Serapis Bey Opportunity thru Incarnation January 19 1954

Beloved children! Beloved friends! Friends of so many ages of pleasant association, as I look overy My book of memory and see your sweet names written on more than one page and the fragrance of the association in which your lives blended with Mine is wafted on the breeze, I stir again within your hearts a remembrance of the cooperative service in the name of the one God and His manifold expressions in the Kingdom in which We dwell and toward which you aspire.

Many many times have you been hopeful aspirants standing at the door of the Temple at Luxor, holding within the confines of your uncertain consciousness the energies which were the harvest of your endeavors. More of innocence than wisdom has prompted your desire many times to enter into that concentrated flame which has been My honor to guard for thousands of years. It was not without trepidation that I accepted you into the temple, knowing full well that until the enrgies of your worlds were free from the pull of the outer world those energies would return you again to the world of form until the fires of invocation would burn to ashes the momentums that had not expended themselves but rather had lain dormant for a time. Now you come again and the door is wide open to your eternal freedom.

It is interesting to bring to your attention the service of the Brothers and Sisters of the Ascension Flame so that you may understand something of Our endeavor and perchance cooperate with Us. In the fourth sphere which is My privilege and honor to guard dwell the Holy Christ Selves of mankind. Here these magnificent God-free beings worship together in temples of such magnitude that many millions may gather and send up adoration thru song and the spoken word. Here I become well acquainted with the divine pattern of every ego who belongs to the evolution presently enjoying progress upon the planet and around it.

There comes a time in this sphere during the long course of evolution when the Holy Christ Selves of an individual will signify by its auric light that the ego or personality which it has sustained has attained to a point of evolution wherein the ascension of that ego is a possibility thru the sublimation or transmulation of the outer self. These particular Christ Selves are then drawn together and segregated from the great mass. They enter into special temples under the direction of the angels of the Ascension Flame. here they receive instruction from Those of Us who are dedicated to the education of the consciousness in the drawing of the sacred fire which makes possible conscious final transmutation of consciousness.

These Holy Christ Selves abide within these ascension temples and in each twelve-month cycle when the Lords of Karma announce in every one of the seven spheres how many lifestreams are to be admitted to incarnate in the course of that year, it is My opportunity to suggest a certain number from the Ascension Temple who are to join the incarnating egos who will take embodiment within that year. This ensures entrance into the Earth every year of the maximum number of lifestreams who could attain their freedom with self-conscious endeavor.

From each of the other six spheres the chohan in charge draws the lifestreams representative of His ray. These are all presented to the Lords of Karma in a magnificent ceremony which yet has much of sadness in it because there are so many more applicants than those to whom it is possible to give opportunity. The Lords of Karma then must segregate from this number the small few who are offered incarnating privilege, the others returning again to their respective spheres until the passing of some soul from the Earth makes room for another incarnation.

Because of the specific requirements and need of the cosmic hour in which We presently find Ourselves, the cosmic law has allowed Us greater freedom and an entrance into the world of form of larger numbers of applicants who can possibly attain the ascension at this time than ever before. For the past seventy years anticipating the cosmic moment We have availed Ourselves of the leniency of the law and have not only presented for approval a greater number of applicants but have been given larger grants in getting Our chelas incarnated.

If men could see how much energy, time, prayer and application goes into the drawing from these spheres of each lifestream who is taken within the compass of Our aura before the Lords of Karma in the hope that a flesh body might be allowed them, they would not weary so easily of life or rebel at the opportunity of each day. Worse still they would not out that life themselves from the appearance world.

The priceless gift of life is so little understood by even the most advanced chela. We stand by those whom We have sponsored, those who live because of the petitions We have placed before the Karmic Board, and so often rebellion and discontent is Our reward. If man understood these things his first gesture of the morning would be to bend the knee of the outer self in gratitude for the opportunities that life offers him.

When the Karmic Board designates the lifestreams that are to enter the Earthplane each one of the chohans takes back into the temples in His Own sphere those who come under His particular supervision and guidance. For a longer or shorter period of time He prepares them thru radiation if they are spiritually undeveloped and by conscious instruction if they are chelas. Then these great friends stand at the gates of birth enfolding the incarnating souls with the blessings of their flame and ray as they pass thru into the world of form.

Here I digress for a moment into My Own activity which you can duplicate in your own minds for any one of the other masters. Those whom We have trained in the action of the Ascension Flame, for instance, and those still on Earth who are ready to accept it are particularly blessed because a Brother or Sister from the realm of Bey is given charge over the lifestreams. These become sponsor and guardian thruout the entire Earth life wherever the individual incarnates and according to the response of the outer self to the inner intuition and light in the heart and the promptings of the attending members of the ascension brotherhood. Every conceivable way, means, shape and manner are used to stimulate the heart's desire for freedom. It is one of the tragedies of life when those who have been marked for the ascension return Home without aking full advantage of the opportunities given them.

We are very happy at present because so many of the lifestreams in this great scheme of evolution are taking advantage of the magnificent opportunities within their grasp, and the incarnating egos that are coming within the next twenty years have unprecedented opportunities offered them. Now thru the great kindness of Lord Michael We have been told that many many thousands of souls of varying degrees of advancement are to be prepared at inner levels for the ascension without the necessity of re-embodiment. With this purpose in view they are being taken to the great ascension temples in each one of the seven spheres which are all snow-white in appearance something like alabaster. In each one of these temples Brothers of the Ascension shall remain permanently and thru the souls of the enrolled members the ascension flame will be passed--thru all their inner bodies as well--until they come to a point where their consciousness can absorb a little of the understanding of the law.

You see, it is one thing to take a consciousness that has an understanding of the law and develop that, but it is quite another thing to take an orthodox consciousness who has been given a grant of grace and transmute the energies in that one's world. This can be accomplished only by the action of the sacred fire, and it is My desire at this moment to ask for volunteers to give their time in the temples at night to pass that flame thru these souls whom Michael has sworn to give their freedom. This would greatly hasten the preparation of these egos and it would show the Karmic Board in the coming six months what a dispensation of such great scope can do for the entire world.

You know, there is no such thing as selfishness in heaven, but looking at the hearts of my Brothers and Sisters I find that each one of Us is so deeply interested in some portion of the law that We take advantage of any moment when We can gain the attention of any member of the race. Then We plunge into Our individual service with perhaps little consideration for the problems that may be engaging the attention of the individual. In this connection I can but assure you that while We present a phase of the cosmic law in the hope of obtaining your cooperation and interest your consciousness, We are still fully cognizant of the shadows which you hold within your minds. These are the chains of the imaginings that bind your souls, and while We speak of cosmic service We are aware of the creations and limitations of the human consciousness.

It has been said that the masters of light, God-free, looking at the great scheme of creation have forgotten how a consciousness feels who is looking thru the sensebound shadows of the world. However I can assure you that We never look into the heart-light of any spirit without parting the shadows by the beam of Our attention, and there is always some portion of Our world anchored in their consciousness during our communion with one another.

How close are you to Me! I brought you to the Halls of Karma! I stood before those impassioned judges and held you by the hand and said "Here o great Lords of Karma is one whose life records shine, whose heart beats true, whose soul awaits the triumphant shout of freedom to enter into the great realm of immortality." Do you remember? I have stood by you from the moment when you knelt before the great judge, when every member of that great Court in one voice gave acquiescense to your incarnation in flesh form thru which you are to write the best page in the history of your life expression. I will be one of the first to greet you on your return.

You have listened now to the voice of your heart. You have felt the pressure of the Brothers and Sisters of the Ascension Flame and We are closer at this moment than We have been since the hour when you took birth.

In the coming twelve-month cycle not only in America but in India, China & Russia particularly there will be thousands of lifestreams born across whose breasts is written the word ascension. Children of great light are coming to the Earth, spirits of great sensitivity. Would to God the world was ready for them.

I thank you for your invitation. What does man know of the joy in the heart of the God-being so invited to partake in the affairs of men? We who have stood behind the veil watching the ruin of centuries of endeavors & yet forbidden by cosmic law to speak thru the veil UNLESS INVITED, hoping that somewhere sometime man might express a wish for Our counsel and Our Presence. It is beautiful to be invited and We never refuse an invitation.

In the activity of the new dispensation which will do so much for the race I would like to open the inner sight of those who know something of the power of qualifying energy. In this way you could see what is accomplished in the music temples by the combination of certain harmonious chords, from the creation of the smallest cherubic figures to the largest of planetary globes and galaxies, as well as in the dissolution of certain forms and molds which have fulfilled their destiny and are returning to the unformed--the music of creation that surrounds the building of a planet and the music of dissolution which accompanies the dissolution of a sphere that no longer serves the divine plan.

When this music, melody and harmony is utilized in this world of form with the full conscious understanding of the power of cohesion and radiation there is no appearance that can stand before the lifestream or group of consecrated egos who invoke and use those melodies which are completed at inner levels but await their reception by an alert and sensitive soul. We hope within the next year to experiment with this because the students who are the hope of the world must have removed their their inner bodies the quality of rebellion. This is the accumulation whose vibratory action was the fundamental cause of the Fall of man, the separation of the consciousness from the Christ Self and which stands between even the most earnest individual and his own divine Presence.

At Luxor, you know, We have a tremendous discipline which was primarily designed to melt the rebellious vibration which is so suble that at times it is discernible only to the eye of a master and the soul itself is unconscious of the existence of this vibration within itself. However these harmonies and combinations of sounds that melt within the feelings that rebellious activity against the will of God will permanently accelerate the cooperation of the conscious mind with Our plan of endeavor. I AM eager and desirous of setting this into motion and I shall ask the full cooperation of the outer self in this service.

Egypt has been My country since that never to be forgotten day when We received word from the heart of the high priest that Atlantis was to sink beneath the waves. We carried that Ascension Flame in an open boat across uncharted seas and knelt before its smoldering embers on the bank of the Nile. With Our very breath We nourished into life again what seemed to be but ashes. I have not left Egypt except in four embodiments all thru the ages since that memorable day.

You have been with Me many times and We are old friends. It is My hope that you may bring to your conscious remembrance the power of the sacred fire that you have wielded in Our temple, that you drew forth on Our altars by which you molded substance into form and rendered such great service to the public. These things are recorded in your own feelings, they are a part of the energy of your dear hearts. Thru your flesh garments, your hands and thru your fingertips flowed that flashing flame obedient to your conscious direction. Thru them you have conducted powers of precipitation, of healing, of levitation. I speak now to the memory which I stir within you! These are records of momentums which belong to the glory of your causal bodies, not something which must be born out of primal unqualified life essence. They are the heritage of centuries of devotion and dedication to the externalization of God which belong to you by right of earnest endeavor.

Sleep no longer in this limitation of the outer senses! You are guardian spirits come to save a planet! You are here to fire a people & to resurrect those living in the death shroud of their own human creation. Your names are written in the book of life and light! I who have served on the same altars with you, I who have passed thru the energies of My world the confirmation of your initiations AM not content to see you linger longer in the shadows in this hour of planetary crisis that is upon us.

Contemplation coupled with action is My request to each of you. Thank you.