Pallas Athena: Answering the Call for Truth, 5-23-1953, NYC

Beloved children of God, you are walking the way of Earth that the light of your hearts may be the guardian presence of evolving life, and I greet you and bow before the majestic power of the Godbeat in your hearts and bow before the sacrifice entailed by which every one of you voluntarily chose incarnation upon this shadowy planet offering to guard, guide and protect the evolution endeavoring to rise to their God-estate. Long has been your journey, faithful has been your service and great shall be your reward!

It was a magnificent activity at inner levels this morning as you stood and together gave the invocation to the flame of immortal life, for within each of your consciousnesses in the glory of your causal body is the momentum not only of your repeated calls to the flame as you officiated in public service thru this past twenty year cycle but also the momentum that has been gathered down thru the centuries of time when you stood priests and priestesses and oracles in the heart of the temple of light in every age and drew and focused that flame which kept the planet itself from dissolution.

I awaken within you the remembrance of the power that is within the sacred fire--power which you have drawn consciously thru your heartbeat and wielded by which entire continents were kept free from disease and shadow and pain and the disintegration that now accompies the removal of the soul from Earth. More than one of you within this room have known the freedom and protection that is within its majestic presence.

It is time now that you awaken from the consciousness of your separate selves, and as you did this morning as one body, draw that sacred fire, concentrate its power, endow it with your love and send it forth for the redemption of this Earth. It is not an activity in which your entire student body in local groups should join but when those who have been the protecting guarding presences of numbers of people over a period of years come together you have the concentrated power and momentum of magnificent lifestreams and the wealth of light within each of you should be the joy of all.

I AM here this morning in answer to each of your heartcalls for truth. Do you know the concentrated power within the cells required to part the curtain of the great silence wherein some of Us have chosen to abide for centuries of time? I AM here because of your light and your love and your fierce and loyal and dauntless determination to know truth.

I AM one of twelve beings privileged to be the spiritual court of the Mother of this system, the beloved Vesta. My Sisters have been more welcome upon the planet Earth than I, for there is not a heart that does not want mercy, not a soul that does not want peace, nor a lifestream that does not want love. A limited few timidly call for justice, a limited few for purity. And o dear hearts, how many want truth when it is uncomfortable to the pressure of your own concepts, feelings and opinions? Truth complemented by the comforting presence of divine love is the power by which you shall become free. O the brutal frankness of the outer self determined to ram truth down the necks of other lifestreams whether or no! Such a one has much to learn. But when there is the kindness of holy comfort within the feeling body truth may be presented in a way that conveys assurance, conviction and comfort to the individual. That is why We represent the two facets of the same great flame.

In the early ages before the mist arose from the minds and hearts and feelings of the people I abided within the Temple of Truth where all might consult Me that chose and although I wore no garment of flesh it was easy to discern My Presence because there were no shadows between the sense consciousness of the harmonious selves evolving upon the planet and the perfection of Our octave. And the governments flourished, and education, art, science and religion because each lifestream was held within the Presence of Truth and guided by his own divine Presence in his individual affairs and in national and international affairs, and We moved forward with very great harmony and happiness.

With the closing of the great Lemurian Age this association with Us and the beauty resulting therefrom began to dim with the creation of mankind's own choosing to enfold lifestreams in the mists of forgetfulness, and truth became veiled. On Atlantis some of you were sufficiently true to the principle of life to maintain temples to the Goddess of Truth, and there I was enabled to manifest to a chosen group of prepared, reverent and dedicated lifestreams who in turn carried the word of truth to others whose own creation had blotted out so to speak the vision of Our realm and its inhabitants.

You have heard Serapis tell how the great Hierarchy warned the priest that Atlantis was about to fold her veil around her and sink beneath the waves, and those blessed ones who had guarded the Temple of Truth made preparations to carry the flame from that altar along with secret documents which had been carefully transcribed and which contained within them the results of many of Our conferences to a place of safety. Slowly the years passed and nothing happening in the outer, people in themselves began to murmur that the priests and priestesses were telling falsehoods, and they slipped back into their old ways until finally came the night when all were notified to proceed to the boats, and in company with their own chosen priests and priestesses endeavored to arrive at a place of safety before the cataclysmic action would churn the ocean into such a boiling sea that no boat could survive.

Our beloved Paul and three of you within this room were among the group who took the Flame of Truth across the Atlantic thru the Mediterranean into Greece. They were among the few who arrived in time and knelt even while Serapis and His group were kneeling in Egypt around the Ascension Flame. I stood in the atmosphere as the Flame of Truth burned in the brazier which they had carried from the Atlantean temple, and the faithful ones bowed to the ground in gratitude to life for and the honor of preserving truth. The documents were placed in certain archives where they will remain until some of you are poised enough in your own God Presence that they may again be brought forth for the illumination of mankind.

Some of these records unfortunately burned at Alexandria, but many have made their way into Tibet and China, and ever grew that veil of human creation even while the smoldering embers of truth were guarded by a faithful few who incarnated again and again and again. And at Delphi when the priestesses were able to contact the spirit of Truth some of that flame enabled those early Greeks to proceed on the path of righteousness. But the more the creation of the human enfolded the lifestream, the less the individual cared to know truth. Every man, woman and child created of himself and in himself a concept which became his god, one that was comfortable to live with, one that carried vicarious atonements, one upon which you could place the reults of sins of omission and commission. Thus in a state of self-hypnosis the race continued to move about and I was compelled to withdraw.<>P> For thousands content to worship at the altar of their own making--a glorified manifestation of themselves--there have always been the few who chose to walk alone up the mount of attainment and endeavor to pierce thru the clouds of their own concepts, to wipe the mists from their sight and loosen the wax of heedlessness from their ears and endeavor to understand and know truth.

Lord Buddha for seven years raised His consciousness hourly and daily, first thru the veils and shrouds of His own thoughts and feelings--a painful process in itself--and then thru the onepointedness of His concentrated love up--up--up and upward thru the strata of human creations. As His consciousness was lifted from the lower and heavier atmosphere which was filled with the effluvia of man's thinking He came into a strata of more light wherein abided purer spirits and many a lesser searcher after truth has stopped and abided there and felt it was his goal, and such ones returning spoke of the heavens with streets of gold and the cherubim and angels and heavenly choirs, and for them it was the ultimate, and they spoke truth.

But for Him He said "It is not enough," and onward in that individual silent pilgrimage in the heart of the forests, protected by nothing but the invisible Presence of God Himself, He raised His consciousness higher and came into the realms of the temples and beings who had earned the right to live in their Higher Mental Bodies at night, but that was not enough. Many have returned from that realm and have become messengers of the Word, and they have spoken truth and many have been their followers, and they have said "Lo, this is truth, this is the ultimate" and for them it was good because it was all the consciousness could absorb at a given time. And He went onward and upward until He came to the divine realm where ideas and thoughts of God Himself were pulsating to the ethers and here too some few strong sons and daughters of man have stood and witnessed the perfection of the realm of ideation and returned filled with enthusiasm and fire and have said "I have found truth." And there were among the men and women of Earth those who responded and rejoiced with them, and the beloved Buddha said "No, it is not the ultimate" and finally He came to the heart of love, the great Presence of the Father-Mother God and placing His head upon the bosom of the God-parents He knew that love was all. And when He returned He did not speak--no longer was it required to say I have found it, for He had become that love. Do you see, beloved ones?

O the arguments, the fighting, the physical force and actual murder that has been committed in defense of truth. The fiery patriots of Mohammed, the great Crusaders and in our present day the zealots of every religion crying aloud "I have truth!" I come to you this morning and say to you, won't you BE truth for My sake? 300 years after beloved Jesus finished His ministry in a great city of Asia Minor almost the entire feminine population gathered and engaged in a physical fight throwing cabbages and other vegetables in an argument over who was the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. Today perhaps it is more subtle but it is no less ridiculous.

You beloved ones who have come some of you halfway round the world have signified to the cosmic law that you desire to know truth. An ascended master stood with you in all your preparations and everyone who has come within this building was personally sponsored and accompanied by a perfected being to protect your light and give you safe convoy in order that the strength of your combined energies might be utilized in the endeavor of the cosmic law to unify the consciousness of mankind within the twenty year period allotted. I do not wish to make you tense in the feeling of your responsibility. I wish to fire you with a rejoicing in the opportunity to pool your talents--potential and developed--into this great crucible and into the lifestreams of each other to give strength, protection, assistance and make a heart center thru which truth incarnate may reach the peoples of Earth.

Beloved ones, you have heard these words over and over thru the kind offices of Our beloved Godfre and thru the gracious assistance of Our beloved Lotus for years: truth is perfection. Nothing that was not conceived in the mind and heart of God has reality or immortality--thank God! Then what happens when you feast with all the power and attention of your feeling world on the defects appearing within the lifestreams you encounter? You are not then embodying the consciousness of truth. It is not truth! Please feel that with all your heart and soul and spirit when you see any manifestation of ill health, imperfection, distress and the countless number of limitations to which the human mind is heir. Your business is to SEE and BE perfection.

All of the law, dear people, is a balance. There is no purpose in being like some of the blessed ascetics of the early ages who rushed from the initiations of worldly living into cloisters to escape observing the idiosyncracies of the rest of mankind. Mastery lies within reach of the lifestream who can observe imperfection and not allow rebellion, hate, resentment and depression to churn within the feeling world and who can within the heart of that sacred fire firmly and powerfully assert "It is not true," calling for the manifestation of truth thru that lifestream.

Do you think that for one fraction of a moment hundreds and hundreds of God beings would have denied Themselves the glory and freedom of nirvana and remained in the shadows of such creations that I would not describe to you if We tied Our attention to the discrepancies manifest thru outer selves? You think you are sensitive, dear hearts, thru your limited senses, thru the small spectrum which your physical sight allows you to observe and the very octave in which your hearing perceives the sounds of the third dimensional plane. But when you have the senses of complete freedom and you can hear as Our beloved Messenger said yesterday the sounds of the inner bodies and yet you can remain within that calm peace and DEMAND God revealed thru the lifestream, then you become Ourselves in action.

Pallas Athena and the Maha Chohan Speak:
How do you believe the Master Jesus was able to render the service which He requires each of you to render? It was because He refused acceptance of the appearances. "Judge not according to appearances," He said again and again and again. O let us set this law into action. You who have for thousands and thousands of years known the power of the sacred fire! Awaken! Rise out of this consciousness of separateness and wield the power of the sacred fire to set yourselves and others free. 40 lifestreams united, placing your outer selves at the door before you enter into cooperative service could redeem a city. You cannot play with the law in the hour of planetary crisis. You are dealing with fire!

I AM grateful that My discourse will be followed by that of My Beloved, so that you will have the balance of His love. You must excuse My tremendous energies because I have been so long in adoration to the flame. I have seen Helios and Vesta in such calm mastery draw universal light and create planets, set them into motion by Their Own breath and sustain them. And I know the mastery and freedom that is within that fire. when I see your momentum and look down the course of the chain of your lifestreams as I have done for the last wo days preparatory to this endeavor, My whole heart desires to bring into your outer consciousness some slight understanding of the purpose behind this instruction.

O precious ones, it is not just to give you a few hours away from the grind of your daily life or a spiritual opiate to make the course of your life-pilgrimage easier that We come. There have been books written from the beginning of time, from the Upanishads and Vedas to your Testaments, but it is to bring Our feeling, Our conviction, Our love and to endeavor to stir within you a desire to become that which you can manifest. I would not speak to you on something miraculous which you could not attain anymore than you would tell a child that he could accomplish something that was beyond his talents or capacities. That would be cruelty. We never present any idea for manifestation which We have not carefully deliberated and for which with much contemplation and invocation We have looked over the lifestreams chosen for their potential ability to serve Our cause.

It is a beautiful sight when a being desires to bring forth a new movement or a cause, to see that being present it to Vesta to vest it with the power to bring it forth and then in cooperation with certain ascended master sponsors go thru the spheres and look at the glory of the causal bodies and ask for the assistance of certain ones who are prepared. You see I AM the Godmother of Messengers--yes, all of the Messengers that carry the Word. The word of truth no matter how limited its expression carries part of My life thru it. And when beloved Vesta invests the energy of a lifestream into a cause pertaining to the carrying of truth to mankind or any evolutionary scheme, then such a one must come to Me.

When people like Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus carried the Word of God forth They thru Their Own endeavors and efforts pierced into the highest realms of light and into the heart of Heaven, and They carried back firsthand the results of Their experience in Their Own consciousness. But when mankind signify a desire to know truth and as you have done magnetize others until the veil of the silence had to be parted, the lifestreams who of themselves were not able to rise into the heart of the Flame and who are invested with the great responsibility of carrying the word of truth to the people must be particularly blessed because We must step down truth into their consciousness and while evolving their own perfection they give forth the Word.

It is a voluntary task, dear hearts, for if We had no one to give and carry the Word where would the people of Earth be? So I ask you this morning to bless Our Messengers and to bless each other, for all of you within this room are truly messengers of God. Remember that, as your own life is served in spreading the truth and as you are unfolding within yourself the use of the sacred fire of precipitation, so also are they to whom you look in this hour. May you so live that even if you perceive imperfection it does not draw the energies of your world into confusion because you love perfection so and live for that light. As a mother desires for her children the many perfect expressions in every avenue of talent, everything within you rushes forth to enfold that one and to draw forth the God-Self thru them.

O what a comfortable feeling it is to pour forth love and be loved. Everyone wants love and approval. You cannot approve that which is not correct, no! But there is no part of life that does not have some redeeming feature else they would not have a beating heart in which is some of My quality of truth.

For 20 years We have repeated this over and over and over! O please, beloved friends, enjoy the comfort of loving life free. As the beloved Messenger gives to you the scrolls this morning which were prepared by Morya under the direction of Lord Maitreya I too will give you My personal blessing. Will you accept that and not be afraid of truth anymore? I too love to be approved of. I have waited so long for someone to invite the truth. I have come in hope. I stand in your city of New York for the first time. I thank you.