Maha Chohan, Feb 11, 1951,
dictated to G. lnnocente

In the creation of a race of intelligent beings destined ultimately for mature Godhood the process of individualization follows a definite & intricate design. Because of the unspeakable periphery & scope of creation it would be impossible for the finite mind to grasp more than a fraction of the universal chrysalis which ever exudes life & light. It has been my privilege to endeavor to condense & simplify for the illumination of your consciousness a portion of the cosmic activity which is the cause whose effect you are.

The endowing of a center of consciousness with the capacity of free will designed so that the instrument of growth, development & maturity might be anchored within the evolving life, & so that it might not be dependent on external environment, circumstances & unfoldment, was the initial design of the Creator.

The number of lifestreams to belong to the chain was determined preceding even mental picturization which would when coupled to the creative faculty of feeling project into the universal space new beings destined to ultimate godhood. The center of consciousness contained within itself within the primal flame of its initial being the dual principle of thought & feeling--the masculine & feminine element--that makes the completed soul. These activities of thought & feeling were not only the endowed powers of creation but were also the only way & means by which consciousness could receive, grow, expand & increase. In other words, thru the thought & feeling activity the individual consciousness could draw in the greater gifts of the universe as well as project forth the finished object of its own creation.

You have seen the thought & feeling bodies, & I have endeavored to describe in detail their service to creation thru substance & form, but we have not fully emphasized the fact that the only way & means by which the individual flame can receive is thru these very same bodies or mediums.

The individual focus complete in the masculine & feminine activity of the ego form the White Fire Beings, or the Cosmic Ego of the individual. When the twin rays descend below the cosmic fire line the division between the masculine & feminine aspect took place, one was predominantly a feeling creature & the other a predominantly mental creature. But even in the octave of light there was not a completeness owing to this division, & the subsequent descent into matter for the development & maturity of that portion of the creative principle of each ray which was not expressed in the original descent became the purpose of evolution & explains all of life's experience. Therefore we will find that the ensuing experiences of the twin flames thru the centuries must of necessity be divergent because the mental flame has to develop the love nature & the feeling has to develop precision of thought.

When one member of the dual flame achieves the complete mastery of mental & feeling faculties & embodies within himself the full ascended masters' perfection of the White Fire Being from when he first issued, such an one completes his cycle & enters again the ascended masters' octave. thus he went forth as half a flame & returns as a whole. When the succeeding member develops & balances the two activities within himself, he also is ready for that freedom. Then both bring back into the White Fire Flame that which they drew forth, plus its complement. MAHA CHOHAN