Serapis Bey: Spirit of the Ascension Flame, 4-14-1954

Spirits of God! Spirits of light! Candidates for the ascension, I bow before you. I AM the servant of your life summoned by the magnetic pull of your soul which has demanded of the universal redemption and freedom. for this I have being, for this I use the priceless gift of God, life itself. Whenever a summons from the heartflame goes forth I may standing in the aura of that one activate the Ascension Flame, transmuting the energy which has thru the centuries qualified life imperfectly and open the door into that glorious and eternal freedom which life within itself desires and knows is its natural habitat. It is My privilege and My honor to answer the summons from the heart when there is opportunity thru the use of this glorious intelligent spirit of the Ascension Flame to raise a consciousness again to its natural God-estate. May I introduce to you the spirit of the Ascension Flame, a living breathing intelligence which does invoke from the electrons in every cell of your body that portion of itself which is hidden within your own light. As that flame of the ascension within yourself expands and meets the spirit of the Ascension Flame in its cosmic activity the two become one and the mystic activity of transmutaion and ascension takes place.

Within every electron of that light that flows so freely and so constantly from the source of the universal into your hearts is every qualification of the sacred fire, every power of the sacred fire which in its cosmic capacity is held within the atmosphere of Earth by spiritual intelligences. when the cosmic being who chooses to embody the activity and hold it in the atmosphere of Earth as a radiating center is summoned by your life and magnetizes the dormant quality within the electron and draws that forth, you have the merging of the individual and the cosmic activity, whether it be of transmutation thru the Presence of Holy Amethyst, whether it be of resurrection thru the Presence of the mighty Gabriel, or whether it be the activity of the Ascension Flame in the beautiful spirit of Luxor.

As you sang that magnificent song to the ascension which is the keynote of the beloved spirit of the Ascension Flame, I AM sure you felt stirring within yourselves the activity of that flame which when released does change the quality of the flesh, change the quality of the etheric body, change the quality of the emotional body and the mental body as well and which does quicken the vibratory action in every cell and atom of your inner vehicles as well as your flesh, raising you to a closer vibratory action with that of the God-free.

Beloved ones, I cannot emphasize enough that within the electron, within the primal essences of life that flows to you there waits--fire! The fire which becomes the bread on your table, the substance that clothes you, the fire that becomes the transmutation of your transgressions into harmonious energy, the fire that becomes for you the actual elixir of healing, the fire that becomes for you the resurrection of the powers which you knew in the Great Central sun and in the inner spheres--and here even in the physical appearance world in ages past--and the fire which one day when your momentum is builded to that point will join the cosmic flame and give to you that marvellous experience which you have come to know intellectually as the ascension of self.

Each electron, each heartbeat, each vital light-cell answers every summons and call you make upon it graciously and says "All this I can do and more" when you summon it forth as Jesus summoned Lazarus from the tomb. summon from the depths of your being that power of the sacred fire which is the requirement of every moment. You will find that opportunities are manifold here in the course of your hourly living, opportunity to summon forth peace or justice or harmony or restitution of divine perfection from distortion of form or balance of mind, body or supply. How can the consciousness of students linger longer in appearance of lack and limitation when within the essence of the electron is lying quiescent in the body the nature of God Himself?

At Luxor, beloved ones, where you have faced Me on and off thru the centuries aspiring toward redemption, Our complete discipline lies in turning the consciousness of the aspirant and the neophyte inward to the flaming heartbeat until such an one can draw from the heartbeat even the necessities to nourish the physical body. The clothing, the very garments with which the initiate approaches the altar are woven of the enrgies of his own primal life. Mastery and completeness are within the unit as the oak tree is within the acorn and the chicken within the egg. As the smallest most insignificant seed contains within itself not only the pattern of its full flower but the way and means of externalizing that pattern--the nourishment required, the magnetic pull upon the elements to develop itself--so of a certainty is the divine pattern within the heart of man and life itself endowed with self-sufficiency. It requires but a realization that within the light that flows, beloved ones, in countless millions and millions and millions of units into your world each minute is the fullness of healing, of freedom, of illumination, of every God-desire.

Those of you who have upon your breast the words Candidate for the Ascension are most blessed of all the mankind embodied today. You have been chosen for one of three reasons in the great Halls of Karma before you were granted the privilege of taking an earthbody. You were chosen either because you have become a harmless one, one whose energy has been almost completely redeemed whose cycle of individualization is ready to close and who has transmuted thru many ages of saintly living the majority of those energies qualified imperfectly.

Therefore you have by that very preparation of the ages signified to life thru the color bands in your causal body that there is opportunity for you to write your name upon the last page of your book, to seal it and place it forever in the records of eternity. Or you are those whose souls have awakened from a long soul sleep who have remembered glories, majesties and powers on other stars, in other systems, in other universes, and who waking feel intensely and deeply the loss of your powers, the loss of your freedom, and thru that intensity have demanded the opportunity of completing the cycle of your manifest expression quickly and have decided to make the great sacrifice, taking back in one short lifetime at no matter what personal cost or discipline all the unredeemed energies.

You have been examined by the law and have been found capable of making the sacrifices, and the Karmic board has agreed to release your karma to you knowing you can hold the balance thru its pressure, and if you endure unto the end, earn the seamless garment of light. Or you are in the third category, volunteer guardian spirits, those who have renounced freedom to come in this period of cosmic change when the Sixth Ray plays its last chord when the gently-opening notes of the Seventh Ray are sounded on the cosmic organ, and who desire for love of God and your fellowman to offer your bodies as conductors of those subtle currents as stepdown transformers to receive the instructions directly from the ascended masters and to carry that instruction in a more mercifully transformed form into the consciousness of mankind. In any of these three cases you were presented before the Karmic Board and the colors in your causal body had to be studied by the entire seven members. Any individual who is passed as a candidate for the ascension must have a pretty well-balanced causal body. Concentric rings of force distinguish the causal body of an initiate, an adept and a conscious chela who can bear the burden of more than ordinary responsibility. These rings much like the colors in the upper figure on the Chart of the Presence are rhythmically pouring out waves of light into the upper atmosphere. The inner spheres in which the Christ Selves dwell look as if they were in a constant state of greeting the sun in a brilliant sunrise.

The causal body of the average man is more or less chaotic with the various colors interblending like the water color effort of a small child where blues and greens and yellows are all intermingled thru excessive use perhaps of water and indiscriminate use of brush and paint. Those of you who have more developed causal bodies have within them a treasurehouse of constructive momentums and you were chosen carefully as a gardener chooses certain banks of color when he sets out formal gardens to supplement and complement each other. so did the Great Divine Director particularly choose lifestreams to be the foundation and heart of this endeavor who had predominantly active within the causal body one of the seven qualities, each individual contributing one specifically and perhaps lacking in the other six.

When I say lacking I mean that each one has a predominant color compared to the other bands of color, but you had to have a minimum of balance in all seven. The seven types of individuals who have answered the summons and call of beloved St. Germain and Morya are now endeavoring thru the conscious and intellectual selves to combine their energies in harmony. I ask you to learn from every man because as he perhaps is developed in another portion of exprtession so will you develop the band of color within your causal body that perhaps needs nourishment and you may very well give to him from the storehouse of your faith, your light, your opulence, your beauty or your peace.

The individuals who have passed the Karmic Board as candidates for the ascension in the course of an earth-life are few compared to the masses. There has to be a minimum number of lifestreams who can possibly make the ascension in one embodiment to hold the balance of the inner currents for the Earth. Because of the closing of the cycle greater numbers of these individuals have incarnated recently, and from this time on We shall make a tremendous application to the Karmic Board that greater numbers of prepared lifestreams at inner levels be given the first opportunity to incarnate. This is one of the reasons why I AM speaking with you today. You are no longer just students in these great classes. You are really cosmic servants and the activities which are engaging the interests of cosmic beings, angels, the Karmic Board, the Host of Heaven can be imparted to you from time to time as wisdom indicates and as your discretion allows. Then thru your own energies as you cooperate with Us while We are endeavoring to secure certain dispensations We are able to receive a greater outpouring of grace from the heart of the law.

Spring is the time when the greatest influx of lifestreams into the Earth occurs in both the nature kingdom and the human kingdom. At inner levels there is a ceremony which engages the attention of the Karmic Board at this season. The souls are chosen who are to incarnate within the next twelve months and they are then sent to schoolrooms to be prepared and await the summons of the angel of birth who will direct the consciousness into the body being prepared by the builders of form.

In cooperation with the marvellous idea of beloved Master Morya We have applied to the Karmic board to give permission to embody only to those who will take the vow of allegiance to Sanat Kumara and who will on securing a physical body bend all of their physical energies to fulfilling the divine plan, expanding the light upon the Earth and freeing Sanat Kumara from His exile. As the Karmic Board is at present examining the lifestreams who have applied for re-embodiment and those that are brought by the sponsors from the seven spheres, We would like to dedicate this day, this night and tomorrow morning to the securing of as much energy from unascended beings as possible to see that the beloved shining spirits who are wishing to secure embodiment may be given first opportunity. We would like your cooperation to join Our energies in this petition.

As you are engaged tonight with the mighty Resurrection Angel and the great Guardian Spirit of Incoming Children and of Birth, will you bend your energies in song, in thought and in heart-desire to Our petition? I will stand before the Karmic Board and make the petition which I AM describing to you that I may write across the breast of every soul who is passed--remember in Europe, in Russia, in the Orient, Malaya, in Africa millions and millions will be born--the words Candidate for the Ascension. Do you know what it would do for the planet Earth if every child that was born from this night forth had within his own causal body and lifestream the capacity to make the ascension in this embodiment? Think it thru.

May I now point your attention to another great activity which is also engaging Our energies. Beloved Archangel Michael you will remember secured a dispensation in gratitude for the student body's service which freed any student who had given his life to this endeavor and who has passed thru the change called death or will in the future pass thru that change from the necessity of re-embodiment. Included in this grant were those who were touched by the energies of your world, your families, no matter how orthodox the mind might have been.

We know the gratitude that rose from your hearts at New Year's, the sweet essence of joy in your unselfish happiness that those parts of life that were near and dear to you were to be free. You have not thought perhaps in detail of all the endeavor at inner levels, all of the thought and feeling that will be required to prepare these individuals to complete their evolution when no longer allowed the theater of Earth in which to gain the valuable experience of cause and effect. Do you know, and I say this in all kindness, the condition of the minds and hearts of many of those who were included in this grant? Yet something had to be done to give them opportunity which their consciousness could assimilate and digest. So the Brotherhood at Luxor and the Ascension Brotherhood began creating magnificent all white temples of blazing light. The doors are 40 or 50 feet in height. As you sing the song to the ascension tonight those doors will open for the first time. The Silent Watchers of the inner spheres will have gathered every one of those who have come under this dispensation and they will file two by two into these temples and will be enrolled in active conscious instruction in the use of the sacred fire. Is this not a cosmic moment among moments? (Audience rises.) I thank you for feeling this so deeply. I understand, dear hearts, that the conscious mind is staggered ofttimes by the truths that We bring, and yet it is all love and We who are free just love to serve life. Thank you, please be seated.

May I say, because I have known you all so long I have seen your actions and reactions under stress and under strain. In the name of God hold your peace, hold your tongue and guard your energy thru these next few days because you are batteries of power and once you begin to loose your energies thru the tongue they will run away from you. Each one of you, feel that you are in a private retreat, that you have all of this magnificent activity to contemplate and within the harmony of your own self, loving life free, you can have tremendous cosmic blessing. We thank you for your presence. I thank you for your many visits to Luxor and I ask you now to remembber that the Ascension Flame is within the electron and that the electron is within your heart. I AM your friend, your servant, awaiting your summons and answering your call. I have loved you for centuries!