Maha Chohan: Breath, Aug 18, 1950,
dictated to G. Innocente

The Chinese race as a whole have been noted for their serenity. The highly developed & advanced members of this Oriental race outpicture in their exquisitely-chiseled faces & graceful forms the self-mastery that is primarily built upon an understanding & year of practice of the proper rhythmic breath.

In the East both India & China & the neighboring countries are well versed in the power that is held within deep breathing. The art of jujitsu is only one of many accomplishments in which breath is coupled with skill in order to prove the transcendence of gravity & the natural buoyancy of matter when properly etherealized.

One of the greatest beauty treatments to erase lines from the face as well as the distortions of the figure was well known to the Chinese in this use of the rhythmic breath. It is a marvelous purgative, more powerful than any temporary means of removing the poisons from the body, & is a healing agent without parallel. For within the breath is held all of the curative powers of life.

The distance that individuals live above sea-level determines the weight of atmospheric pressure in which they must live & breathe. Individuals who are fortunate enough to live in the mountain districts find it naturally easier to breathe deeper & more slowly than the ones who live lower down because there is not the heaviness in the air to make a great effort of the inhalation of the lifebreath. The purer & cleaner the air the easier it is for them to absorb it in greater drafts. You will therefore find the people who live in the lower atmosphere of the Earth are subject to more of the evils of the world of maya than those who are fortunate enough to have their physical abode in higher levels. This deals however with those who are not conscious of their ability to draw deeper breaths even when not encouraged by natural environment.

Remind the outer self at every opportunity whenever you have a few moments of freedom for thought to set into motion the deep breath thru all your bodies, & I think that five minutes of such breathing will give you on an average more rest & relaxation than an hour's sound sleep.