Serapis Bey The Fire Temples, 2-12-1954

Love be thine from the heart of Luxor, light be thine from the heart of Luxor, victory which is within both love and light be thine, candidates for the ascension. Beloved Lanto, Hierarch of the Royal Teton, friend of the ages, I stretch My hand, My heart and the flame from the East to You across the miles. Accept then the energies of the ages and blend Thou Thy great cosmic flame of service thru those ages that are forming a bridge uniting the Eastern and Western consciousnesses, and all the peoples incarnating within these hemispheres, giving of the vitality of the West and the mysticism of the East in the blending into that balanced activity which gives God-mastery and God-freedom.

I greet you today in the name of your life, that life which you applied to use from the heart of creation in order to develop self-mastery and become in yourselves creators of worlds and systems and galaxies, that life which you have invested in shadow and in sunshine according to the will of your own conscious self, that life which has builded for you either the shackles and chains which bind your spirits round or the glory of your causal body.

I AM one among a great Hierarchy who are servants to your light who have come and who have remained as part of the evoltion of the planet Earth until that imprisoned life which is your responsibility is set free. Somewhere along the pathway of the spiritual evolution of the soul every lifestream within the sacred places of his own heart of prayer decides within himself that he wishes no longer to experiment with life, that he again wishes to learn of the God-will and go free. At that time We are summoned before the living Presence of such an one, and according to the gifts of Our lifestreams do We serve that soul casting the light of Our consciousness into helping that soul thru the invocation of the sacred fire to redeem imprisoned life, to make things right and to prepare to be ascended into the natural God-estate of a God-free being.

We are the Brothers and Sisters of the Ascension. Across your breasts are written the words Candidate for the Ascension. You are privileged among all men, women and children that use Earth as a planetary home. The Lords of Karma have chosen to vest your lifestreams with embodiment to give you opportunity to make things right, and you who sit here before Me today are those who vowed before that great impersonal tribunal that if given such opportunity you would avail yourselves of it and balance your debt to this great universe, removing that portion of the death shroud from this star and endeavoring wherever possible to make lightbearers of those you contact.

I remind you of your vow. I have kept My part of it when I stood sponsor for you and gave My pledge that should you incarnate, a Brother or Sister of the Ascension would stand by your side and offer you at every opportunity a way and a means to make things right. Up until securing of the dispensation whereby We might speak with you We have had to render this service thru radiation, thru the impress of the Higher Mental Body or Holy Christ Self as you choose to call it. Now We have the great opportunity of sowing the seeds into your outer consciousness within which are the ideals We represent, the plan and purpose which We serve, and the way and means for which you as individual lifestreams may cooperate with Us and while redeeming your own energy also help to set the rest of life free.

It is opportunity without parallel when mankind is invited thru the veil to take the hand of God-free Brothers and walk in communion and companionship with those who have guarded the race from the beginning of recorded time. I trust you will not consider your service duty but opportunity without parallel, that you will find joy in such service. This will lift the tremendous sense of oppression for you and give to you happiness in weaving out of your light a bridge by which other lifestreams as well as yourselves may ascend again to their God-free estate.

Many many ages have passed since this beautiful planet Earth was created, since the harmony of creation radiating out from the bodies of Elohim added to the melody and music of the spheres. It is many many aeons of time since the pure electrons were drawn by love from the unformed and builded into a planet of such shining beauty that even the Sun in its heavens did not exceed her in light and grace. That was the gift from the heart of creation to the evolution who signified a desire to learn to control energy in a world of form. Flame flowers that never die, bodies that knew no disintegration or decay, precipitation, levitation and etherealizations--the God-gifts of each incarnate spirit--the presence of the angelic host visible and tangible to the sight of all, the mighty devas, masters and guardians designing and living within the temples of light, the constant companions and protectors of a happy and innocent evolution--that is the Earth as it was given from God's heart and hand to mankind who asked for opportunity! That is the Earth to which you came, you the guardian spirits, developed and matured, willing to be the protectors of the childlike evolution that is the planet to which the great Lord Michael came. The first mighty Manu settled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, drew the power of Elohim and created the first spiritual sanctuary and retreat which we honor here today.

Here stood the seven archangels representing the seven great rays of force, their bodies enfolding and radiating each one of the seven mighty rays, each archangel and chohan forming the pattern and plan for some lifestream who would evolve from the evolution and take that honored place one day. Here in the etheric realm over the great Royal Teton stands that sevenfold focus even to this present hour as a remembrance of the bringing of the sevenfold flame and rays of Elohim thru the bodies of the mighty archangels, and as the ages unfolded and other chohans were developed from the guardian spirits, the archangels relinquished that great service. Now we come to a point where sons and daughters of men who have developed certain God-mastery and maturity are being trained and prepared to fill those offices, allowing the present chohans the privilege of ascending into greater and greater light!

Beloved ones, the ascension of the Earth is at hand! It comes on Our side from the focusing of the sacred fire thru the conscious calls of incarnate lifestreams. It comes on your side from the raising up of intelligent God-beings who are qualified thru centuries of endeavor to draw the power of the sacred fire from Our hands and hearts, to sustain it and to rhythmically release it into the lower atmosphere of Earth creating permanent forcefields for those qualities, gifts, virtues and activities which are Ours to give and which are required to transform the psychic and astral realm which is the effluvia of the thoughts and feelings of the people.

In the early ages those foci of the sacred fire, those fire temples, those priests and priestesses of the sacred fire had the full power within themselves to draw from the inner realms that sanctified light and they held thru the sacred fire the constructive qualities for the masses. From the time when the laggards from other systems entered into the evolution of the Earth the fire temples began to decrease in size, in numbers and in efficacy. The Atlantean Age was the last great era when the fire temples held the balance for constructive endeavor, when virtue overbalanced vice, when constructive radiation from the temples thru mankind was the predominant quality of thought and feeling in which the consciousness of mankind moved.

These fire temples were guarded by dedicated lifestreams who still had access to the ascended masters octave not only thru word and vision but thru radiation. The high priest of each such temple with his accompanying guardian ring of blazing spirits were able to hold a contact thru the ever-increasing veil of maya and over the line of energy which that contact represented drew the counsel of the Master Presences and drew the emanation of peace, healing, protection, purity, whatever the temple was noted for, and nourished those qualities and virtues within mankind at large. When the priesthood began to decline in virtue the line of contact was impaired, and the nourishment flowing forth from the fire temples was decreased. The centers within the mental and feeling worlds of the masses, not finding that pressure of nourishment, began to create and externalize vice instead of virtues. It was following this period of the transfer of power from God-guardians to the masses that Atlantis was called upon to fold her mantle about her and sink beneath the waves.

At no time since has there been raised up and sustained sufficient numbers of God-intelligent beings to re-establish the balance of the virtues for Earth. We are now again at the inception of such an age. The establishment and sustaining of the retreats by the ascended masters on the planet Earth and in the etheric realm were the only insurance for the sustaining of any spiritual quality within the mental and feeling world of the people. These retreats however were not heavily populated, and the very few among mankind who could be magnetized and drawn into them did not balance before the Law the millions and billions of uncontrolled lifestreams who use the Earth as a playground rather than a temple.

The Maha Chohan suggested that the radiation of the retreats be expanded, that the forcefields be expanded by drawing into the retreats interested lifestreams even in their etheric bodies. He intended to begin the re-establishment of the balance of God-power on the Earth and in its atmosphere thru that very activity. The blessed children of Earth and the innocent chelas who joyously bound from retreat to retreat in the monthly cycle have no consciousness yet of the tremendous inner significance of the Maha Chohan's design. Every lifestream who in the etheric body or the Higher Mental Body turns his attention toward a retreat gives to that retreat of his life whether it is an electron, whether it is an hour of contemplation and prayer for the good of the retreat and the expansion of its light, or whether it is a constant visitation to that retreat thruout the 30 day period. The life and energies of the chela become a part of the fire and increase the forcefield as long as the lifestream is with that retreat in thought and in feeling.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the lifestreams who have consciously called for the blessing thru the activity of the retreat in encircling its energy round the Earth during that 30 day period. yet the gifts which the retreat can give to the world are determined by the amount of conscious life-energy poured thru the retreat from those who have been made aware of its activity and service in a given cycle.

At Luxor Our first endeavor to serve the world cause in having the Ascension Flame encircle the world was very disappointing. We were dependent upon the conscious life-energy poured into Luxor by chelas who were informed that the retreat would be active. That energy did not suffice to carry that flame further than the Mediterranean countries and the Near East. Let Me explain to you the activity of the retreat forms the gift or virtue which the retreat has chosen to sustain upon the planet and in its atmosphere. At Luxor that service is the Ascension Flame which is the way back Home, the way by which every man redeems his energy and turns the current of the life-force which has flowed out and tied into the earth BACK into his heart and thru his heart upward into his Presence, making the connection from the human to the divine, the very bridge over which his soul and consciousness will return Home.

We have sustained that Ascension Flame so that when mankind individually becomes tired of the activities of the outer world he may apply for the momentum of that flame. We passing that thru his energy disconnect him from the world of form and help him to fulfill his destiny and his purpose. The number of chelas at Luxor has always been limited because of the discipline, because of the tremendous self-denial, because of the reputation that We have earned thru the centuries. Therefore the forcefield around Luxor is limited to the enrgy and life of those who are the Brotherhood. The forcefield of these retreats into which the directed attention of students joyously flows are larger. For example the Royal Teton Retreat thanks to the teachings of Mr. and Mrs. Ballard and the subsequent attention and interest of the student body has a much larger forcefield than We are presently enjoying. The gifts of Our retreat are limited to the life-energy of those whom We can interest in Our purpose.

Therefore when the Maha Chohan chose and designed to bring the retreats to the consciousness of mankind it was so that someone might pour his voluntary light into the pulsation of energy and virtue in the retreat and make its quality larger in the lower atmosphere. Do you see? When unascended beings become vitally interested in the activity of a virtue they begin to contemplate that virtue, quality, gift or service to life. then thru the mathematical accuracy of the law of attraction they draw their lifestreams toward those particular beings who are masters of that quality, that virtue, that activity and that service. This is how candidates come to the various retreats, how chelas apply to the Guru at inner levels long before the outer mind is even aware of the fact. That is how spiritual fellowships are set up between ascended and unascended beings for the sole purpose of expanding the service, radiation, quality and virtue of the ascended being for some great service to Earth.

Those chelas then are conductors, they are channels, they are impersonal facets thru which a God-free being sees possibility of externalizing His virtue, His quality of the sacred fire and His power. Looking from the inner realms you would see the ascended master as a great flame of cosmic proportions, a funnel of light pouring down around the chela of his choice, then the virtue, color and nature of the quality from the master pouring into the chela making a little lotus flower around the physical form. The master does this consciously; the chela can do as much or as little as he chooses to weave his own life into that virtue and to make a larger sphere of influence in the lower atmosphere. If he is negatively receptive he is an unconscious conductor and the master does all the work. If he is alert, conscious and desirous of assisting the master he breathes his own life into the virtue and the quality that the master represents.

Why do you think We have drawn the veil aside for those of you within this room and have told you of Our mission? It is that you may stop being unconscious conductors and have enough vital interest in the being who is God-free to weave your life into externalizing His plan, His virtue, forwarding His cause, externalizing His power in the world of form. There is no other reason for a contact between a God-free being and a human being than the potential good that can be rendered the whole.

There is but one way We may redeem the energies which form the psychic and astral shrouds and that is by externalizing the powers of the sacred fire thru self-conscious alert conductors who choose to reach into the heart of the silence, align their life with their own God-Self and any being who has given them the courtesy of recognition--then weaving out of the energies of the individual life the qualified blessings of healing, of faith, of purity, of truth, of love. The balance must come back into the constructive activity of qualified light. We are on that bridge right now, that bridge where certain lifestreams are given the opportunities to be the priests and priestesses of the sacred fire not in spasmodic endeavor but in contant rhythmic qualification of personal energies in expanding a forcefield which is an uplifting, purifying, inspiring radiation to all life contacted. This is the beginning action of the fire temples and the drawing forth from your memories of the mastery that lies within those fire temples. In the early ages they held all mankind in constructive endeavor.

The people of the future will have it much more easy because the natural radiation which will be pure life will inspire spiritual evolution. The radiation in which mankind now moves inspires the satisfaction of the animal nature and destructive tendencies of the separate self. You are weaving an atmosphere, a worldwide atmosphere which men, women and children will breathe into their lungs, which their emotional bodies will absorb, which their mental bodies will devour, in which their etheric bodies will rejoice and which their physical bodies will find vitalizing. This will be your gift when you have closed your book, placed it upon the shelf and go Home to return no more. Ask yourselves each day, have I contributed to this universe in the way of light and encouragement not only in word but in action and feeling? I cannot emphasize too much as I stand before you the opportunity which is yours, the happiness that will come when some few wherever We find them can realize that to magnetize the sacred fire thru thought and feeling, to draw it forth, to hold a forcefield inviolate to discord and to allow the gifts of not only instructions but radiations to flow forth is the greatest opportunity that you have known since first you stood bodily before the Halls of Karma and the Lords of Karma Themselves and said "I shall go and guard the people of Earth as my gift to life."

That, My children, was a great vow. It was made with your own life. It is written in the book of akasha, and there is no man who can release you from that vow because none may loose your life but yourself. As long as you have made it We are here to help you fulfill it, and not one of you will know happiness until you tie your energies into the fulfillment of such service. I bow before your life whose servant I AM. I bow before your Presence in this universe. I see priests and priestesses of the sacred fire whose service can be inestimable in the evolution of the race.