Lord Ling: The Release of the Cosmic Flame of Happiness,
dictated to G. Innocente

I come in the name of the cosmic I AM Presence, the individualized White Fire Being from whence your own I AM Presence has come into existence. I AM come in the name of your own individualized Presence whose voice you have not heard for too long, whose activities have not stirred within the outer brain & mind consciousness for long ages who who is now coming again thru your acceptance of it.

I come this morning to gather together again a magnet made up of individual souls with thinking & feeling consciousness who can & will offer themselves to draw those spiritual radiations which are part of the kingdom of heaven into the realm in which mankind presently abide. You are therefore conscious stepdown transformers of radiations of harmony, radiations of peace, radiations of faith & love & balance & power insofar as you become master of the energies of your own inner bodies.

Last Sunday we established over the Western hemisphere a focus of the Ark of the Covenant into which we have poured constantly since that day an ever-increasing pressure of qualified energy composed of the laughter of the Gods, the happiness of angels, the joy of victorious accomplishment! This quality has been released by every being who has attained the ascension, all of which energy qualified with joy & happiness & victory remains as a spiritual stockpile forming not only the atmosphere of inner realms but also a focus which can be diverted into lower realms where so little joy & peace are found.

Beloved ones, from the time that the great supreme source of all created the first individualized Presence & that Presence sent forth a wave of happiness, feeling & individualization, from that time onward there has been builded into the body & nature of God & the universe more & more of the quality of happiness. Every individualization when it found the capacity to think, to feel, to say I AM, to take primal light & weave out of it perfection, that individual contributed a burst of happiness for the opportunity to be a co-creator with the universal First Cause! Every accomplishment that the individualized I AM Presence made gave another reason for happiness to pour into the energies of the individual, & as thought & feeling cooperating with the divine idea were precipitated as a magnificent pattern--such as a beautiful flower, a glorious song--again was a wave of happiness released thru the individual who developed the idea & released it to the universe. In addition a wave of happiness was in like manner released by everyone who benefited by the receiving of that beauty whether it was looking upon a lovely flower or whether it was listening to a magnificent song, whether it was reading some beautiful phase of truth, all contributed to this greater & greater impetus of cosmic happiness at inner levels.

Now, beloved ones, when the ascended master, when Archangel, Seraphim, Cherubim or angelic host serve, the buoyancy in their energy is a natural outflow of happiness. So, thru millions & millions of years the longer these beings have served the more happiness has been expanded thru them into the world around them. Therefore when we speak of the kingdom of heaven as being a kingdom of happiness we speak truly because all therein is joy in the use of life. Now in this realm of happiness & bliss to which souls of men aspire there is so much of this vital energy which can be utilized for the people of Earth. We have thought it possible thru training your minds & outer consciousnesses to magnetize some of that exuberance of spirit into the student body & then thru you to other constructive souls in the orthodox world.

Now, what are you doing this moment, you who are here & you who read my words? Thru your thoughts, thru your concentration upon me, thru your feelings, thru your etheric envelopes & thru your flesh forms you are magnetizing a sea of vibrating qualified energy. This energy is the laughter & happiness of angels & Archangels which is the music of the spheres, which is the victory experienced & radiated thru the consciousness of Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha & every being who has used life triumphantly. So, you are the beneficiaries today of a magnificent cosmic outpouring of that happy energy. Those of you who have worked with the various avatars & masters thruout the ages will feel the release of the particularly qualified energy which was part of their mission & which has become part of the kingdom ascending with them in the glory of their Causal Bodies!

Now, that happiness comes back along the seven rays today because there is always a greater Master Presence or a great World Teacher representing each of the seven rays watching your progress. All that God-qualified happiness that dwells in the ascended master realm is flowing now thru you & all dedicated souls aided by those seven facets of force for the relief & release of the consciousness of mankind which will eventually free fthem from the sense of labor by the sweat of the brow & service by duty & heaviness of spirit. Now please accept that, beloved friends of light, accept it within yourselves! You have done well, exceedingly well, in this past week in the control of your thought processes, keeping your consciousnesses as free as possible from depressing thoughts, thoughts that let in vibrations which would form a shroud of human creation around you. You have turned away consciously many times in the course of a day from a thought that ordinarily would find a good home & much care within the compass of your mental bodies. You have turned away friends that have been your close associates for this entire embodiment for the very first time this week while your thoughts have been turned to this class--so-called friends or at least dwellers within your mental body. It is not easy when you have dwelt & associated with a mental concept from the time you were five years of age. It is not easy when that comes to your door to refuse it admittance, it is far easier to accept the questionable comfort of association than the change that is necessary to bring in the vibratory action of a new, clean & finer form.

Yet you have made the effort & deserve commendation therefore. You have controlled your emotional worlds against individual pressures of feelings, feelings of depression & heaviness, exhaustion, depletion & doubt! You have done well this week in freeing yourselves, closing the door of your feeling worlds to the entrance of those particular feelings that have been qualified imperfectly! You have not allowed to stir in the etheric bodies so many of the memories of injustices done to you in this life alone! You have given control to the flame within the heart of your flesh body. In like manner you will benefit by the control that you have exercised in these initiations, especially those of you who have sent a thought to me at least once in each day. By reason thereof we are able to transfer the power & infinite radiation of the cosmic light of cosmic happiness into the lower atmosphere of Earth. This we are doing while we are holding your attention upon the worded instruction.

Now I would like to go back to the description of the electrons given to you in the September Class. I would like to give you again a visual picture of the atoms that make up your inner bodies because in so doing if you can understand the mechanics of this law you will be much more joyous in your use of the violet fire of purification & it will be much more efficacious in its manifestation of perfection in the outer appearance world. Will you please look again at the upper figure in the chart (Chart of the I AM Presence) & feel it to be a greatly magnified electron! Now, a group of these electrons swinging around a central core form an atom. Your physical bodies, your mental bodies, your emotional bodies & your etheric bodies are made up of countless millions of such atoms. Electrons spin around their central core at a rate which is determined by the consciousness that is within the center of each of your vehicles. For instance if your mental body is in the habit of inviting depressing thoughts, of dwelling upon negative pictures, of playing with imperfection, what happens? Electrons in the mental body which normally spin very rapidly around the core in the atom begin to slow up. Why? Because you draw from the lower strata of the mental world substance which is akin to your thought picture whether it is an impure picture, whether it is a negative picture, a defeatist picture, whether it is even a picture of yourself showing age, distress, disintegration, decay, the mental body absorbs all these discordant vibrations from the atmosphere & they enter into the wedges between lightrays thus slowing up their speed. Then your mental body as a whole becomes heavy & depressed, it becomes an open door to all other mental pictures & tramp thoughts which are floating around in the atmosphere looking for a comfortable home & someone's life to live upon.

Emotionally the exact same thing takes place. Your emotional body is made up of electrons spinning around a central core just as your planets spin around the sun. Normally they have a vibratory action of harmony which is in rhythm with your Presence & they spin at an extremely rapid rate--when they spin so rapidly no discord or emotional distress can enter in but when the consciousness allows emotions to tie to fears, doubts & many many vibrations in the outer world, the lower strata, the dust we might say of the lower strata of the emotional plane is sucked into particles around the electron & close in their light. Then your emotional body becomes heavy & depressed & it certainly is not a contributor to happiness.

Etherically it is exactly the same. Mankind's etheric bodies have within them memories of the glory which you knew with the Father before the world was. Your etheric body has stored up within it the memory of the descent of Lord Michael upon planet Earth. It holds your memory of every experience where some being was God-triumphant, but it also holds your memory of every failure & mistake, of every injustice & hurt, every disappointment of your experience within it-- unless erased by the violet fire. When the conscious mind turns to those memories you pick up the astral dust of the lower etheric plane. What is that dust? It is the effluvia which is thrown off by the minds of individuals dwelling on the idea that they have been unjustly treated & who have caused you might say a smokescreen composed of their own resentments, rebellions & injustices. When you open the door of your etheric bodies by dwelling on such injustices you draw in not only your own destructive memories but you also draw in-between these points of light some of the misqualified energy of mankind at large. This has resulted in a bogging down of your inner bodies which causes you to feel depression thru the flesh form. The flesh form being the last of the vehicles to be so affected receives the result of all recalcitrant energy of the emotional, mental & etheric bodies. Therefore in order to manifest & sustain perfect health you must come to a point of clearing the energy of your emotional body by drawing the transmuting violet fire of freedom's love in, thru & around those wedges between electrons which have been impacted by the radiation of imperfect feelings of your own as well as those you have accepted from mankind. Thus you cleanse the mental body by drawing that violet fire of freedom's love thru it, removing those accumulations of impacted dust from the metnal realm & you must do the same with the etheric & physical bodies.

Scientifically what happens? When you remove the pressure which has caused the weight around electrons, they are able to spin more rapidly in their orbit, & their speed naturally & automatically wards off from you those destructive vibratory actions with which you presently battle. Our Master St. Germain has said he wishes to give you as much visual help as is possible in order to assist you in coming to an acceptance of the freedom flame. For this purpose I will use three substances that are in common use--coal, wood & paper--in the world of form & let you see for yourselves the action of the flame upon the three.\

First we will take the very dense substance which you know as coal. Now, the vibratory action of electrons as they move around the atoms that make up the substance of coal is very slow & very very little light radiates forth from the electrons. Therefore when you expose the coal itself to flame you do not have as a result the immediate igniting of that substance. In other words this coal is representative of the mass consciousness of mankind & in its reaction to the physical flame you have about the smae reaction to sacref fire by people of the world. Next we will take an activity which perhaps would represent your constructive orthodox people, namely wood. In wood the vibratory action of electrons that make up the atom is more rapid. There is more light in the electrons. The wood itself is lighter than coal even physically & more susceptible to the absorption of radiation of flame. Yet even wood which we will compare to the consciousness of constructive people of the world does not respond very rapidly to action of physical flame nor proportionately to sacred fire. Lastly we will take the activity of paper which is the closest we can come at the moment to a visual test to point out to you the vibratory action of your own inner bodies. The electrons that make up paper vibrate more rapidly than those of wood. It is also lighter in weight from a physical standpoint, there is greater space between electrons, there is more light within each atom & of course we know when we apply physical flame to it we immediately have a blaze.

Now, beloved ones, thru these illustrations I wish to point out the various consciousnesses you will contact in your mission of spreading the knowledge of sacred fire. You beloved students form the impetus that will light the great constructive orthodox world, & later the unbelieving world at large. If sustained by the lighter radiation of students who magnetize the flame, this endeavor can eventually illume the great heavy Earth itself. Now, beloved ones, think that thru thoroughly that you may get the picture & get it clearly. Here we have the immortal flame of God Almighty, we call it the sacred love of the sacred fire of Master St. Germain. We have within this room a handful of people representative of the light within paper. As we draw the power of happiness into the vibratory action of that paper it should ignite the consciousness & feeling world of constructive people who are represented by small pieces of wood. If you sustain the activities, the radiation from your class work, you can have a world conflagration eventually. This is the activity the Master St. Germain desires to make of Earth--a freedom star--to bring it back again into a self-luminous orb in our system which will radiate divine love & light & all powers from within the heart of the sacred fire into the realm of mankind. But if the student body's inner consciousness is as heavy as coal, if they are as dense thru depressed feelings & thoughts & etheric memories as wood, if they are not conductors for this cosmic radiation there is no way by which we can reach the masses.

Considering the short distance from Egypt to Jerusalem some of you have wondered why I said the journey would take seven years, why this short distance could not have been traversed in a very much shorter length of time than the forty years mentioned in your bible. I want to explain to you, those of you who may be interested in the exodus, that when I was privileged in the heart of the desert to contact the consciousness of my individualized I AM Prsence the great Archangel Michael had sent his own beloved son, beloved Micah, to give to the Jewish Dispensation the same cosmic protection which Cherubim Lovelee now holds for this present activity. That great Micah was the focus of cosmic unison & he came to unite the consciousness of the Jewish race once more with the One God. When that beloved Micah stood within the burning bush, from within that bush I heard the voice of the Presence, the voice which said I AM THAT I AM! At that moment I was filled with that infinite radiation which comes when you realize & feel your own Presence! From that moment on as I returned into the land of Egypt I received the assistance of beloved Micah & all the higher powers that worked there. They helped us to draw together that moass of people who were chafing under the bonds of slavery, under the whip of the Pharoahs & under the discontent of the lot which was theirs.

These people had forgotten to a great extent the original teaching of the One God. Many of them had accepted the idolatry & Egytian way of life in their hearts & in their feelings. with certain persuasions & certain so-called miracles they were drawn out of their bondage & slavery but they were by no manner or means ready to be the magnetic power to form a new world movement. I was directed after removing them from Egypt to draw them together as closely as possible in an endeavor to teach them to become a magnetic power of light as I ascended Mount Sinai. It was meant to take, according to cosmic law, seven years to bring forth a specific God-instruction which was to be written down & delivered to these people to form the heart of the law for the two-thousand year cycle, even as we are now bringing the law to you & you are writing it down far more easily than I did then. I had to chisel every letter of divine instruction that I received upon hard rock. You write so easily upon your typewriter, with your pen on your lovely stationery--you do not know how difficult it was in those times not only to write upon stone those instructions given, but it seemed often that the hearts of men with whom I was working were as hard as that stone, discontented with their lot, desiring to return to the fleshpots of Egypt & not eager at all within themselves to accept the fuller truth which it was my privilege & honor to bring.

So it was that I ascended Mount Sinai. Every time I was enabled to enter into communion with the infinite I AM Presence there would be discontent within the ranks of the people who had come with me & who were to form the magnet for God's endeavor. that is why we remained for those long forty years doing that which might have been accomplished in seven. That is why also I remained with them & suffered their many petty jealousies & selfishness, also how I lost my own patience & my own God-control in anger at my fellowman. That is why too I lost the opportunity for the full freedom of my ascension. When I came again I was determined within myself that I would try to bring happiness into the worlds & lives of those who serve God! You see, beloved ones, I was raised in the house of Pharaoh. I was raised with a certain occult background, a certain spiritual understanding of the law, & then thru a misunderstanding I spent many years in the desert but I did not forget the beauty, I did not forget the opulence, I did not forget the easy way of living that prevailed within the Pharaoh's court.

In those years after we had proceeded across the Red Sea & after we had entered into the desert wilderness, in those years I used to think with some bitterness, I must confess, that perhaps it might have been better for all concerned if I had remained in the court of Pharaoh, continued my studies at Karnak, Thebes & Luxor & become a master individually within the safe compass of those surroundings.

Then the mercy of the law allowed me to embody as the disciple & close friend of Lord Gautama Buddha, thus I could see how he made a renunciation far greater than mine for he renounced a throne in India, turning his back on all it represented & carried forth his mission with never a regret & never a backward glance, with never a wish or desire that he had not chosen the easier way of redeeming the people of the world from within the safe compass of his own throne. It was the balance & mercy of the law that allowed me thru association with the Buddha to make right my own world, my inner bodies & my flesh which had to be redeemed before the glory of the ascension could be mine. It is the same with you, lovely ones, whoever you are & wherever you move along the pathway of life. That which you do in the name of God you must do in joyous happiness or you will have to do it again in the company of an individual who has already achieved that mastery & find happiness in service to your God. If you do not do it here, if your service is done in heaviness, if you find your load more pressing than you can bear, you will have to work out at inner levels that imperfection, mentally, emotionally, etherically, or come back & work it out physically.

So I ask that as this flame of happiness passes thru you, as the concentrate of that essence & that mighty energy surges in a living, powerful & positive flame, I ask that you allow your inner bodies--emotional, mental, etheric & also your flesh--to be conductors of the sacred love of the sacred fire into the outer world. Then the constructive people in the outer world will project it & flash it again & again into the great masses who are still sleeping in the lethargy of the outer self. In the name of the Most High Living God, in the name of the Presence of that God I AM which beats each human heart here & in the realms of those who wait at the gates of birth, I invoke a cosmic release of that pressure & power of happiness, intensifying it every instant, waking, sleeping, day or night, thru the inner bodies & physical selves of these who are chosen to be the way-showers to all mankind! I invoke that flame of happiness until it can be felt in the purified mind, until it can be felt in the vitalized emotions, until it can be felt in the flesh structure as well.

In the name & by the power of the Presence of God which I AM, I charge, charge & charge the cosmic flame of cosmic happiness from the heart of the Central Sun & the physical sun of our system & from every God-free being into the lower atmosphere of Earth--north, south, east & west from this heart center today until it covers this planet round.

& to you who have absorbed & transmuted by the use of the violet fire the energies of your own world so much of the unhappiness which is the mass blanket that encircles the planet, to you individually & collectively we give our gratitude this morning & we anchor into your worlds a certain buoyancy, sense of rhythmic accomplishment & victorious mastery which, if you will recall that feeling on the hour daily, will remain with you always. Unto you each & every one for your presence with us, for your comprehension of this law & for staying with the activity of the law thruout this entire week, to you all we give the gratitude of our cosmic hearts. Thank you so much. LORD LING