kind & the people in the location where disaster threatens will have the fully gathered momentums of those in the temples dedicated to elemental worship & devotion. Do you see?

That is the future! There will be specialization! Each one will be in his own perfect place evolving like flowers in the field according to his own design, but all sustained by the heart of freedom, all living on the pulsebeat of the spiritual fire that flows from that heart! This is my vision, my plan, my design.


Decree for Protection of Chelas

Beloved Lord Michael, Archangel of Protection, in the name I AM, Mighty I AM Presence & Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, we invoke your special protection upon the shepherds of the race against the following factors:

1. The pressures of energy of other lifestreams who seek to benefit by the grace developed thru these shepherds for selfish purposes.

2. The pressures of conceit, arrogance & spiritual pride which ofttimes result from the development of so-called supernatural powers.

3. The pressures of the unseen influences of those forces which oppose the expansion of the light thru these shepherds of the race.

4. The pressures of untransmuted carnal desires that lie dormant with the shepherds of the race & which rise to the surface when they take upon themselves this special service as lightbearers of the world.

5. The pressures of self-deprecation & depression which might overcome the valiant shepherds in times of trial, seeming failure & delay.

6. The pressures of unpleasant associations thru past karmic ties of a disagreeable nature when the shepherds are required to serve with certain individuals.

7. The pressures of sickness, disease, disintegration & decay not only to their own forms but that of their loved ones.

8. The pressures of financial limitation which may not allow them full freedom to develop divine ideas given into their keeping.

9. The pressures of opposition in family association when the shepherds must live with those of lesser light.

10. The pressures of potential succumbing to the will of other human beings for some personal gain.

11. The pressures of skepticism which form the mass mind of the race they would serve & which is oft deeply rooted in etheric bodies thru disappointments of a spiritual nature in past ages.

12. The pressures of the mass consciousness of already established & accepted religious orders which oppose vehemently a new order.

13. The pressures of flattery which inflate the ego & leave the spiritual self weaker rather than stronger by reason of insincere bolstering of personality usually for someone's gain.

14. The pressures of gossip which if accepted cause distrust, suspicion & disintegration in themselves & among their fellowmen.

15. The pressures of desiring to love one part of life more than another wherein impersonal service is not attained or sustained.

16. The pressures of disapproval when a shepherd has to serve under racial bias.

17. The pressures of accepting thru the five senses human appearances & allowing those appearances to become stronger than the God-design the shepherds are endeavoring to externalize thru themselves & thru all Earth's evolutions.

Replace all these, & all other pressures not of God-good, by your cosmic pressure of faith in God, in man & your cosmic protection of all that is good in every realm of expression. I accept this done right now in Jesus' name according to thy will o God. Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!