Serapis Bey Music in the Universal Scheme
(material published by Bridge to Freedom, Kings Park, New York, 1950s, copyright. The dictations came to Geraldine e, messenger of El Morya.)

Music is in itself an effort of stirring the universal light substance into motion thru the creative powers of thought, feeling, action or the spoken word. Although it is an effect resulting from the vibrations of energy waves, it can be used mightily as a cause when properly understood, directed and interpreted.

Music is synonymous with activity in the realms of God's perfection, for every thought and feeling of the Godhead creates a glorious sound and emits a beautiful color clothed in exquisite form. Creation takes place to the accompaniment of such beautiful music as would make the heart of man stand still. The rhythmic motion of the planets around the Sun contributes to the cosmic symphony, and the forward motion of the galaxy is a processional of such magnificent splendor that words could not attempt to describe its inspiring, uplifting, energizing power.

Every ascended master radiates an individual keynote woven into a beautiful symphony of sound, and as They move thru interstellar space the mingling of Their cosmic tones is an inspiration to all who are privileged to have access to the faculties of the inner ear. These natural songs of the Sun, the planets, the angelic host and the ascended masters are like the perfume of flowers, the radiation of those beings contributes to the music of the spheres without the self-conscious cooperation of the faculties of the lifestream because each one may concentrate and focus the gift of song thru his own vocal chords as the gift of music thru the particular talents evolved by his self-conscious intelligence.

When the masters, devas or angelic host choose to concentrate the music of the spheres thru cosmic concerts, then truly do the highest heavens ring. Every lifestream who belongs to this universe who has attained his victory of the ascension and every cosmic being and master presence is a contributing factor to this sea of music which like light itself forms the atmosphere of the octaves of light. The I AM Presence of every unascended being also pours forth its particular keynote and universal melody in the realm of which it functions prior to the ascension of the outer self. It is from this sea of light that the masters draw the music which is the general property of the entire heavenly host and focus it thru music temples under the direction of angelic beings who amplify it by Their Own life and direct it toward composers who are worthy of more than ordinary inspiration and assistance.

They also direct it toward artists who have developed sensitivity to the spiritual currents that may flow thru specific musical activities. These people are usually fortunate enough to be permitted entrance into some of these music temples at night while their bodies sleep as well as when they pass thru the Halls of Karmic Retribution at the close of their earth life. The glorious melodies stepped down by such men and women are the results of this endeavor in which I Myself AM extremely active.

Most of the great operas that have endured thru the centuries represent the outpouring of some music temple which has become the concentrated focus for a particular action in the inner realms. For instance, the procession of the Sun and her planets around the Great Central Sun is incorporated in the majestic music of Wagner. The music temple thru which this music is directed earthward is a beautiful azure blue and the devas and angels are robed in the various shades of blues from the most delicate blue-white to the deep deep royal blue of the First Ray.

When a composer, for instance Wagner, picks up the music of a music temple usually a master directs His ray into the mind of the composer to endeavor to build a suitable story around the music. The state of development of the mental body which receives the impression of the story and the development of the emotional body which is the recipient of the feeling and theme of the music will contribute greatly to the ultimate results. Some composers did marvellous things with the musical interpretation but were unable to receive clear mental directions and the resultant story was not truly representative of the theme. In the case of the Wagner compositions We had the assistance of his mental body and thus the mystic initiations are woven thru his stories.

The insignia of the knights of the Round Table was the swan which represents the initiate able to soar thru the air, master of the emotional element of water and thru its particular faculties able to pierce beneath the water and discover the elements of the deep as well. Again and again Wagner uses the swan as a symbol of the mystic initiation. The ancient Norse mythology tells how the noblemen of that era sang their swan song. Today people interpret that as the acknowledgment of failure, defeat and submission to fate, but in those early days the great, when earthly battles were finished, were allowed to sing the swan song to signify that they had become initiates and were consciously ascending from the limitations of matter to freedom.

When an opera is sung the quality which is its predominant theme is greatly amplified by the music temple and its attendants. From the central focus where such music is presented angel devas and cherubim and seraphic hosts carry the rays of that opera into the city, state, nation and Earth. Great buildings that have blessed the musical genius of the race are of course overshadowed by devas and builders of form who cooperate with the officiating cosmic temple in this service. We hope to secure the conscious cooperation of certain students in receiving these currents, amplifying them and directing them forth with the added impetus which comes from conscious understanding of the mystic inner activities connected with so-called outer world presentations.

Lohengrin is primarily the story of faith. The aspirant stands before the Karmic Council. Her sponsor comes to stand by her side riding on the back of the swan. She must accept him on his worth without curiosity, which she does. Then comes the test during which Ortrud instills doubt in her mind as to the beloved's true identity. She accepts the suggestions of doubt and forfeits the right to his Presence. Lohengrin calls his swan who remains to help Elsa in a lesser capactiy, for such is the mercy of life although she has forfeited the Presence of the initiate.

Thus does each student stand one day alone and with only the light of his heart to guide him, he must decide on the nature of his teacher not by his name, person or heritage. At this time all the forces of doubt and uncertainty rise from within and without. This is the crucial moment in the life of a chela who has been chosen for more than ordinary association with a master of light. If doubt and uncertainty require of the chela that he cannot accept the teacher like Lohengrin, such a one must withdraw and a lesser light becomes the guarding presence of the lifestream until a later life.

Since this is a story of faith, the quality of faith from the blue music temple under the direction of the cosmic being Faith is poured into the grail where the opera is performed and directed by the devas of the blue ray into any student or aspiring lifestreams thru that city and then the planet and on into the discarnate realms as well. The Elohim Hercules also assists in this.

-The Seventh Ray, Bridge to Freedom, Inc., dictated to G. Innocente, 1953.