Kuthumi: Kashmiri Convocation, 8-15-1953

I greet you tonight and welcome you to the radiation of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe. You have chosen thru your very presence within this room to become part of that activity by which We may acquaint the outer consciousness of mankind with the truth of life, the service of the great spiritual Hierarchy under Our Lord Sanat Kumara, and the conscious part which every incarnate lifestream and every soul waiting the privilege of securing an earthbody may render in redeeming their own personal karma, drawing back thru the flame within their own heart the miscreations of the centuries so making of this Earth a beautiful shining star of freedom that attains the right and honor of a permanent place in the solar system, one of the beads in the great necklace around the cosmic Sun behind the sun.

We have loved this Earth. We have chosen to forego the great happiness and freedom on other planets. We have chosen when We were given the opportunity of stepping into the heart of the ascension and passing into nirvana to renounce that bliss and freedom to work among you and with you in an endeavor to make of every man a divinity, to make of every lifestream a glorious song of life and light, to make of every heart a chalice in which burns that immortal flame and the glorious divine pattern and plan of the Christ manifest thru that heart and revealed in the glorious mastery which the Master Jesus and others well known to your outer consciousness have achieved thru the same self-conscious effort that We endeavor to incorporate into your daily living.

Beloved friends, over the continent of Asia stands the Elohim of Wisdom. Within the heart of this continent has been preserved since the pass of the golden ages when mankind spoke freely with God without the necessity of a mediator and an intercessor the wisdom of the ages, and India as you know represents the head of our gracious and beautiful planet. Tonight this glorious Elohim has chosen to weave over all of Asia a glorious golden mantle from his Own cosmic heart.

Those streamers of light in the most exquisite deep molten gold make a canopy of blazing light over our continent of Asia and from it are being directed ribbons of light into the retreats and sanctuaries where conscious students are gathered into a seven-pointed crown which will be placed over the heads of the students and fastened into a seven-pointed lotus on the forehead right between the eyes. As you feel the action will you just accept it, for it becomes really a funnel into which the substance of the Elohim may enter the brain structure and give certain assistance in the dissolving and melting of the atomic debris which has coated the brain and makes it more difficult for the finer vibrations of your own Presence to reach you and to be interpreted thru the outer mind without mistake.

Every lifestream on the path sooner or later comes to a certain point where he begins to turn to the still small voice within the heart. At first the individual begins to rely on intuition, then on inspiration and later still upon that conscious contact which precedes self-conscious mastery, the attainment of which constitutes his divine freedom from all human concepts and all human form.

This is the most difficult point upon the spiritual path and I ask that when you come to the place where you enter into the heart of the silence where you commune with your own God-Self that you be extremely wise, alert and careful of the response that you will receive first of all from your own bodies, because you are a complex mechanism, a sevenfold being. Now whereas the glory of your electronic body, your causal body and your holy christ self can never lead you astray, your lower bodies have voice, consciousness and intelligence of their own, and these voices, this consciousness and this intelligence within them endeavors often to serve its own selfish ends thru you. One of the chief requirements for spiritual mastery is discrimination. Call to Me if you wish, to My beloved Lord Maitreya or to the great Lord Buddha for that discrimination wherein you may recognize the voice of the silence.

Know always that the prompting which builds up the personality, that which gives aggrandizement to the human ego is not the still small voice of the Presence but rather the etheric rumblings of your own past experiences, the emotional desires of your feeling world or mental concepts and precepts from your past lives. Remember you have sat in the past before many teachers who have given forth both truth and fallacy and into your mental and emotional bodies and your etheric consciousness are builded those concepts, some of them solidified and petrified and lying dormant within them for centuries. As the flame begins to surge thru you these concepts are revivified and come forth and you must recognize them for what they are, not necessarily the voice of truth!

You will remember perhaps, those of you who are students of the law, that Lord Maitreya required first of the beloved Krishnamurti on his path to spiritual mastery the development of discrimination. Tonight as I speak to you may I point out again the necessity on the spiritual path for the development of individual discrimination. I congratulate you who are among us tonight for the discrimination within your own lifestreams that has enabled you to discern My Presence here and a semblance of truth in that which We say. Tonight I wish to give you the encouragement that a Brother or Sister of the Golden Robe will always be at your side if you choose to invite Him.

As you proceed into an understanding of the voice of the silence know that that which makes you humble, that which makes you loving, that which makes you pure, that which makes you harmonious is of God. The feelings that stir within your heart that desire to make of this planet a star of light, to relieve the burden of your fellowman, to raise those in pain and distress into understanding and harmony, that is of light. That which decreases the personality and increases the power of Christ, that is of God! Do you understand My words and My feelings?

As Lord Maitreya spoke to the disciples this evening I AM sure their hearts were filled with the love that was within His words. From China came the blessed sisters and brothers from Peiking, from Lhasa have come delegates from the Dalai Lama. From China have come brothers and sisters of the Order of Confucius, Buddhists have come from Malaya and India, and from the Indian temples come the Brahmans. They have all entered into the heart of Kashmir. Some of them have been a month or six weeks enroute and they had no bridge, no outer word, no letter by which they knew this gathering was to take place. They had only the magnetic pull that they felt within their hearts. In answering that they rose up each one and followed the path of the heart into this glorious vale. We took a large valley this time that We have not used before, anticipating that great numbers would be present, and already over 10,000 pilgrims and nomads of Asia in their physical bodies are gathered here. It is a large round bowl-shaped valley and the hills rise gently round it. Those of you who have been to Kashmir know the coloring of the flowers and the exquisite song of the birds that I have never seen nor heard elsewhere upon this planet Earth. Within this environment of natural beauty the great ones who are the Brothers of the Golden Robe are playing host to those who are the teachers of the secular activities of the outer world as well as the religious orders of every kind, orthodox and metaphysical as well.

The beloved Lord Buddha early this morning took His place on the elevation which faces east so that all the disciples looking toward the officiating individual might have the blessing of the eastern light. Lord Buddha in His outpouring spoke no words. He just made visible the outpouring from the Great Central Sun which, anchored within His own ascended master body, looks very similar to the stream of light from your Presence into your head and heart. In the case of the ascended being the connection is from the Central Sun behind the sun and of course it is very much wider and enfolds the entire ascended master body and aura as well. The beloved Buddha's aura is larger than our entire planet and as He opened the inner sight of all the pilgrims they could see those lotus flames flowing down from the Sun into His being and then outward into the world. This is the blessing which a celestial one brings when He descends below the octave in which He normally abides. Do you see, when an ascended master or a cosmic being like the Buddha rises into the higher octaves the periphery of the outpouring which forms his individual cord of light connecting with the Central Sun ends in the sphere in which He abides and descends no lower.

It flows out and fills that sphere and returns again into the heart of God. But as that being descends thru sphere after sphere and enters the lower atmosphere of Earth, then the outpouring from His tube of light and His own silver cord, you might call it, becomes worldwide and those celestial lotus flower vibrations just flow forth and permeate the lower atmosphere. As each one looked at that great cord of light representing the lifestream of the Buddha the chelas' lifestreams and cords of light began to expand too and to enfold their physical forms. Thus by example and radiation everyone watching the Lord Buddha accomplished the same thing.

At the close of His service the Lord Buddha returned into the invisible, and the beloved Lord Maitreya gave a worded expression of love to the shepherds--and His devotion to the soul-light would melt the heart of a stone. He spoke on the tenderness which a shepherd should have for the soul of man, for the delicate petals that are awakening from the soul sleep of the ages and which respond to kindness, to love, to understanding and to compassion and which can be shriveled by the wrong consciousness and attitude of those who have been entrusted with their care and development.

As He spoke He individualized an innocent soul who belongs to the orthodox world and showed the tiny white soul-light like a small tight white rose within the heart. Then He individualized a beloved minister who is presently embodied and showed the love and light from the emotional body of the minister pouring into that tiny bud and how the little soul began to respond tenderly, timidly, uncertainly at first, and then as the strength of the Brother of the Golden Robe who was guarding the minister intensified the compassion and wisdom thru that man the little soul got enough strength to become an active server in that church. He then drew a curtain over that example and rendered us another service by showing another minister with a lifestream--strong, vigorous and powerful but who yet thought of self more than the budding soul and how that strong and dominant overbearing personality of the would-be shepherd just closed in the light of that young soul & caused the spiritual endeavor of the little soul to cease for that entire embodiment.

These word pictures are beautiful, descriptive and they show you who are Our hope how important it is to be careful of the light in the hearts of those who will come to you in hundreds and in thousands. We hope We can find among you those who love God enough and your fellowman to choose to bring light, understanding, confidence, faith and hope to hearts that are bewildered and in spiritual agony and pain.

Tonight as you accept the light in the heart of Kashmir and accept My Own love, remember I AM no farther from you than your call. I AM willing and more than eager to assist you and I AM desirous of giving My love thru your lifestream to the people of Earth. St. Theresa said, you will remember, that Christ had no hands on Earth to bless but hers, no eyes thru which to see, no lips thru which to speak, no feet thru which to carry the message of God but hers, and I say to you the same. Lord Maitreya the Cosmic Christ, Lord Buddha the heart of love and My humble Self have but your bodies, your feelings, your desires thru which We may reach mankind. We stand in the heart of freedom. We stand in the realm of truth and Our hands are stretched out to mankind who does not even know We exist. They do not know that We have being, but you do! And thru you each one who is a bridge from the human life to the divine, thru you can We reach the mankind of this Earth and give them back the understanding by which they may set their feet upon the path and return Home.

The path lies open before them, their Presence stands at the end of its way, but there must be those among the sons of men to point that way and to stand by in the rough places, ease them by love, encourage them by light and give them the impetus of example and manifest works until they come to a point of enthusiasm in themselves and become like you their brothers' keepers.

Beloved hearts, I thank you with all My Own fully gathered momentum for even a mental acceptance of the Brotherhood. I thank you for even a passing interest in Our work and service, and I plead with you that in the secret silent time of your own prayers and meditation you may ask the voice of your own Presence in the silence if it would not be a kindness to life for you to incorporate your energy in unfolding the soul-light in those men and women whom life will draw about you if you so dedicate yourself to serve. I ask you now to so consecrate your life-energy after thought and consideration not in a wild burst of enthusiasm which dies down like the fires that are made of hay from the field, but in that steady constant flow of love that passes thru every experience untouched with but one thought--to carry the cup of comfort and not spill a drop of the sacred essence until it has reached the lips of the thirsty, until it has filled the soul with that same hunger and thirst after righteousness which will not let that soul again sleep until it has become the fullness of its own God-Self. When you can so infect the consciousness of mankind with that realization and desire for mastery, then you have become Ourselves in action. I thank you.

-Dictations by the Ascended Masters, Bridge to Freedom, Inc. dictations via Geraldine Innocente