Maha Chohan: Sacred Convocation, I, 8-15-1953

Beloved children of the One God, I greet you tonight in the name of the one eternal teacher--the living breathing flame of immortality which beats your physical heart! Within intelligent life is the fullness of all truth, the remembrance of all reality and the power to recognize and embody that reality thru the individual consciousness!

As the attention of mankind is drawn toward the spiritual center from whence proceeds all anointed ones whose privilege and honor it is to bring to the remembrance of man the truth of life, We ask you who are the wayshowers upon whose shoulders falls the cloak of ministry to become still enough to perceive this silent teacher, alert enough to comprehend the truth which it will reveal and honorable enough to embody the direction of its Presence to the glory of God, the freedom of mankind and the transfiguaration of your outer self into the God-being which has been preordained as your ultimate destiny!

During this 30 day period each student who is desirous within the depths of his own feeling world to find and know truth will have the opportunity of sitting at the feet of the Master of masters Lord Buddha Himself and at the feet of His beautiful successor Lord Maitreya and of My son Kuthumi! The stimulus to the immortal fiery flame of life within your hearts which such proximity will bring shall amply reveal to you the truth that lies within seeking the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness.

Contemplation of this holy flame within the heart coupled with balance rhythmic breath will bring illumination to the earnest seeker! During this period when the spiritual anointing from the Sun chooses to consecrate the shepherds and their helpers, may I point out that this is a period of sanctification, a period when exceeding grace is available for the asking! Take off thy shoes, o aspirant, in the Presence of the Lord! Accept His benediction carried in the sacred vessel of consecration! Open wide the doors to the inspiration that flows, eagerly seeking receptive channels thru which to fulfill itself among the sons and daughters of men! And I, knowing well your opportunity, stand ready to assist you in preparing heart, soul, mind, spirit, body for this coming! Love and blessings!


Maha Chohan: Sacred Convocation, II, 9-13-1954

You who have responded thru the veil of flesh and thru the vibratory action of the outer consciousness to the magnetic pull of Our hearts--you who have bared your souls to the vital rays of truth--are blessed among the sons and daughters of men. As We close the great 30 day period during which the orthodox teachers, rabbis, church missionaries and great metaphysical and occult teachers in the world of men have been drawn nightly into the sanctified radiation of the great World Teacher, I would like to elaborate a little on the service of last evening. We should like you to contemplate upon the nature of religion and measure your own endeavors against Lord Maitreya's loving counsel as well as that of the seven beloved chohans each of whom represents one facet in the balanced development of every lifestream.

As Lord Maitreya rose to speak and My seven beloved sons stood behind Him, We had an assembly of over ten million souls including those whose bodies are presently functioning on Earth as well as those attending the schoolrooms established by Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Lord Michael and St. Germain at inner levels. Among the assembled souls were may who volunteered to teach those so desiring as much of the law as they could assimilate and then in practical application weave into the garments of their own life expressions.

Lord Maitreya stood on that raised elevation and the moon played on the golden lights of His hair, His eyes looking like violet stars and the entire upper part of His body looking like a veritable sun in the heavens. If He had said no words His embodied Presence of youth and love would in itself have been lesson enough but He chose to speak, and in speaking He gave much thought to religion as taught in the accepted faiths of the evolution of Earth. At the close of His address each one of the chohans themselves elaborated upon their part in the balanced, ordered religion which is to be the gift of Lord Maitreya and St. Germain to the mankind of Earth during the next cycle. I asked Him at the close of the service whether I might give a digest of these addresses for the blessing of those interested and He acquiesced. My life this morning therefore is woven into this digest--yours to accept with My counsel that you would be better off never to have heard of it if you choose to do nothing with it than to have heard it and abide in inertia! For that is law.